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All Arms on Deck For Game 5

Legacies are on the line today during the crucial game 5 of the NLDS between the Nationals and the Dodgers. One team will be moving on to face the Cubs in the NLCS and one team will go fishing. The Nationals have and Dodgers have been snake bitten in the NLDS.  One team will shed that label and one will have to answer a lot of questions. Rich Hill 0-1 8.31 ERA in postseason will be going on three days rest and opposing the National’s ace Max Scherzer 0-1 6.00 ERA.

Scherzer is 4-4 with a 3.93 ERA in his postseason career. Rich Hill and his blisters has only appeared one other time in the postseason in 2007 with the Cubs in the NLDS and he lasted only three innings. Julio Urias and the rest of the Dodgers bullpen will be ready to go if needed. I also expect the Nationals to use their bullpen tonight as well.

Game time 5:08pm FS1.

This will be the Nationals lineup:

Turner CF
Harper RF
Werth LF
Murphy 2B
Rendon 3B
Zimmerman 1B
Espinosa SS
Lobaton C
Scherzer P

Rich Hill needs to keep his composure and keep Trea Turner off the base-pads. Don’t allow Daniel Murphy to beat him as he is the scariest bat in the lineup right now. Bryce Harper, Jose Lobaton, Jayson Werth and Ryan Zimmerman are also very dangerous against based statistics.

Stephen Drew 4 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 .250 .400 .250 .650
Bryce Harper 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1.000 1.000 1.000 2.000
Jose Lobaton 3 3 2 0 0 1 0 0 1.000 1.000 1.667 2.667
Daniel Murphy 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .000 .000 .000 .000
Jayson Werth 3 1 1 0 0 2 0 1 .333 .333 .667 1.000
Ryan Zimmerman 9 6 1 0 2 3 1 0 .667 .700 1.444 2.144

Julio Urias has had success against the Nationals. Urias has been able to keep Daniel Murphy quiet in four plate appearances as well as Bryce Harper. The defense needs to be on point today and walks have to be at a premium to stand a chance.

The Dodgers lineup will be:

2B Utley
SS Seager
3B Turner
1B Gonzalez
RF Reddick
CF Pederson
C Grandal
LF Toles
P Hill

Yasmani Grandal and Andrew Toles at the bottom of the lineup need to step it up. Andre Ethier and Yasiel Puig have had success against Scherzer. Both are not in the line-up but I expect them to see some time in the game.

Andre Ethier 24 8 2 0 1 3 2 3 .333 .385 .542 .926
Adrian Gonzalez 26 5 1 0 0 1 2 4 .192 .250 .231 .481
Yasmani Grandal 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1.000 1.000 1.000 2.000
Howie Kendrick 14 5 1 0 0 1 1 3 .357 .400 .429 .829
Joc Pederson 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 .000 .000 .000 .000
Yasiel Puig 6 2 1 1 0 0 0 3 .333 .333 .833 1.167
Josh Reddick 11 5 0 1 0 2 0 3 .455 .455 .636 1.091
Carlos Ruiz 8 1 0 0 0 1 0 3 .125 .125 .125 .250
Justin Turner 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 .000 .000 .000 .000
Chase Utley 10 2 2 0 0 0 1 0 .200 .273 .400 .673

I feel the Dodgers need to grind out at bats today and manufacture runs. Don’t just swing for the fences and make easy outs. Although Scherzer is prone to the homerun ball. Put runners on base and have some movement on the base-paths. Adrian Gonzalez in fourth spot needs to step it up and Corey Seager needs to get some hits other then in the first inning.

The Dodgers have free agents such as Justin Turner, Kenley Jansen, Joe Blanton, Rich Hill, and Josh Reddick. This could be the final game for these guys in a Dodgers uniform. This could also be the last hurrah for this core if they cant get past the NLDS for the third straight season. I would expect changes to be made if the Dodgers lose.

The Nationals have pressure on them because they will be at home where they have lost some pivotal games in the postseason in years past. They have their ace on the mound. The Dodgers have played the Nationals well this year and have played them tough in Nationals park.  Lets hope that trend continues tonight. The winner gets to face the Cubs. The Dodgers have showed grit all year.

Lets hope the grit comes out on top tonight.

James Moya

Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

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James Moya
Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

124 thoughts on “All Arms on Deck For Game 5

  1. I hope this ends well for everyone who is so emotionaly invested in this team.

    We are due!

    I hope Hill can pitch the game of his life, and he pitches even better then he did against the Marlins.

    Hill wanted this game badly, so I hope he can help us win this game.

  2. I wish all of us luck. I will be too busy freaking out and doing pushups to remain calm to add anything of value to this board during the game.

    Unless, of course, we’re up like 9-1 in the 3rd!

    Best wishes, kids!

    1. In this case it’s almost better to be the pessimist. It helps lower the expectations.

      1. Dodger patch

        I know what you mean, because I hate that feeling in my stomach, when we have not made it in the past.

    2. Bobby

      I know what you mean, I had to take my dog for a walk, when Kenley was pitching in that first game.

      1. Bluto, are you a teacher or something? No offense, but I’ve noticed you correcting people before. Errors bother me too, I don’t know why people don’t have spell check on their computers, it’s free.

  3. Ideally what do people want to see of Hill? 13 outs? 10 outs? 12 for an even four innings? I think Maybe 13. Which gets him through the lineup once, and through the top 4 at least twice.

    As for anyone searching for reasons to be optimistic:

    Max Scherzer opponents’ OBP/SLG in 2016:
    RHB: .189/.288
    LHB: .315/.442

    1. Bluto

      See what I am talking about with Grandal?

      If he would have just tried to make some contact and hit the ball to the right side, we would have a run right now.

      Toles hit would have scored Reddick.

      Strike outs suck!

      1. No, I don’t see what you are talking about.

        Grandal’s in a slump, that’s all.

        Toles in a slump would have done just as poorly.

        Grandal not in a slump would have been a better situation, obviously.

      1. Friend or no friend, he’s been garbage. Terrible throw. Puig’s defense alone should have had him starting.

  4. How does Daniel Murphy score from second on a SOLID base hit directly to the right fielder?

    Answer: Josh Reddick

    Puig would have gunned him out by 10 feet.

    1. The gold glove is not always the best defensive player, there is politics there too.

      Remember Kemp got a gold glove in center.

      1. Kemp earned it….check his stats for that year…he was one of the best outfielders in the game……that was pre injury…

  5. Grandal needs to Choke up on his bat, and make a productive at bat, if he would have done that, we would have a run right now.

    Toles hit would have scored Reddick.

  6. Grandad blew inning. Reddick should’ve scored on roles hit. Why the dodgers never move runners is amazing.

    1. Grandal is getting pitched exactly the same, as last time, and he can’t even make contact.

      Grandal only get hits when no one is on.

      I would be tempted, to put Ruiz in this game.

      Grandal can’t make contact, and double pumps his throws, and can’t throw anyone out.

      1. I repeat what I have said all year…….Grandal sucks in the clutch. His low BA is not an illusion…

    1. Scott

      When the best players are not on the field, how can we win?

      Reddick is getting played way to much, and he should have had Murphy out by a mile.

      He is the only guy I know that can make a three base error, after making three other errors, and still gets to play almost everyday.

      He has no power what so ever!

      1. I posted this before: WHO WRITES HIS NAME ON THE LINEUP CARD EVERY DAY? Hint: His initials are D R…..

  7. No wonder Urias has picked so many off. If he gets away with that move nobody can steal a base.

    There will be changes no matter the result Scott. There’s been changes o’plenty with this roster all year. There’s changes in the lineup every day. The Los Angeles Change. Brought to you by you know who.

    Thank you Werth. That was stupid.

  8. Bum
    You have to be proud with all of Joc’s at bats tonight!

    One big HR for you Bum, you deserve it!

      1. Bum

        My brother loves Joc, he had told me last year, and he just texted me.

        And it said Pederson Baby!!

        He is so excited.

  9. That was a misplayed by Turner. If he had more experience he would have pulled up and played the carom.

    1. Scott

      I have had lines coming down my screen, and it started right before the game started.

      I don’t know if Mark, and Wondering
      Videos did it, but it kind of looks related.

    1. Bluto

      Maeda could have bunted, because he handles the bat well, and if they came up to far, he could do a butcher boy.

        1. In my baseball world EVERYBODY can bunt. I don’t care if your OPS is 1.000, you should know how to bunt. Espinoza and Culberson both embarrassed themselves with terrible bunting efforts.

          1. I was being hyperbolic. I like bunting against shifts. I actually like the squeeze play at times.

            I HATE the bunt sacrifice with an average or better hitter. Hate it. Only 27 outs, can’t just give one away

    2. I would hit over .500 against the shift because I was an excellent bunter, from both sides of the plate. Bunting is easy. I’m surprised ML players can’t seem to do it. I think it’s because they don’t work on it.

  10. Calling it now. Dodgers vs. Cubs in the NLCS. Now I see how/why every team comes back and beats this team. Not a very smart team and definitely not gamers…..well except for the newly acquired Murphy.

    1. Boxout
      It happens everytime, Dayton walks a 200 hitter.

      That player has been on, twice for a HR.

  11. Close situation. I like it.

    No matter what happens in this game, we’re all gonna remember it.

  12. 21 pitches for Jansen. Pray we score some runs. Baez to stat the 9th? I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue.

  13. So we probably get to look forward to Baez closing in a one run game in the most important game of the year. Where’s Hatcher when you need him?

    1. We have a decent chance because it will be the bottom of the Nats line up Kenley will be pitching to.

      No walks and we will be fine.

      1. Your question is exactly why I hoped they took Kersh out after 6 last game.

        Since today would be his day to throw between starts, I think he could have gone 1-2ip, ala Bumgarner.

        1. Bobby

          There was talk about Maybe Kershaw even pitching tonight, even after he pitched six innings.

  14. Kersh is warming up.

    HIs post season reputation will be based on what he does against Turner Harper Werth Murphy

  15. If you’re thinking of bringing in Kershaw, I don’t know why you don’t do it against Harper.

    1. Bobby

      What about Urias over Maeda in first game?

      I am concerned with Maeda, and Urias did great tonight.

    1. Bluto

      Did you noticed when we scored that broadcasters got all quiet, but when the Nats scored, they started getting excited?

      1. No, but i did notice when during the top half of the 9th inning in Game 5 Reynolds had another piece of deep wisdom:

        “This is a big half-inning.”

        1. Bluto

          The other guy didn’t play pro baseball, but he knows more then Harold.

          Harold is always trying to correct him.

          But the other guy is a great sports writer, and he is very sharp.

    1. Scott

      I still have those lines going down my screen, and those other sites you share this with, are coming through a little before I even push comments.

  16. What a game for Turner, Joc, Kenley, Kershaw, and most especially Roberts.

    Really just a really great team effort.

  17. Gutsy game by everyone!

    I have to ask – who the hell is Wilmer Difo? You get down to your last out of the season and with the tying run at second you have a rookie with 69 at bats in the bigs left to face Clayton Kershaw?! Dusty. No wonder you’ve lost every elimination game you’ve ever been in.

    I love it when the plan comes together like that.

    Bring on the Cubs.

  18. Turner has 16 hits in his first 35 playoff at bats. That is 2nd, all time, in history!

    Only Beltran has more hits in his first 35 at bats, with 17. Insane

  19. My congrats to the guy with the BIGGEST JUEVOS on the planet…..Dave Roberts. Gutsy move bringing in Jansen in the 7th and then having your ace close……..MAD BUM who???????

    1. Gotta love Roberts!

      That Jansen usage should give everyone insight into how the FO wanted to use Chapman and Jansen together. With one always available for high leverage situations.

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