December 21, 2016

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Dodgers today announced the coaching staffs for their minor league affiliates for the 2017 season: Triple-A Oklahoma City                                                     Season(s) with Dodger Organization Manager – Bill Haselman                                                                                                        4th Pitching Coach – Matt Herges                                                                                                  7th Hitting Coach – Shawn Wooten                                                                                                4th 4th Coach – Luis Matos                                                                                                           3rd Double-A Tulsa Manager – Ryan Garko                                                                                                           2nd Pitching Coach – Bill Simas                                                                                                     7th…


Uncharted Territory

December 17, 2016

A few years ago, some of you were saying that Arte Moreno was going to own LA after his signings of  Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton. What the Angels did is actually the antithesis of how you build a winner.  Two bad contracts have hamstrung them.  I believe that when Friedman came to LA he wanted to blow it up like Theo did in Chi-town. That’s every baseball President’s dream. Alas, Kasten…


Take off the Handcuffs!

November 27, 2016

Common Sense is Uncommon!  Sadly… When Andrew Friedman was hired by Stan Kasten and Guggenheim it was his mandate to grow the farm and build a winner from within. Kasten said  “Oh, and you have to keep Mattingly for a year.”  The year before, the front office signed Kemp and Ethier to silly contracts and consummated THE TRADE! OK, I’ll play along… maybe THE TRADE did put “butts in seats.”   I just…


Something About This Smells

November 18, 2016

Will Mass Craziness Cost Us Turner and Jansen? So, the Houston Astros just signed 33 year-old Right hander Charlie Morton to a $14 million/2 year deal. This is a guy who started 29 games in 2011 and 26 in 2014. He has started 27 games the past two years and is 46-71 with a 4.54 ERA for his career with a 1.44 WHIP.  Then, they signed Josh Reddick to an…


Let’s Make a New Plan, Stan!

November 11, 2016

You don’t need to be coy, Roy… When Guggenheim Partners took over the Dodgers on April 30, 2012, Stan Kasten took over as team President and at the end of August, 2012 the Dodgers completed the largest trade in franchise history, acquiring Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett in a nine-player trade in which they took on more than a quarter of a billion dollars in salary. Magic Johnson…


The 800 Pound Gorilla!

October 25, 2016

I recently got rid of most of my autographed baseball collection, but I kept three: Steve Garvey – Because my son got it for me thinking I would like it; Vin Scully – For obvious reasons, like the greatest announcer of all time; and Clayton Kershaw – Nobody likes him more than me. I have argued for a long-time that he will go down in history as the greatest Dodgers…



Dodgers Clinch
October 2, 2016

If we go back to Spring Training and then through April to mid-September, most comments were that the Dodgers would not win enough games this year.  Except for Kershaw, nearly every pitcher on this staff has been much maligned.  Brandon McCarthy and Brett Anderson were maligned because they were injured.  Kazmir was maligned because of course he was, as was Maeda for “potential injury issues.” But, when the Dodger signed…


Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

Julio Urias
August 22, 2016

Was Julio Urias really ready to be called up to pitch for the Dodgers this year?  It’s a worthy debate, but I think the answer is ABSOLUTELY!  Here’s my two cents. At age 20 Clayton Kershaw came to the majors and pitched 107 innings with a 4.26 ERA.  In his age 20 year he pitched 168 total innings between the majors and minors.  He allowed more hits than innings pitched…


What it All Boils Down to…

Dodgers Flag
August 8, 2016

Like it or not, I’m back (at least for a day)!  For the record, I may or may not re-start LA Dodger  Also, for the record, I have absolutely no problem with anyone disagreeing with me.  Just back it up.  I was going to explain this to you, but Dodgerpatch already said it best: Mark gets impatient with repetitive foolishness, as do I. You don’t hesitate to repeat endlessly…