Cody Bellinger Comes up Big in Dodgers 7-3 Win

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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78 thoughts on “Cody Bellinger Comes up Big in Dodgers 7-3 Win

  1. Twitter. Bonkers.


    It doesn’t appear Bellinger is intimidated by this big league thing. He’s going to be knocking the door down and soon.

    1. Badger

      I missed part of the game, so I missed Calhoun’s apearance, and hit.

      I am going to try to go watch the replay, in the seventh inning.

    2. You think he’s more Seager than Pederson by any chance?

      I think there’s a lot to his pedigree and growing up in an MLB family. Things should come for him.

      A salute to the guys running this blog. These are really good recaps, nice embedded videos; well done by both Oscar and Scott.

      1. “A salute to the guys running this blog. These are really good recaps, nice embedded videos; well done by both Oscar and Scott.”


      1. If Puig will just exercise plate discipline, he will put up monster numbers. I said the same thing about Matt Kemp for years and even in his most productive years he never has laid off the down and away breaking ball, resulting in excessive strikeouts. If Puig can’t lay off balls out of the strike zone, he’s doomed to a high strikeout rate. I still say he might have trouble picking up spin. That is the only excuse for swinging at pitches a foot outside.

        1. Badger

          What is weird, is that Puig had trouble hitting fastballs, right down the middle of the plate, sometimes.

          I think the fact that we haven’t heard a thing about Puig in spring training, is a good thing.

          It makes it look like Puig, just might have grown up a little.

          And you know I don’t like his antics, but I do like Puig, when he is playing well, and not having to pull those antics, to get attention.

          It was never because,
          I don’t like Puig.

          1. You’re right about the fastballs. It isn’t just plate discipline and mental toughness that he needed to improve upon. His swing needed improvement. He couldn’t hit a decent fastball even if he knew it was coming. When he came back up from AAA I felt the plate discipline had improved.

          1. Impulse control or anxiety. I found him much less anxious when he came back up at the end of last season. I hope I see about 25 of those bat flips this season.

            Puig’s stance looks a bit more open and he’s got a little more leg kick going. It’s not a high kick leg JT’s, but it’s different from in the past. He used to have just a bit of a hip turn and then let it rip.

    1. Greetings Watford how was that 3-4 match? I didn’t see it. Was it exciting or a match marred by errors? Still 7 goals wow!

      If Bellinger can contribute, just like Cody, Joc, Puig, and Grandal then it should be exciting.

      With Agon, JT, Utley. and Ethier age seems to be an important factor.

      I have no idea what the new 2B will bring, other than mediocrity. Hopefully he is consistent with the glove.

    2. Hawkeye

      I sure hope so, because Puig could make a big difference, especially if he is able to hit, near the top of the order.

  2. Puig looks like he is 15 or 20 pounds lighter this season. I think we are just about to see the real Puig emerge this season. If so, watch out MLB

    1. This is true. Recall that Yoenis Cespedes came out guns blazing in his inaugural MLB season, then came back to earth for a couple of seasons, and now he’s been a force the last two seasons.

      That weight loss should affect his CF playability as well. Seems he should be the guy to spell Pederson.

      1. Rye


        When Puig actually first came up, he was a better all around offensive player, then

        Because Cepedes didn’t start hitting at a high average, and hitting balls out so easily, until after he was on the Tigers.

        I think he learned a lot of Migel, and Victor over at the Tigers.

    1. Roster Resouce is a great page – seems the only place you can find how many options players have. Just chock full of info.

      McCarthy is going to disappoint many of you. He’s probably going to be very serviceable at the back of the rotation, notching a surprising amount of innings and cutting a respectable ERA. Maybe something similar to ’14. Maybe something like Chris Young in recent years. Baseball keeps fans on their toes.

      1. Rye

        In 2014 McCarthy, didn’t pitch well all year, he only pitched well, for half of a season.

        Let’s hope he is able to finally pitch well, for the Dodgers.

        1. Au contraire. He started 32 games and endured 200 innings with a 4.00 ERA, 1.28 WHIP.

          He was quite good over his last 90+ IP with the Yankees – that success led to the Dodgers inking him.

          1. Rye

            What is your point?

            Like I said, he only pitched well, for half a season, when he was with the Yankees!

            And pitching 200 innings is the gold star for starting pitchers, especially in McCarthy’s time.

            And he was only able to pitch 200 innings, twice in his entire career.

            And the two times he was able to pitch 200 innings, he only pitched well for half a season, in one of the two years.

            And an ERA of 4 isn’t good, so imagine how bad he pitched in the first half of that season
            to have an ERA of 4.

            He may be a decent 5, but he has a history, of not always making his starts

          2. My point?

            Perhaps that you guys are burying him before the season starts and you never know, you may be presently surprised. He may be relatively healthy for the first time since ’14 and find a groove pitching in 3 of the NL West parks.

  3. Bellinger will be more like Seager than Joc. He belongs and he thinks he belongs. He struck out on a high fastball his first at bat and he did not like it. He has great balance in the batter’s box. He is also a great fielder. I really think he could play right now but where.

    Ethier looks good again this spring. I really hope he has a good year. Gutierrez needs to look good in the next three weeks or he may not be on the team. Same with Toles.

    1. Rye

      I agree with you on that!

      I just get irritated that we signed this guy, from what he did, in half a season.

      The thing I worry about McCarthy, other then him getting injured, is how he pitched in that first season, before he went out.

      He seemed to pitch well, and strike out quite a few hitters, but he gave up to many HRs.

      And he gave up a HR the other day, but it is still early in spring training, so let’s hope, he earns his money, this year.

      1. MJ, the Dodgers also signed Brandon League and Brian Wilson based on strong half-seasons, and look how well that turned out.

  4. That stinks for Urias! I thought the WBC already had certain restrictions on innings pitchers could throw. Between him, Agon, and Romo, he is the least likely to get hurt. Oh well.

  5. I think they are holding him out of the first round, so Urias may see some action yet. Mexico probably doesn’t suck.

    1. Urias will have plenty of years to play in the world baseball league.

      I rather he save himself and his innings, for the later part of the season, and the post season, if we go.

      We are going to have trouble keeping Urias, Corey, and Bellinger, because they have the same agent, so let’s make sure they play and pitch there innings as much as they can, for the Dodgers.

  6. It probably is not that unusual, but it struck me as ironic that the only Dodger pitcher to allow a run yesterday was the winner.

    1. One of those stats that needs revision – you shouldn’t get a W and a Blown Save in the same outing.

  7. Boxout, I am very disappointed in your political gambit yesterday morning. I hope it was the result of excessive alcoholic indulgence and not an example of your usual character and thought processes. There are no “winners” or “losers” in National political Elections, just one selected candidate whose only thought should be of the unimaginable responsibility that has just been placed on his shoulders, the welfare for 300 million people for the next four years. Anyone who goes into that with celebration, joy, and plans for revenge has clearly shown his massive disqualification for the job he has just been handed. God help us all. One country. the point is we, all 300 million of us, are one country. If one suffers, then we all suffer to some degree. If he tries to diminish or hurt one part of his country, he hurts all parts, including himself. What a responsibility, I can’t imagine any sane person wanting to be President. If he wants it, he’s obviously unqualifed to do the job. God damn our political system which forces us to choose between a monster like Trump or a monster like Hillary. Whatever greatness we had achieved is clearly finished, it is time to start over. If History has shown us one thing, it has shown time and again that rules, laws, and yes, even constitutions should never be written in stone. We live in a changing world and people themselves are constantly changing. What works now and is good may not be so good a hundred years from now, any Constitution should have a regularly scheduled review and revision facility that allows it to change and meet the demands of a changing world. Yes, I know revision is already possible but cumbersome and difficult. It needs to be forcibly scheduled on a regular basis, maybe every 50 years or so

    1. quibble or two…

      not just welfare of 300 million, but pretty much the whole interconnected sphere of 7 billion at stake.

      And I don’t think it’s fair to paint Trump and H. Clinton with the same brush. Totally different animals. You may not like her track record in politics, or her ambitions, but the ‘monster’ designation assigned to Trump can’t equally be applied to her. She’s actually done some public service over her tenure.

      1. She and Obama left Americans to die without lifting a finger…..sorry as a veteran I can not condone that. Trump is a business man and not a politician. I do not think he is a monster, I just think he is inexperienced and maybe to eager to think he can change things over night. That being said, I think in my own opinion that had she been elected, we would be headed for Armageddon.

        1. Michael: I think in my own opinion that had she been elected, we would be headed for Armageddon.

          As opposed to..what?

        2. Michael

          Trump has put down war veterans, the disabled, and others.

          He is a draft dodger!

          And he is very fond of Putin, for some reason.

          Trump has no integrity, and almost every word, that comes out his mouth, is not true.

          And many of the people, who helped run his campaign, and probably himself, all, have had to many contacts, with Russians.

          And this was when the Russians, were trying, to affect our election.

          And if you look at some of the people he has put in his cabinet, they have ties to Russia too!

      2. Quibbles accepted. Do you realize we haven’t had a decent president in more than 50 years? John Kennedy gets an asterisk, he had so little time in office I don’t label him “good” or “bad”. Reagan? He was what Nixon wanted to be. He took us places we shouldn’t have gone. He gave us Bush the First. America had the chance to escape from the kidnappers (Democrats and Republicans) with Ross Perot but we were suffering from Stockholm Syndrome by then…

        1. Jonah

          Perot was a truly, a successful business person, unlike Trump.

          Trump has continually borrowed money from banks, and not repaid, his loans.

          He also hasn’t paid his fair share, of taxes either.

          And he has also, claimed bankruptcy, at least, three times.

          Non of this, points to being, a good businessmen.

          And at least Perot, used his money, to try to find, and bring, our POWS, home.

  8. Trump is a businessman?

    “He’s written a lot of books about business. They all seem to end at Chapter 11.” Hillary Clinton

    Classic line. I think he’s filed 4 of them.

    I think he’s completely unqualified for this job and too damned narcissistic to accept instruction on how NOT to look like an incompetent fool. I find him so far to be an embarrassment. But, I accept that 24% of voters who can vote picked him and in our stupid, lazy national community that’s good enough to get the job. I’m holding on just hoping for the best. So far? Not so much best. We will be chasing his twitter rabbits for months, if not years.

    1. I actually agree with you. However, at least in some small way he represents a push back against this deranged unraveling of the progressive left that has gained momentum that last few years. At least there are people in his government and a party is in control that will do things that I want to see happen. At least the vacancy in the Supreme Court has a good nominee.

    1. It’s the hip again.

      Slated for an MRI.

      Can’t see anyone being optimistic for what comes next….

      But, on a more optimistic note:

      And I quote:
      As a result, more waves of prospects are coming behind the 2016 and 2017 groups. Next year, outfielder Alex Verdugo, second baseman Willie Calhoun and right-handers Walker Buehler and Josh Sborz will be pushing for jobs in the Majors. Younger players are lining up behind them as well.

      1. Badger

        Yes I did, and I left a comment.

        The ball off Calhoun’s bat yesterday, had that sound that most good hitter’s have, off there bat.

      2. Yep Badger – very interesting.

        What a wonderful gesture from the McDaniels, inviting him into their home.

        I think everyone is rooting for this kid.

  9. What happened to CatBox’s comment? Or did I just imagine his response? Am I crazy? No, if I can consider whether I am crazy or not, means I’m not. Right?

    1. Jonah

      I went back to where Boxout and I, were going back and forth, to see what you were talking about.

      And I didn’t see anything, unless you mean, those threads he listed.

      And I didn’t check his threads out, at all.

  10. Could anyone explain to me why random posts get caught up in moderation?

    It’s the hip again.

    Slated for an MRI.

    Can’t see anyone being optimistic for what comes next….

    But, on a more optimistic note:

    And I quote:
    As a result, more waves of prospects are coming behind the 2016 and 2017 groups. Next year, outfielder Alex Verdugo, second baseman Willie Calhoun and right-handers Walker Buehler and Josh Sborz will be pushing for jobs in the Majors. Younger players are lining up behind them as well.

      1. “More waves of prospects are coming” – which is why I’ve been saying ’18 and beyond for months now. Of course when I last said it we still had De Leon, Holmes, Montas and Cotton.

    1. I am so glad that only the Dodgers have waves of prospects coming year after year….. I bet the Dodgers are the only organization that drafts great players in fact do any of the other teams even draft players. They already get the best international players. Am so glad FAZ doesn’t share with others.

      All those other organizations have tier B prospects. Ours are legit, future all stars. We have so many FAZ can trade many of them away. But FAZ is great and knows which ones are keepers. He’s done this before, hence all those titles over the past 11 years.

      I bet every team is envy of the great FAZ and the Dodgers. Yes, even those bums the Giants. 3 world titles. Bah humbug. We have FAZ. Keep your titles. We are #1. FAZ is great. Just don’t ask how many championships he’s orchestrated. We buy low, sell high. FAZ is so smart.

      1. I love a good FAZ rant and that was a good one.

        Please allow me to hand out the first 2017 FAZoRant Award to Chili.

        1. We can coin some new words here:
          FAZology and FAZologist

          1. Good one. Add FAZopher and FAZomology and FAZoscopy and FAZthamology. And for those who “economize” by buying day old bread and distressed vegetables, FAZonomics.

    2. About posts getting held up for moderation…I’ve noticed it happens when other spam comments get (rightfully) held up. It seems legitimate comments get swept up along with the spam.
      Is it bad timing? Similar algorythyms? Heck if i know…that’s technical stuff beyond my knowledge.
      Wish I could be more helpful…but now you know what I’m seeing on my end.

      1. Just like we need to check the junk folder on our email every day. I average about one good email a day being misclassified as ‘junk’.

          1. He responded to my long political post yesterday, and to the comments each of you had posted about it. Fairly long comment, about 1PM, nothing objectionable that would get it banned. Strongest thing he said was to call you a Bigot because you keep bringing up the Russians. I thought Xenophobe was probably a better word choice than Bigot, but it’s a small thing. I didn’t see anything that I thought should be banned. If Oscar didn’t do it, I guess CatBox himself may have changed his mind and deleted it. Oh well….

  11. Jonah

    I was expecting something like that, after he brought it up.

    But I never saw it.

    But that is funny because almost everyone in America wouldn’t want any other forgein country, to try to sway any of our elections.

    I think his bubble is going to be broken in time, so we will see.

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