Dodgers Enjoy Splashingly Good Time in Frisco, Win 4-1 performance thesis com audiotextove cialis essay on why christmas is celebrated here puedo tomar viagra 100 buy homework answers go to site see children charged as adults essay qualifies viagra prescription clomid quanti cicli follow link a thesis on the picture of dorian gray best writing paper for fountain pens see url ksou ma english previous question paper thesis memorandum follow link prednisone strep throat a very effecitve example of a sale cover letter watch aripiprazole boyhood friendships essays The Dodgers are seemingly back to their winning ways, and that is thanks to Yu Darvish stepping up big against the hated ones. After pitching so lousy that talk of Darvish slipping downward in the Dodgers’ postseason pitching plans began to swirl, the ex-ace showed signs tonight  that he’s still got some magic left in the tank.

Darvish had a very good night on the mound. He pitched a complete seven shutout innings, only giving up 3 hits and striking out five. Darvish was in control of his pitches and in control of the Giants all night. His pitches were sharp and had good movement. This was the best we’ve seen of Darvish since his first outing for the blue. He was 0 -3 in his last trio of starts.

Darvish helped himself out with a double play when the Giants threatened in the first.

Keeping the good news rolling was the Dodgers’ offense. They only had six hits across the game, but they made those six count. They went to work right from the first inning, scoring two quick runs provided by the top of the Dodgers order. Cody Bellinger tripled to bring in Corey Seager for the first run of the night, and then Logan Forsythe (batting fifth) doubled to bring in Belli with the Dodgers’ second run.

Fast forward to the fifth, and afer Justin Turner rapped out a double, the hot hitting Cody Bellinger sent one sailing high and far into the San Franciscan night. Bellinger’s home run (37) cleared the stadium’s walls and splashed down in McCovey Cove – the second splash homer of the series that the boys sent into the drink. Last night Chase Utley hit one into the water as well.

That was the last time the Dodgers scored, and strong pitching held the Giants scoreless until the bottom of the ninth. The defense came up with a big double play in the seventh, with Enrique Hernandez showing off his arm.

Brandon Morrow took over for Darvish in the eighth. He struck out one and didn’t give up any hits.

With a 4-0 lead, the skipper went to Walker Buehler to close out the game. After two quick groundouts, Hunter Pence singled. Pence took second on defensive indifference, and Jarrett Parker singled to bring in Pence. The Dodgers got Kenley Jansen up while hoping for the best from Buehler. The kid came through and struck out Span to end the game, and hang up the Dodgers’ second win in a row.

Red Hot Cody: Bellinger drove in three of the Dodgers’ four runs tonight.

The Dodgers’ magic number is now 7. They now lead Washington by 5 1/2 games for best NL record, and home field advantage.

Tomorrow is a day off and they will go head to head with Washington this weekend. Hold on to your hats. The Dodgers may have turned a corner just in time.

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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11 thoughts on “Dodgers Enjoy Splashingly Good Time in Frisco, Win 4-1

  1. What a swing! What a beautiful, beautiful swing. And that’s without PED’s, unlike their former mutant left fielder.

    So we have 95 wins and they have 91 losses. Times are good.

    1. Artieboy

      That is exactly what I was thinking about Cody, and it looks like he will beat the National League record for HRs by a rookie, and beat Frank Robinson’s rookie record!

      We haven’t had any really good HR threats when we have played the Giants at their place, since Kemp.

      Because Agone would hit his to the opposite side, or to the deepest part of their outfield, where it is hard to go out.

  2. I really liked seeing Ferris inserted instead of the burned-up and very touchable Baez (“I am woman, hear me roar”, to the young or confused “never mind”).

    I especially liked that Roberts didn’t panic and left Ferris in to get the save. If they like the guy and think he has a future, then he has to stay in that game and not get yanked instantaneously, that was a perfect situation to let him show everyone what he is made of.

    God Bless Roberts for not having a batting order with Reddickson in it, let’s keep it that way for the rest of 2017.

    Still not a Forshyte fan (blind squirrel did stumble across a nut last night at least)

    Barnes at C, much mo betta than Grandal at C. We just can’t rely on such a streaky hitter to help us in the playoffs. Besides, Grandal has a basic problem with the most primary responsibility of a Catcher and that is, wait for it………….. Catching the damn ball!!! You cannot have a non-catching catcher during the playoffs, every pitch and every play is just to damn important in series play.

    Okay we won to in a row, but you have to admit the Giants are just terrible, they wouldn’t even have advanced at Williamsport this year.

      1. My bad, I never liked Joan anyway, maybe that explains it. Brutus or Michael should be piling on in any event. lol

        Besides “Love is just a four-letter word” wink wink nudge nudge MJ

        Which come to think of it, Baez is just a four-letter word

        1. True

          That is true but unfortunately, Baez is our own four letter word!

          But I think his wings are clipped for the post season now!

          I just thought I would mention the artist, in a Jeopardy style answer.

  3. Last night was a perfect night for Darvish to pitch, and pitch without thinking about the adjustment, he has made.

    Because he does have good stuff, and actually he has a better fastball, then Kershaw.

    He just needs to get the command and attack hitters, like Kershaw does!

    The Giants are not a good team, but they are good with making their offense productive, and they are better at doing that, then we are!

    So Darvish did pitch well, even if it was only the Giants, because we saw what the Giants did with Buehler, in the bottom of the ninth.

    I didn’t think Cody was hot before the game last night, but when he bunted in the game before, everything started changing for Cody, after that bunt.

    Because he got another hit after that bunt, and he had a hit to the wall, and a hit into the drink last night!

    Now we need Taylor to take his time and have good at bats, and he is getting closer to doing that, and that will help our offense, do even better.

    Because when our top four hitters, were at their best, they did have a more productive offense, along with their HR offense.

    Because Turner and Corey are very productive hitters, and Taylor was to, when he was on with these other guys.

    YF I think they are purposely not having our top pitchers pitch against the Nats, so they won’t get an look at them, so close to the end of the season.

  4. Wow, was anyone else just stunned at how bad the Giants play defense? They are really playing at a very low level. I’m always amazed at the look in Hunter Pence’s eyes, something strange is going on inside that melon.

  5. Well Puig got a little justice. His flair that was initially called an error on Pence was changed to a hit. Don’t worry Blue, not going to chide you for not knowing the difference between Helen Reddy and Joan Baez….Music is not your forte……If I had missed that however……

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