The Dodgers Need Yu Darvish. Who I Would (and Wouldn’t) Trade Away

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The Dodgers must go out and get Yu Darvish, no ifs. ands, or buts.

Everybody wants Willie Calhoun, Walker Bueller, and Alex Verdugo. Here’s my latest video telling who I would trade, and who I would hang on to.

Plus, a beer review: Guinness Rye Ale.

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Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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22 thoughts on “The Dodgers Need Yu Darvish. Who I Would (and Wouldn’t) Trade Away

  1. Oscar,
    Fun video and will look forward to trying that new Guinness Rye ale.
    This might be the chance we need to trade Pederson for some solid pitching. Pederson’s production is down from last year’s and he’s never proven himself to be anything more than a .220-.240 BA and just can’t hit lefties. This would be a better option than trading a top prospect at the moment, IMO.

    Otoh, Puig is playing more consistently and I would be on the fence about trading him. I don’t see Puig rising much from where he is. I could be wrong, but what he brings defensively is hard to replace. If it would mean bringing in a solid starter, I would do it as his consistency has always been weak. This is a team effort and consistency is all important in a long season like baseball.

    Sending good thoughts to Kershaw. Heal up quickly.

      1. Yes, pretty putrid, too. Both Pederson and Puig can’t seem to hit lefties. Puig does produce more than Pederson overall, and his fielding and arm are superior. This is why I am more inclined to ship Pederson out before Puig, but I wouldn’t hold Puig back if there is a favorable deal on the table.

        Why is Thompson still in the lineup? He’s awful. He hasn’t adjusted at all this year.

        Ryu is just a bandaid at this point. He just can’t find his mojo and we really need to find another arm lickety split.

    1. Jeff

      Kershaw was at a charity event on the day before his last start.

      And he had his daughter in his right arm, and he was bending down picking up backpacks with his left arm, to give them to kids.

      I don’t know how long a spent doing this, but being in the position he was in, can be hard on someone’s back, especially if they have had a herniated problem, like he has had.

  2. Calhoun is probably not a 2B.

    Let’s not speculate wildly about the genesis of Kershaw’s back injury. I will however, venture ot say that the pitching motion is probably a trillion times more stressful on his back than lifting his daughter or kids’ backpacks.

      1. I’m with you on trading Joc. Verdugo is a more than adequate replacement. Probably Toles too when he recovers.

      2. He’s been playing second base for a few years now. Don’t know why anyone would continue to say he’s not a second baseman. He has also played a few games in left field, but by far most games have been at second base. He’s been working at hard at improvement and his coaches say he has indeed improved. I wouldn’t listen to those whose minds are already made up. Look forward, not backward.

        1. I assume you’re bringing Mr. Tree Trunks into the conversation. You may be right. Or whomever you’re challenging may be right. Neither matter. It only matters to FAZ who may or may not trade him, and to the opposing GMs who may or may not look at him as a man without a position. I feel sorry for Willie, but that’s life, I had my own row to hoe…

      3. Hi Jeff,

        Just going off what I read….

        Maybe left? Maybe DH?

        But maybe he can become adequate at second? Reports have been pessimistic and the very fact he’s been moved to left recently only contribute.

        I see him playing on another team, but his bat is really nice.

        1. Hi Bluto.

          Recently moved to left field? Where do you get your information? He’s been at second base for the last several games. He’s a second baseman that has played a few games in the outfield. They do that kind of thing in the minors. And yes, he has a nice bat. We don’t need him. We have second basemen o’plenty on this team. There are, I’m sure, several teams that would love to take that stick off our hands.

    1. Bluto

      It isn’t a criticism, it is common sense!

      No one thinks about something like that in their twenties!

      And I would venture to say that holding something in one arm, and bending over and picking up something with your other arm can cause your back to stiffen up, or hurt the next day!

    2. And I would also venture to say that when you do something you don’t do often, you can hurt muscles you don’t normally use as much!

      1. Oh sure, Blame the children. Or are you saying the wife was dogging it? Or are you saying this was the first time Clayton lugged the children around? Clayton strikes me as a “participating” father. He has probably been lugging the kids around since they arrived.
        When will the stereotypes end?

  3. Oscar

    Good evaluation!

    I don’t drink beer anymore, since they stopped making Michelob lite!

    It was the best lite beer on the market, and it actually won at a beer festival for lite beers

      1. My sister’s third husband was a real wine snob. Actually a snob in every way… The above post shows my knowledge level on that subject.

      2. My libation of choice is Boston Lager Summer Ale, Mike’s Hard Lemonade and my favorite, Buttershots. Butterscotch Schnapps.

  4. Well you can forget Darvish. Texas says he is not on the market. So where to now? Gray? Cole if the Pirates make him available. Reports right now say the Dodgers have switched targets and are actively checking out reliever Pat Neshek.

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