Hill looking to Right Dodgers Ship

The Dodgers expanded their roster yesterday and called up go here drug neurontin definition mayo clinic source link follow link guidelines for dissertation literature review formal essay mla style source link https://psijax.edu/medicine/sildenafil-vs-vardenafil/50/ https://chanelmovingforward.com/stories/editing-services-for-dissertation/51/ https://njsora.us/annotated/beatrice-and-benedick-relationship-essay-conclusion/29/ japanese essay topics essay about jamaica kincaid go here student term paper abortion pro choice cv writing service dc go to site ap english literature practice essay analyze a commercial essay see url https://thembl.org/masters/thesis-proposal-email/60/ aagaard propolis kapseln wirkung viagra follow link doxycycline dosage prostatitis meldonium nih como comprar viagra pela internet no brasil https://naes.unr.edu/barrios/wp-content/?done=extended-essay-english-literature insuman comb 50 dosierung viagra best argumentative essay ghostwriters service gb essay writing - linking words and phrases https://thembl.org/masters/martin-luther-king-jr-introduction-essay/60/ https://academicminute.org/paraphrasing/resume-chicago/3/ https://eagfwc.org/men/cual-es-diferencia-entre-cialis-y-viagra/100/ Yasiel Puig who went 2-4 yesterday to help against left handed pitching.  The Dodgers had a whopping 13 hits off Padre pitching including two RBI’s from Joc Pederson and four hits from Howie Kendrick.  Usually that’s a recipe for a victory but the Dodgers lost 4-2 and blew a chance to gain a game on the Giants. So today Rich Hill 1-0 2.09 ERA and his injured blister will give it a shot. They will need Hill today as the Giants won earlier today against the Cubs.

This is the Dodgers lineup today:

If the mainstays of the bullpen are gassed like Adam Liberatore. I don’t understand why they don’t use different options since they did call-up  a couple of pitchers. This Padre attack doesn’t have Melvin Upton or Matt Kemp. Theew is no excuse to lose to a team like this.  The Dodgers need to play with some energy. The Dodgers will face right hander Luis Perdomo 7-7 5.84 ERA. If the Dodgers can’t pull the victory today with their right handed hitting line-up, then these guys need to be woken up.

This was Perdomo’s stat line the last time he faced the Dodgers on 07/09/16.

(L, 3-4)
6.0 9 4 2 1 3 0 73-52 7.48

This is how the Dodgers hitters fared against Perdomo that day:

Utley 2B 4 1 0 0 0 0 10 .263 .346 .377
Seager SS 4 1 2 0 0 1 10 .298 .358 .524
Turner 3B 4 0 1 0 0 1 10 .259 .335 .451
González 1B 4 1 2 1 0 0 13 .288 .369 .401
Puig RF 3 1 1 0 1 1 13 .258 .316 .389
Grandal C 3 0 1 0 1 2 15 .206 .320 .433
Kendrick LF 4 0 1 2 0 0 15 .246 .304 .349

The Padres lineup will look like this today:

This lineup shouldn’t strike fear in the Dodgers. Perdomo is a ground out type of pitcher so the Dodgers need to make the adjustment and not just give in with groundouts. I wish the Dodgers would give Andrew Toles the opportunity to play. I feel he has earned his way on the playoff roster. This is the Padres’ limited stats against Rich Hill.

Alexi Amarista 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .000 .000 .000 .000
Oswaldo Arcia 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .000 .000 .000 .000
Wil Myers 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 .000 1.000 .000 1.000
Alexei Ramirez 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 .500 .500 .500 1.000
Totals 4 1 0 0 0 0 1 2 .250 .400 .250 .650


The Dodgers need to take care of business against these lesser clubs. They still have to play the Giants six more times. The final three being in the city by the bay. You definitely don’t want it to come down to that series.  Clayton Kershaw‘s return should give this team a shot in the arm. He has a rehab start today. Prized phenom Jose De Leon will step on the mound tomorrow.

The team just needs to wake up against these type of teams. Josh Reddick has started to hit a little. This is September. No excuses. I just hope Justin Turner‘s hand is ok and Corey Seager‘s wrist is ok.  I know they played 3 against the Giants and Cubs. I know they traded AJ Ellis. I know they brought back Yasiel Puig. It’s time to get over it and play ball.

James Moya

Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

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68 thoughts on “Hill looking to Right Dodgers Ship

  1. James
    I agree about Toles.

    Why are they even giving Reddick the time of day with the way he has played.

    He hasn’t earned the playing time, and he is just a rental.

    And playing him over one of your own players, that has far out produced Reddick, is just a bad example.

    Reddick looks out matched in most of his at bats, and the reason he isn’t getting many hits, is because he is hitting into the defensive shifts, or a is getting under the ball, and hitting a little flyballs, to the outfield.

    On a team that has been struggling to get runs, why is Reddick playing over other players, that have produced.

    1. True. But I cannot convince myself that Roberts has the cajones to disobey FAZ. He signed away his soul to get that job.

    2. I only care about what helps the team.

      But I do think Roberts worries about what the front office thinks, because he answers to them.

      1. I don’t believe so. Dave Roberts, per some polls, is the leading candidate for Manager of the Year and in others the #2 candidate

  2. Bingo, Bums. I think with FAZ, a lot of pride gets tied up into it. Grandal should have sat last year when he had shoulder problem that everyone saw, but he kept playing. We kept giving Hatcher, Andersen and McCarthy more chances instead of giving them more rehab. They keep bringing in ex Tampa, ex A players, when actually we’ve done the best with players who didn’t spend time in those systems, and we still do better with older players like Kendrick and Utley.

    I totally get that you need a mix and a deep farm, but they sell too early and try to rationalize trades that aren’t working. Arbitragers.

    1. Kendrick and Utley are “national brands”, successful players on successful teams. FAZ’s acquisitions usually are “plain label” players from “closeout shops”.

      1. You would think Toles would play over Reddick, because Toles came from Friedman.

        Reddick is from the team that out GM was from, and Friedman is the head guy.

  3. I did not have a chance to comment on the last thread, but I did not say I NEVER second guess because I did with Toles. What I said was that I SELDOM second guess. That was a case where I did.

    Insofar as playing Grandal last year for so long, the fact is that a lot of baseball people think he is a much better catcher than AJ. Also, Mattingly and Roberts were former players and they know that players have to play to get outta’ a slump. Former hitters tend to stay longer with slumping players. I did not fault Mattingly for that and I don’t fault Roberts. I am pretty consistent in that, but I do like Toles over Reddick.

    In 2014, BA rated Toles as a 55, which is just a notch below a star. He has plus, plus speed and good power. His pitch recognition and plate discipline are his weakness as is his below average arm. He could never play SS. I think he has to play CF and I like him over JOC because he can lead off.

    1. I read somewhere, not sure where, that of all the FA players we have, the FO is really only interested in retaining Jansen, Turner, Hill and Utley. Just FYI.

    2. Mark
      You get frustraded and emotional when the Dodgers are not doing well, and say a lot of things.

      And that is all I am doing.

      And that is funny about his arm, because Nomar thinks he has a good

      I am one of the people that wants this team to do well.

      And you said that about Joc, before Toles was even in the picture.

      1. MJ, I really am pretty even keel win or lose. I try and look at the big picture.

        #1 – I never though JOC was a starting OF – I said that years ago and maybe I was wrong, but he drives me crazy with all his swing and miss.

        #2 – You have seen Toles throw. Do you think he has a good arm? It’s not bad, but it’s not great…. maybe it’s good???? I do not think so, but…

        1. His arm is better then I thought.

          But I am no scout but Nomar said that.

          And Nomar has no problem saying what he thinks.

          He tells it like he sees it.

  4. I liked Gracie’s comment “we should be 162-0.” 😉

    Here’s another thing: We don’t know a lot about Toles. We do know he has been suspended multiple times…. but we don’t know why. We do know he has some type of anxiety disorder, but what, why and is he on meds for it? Like Greinke, early in his career, he was out of baseball for a time, so maybe Doc doesn’t want him to get too hyped up. Who knows? We don’t know what we don’t know. So, we can think he should play, but we have no clue – me included!

    For some reason, I can’t find out anything about him. Here’s what I do know – some baseball people (Nomar included) think Reddick is a late bloomer and will hit over .300 soon. I have no opinion…

    1. Reddick is 4 for his last 9, if that’s any indication. We all know he’s a much better hitter than his current average reflects. Maybe he’s starting to get hot IDK.

    2. Toles sure doesn’t like to talk about himself, but not in a bad way.

      A reporter asked him a silly question, and Toles asked is that a real question.

      All I know is that he has had anxiety issues, but he has his family behind him.

    3. Reddick is a late bloomer–good because he is 29 years old.

      Toles has an average arm so lets say its a 50 on the 20 – 80 scale. He does not take direct routes so for now he is better as a left fielder. His arm is good enough to play all outfield positions.

      He doesn’t walk much because he is not a patient hitter with a career walk rate of only 5%, but he is also not overly strikeout prone with a strikeout rate of a little over 16%. I don’t think speed alone will make him a good lead off hitter. Toles also has a significant platoon split so for now, he should not play over Joc in CF or over Kendrick in LF against leftys.

      Toles is not a home run hitter as he has only 16 home runs in 297 career minor league games, but he has good gap power with 109 extra base hits and a .456 slugging percentage.

      His arm is not good enough for short stop but like I said on the last thread, he might be able to convert to second base. Russel and lopes converted from center fielders to play the middle infield positions.

    4. And Mark it wasn’t just we lost, it is how we lost, that upset me.

      And how every manager is going to throw lefties at us, until we hit them.

  5. Roberts Manager of the Year?

    Yeah, sure, why not. I would only offer that we have been favorites for most games, and favored to make the playoffs all year. The injuries didn’t change that. Were we favored because of Roberts? I doubt it.

      1. He never leaves me speechless – he just causes my IQ to diminish and you all know I can’t afford that.

        He just says that stuff when Grandal rubs his face in the feces he used to spew about him.

    1. Sorry Badger but I think credit needs to be given to Roberts after Kershaw went down. Imagine the Giants without Bumgarner, the Cubs without Arrieta, etc.

      1. Don’t shoot the messenger Yueh. Just running the numbers. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? According to Fangraphs, Baseball Referencence, Baseball Prospectus, Cots, Baseball Savant, Brooks, Twitter, The Empirical Society for American Baseball Research and the gambling houses in Las Vegas we are one of the favorites in the NL. And even the Know It All Mark Timmons says we should win the championship.

        Hey, I’m as surprised as anyone but numbers don’t lie. Did you read the odds on the Division the last time I posted them? It was after Kershaw went down. We are supposed to win the West. Does that make Roberts Manager of the Year? I said “yeah sure”. Who else? Bochy won’t likely get it. Maddon? Maybe. Baseball loves a winner. Baker? Maybe. Heck it could Matheny before it’s over. It’s all still to be played out.

        And btw, we are currently 74.4% favored to win the West. Is it because we have the best Manager?

        are we about the numbers or not?

        Just trying to go along to get along here.

  6. I also have to address Roberts alleged lack of balls:

    Undersized and underrated, Dave Roberts carved out a nice MLB career.

    Three outs away from elimination in the 2004 ALCS, Dave Roberts stole a base he HAD to steal on a perfect pitch to get thrown out by a catcher who made an incredible throw. If you ask any Red Sox fan about The Steal, they remember!

    Dave Roberts stared down and beat cancer.

    Ask anyone in MLB about Dave Roberts and you will find out that he is extremely well respected. Yes men are not respected.

    Dave Roberts has balls!

  7. Roberts def the manager of the year. Maddon has had only 1 injury to deal with, Schwarber, while Doc has tons of guys hurt all year. Maddon has a way more talented team, but I think Doc is doing more with his talent and guys flying back and forth from LA to OKC.

    I do not see Toles as a CF. I honestly see him as a young Carl Crawford. He has power, speed, good bat, good swing, good eye, good defense, but avg arm. He is our LF next year.

    Joc is still very young, and shows flashes of big time talent. He won’t hit .300 yet, but .260 with plenty of HR and great defense is fine with me. Bat him 7th I don’t care. We have other guys now and guys that come up that will bat higher than him. Joc is growing. We need him.

    Reddick with another hit. God willing he’s waking up now; we can use it! He’s a gamer, and everyone always swears by how hard he plays and what a good teammate he is. i”m sure that part hasn’t changed. We will need him.

    Huge HR by Yasmani. So happy he rebounded since July! We need him.

    Rich Hill looks fantastic. God please let that blister stay away for 8 more weeks; we need him!!!

    and MOST IMPORTANTLY, Kersh threw 10 pitches in the 1st, and struck out 2, in a 1-2-3 inning for Rancho. I won’t even bother saying “we need him”

    1. If Joc can hit .260 he will hit a lot of HR and he’s a solid defensive (if not spectacular) CF.

      I really like Rich Hill – maybe they will re-sign him… I like the way he jumps off the mound when he throws.

      They can fix his blister problem over the winter.

    2. Bobby
      I feel so much better after that inning.

      I am concerned about Hill, because on the pre game show they said he is still having problems with blisters.

      And he shook his hand once in this game already.

      But I love that he pitches with such confidence.

      It has been a long time since we have had that, in a pitcher it seems.

      I didn’t expect any different from Kershaw, because he is such a competitor, but that is good news.

      Roberts helped make that inning happen, because he went and talked to the umpire, in between innings, about the strike zone.

      Roberts couldn’t let that Padres pitcher, get so many low pitches called strikes.

  8. They will not match Hill when Hill gets offered a 3 year contract by another team. I may be wrong but I think they are going to look his age and persuade themselves that the Kaz-Mart is due for a rebound. They will be afraid to get burned again and we will start reading stories over the winter about how Kazmir is working hard over the winter break to prove himself, how he found a new trainer/coach and discovered another thing to tinker with in his mechanics, etc., etc.

    1. funny u say that. i was thinking, his pitch count is high, so hopefully he gives up a hit and thus we don’t feel the need to send him out longer than he needs to be out

      Save that finger skin for another day!

      1. I guess I have to eat crow now, but I can claim like Scott does, that my harsh words made him do that.

        I still want to see Toles get some starts though.

    2. You know that Vin doesn’t believe in that – he will say it if a no-hitter is going. If it isn’t a jinx if Vinnie does it then…..?

  9. I am going to repeat this diatribe, whatever that means, here because by the time I posted it there was 20 comments behind it.

    Reddick is a late bloomer–good because he is 29 years old.

    Toles has an average arm so lets say its a 50 on the 20 – 80 scale. He does not take direct routes so for now he is better as a left fielder. His arm is good enough to play all outfield positions.

    He doesn’t walk much because he is not a patient hitter with a career walk rate of only 5%, but he is also not overly strikeout prone with a strikeout rate of a little over 16%. I don’t think speed alone will make him a good lead off hitter. Toles also has a significant platoon split so for now, he should not play over Joc in CF or over Kendrick in LF against leftys.

    Toles is not a home run hitter as he has only 16 home runs in 297 career minor league games, but he has good gap power with 109 extra base hits and a .456 slugging percentage.

    His arm is not good enough for short stop but like I said on the last thread, he might be able to convert to second base. Russel and lopes converted from center fielders to play the middle infield positions.

    1. Bums
      Joc has a very big platoon splits.

      I don’t care if Toles plays center.

      I just want him to play.

      I don’t care if Reddick is a late bloomer, because we have needed him for more then a month now.

      He is just a rental.

      And if you look at the two times he had a good Babip, it was only when he had about 250 at bats.

      And the first time, was in 2011, and this year, when he was on the As.

      So that doesn’t support the late bloomer thing.

      1. MJ, everybody knows Joc has platoon splits but few might know that Toles does as well.

        Toles has a fast bat and hits fast balls really well. He still has troubles with off speed pitches. That is why Kendricks started in LF against a righty instead of Toles as the pitcher the Padres started now predominantly throws sinkers and curves/sliders.

        1. Bum
          You say that about Toles, but Joc has an even bigger problem with off speed stuff, or he would hit for a better average.

          Joc didn’t hit like Toles has, in his first at bats, in the major leagues.

          And Joc is still trying to learn how to hit consistently.
          And Toles should be playing rightfield over Reddick, not leftfield over Howie.

          Reddick is the one not even hitting at the Mendosa line, not Howie and Toles.

          And one game doesn’t prove anything.

          And our loyality should be to our own players, not a rental.

    2. Bum
      That was always Russel’s excuse when he made errors.

      You didn’t hear people making excuses for Ferguson.

      And Ferguson was converted from outfield to catcher.

      And they were still using that excuse for Russel, after he had been playing shortstop for ten years.

        1. Bum
          You just like getting a reaction from me.

          I still think Roberts should play the regular line up, against lefties.

          And that would include Joc.

          Our regular line up, knows how to make a team offense work, and they have more consistent at bats.

          Not all of the leftie players will hit in every game, but they give this team, a better chance to win.

  10. Only Mark, Rick, and Me, didn’t rush to the conclusion that Kershaw was gone for the year.

    Everyone else, wrote Kershaw off for the year.

    But it looks like Kershaw is back!

  11. Here we are:

    The walking wounded. More trips to the DL than any other team ever! Of course, it is all FAZ’s fault!

    Kershaw is on his way back. Hill looks like an ace. Screw Greinke! Urias will have another start or two and be shut down. I am now for sooner than later.

    De Leon goes tomorrow. Let’s see how that goes.

    Anderson, McCarthy, Kazmir and Ethier are headed back. Some will help. Some won’t!

    Puig is a Wild Horse and a Wild Card!

    These boys can play. Who could have predicted that Howie Kendrick could be a competent LF? WOW!

    FAZ stayed the course and now it all begins. This is going to be a dog fight and I think the junkyard dogs will win!

    BTW, I don’t care what Puig does off the field (within reason). It’ what he does between the lines and in preparation.

  12. De Leon said today, that he wanted to get a start at the major league level this year, so that Vinny could call his first game.

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