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It was Homerunpalooza at Dodger Stadium Again – Dodgers Crush Mets 12-0

They did it again folks. The Big Blue Steamroller ran right over the Mets tonight, and they did it in just about every way possible.

They used the longball and hit five home runs – Corey Seager hit three himself.

They used great spitching. Kevin McCarthy absolutely shut down the Mets across six frames, and Brock Sterwart came out of  the BP for another three shutout innings.

They used fantastic defense on both infield and outfield.

Even Dodger Stadium organist Dieter Rhuele got involved by playing “Na-na-na-na, Goodbye” to the Mets pitching staff. And our very own Scott came up with the recap title of Homerunpalooza. Everyone pitched in tonight and it was an absolute romp.

Where to begin? Let’s start with the on-fire offense. Before tonight, the boys were averaging just over seven runs a game. They scored twelve tonight, so I can’t wait to see what that does to the math. Four hitters in tonight’s lineup had multiple hits. Cody Bellinger swatted his 22nd home run tonight, but that incredible feat was actually eclipsed by Corey Seager’s performance with the bat.

Seager came about 15 feet short of hitting for the home run cycle tonight. He had a solo home run, two-run, and three-run shots, and then he came up with the bases loaded and a shot at a grand slam. He did lift one to the sky, but it fell just short of the warning track for a routine out.

Seager had one last chance in the eighth for another home run, but Brock Stewart, the pitcher, and Logan Forsythe, the all too easy out, went down quickly, ending the inning right in front of Corey. Giving some credit where it’s due, Forsythe managed two hits tonight, and was on base in the first inning when Seager hit his home run. So there’s that.

The Dodgers steamrolled the Mets right from the get go. They led 4-0 after scoring four runs in the first on twin two-run homers by Corey and Cody.


They didn’t score again until the fourth when Seager hit a solo homer.

Then the Dodgers went absolutely bonkers on the Mets by scoring five runs in the fifth when Yasmani Grandal joined the home run parade and Seager hit his third screamer of the night.


In the meantime, Brandon MCCarthy was nails. He shut out the Mets through his six innings of work, and looked very good doing it. He gave up four hits and only had four strike outs, but his defense was perfecto right behind him.

Speaking of defense, Yasiel Puig and Joc Pederson gave everyone a scare when they had an eerily similar play to the one that recently sent Joc to the disabled list after he collided with the big blue truck known as Puig. Tonight they were both chasing down a fly ball and Joc stopped himself this time, just shy of once again running into Yasiel.

The stunning part of the play, however, was Puig’s ability to make the catch on a ball that was almost completely behind him – all while navigating around Pederson!  Watch:


Brock Stewart made his debut tonight, taking over for McCarthy in the seventh and closing out the game. Stewart pitched very well, and he struck out four over his three innings.

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What happened to you?: Chris Taylor quietly struck out three times tonight.

It’s all over: Justin Turner’s hitting streak ended at 14 when the skipper sat him for Kike late in the game.

Tomorrow night the Dodgers and Mets go at it for the third in this four-game series. They hope to steamroll to their sixth win in a row, and seventh in a row at home. Go Blue!

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

24 thoughts on “It was Homerunpalooza at Dodger Stadium Again – Dodgers Crush Mets 12-0

  1. I don’t know man! I don’t know!

    This is starting to look nefarious. PEDs? Hacking? A hidden camera in CF?

    But then again maybe it’s the awful competition. Only 6 teams in the NL are above 500. It is what it is.

    Two edits: it’s a 4 game series so no sweep possible tonight. Cody hit # 23 last night. Only needs 12 more to tie Piazza.

    1. Artieboy

      Your right!

      The Mets don’t have a lot of good pitching right now, because of injuries.

      That starter last night, was more a AAA starter, but you have to beat these type a teams too.

      And we haven’t always done that, in the past.

      I do hope we face some of the Met’s major league starters before we face the Rockies this weekend.

      1. Nope. Today we get a 7 year minor leaguer. It’s another mismatch. The Mets are a hurting team. Even the offense is pedestrian. 21st in average, 11th in OPS. But then, with our latest offensive surge we are only 13th and 7th. We are 6th in strikeouts. Tampa and Oakland are 1st and 4th in Ks. Statistically, we are still a pitching team.

        1. Badger

          That strike out stat, is very revealing!

          And that is when Strike outs in the majors, have been much higher, then in the past.

        2. The Dodgers are 5th in total runs scored, tied for 4th in wOBA, 4th in wRC+, 5th in Off, or Offensive Runs Created. They’re also 3rd in Def, Fielding Runs above average.

  2. McCarthy continues to pitch well. Avoiding hard contact.

    He went a lot longer than I anticipated, but he was generally bereft of pressure after the first inning.

    Not much to complain about here. Would love to see Morrow come up.

    1. Seriously, the team is something like 12 -1 over their last 13 games. Who can complain. Is it a well oiled machine? Probably not. One guy has ignited a fire under a few others. Still say Bellinger partaking in the HR Derby is a mistake. But we are in an age of ‘our brand’ and him participating and having his dad throwing to him I’m sure is enticing. He’s in LA. Crushing homers like none before. Might as well swing away in the HR Derby. Play in the AS game and surpass everyone on the LA Dodgers in name recognition and abilities that are not named Kershaw and Seager.

      So what if he only hits .220 after the AS game and finishes with a little over 40 homers and the Dodgers get bounced in the NL playoffs once again, at least he’s made a name for himself. Right?

      1. I’d rather all our guys just got the time off. All Star games and all the ludicrously peculiar put ons that surround them doesn’t appeal to me these days. I find the Home Run Derby as pretentious an exaggeration as the Slam Dunk contest. I watch neither of them anymore.

        But I know people love the extravaganza so as long as the ratings are there the show will go on. If Bellinger is a part of it I look for him to cool off afterwards.

        1. Badger and Chili

          The HR derby did not cause Joc to stop hitting.

          Joc was not hitting much at all, after the first month of the season, in his first year.

          I am not into the Allstar game that much either.

          But how can you expect Cody and the other young players from wanting to parcicpate in the HR derby, when Kershaw always wants to go and pitch in the Allstar game, every year, even though he has done this plenty of times.

          I especially don’t like our pitchers, pitching in the Allstar game, unless this is their first time making the Allstar team.

          If Kershaw wants to be known in the same company as Koufax, he is going to have to put the team on his back, and pitch the team to win a World Series.

  3. On another note….Old friend AJ Ellis just broke up Max Scherzer’s no hitter with a single in the 8th inning. Most impressive thing about last nights win, Grandal hitting a homer from the left side to left field.

  4. HR derby has messed up a lot of swings and not affected others. I seem to recall Bobby Abreu had a ton at the break, and hit only 3 the rest of the year. Think he was with the Phillies then. Pederson was slumping going into the all star game. I have no problem with our pitchers throwing an inning or so, especially if it lines up with their off day throwing program. But an inning is it. They used to let the starters go 3 innings. Drysdale did that a few times. Now it is usually 2. I hardly watch the game anymore. I know it means home field in the series, but to me it is just a frippen popularity contest because a lot of times the guys who deserve to be there are not because some guy in a city where they vote a lot makes it simply because he is a Cub, or Yankee, or whatever…..One other thing, Stewart looked really good..

  5. Noticed that a bunch of other teams have been signing their draft picks and the Dodgers have not. I wonder if they are waiting for the college world series to be over..

  6. Wow, not only did Scherzer lose the no hitter…he ended up losing the game. Lind made an error after Ellis’s single, and Stanton drove home the winning run in a 2-1 win for the Marlins!

    1. Michael

      I saw AJ save Mattingly, but I didn’t see the rest of the game.

      I bet Scherzer is so mad at himself, for not being able to hold on to AJ’s grounder.

      It didn’t even look like it was hit that hard either.

      Before the replay I thought AJ hit a line drive off Scherzer’s glove, but that was not the case.

    1. Right now, I do not see a need for him to rush back at all. Cody is more than bettering A-Gones offense, and defensively, the kid has been nails. Taylor is slumping a bit, Grandal heating up the last 2 games. Puig hitting over 300 the last 7 games with 3 homers in 5 games. Turner hitting close to .400, and Forsythe has started hammering the ball.

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