Pederson and Stripling Propel Dodgers to Victory

Taylor and Joc

The Dodgers got rained out yesterday, so today the Dodgers will play a doubleheader. The Dodgers come to the nation’s capital to play the Washington Nationals who have been playing good baseball of late despite all the injuries. The Dodgers finally beat the lowly Marlins a few days ago to snap a six game losing streak. Today imported viagra enter site can i take viagra with cold medicine source how to find gaps in research literature examples essay descriptions closed to viagra enter site controversial topic argumentative essay price of viagra on private prescription see url thesis on stress analysis cat de mult as vrea generic viagra enter site term paper compare memory management unix linux januvia without prescription low cost blogs for viagra comprar viagra en buenos aires sin receta take soft tab viagra follow resume writing services in connecticut go to link ucf admission essay how many points can lipitor lower cholesterol online dating pros and cons essay jak dziala viagra Ross Stripling faced Tanner Roark who has been great this year against opposing hitters.

Joc Pederson led of the game with a full count triple in the lead off spot. Yasmani Grandal hit a sacrifice fly to score him and the Dodgers led 1-0. Ross Stripling struck out his first three batters of the game.  Finally some situational hitting. Logan Forsythe hit a double in the 2nd inning getting his first hit since coming off the DL. Wilmer Difo hit a single to start the third for the Nats. Spencer Kieboom then hit a single. Bryce Harper then singled in a run to tie the score.

In the top of the Fifth, Logie Bear then hit a single. Joc Pederson then singled Logie over to third. Cody Bellinger who has been struggling and struck out two times earlier beat out a ground out to collect an RBI and the Dodgers took a 2-1 lead. That situational hitting thing.


In the top of the sixth, Yasmani Grandal hit a single.  Max Muncy then hit a double and collected an RBI. The Dodgers took a 3-1 lead and finally resembled the team that I know. The return of Justin Turner plays a big part and having smarter at bats. The Dodgers still need to shore the bullpen and get another stick in the lineup. Ross Stripling went six strong innings. J.T. Chargois pitched a scoreles 7th inning.  This the part of the game I was worried. Howie Kendrick led off the inning with a single and tried to stretch it to a double but Joc Pederson threw him out.

Michael Taylor then singled but Chargois was able to get the next two batters. In the eighth, The red dream hit an infield single. Grandal then walked. Matt Kemp hit a ground out that moved Turner to third.  Max Muncy then hit a sac fly to score another run and make the score 4-1. The Dodgers did all the little things today to get the victory. Josh Fields pitched a scoreless 8th inning. Kenley Jansen then pitched a scoreles ninth and got the save with no trouble. The Dodgers face Max Scherzer next with Rich Hill on the mound. Tony Cingrani has also been activated off the DL.

James Moya

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25 thoughts on “Pederson and Stripling Propel Dodgers to Victory

  1. We skipping the beer commercial thread?

    Ok, I’ll copy and paste:

    That’s more like it. Still not good WRISP but 2 sac flies is something. Stripling didn’t beat Scherzer but he might have. Good game.

    Strikeouts bug me. Strikeouts looking kinda piss me off. These guys just don’t even know protect the plate principles, let alone execution. To me it’s a serious flaw. And it’s common sense – even on bad contact you’ve got at least a 10% chance of the ball falling in. You strike out it’s 0%. We know from watching Captain Kirk continually succeed with 10% or less odds that it can be done.

    1. Badger

      When these guys strike out, they don’t look as frustrated as I would look, if I struck out two or three times, in a game.

      Cody just needs to stop trying to do to much!

      That has to be the most unfulfilling feeling to have, after striking out three times.

  2. .

    1. Joc Pederson (L) LF
    2. Max Muncy (L) 3B
    3. Yasmani Grandal (S) 1B
    4. Cody Bellinger (L) CF
    5. Chris Taylor (R) SS
    6. Chase Utley (L) 2B
    7. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
    8. Austin Barnes (R) C
    9. Rich Hill (L) P

    1. Badger
      No Kemp, huh? Go ahead and rub it in big boy. I have broad shoulders, I can take it. I know, you figured I wouldn’t pick that up. HA! Guess Puig and Barnes are more likely right handers to get a hit? It is so plain that they dislike Kemp

      1. Kemp vs Scherzer doesn’t compute as well Pederson vs Scherzer. Pederson is OPSn .800 versus Scherzer and Kemp .600.

        I made that up. I have no idea what the analytics say. I just know my on base confidence, OBC, in Joc is Mendoza-esque and I want Kemp healthy all year. He only has to put up 2 WAR to earn his money and he is already 40% of the way there. Stay off the DL Matt, unless of course you need a rest in August. Then by all means join those pitchers that will be relaxing jacuzzi-side.

        1. Badger

          Did you have a commercial that said, it was Squirrel month?

          When I saw that, it reminded me of you, and our two squirrels, today.

          I had that commercial on the channel I am watching, the game on.

    1. Dennis Santana’s first start in Triple-A was … decent: 6 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 11 K, 86 pitches, 60 strikes, 2/5 GO/AO

      1. But like a Bluto posted, Santana 11 strikes outs, in only 6 innings.

        That may be the best news today.

      2. I was just thinking of you Bluto. Still love Hill?

        Why Hudson? I know when your pen has to go 9 you gotta use everybody but why is this guy on the roster? We just have to find replacements – for Hill and for Hudson. And Barnes. Utley. Cingrani. I’m sure I’m missing somebody.

        Oh, and Danley is fiercely inprecise behind the plate. He’s an ump that brings that 84% umpire accuracy rate down.

        1. Badger

          I have stuck up for Hill, but he can’t do that to the team, he has to be honest.

          I know you read the posts in the Times like I do, and I can’t imagine what those people are going to say about Hill, tomorrow morning.

        2. Love HIll. LOVE.

          wish he could pitch without incurring blisters, but man is he awesome.

          Here’s a question, if he had a blister which popped then the team must have known he had a blister. Why not have a Brock Stewart or long-arm on the game-day roster.

          1. Yeah, awesome. 24 innings, 6.2 ERA. Team needs to make a roster move for a long arm on the day he pitches. Awesome.

  3. We are not out of this yet!

    This is the first game I could see the passion, in our player’s hearts.

    Best game I saw all year!

    1. Dodgers lose when Rich Hill throws nine no-hit innings, win when he throws nine no-hit seconds. If only they could beat the Marlins and Reds.

  4. 15 Ks is way too many. 2 for 10 WRISP is not good. Cingrani was awful. But the team beat the best pitcher in the league with the bullpen going 9 innings. Has that ever happened? I don’t recall seeing it. Gutsy performance by the Dodgers tonight. I hope it lights a fire.

  5. Wow. A sweep with only one home run, and the key was Stripling going 6 innings in the early game and saving our bullpen.

    And then Kemo knocks two in with a double, while our three true come hitters after him, Kike, Grandal and Bellinger goes strikeout, strikeout and pop out. Good thing they didn’t try to pitch around Kemp.

    I don’t want to toot my own horn for calling a win against Scherzer, and the thing is we are improving somewhat but still not playing well yet. Hudson needs to be see less MLB time and Cingrani don’t look right.

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