Reup: Kershaw or Buehler – Who Gets Game 1 Ball in Postseason?

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The stats have changed a bit, but nonetheless, I’m sticking with my guns and my original choice.

Oscar Martinez

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21 thoughts on “Reup: Kershaw or Buehler – Who Gets Game 1 Ball in Postseason?

  1. Out of respect, the start has to go to the veteran and ace of the staff. On the way they are throwing lately, I still go with Kersh. But, Buehler is my # 2. Over Hill or anyone else on this roster.

  2. Let’s not try to manufacture controversy.

    Starting to see the fruit of the revamped system and player development regime.

    Quite nice

    1. It is not controversy, it is a very relevant question. I am sure that once they have clinched the division, if they do, that DR will try to set up his rotation accordingly, and Kersh would undoubtedly start the first game of any playoff series. But what if this goes down to the wire, and they need a victory on Sunday the 30th to win? Revamped system fruit? Please. Buehler and Stripling are the only 2 starters outside of Kersh, who are Dodger products. Everyone else is from a trade or free agency. Jansen and Ferguson are the only home grown relievers. Only Buehler is from the present regimes farm system. All the other guys were there before FAZ showed up. More moves have back fired on those guys than panned out.

  3. Bluto is right, this is a long enough series, that we don’t even have to answer this.

    The better question would be, who would be pitching, if we were talking about a wild card one game, eliminate.

  4. My thinking is that in the playoffs or an elimination game, I am going with the consensus best pitcher in the game, Kershaw. It would be all hands on deck anyway. On another subject, Puig’s LA home was robbed for the 4th time in the last 18 months. Think Puiggy needs a much better security system…….

  5. A no brainer question. Game 1 goes to vteran Ace Kershaw. And what a dynamic starter for game 2, with Buehler.
    I would hope that Kershaw can have a great playoff performance for a change, but should he falter, Buehler would be the best choice to right the ship and even the series. Should Kershaw win, then Buehler would complete the one-two punch for a 2-0 series lead.
    What I am really concerned of is #3 & #4 starters, and the inconsistant offense. Who will show up?
    First, however, they got to get to the playoffs. If they have to play a wild card game. then who starts game #1 does not matter, as Kershaw or Buehler will be expended.

  6. Have to go with Veteran Ace, Kershaw for Game #1.
    I know Kershaw has had trouble showing up for playoffs. So either way…. should he win or lose, Bueler would be the best choice of the remaining three starters, to go in gme #2. He is my pick to either right the ship, and even the series, or nail a 2-0 series lead.
    What really worries me is the #2 & #3 starters, and the inconsistant offense. Who will show up?
    They have to get to the playoffs, first. Should they need to play a Wild Card game or one-game wildcard playoff, then who starts game #1 of NLDS would be “by committee”.

    1. Your right to be concerned about our inconsistent offense.

      There are not many HRs hit against good pitching, and not to many hitters, hitting 249 or below, will be able to get key hits, when runners are in scoring position.

      And our line up has to many hitters like that, and that is a shame.

      The Red Sox, the Astros, and even the Cubs, don’t have that many type of hitters in their line ups.

  7. In a 5 game series like the first round, I think they go with just 3 starters. My choices for those 3 would be Ryu, Kersh and Buehler. With apologies to Rich Hill, I just do not think his stuff plays all that well against the East Champion, who will most likely be the Braves.

    1. I still think Ryu at this point is pitching better than Hill. I will stick to my guns on that and since they have not faced Ryu, and are loaded with some very young players, that can be a huge advantage. Hill gives up too many homers. How would you like to be Rocky Gale, he has been up what, 3 weeks? And has not gotten into a single game. That can make you feel unwanted.

      1. Michael

        I would start Ryu over Hill too, any day.

        I was surprised that Hill hadn’t given up a HR to the Braves.

        Actually Hill has given up 6 more HRs then Wood, in twenty less innings.

      2. There have been times late in games, where Roberts probably should have pinched hit for Barnes, and he could have used Gale.

        I don’t know the knock on Farmer, but they don’t use him at catcher.

        But right now the team has to many players to choose from, so non of the players should take it personally.

        Puig and Cody are sitting on the bench too.

        They had an article in the LA Times yesterday, about their platooning.

        I guess Puig told Lana he has been practicing against lefties, because he wants to play more.

        I don’t think Roberts should use both Kike and Dozier in the same game.

        Neither guy, is really hitting lefties anyways.

        1. Agreed. As a team the Dodgers are hitting .238 against lefty’s. They have 59 HR’s off lefty’s and 159 off RH.

  8. Dodger BA’s against lefty’s Freese.429, Turner.346, Machado.343, Farmer.270, Kemp.269, Muncy.263, Hernandez.239, Verdugo.235, Barnes.234, Taylor.233, Bellinger.232, Puig.216, Grandal.204, Dozier.175, Pederson.173, Toles.167, Utley.134, That’s pretty bad right there. Farmer has 10 hits in 31 at bats against LHP. Some of that came when he was up earlier in the year. I do not think the Dodgers have a real problem with him as a catcher, but he is not as good defensively as any of the others.

    1. It is ridiculous to post a player that has only had 6 at bats.

      And compare them to hitters with 30 or 40 at bats.

      Especially when that player has much better numbers in higher samples.

      No one that knows enough about baseball, would make that comparison.

      Joc has one of the worse disparities in all of baseball, between righties and lefties.

      And Joc has had 50 at bats.

      They must have a problem with him defensely at catcher, or they wouldn’t have brought Rocky up.

      And with the way Barnes has performed offensively.

      It isn’t like Grandal catches well either.

      When Farmer had his big chance at the beginning of the year, he wasn’t hitting lefties.

      He had reverse splits, and that is how Muncy started getting more playing time.

      1. It’s just that Barnes is such a horrendous hitter. He’s literally one of the worst hitters in baseball. Simply put you just can’t play him. Even if he was the greatest defensive catcher in the world like bill bergan I would still rather play anybody else behind the dish. Grandal, farmer anyone.automatic outs should never play.

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