Dodgers Hope To Bring The Hammer Down On Noah Syndergaard (Thor) in Game 3

Trayce Thompson
May 11, 2016

The Dodgers got a rare gift last night with Tracye Thompson’s exciting walk-off bomb that lifted the Dodgers to a 3-2 win over the Mets to even the series. Not only did that blast give the Dodgers a rare home win, but it also spared us all the agony of watching Chris Hatcher pitch another inning. He was looming in the bullpen at the time of the Thompson home run….


Dodgers Open Home Stand With NLDS Rematch Versus Mets

Mets Vs. Dodgers
May 9, 2016

The Dodgers have returned home after an ok road trip, but finished the trip strong with a series win over the Blue Jays in the final game on Mother’s Day. The Dodgers played five games on artificial turf and came away clean as a whistle. They won three out of the five games, didn’t embarrass themselves as much as we thought they would, and even Carl Crawford survived and didn’t end up…


Screw Your Turf! Dodgers Win One For Mom

Blame Canada
May 8, 2016

The Dodgers wrapped up their series north of the Canadian border and also wrapped up their all turf trip in grand style with a 4-2 win over Toronto. Today is mother’s day and what better gift to give Mom than a neat little Dodger victory all shiny and glimmering. Try it on Mom, it fits you perfectly. The Dodgers and Blue Jays were all wearing pink to raise awareness for…


Dodgers Open Interleague Series North of The Border Eh

Dodgers vs. Blue Jays
May 6, 2016

The Dodgers interleague all turf road trip continues north of the border as the Dodgers find themselves in Toronto, Canada opening up a three game series against the Blue Jays at the Roger’s Center. So put on your Royal Canadian mounted hat and grab some Canadian bacon, pull up a chair because it’s bound to be a great series of disappointment for us Dodgers fans. The Dodgers haven’t played in…


Dodgers Go For Sweep in Tampa

Trayce Thomspon and A.J. Ellis
May 4, 2016

So the Dodger bats magically came to life in Tuesday night’s 10-5 win over Tampa Bay. The series opener saw the Dodgers blast three home runs, highlighted by Trayce Thompson’s gigantic bomb. Thompson was the offensive star of the night driving in four of the ten runs. Yasiel Puig and Joc Pederson each added a dinger for good measure, and the Dodgers survived another J.P. Howell atrocity to take the…


Dodgers Return To Andrew Friedman’s Old Stomping Grounds, Open All Turf Trip

Tropicana Field Scoreboard
May 3, 2016

The Dodgers open up a five game all turf road trip which kicks off tonight in Tampa Bay. That’s right the Dodgers will be coming back to Andrew Friedman’s old stomping grounds. This means he’ll be able to go back to his old office say hello to his old boss Stuart Sternberg and dust off his old computer to come up with some new algorithms. Boop….Beep…Boop….Beep….Boop…… Alright enough of that…


Why Can’t The Dodgers Hit At Home?

Yasmani Grandal
May 2, 2016

The Dodgers finally snapped their six game losing streak on Sunday afternoon with a 1-0 win over the Padres. It was nothing to feel good about, even though the team celebrated in the clubhouse like they had just won the seventh game of the World Series. After all the Dodgers scored just one measly run on three hits and it was driven in by Clayton Kershaw himself. The Dodgers have…


Your Friend The Dodgers Are Trying To Win Baseball Games

Clayton Kershaw
May 1, 2016

If the Dodgers play a home stand and never win a game, did it really happen? It’s been almost like a feverish nightmare. The Dodgers have played six games on this seven game home stand and have lost every game. This is their first six game losing streak since May of 2013. It’s gone beyond jokes or snark at this point. It’s now reached the point where it’s just sad…


Losing Is A Disease, Contagious Like Polio – And The Dodgers Have It

April 30, 2016

Coming into tonight, the Dodgers had dropped five games in a row, and were on the brink of dropping out of first place in the NL West. Yasiel Puig did not play, which wasn’t a bad move, considering Puig’s horrible at bats over the past few games. Adrian Gonzalez gets the benefit of the doubt, and he will continue playing through his slump, but it’s as glaring as any on…


Mediocre Dodgers Welcome Below Mediocre Padres

April 29, 2016

The internet is still abuzz over the hilariously shocking news of Dee Gordon’s 80-game suspension for testing positive for PEDs. Just imagine little Dee was juicing all along. The thought creeps into my head and almost makes me laugh out loud. Don’t let the funny news distract you from the terrible baseball the Dodgers have been playing. The club just got swept by former manager Don Mattingly and the Miami Marlins four straight. They’ve…


Dodgers Must Turn The Page For Game 3

Yasiel Puig
April 27, 2016

The Dodgers are going to have to pick themselves up from their bootstraps and forget about Tuesday night’s demoralizing meltdown loss to the Marlins. It’s a tough one to get over because it happened against Clayton Kershaw. Even the best of them have bad nights. Kershaw has been flawless before that stupid inning. Fortunately there’s always another game the next day in baseball. The real puzzler has been the lackluster offense. The…


Kershaw’s Mysterious Sixth Inning Meltdown Dooms Dodgers

Clayton Kershaw
April 26, 2016

The Dodgers had one job coming into Tuesday night’s game against the Miami Marlins. They were supposed to forget about Monday night’s 3-2 loss and defeat the lowly Marlins to even the series. With Clayton Kershaw on the mound against mediocre Tom Koehler it certainly seemed like there was a good chance of that happening. The Dodgers were up 3-0 in the sixth inning and Kershaw and the Dodgers were…


Carl Crawford Returns, Koehler Counters Kershaw in Game 2

Carl Crawford
April 26, 2016

The Dodgers suffered another embarrassing loss in a series opener on Monday night 3-2 to the lowly Mattingly Marlins. This might be more pathetic than losing to the Braves. There is nothing worse than making Don Mattingly happy. I can’t stand these awful all righty lineups that Andrew Friedman is coercing Dave Roberts into putting out with left handers on the mound. He did the same thing when Mattingly was still at…


It’s Deja Vu Again, Adrian Gonzalez Is The Unsung Hero Of 2016

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April 25, 2016

First things first. Adrian Gonzalez is so cool, he’s got nicknames in two languages. He’s even had a nickname bestowed upon him by none other than the venerable Vin Scully. Gonzalez is a star in MLB and world-class competition. Fans of multiple teams – even rivals – love him. Teammates and opposing pitchers respect him. The man’s personal home run routines even show up in video games. All of this…


Marlins/Dodgers Series Features Old Friends and Familiar Faces

April 25, 2016

The Dodgers had to come from behind to defeat the Rockies 12-10 in a wild game on Sunday afternoon. Hundreds of lead changes, blown holds, and a lot of runs gave us a pretty typical Coors Field type game. The bullpen is still pretty bad and Kenley Jansen is still really good. Playing at Coors Field is like playing on the moon. The Dodgers will now return home to play…


Kenta Maeda Flirts With No-Hitter, Goes Home With A Win

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April 23, 2016

Kenta Maeda brought some Japanese-flavored Dodger mojo to the mound at Coors Field tonight, trying to right the Dodgers’ ship after yesterday’s loss. He got us all thinking about something special for a couple of innings, and caused the boys in the broadcast truck to dust off the old videotapes of Hideo Nomo‘s Colorado no-hitter. He eventually lost the bid to match his fellow countryman’s rainy day feat, but he…