Possible Spring Disaster as Andre Ethier Fouls Pitch Off His Leg

March 18, 2016

Andre Ethier fouled a pitch off his right shin in the fourth inning of today’s game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. He crumpled to the ground in obvious pain, and was quickly joined at the plate by Dodgers’ trainer Neil Rampe and manager Dave Roberts. Ethier finished the at-bat and earned a base on balls. He was quickly replaced by pinch runner Rico Noel. Afterward, Ethier could not walk to the…


Andre Ethier Will Probably Patrol Left Field, And That’s Good

Andre Ethier
March 8, 2016

Veteran outfielder Carl Crawford went 2 for 3 with a triple in the Dodger’s 5-2 win against the Giants on Sunday afternoon. He also bumbled a routine fly ball in left field as well. Crawford has gotten off to a good start with the bat this exhibition season, but it’s Andre Ethier who will likely be given the left field job with Crawford serving as his backup. The Dodgers did not…


The Dodgers Must Improve Their Situational Hitting in 2016

January 28, 2016

We’ve discussed the importance of good base running and speed in the Dodger’s lineup. Now we’re going to discuss an equally important aspect of a well balanced lineup. That is the art of situational hitting. Some call it timely hitting, and some call it clutch hitting. Whatever you want to call it the skill of hitting with runners in scoring position is extremely paramount to a winning ball club. The…