Spring Training News and Notes For Week One

Yasiel Puig
February 26, 2016

All Dodgers are now present and accountable at Camelback Ranch as spring training is in full tilt. We’re just about a week away from real live baseball being played. It seems almost unreal how fast time flies. It feels almost like yesterday that the Dodgers were being embarrassed in the postseason by an Irish ginger infielder. Oh how the time flies. There’s not a whole lot going on in camp…


Dodgers Spring Training Camp in Tweets

Dodgers Spring Training
February 20, 2016

On Friday afternoon four of the most beautiful words in the English language kicked off spring training for the Dodgers. PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORT. Friday marked the official first day of Dodgers spring training camp as pitchers and catchers reported for duty. Next Wednesday is mandatory reporting day for the rest of the players and Thursday is the first full squad workout. Embed from Getty Images Some of the players…


USA Today Projections Have Dodgers in Second Place

Chase Utley and Howie Kendrick
February 17, 2016

USA Today (Gabe Lacques) has released their projections for the 2016 season. Their projections are not based on anything scientific, nor are they based on any type of advanced metrics like steamer or ZIPS or Pecota. They don’t pay attention to any kind of Vegas betting line either. They use what we like to call the eye test. Their projections are just based on how many games they think each club will win…


Did The Dodgers Improve or Decline This Winter?

Corey Seager
February 13, 2016

You know there is nothing going on when the main headline this week is about equipment trucks driving Dodger gear to Glendale, Arizona. Rest assured the trucks were filled with Tommy Lasorda bobbleheads. We can’t begin spring training without those. Seriously guys, if there are no Tommy bobbleheads then we have to close the gates until they arrive. No bobbleheads no spring training! All kidding aside with spring training a…


Dodgers Valentine Weekend News and Notes

Clayton Kershaw
February 12, 2016

T-minus seven days until spring training camp breaks in Glendale, Arizona. We’ve already got some great spring weather going over here in Southern California. Feels like baseball weather. Spring and love is in the air. Dodgers News and notes are also in the air. Not literally floating in the air. You won’t see a notebook and pencil flying by your parked car. You’ll merely see them floating across the interwebs. With…


Dodgers Were Kings of Pick-Offs Last Season

January 30, 2016

A big part of run prevention is the ability to control the opposing team’s running game. Throwing out runners trying to steal and holding runners on is a very important aspect of the game for the pitching staff and catchers. It’s something that doesn’t appear sexy in the box score, yet adds up as the season goes along. The Dodgers have been very good at preventing the running game the…


ladodgerreport Has Officially Begun

January 26, 2016

We all knew this would eventually happen at some point. It is I Scott Andes everyone’s favorite annoying Dodger blogger, and I have gotten my own blog site. I jest about the annoying part, well maybe just a little. I didn’t get here on my own though I can tell you that much. I had plenty of help from people along the way. First of all I would like to…