Why is TWC Broadcasting Fewer ST Games?

March 8, 2016

My past readers know that I am very frustrated with SportsNet LA, Time Warner Cable (TWC), and the Dodgers failing to end their greed and apathy toward the fiasco that they ironically refer to as Dodgers TV coverage. This column isn’t about them potentially denying the majority of the LA basin from enjoying Vin Scully’s final announcing season, although that is a mortal sin against all Dodger fans, and deserves…


ladodgerreport Has Officially Begun

January 26, 2016

We all knew this would eventually happen at some point. It is I Scott Andes everyone’s favorite annoying Dodger blogger, and I have gotten my own blog site. I jest about the annoying part, well maybe just a little. I didn’t get here on my own though I can tell you that much. I had plenty of help from people along the way. First of all I would like to…