Can The Dodgers Build The Bridge to Kenley Jansen?

The dictionary defines a bridge as something that is intended to reconcile or form a connection between two things. The Dodgers are looking to build one of those things inside their own bullpen in 2016. How do the Dodgers build a bridge to closer Kenley Jansen? Dodger’s fans have been asking that question for several years now. So far the construction has not been completed. Maybe the builders are on union time.

The Dodgers have been looking for that seventh and eighth inning guy for seemingly forever. Unfortunately the bridge keeps collapsing. Again possibly shoddy construction has been the culprit. The Dodger bullpen ranked 19th in MLB last season with a 3.91 ERA and 21 blown saves. Dodger’s relievers posted a .249 batting average against and a 1.28 WHIP. There is definitely room for improvement.

How do the Dodgers build that bridge that we keep hearing about?

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