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Got Lousy Pitching? Just Hit Plenty of Homers. Dodgers win 18-9

Several Dodgers rocked old-timey, striped, high socks for today’s early game. Would the throwback-inspired socks work some Dodger blue magic?

Spoiler Alert: You bet they did! 

1st inning
Chase Utley and Corey Seager singled.
Then the butter and eggs man, Adrian Gonzalez blasted a 3-run home run. 3-0

(The following video shows all three of Gonz’s homers for the day)

Andrew Toles sac flied for an RBI – on a 12 pitch at bat. 4-0
Scott Kazmir walked one, who was then knocked in on a triple. 4-1

3rd inning  4-1
Joc Pederson bounced a rocket shot off the right field wall for a long single. He advanced to second on a perfect hit and run play behind Howie Kendrick.
Andrew Toles brought Pederson in with a single to center field. 5-1
Rob Segedin brought in Kendrick with a deep sac fly. 6-1
That chased Reds pitcher Homer Bailey.

3rd inning 6-1
Kazmir gave up a rally and another run. 6-2
After what seemed like an hour, he gave up another run to cut the Dodgers’ lead in half. 6-3
It was two on and only one out. Pitch count: 71
Another bloop single made it 6-4. Kazmir kaput after 3 2/3 innings. Jesse Chavez in. Job done, finally.

4th inning  6-4
Another rally, another RBI by current Dodgers killer, Joey Votto. 6-5

5th inning  6-5
With Howie Kendick on, Andrew Toles blasted his first MLB homer to right field. 8-5

Rob Segedin followed for his first MLB home run! 9-5

Later, Corey Seager absolutely unloaded for the third Dodgers homer of the inning – a 2-run shot! 11-5

Then came the fourth home run of the inning (Gonzo’s second of the game) 12-5

Here’s that three home run video again, just cuz it’s so fun to see all four homers from this inning together…

That was two sets of back to back HRs!

6th inning 12-5
Home run Baez in. He didn’t surrender a homer this time, but he was just as lousy. 2/3 of an inning with 2 hits, 2 runs, and 2 walks.

7th inning 12-7
Adrian Gonzalez then hit his third home run of the day! 15 – 7
Then Yasmani Grandal went deep. 16-7  Back to back home runs again! 

8th inning  16-7
Another Dodgers rally! Corey Seager knocked in Kiké Enrique Hernandez with his fourth hit of the day. 17-7
Adrian Gonzalez picked up another RBI with a dribbler. 18-7

8th inning
Bud Norris in. He gave up a run. 18-8

9th inning 18-7
Josh Fields in.
Gave up a rally and another run. 18-9

After more than 4 hours, the marathon was finally over!

Dodger win! 18-9

Once again, their starting pitching betrayed the Dodgers. Scott Kazmir could not even close out the third inning. This is a troubling trend, as Dodgers pitchers, who used to only pitch into the fifth inning, are now having trouble making it to the fourth. I’m not even going to refer to them as “starting” pitchers anymore. They will now be known as “Pre-bullpen” pitchers.

Sure, the Dodgers clobbered the Reds, but the cold splash of water moment comes when you realize Dodgers pitching gave up 9 runs today.

How about Gonzo: with a 15 game hitting streak.  He had three home runs and 8 RBIs on the day.

ROY Watch: Corey Seager with a 13 game hitting streak (10 are multi-hit games).
Today he tied the Dodger’s single-season record for home runs by a shortstop with 22 – with a long way to go.

Launching Pad: How about that 5th inning? The Dodgers launched two sets of back to back home runs. They hit four HRs and scored six runs total. It was the first four home run inning since the famous 4+1 Game vs Padres in 2006. Overall, 5 Dodgers hit 7 HRs today, with three back to back sets.

Do you remember your trusty writer pushing for Andrew Toles to replace Yasiel Puig in RF? After experimenting with The Traded Flop, Toles was brought back. He only had a home run and 4 RBIs today. He’s now hitting a solid .400

The Dodgers head into tomorrow’s series with the second place Giants up by a full game.

Hold onto your Dodger Blue hats!

Home runs: Gonzalez (3), Seager, Grandal, Toles, Segedin.

Team with RISP: 4 for 9  And that’s how you win ball games.

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

122 thoughts on “Got Lousy Pitching? Just Hit Plenty of Homers. Dodgers win 18-9

  1. Good thing they brought the lumber because our putative #2 starter sucked again. Good thing we’re only stuck with him for two more years, right? This week is shaping up to be huge; get through it in first place and the schedule favors the Dodgers. Unfortunately, we’re 25-38 against teams over .500 this year (what, again?) and the starting rotation resembles Kenta and the Mysterions. Fasten your seatbelts.

    1. Seatbelt fastened with the life jacket already on!

      And I know exactly where the oxygen mask is.

      (Do we have a parachute?)

      1. Better have one of those giant balloons on the ground when you jump. This week we find out who they are because this is a tough 6 game stand. The Giants are not going to roll over for anybody no matter how much they are struggling. And the Cubs, well they are the class of the league so far.

  2. Now Kazmir has some health issue. He may be added to the DL. I’m sure nobody here is crying

    Like I said Friday, Because Cincy was playing so well I would def take a split in the 4 game series on the road. We went to 2 cities. We won 2-1 and split 2-2. I’ll take that on the road, especially since Cincy has the 2nd best record in baseball since the break.

    Dave Roberts is my manager of the year.

    Tomorrow the season begins. Us vs them. Does it get any better ??

    1. It would be a lot better if we had solid starting pitching. This whole home stand could end up one giant train wreck. Their record against teams with winning records leaves a lot to be desired. But lets see how these guys react. They are if nothing else a gritty bunch.

  3. Yeah, it’s true our pitching looks awful, but I like the slow pitch offense.

    At the beginning of the year, some people said we could hit, but it would be the pitching that would fail.

    Yes, I’m quoting myself again. Saw that on radio and heard it repeated on tv.

  4. I’m concerned about what line up Roberts is going to play against the leftie pitcher tomorrow against the Giants.

    For our front office being enamored with numbers, why is this almost rightie platoon team, being used against leftie pitchers?

    They rank dead last in all of baseball, in offense.

    I know some of our leftie players, don’t have good numbers against leftie pitchers.

    But they are the players, getting most of the at bats, and getting consistent at bats.

    I rather have the regular team play against these leftie pitchers.

    I have seen Utley get quite a few important hits, against leftie pitchers late in games.

    And why not try something different for a change, because that platoon team isn’t getting the job done, most of the time.

    If Kazmir ends up going out, the team is going to have to use another young pitcher to fill the rotation, and that might be a good thing, with the way that Kazmir has pitched.

    The Dodgers have Stripling with the team now, and they are deciding what they are going to do with Anderson right now, and I bet they put Anderson in the DL, to get past that rule, that doesn’t allow a player to come back from AAA, for another ten days.

    And if Kazmir goes out, that will be another big waste, if he goes out to long.

    I saw on Intentional
    Talk, that a player jammed there finger, getting a food delivery.

    I bet that was Reddick that did that.

    I know that Toles dropped a flyball today, and I noticed that Toles didn’t have any sun glasses on, maybe a player should get some sun glasses for Toles.

    I am not worried about Toles defense today, because I think he will get better as he plays.

    I think he will be a defensive stand out, once he gets more comfortable.

    What do you guys think the Dodgers will do with Reddick?

    1. That’s called playing the percentages. The percentages say that RH hitters are better against LH pitchers. Usually it pans out. If the hitters are Aaron, Clemente, Bench, Robinson, and Campanella. Turner for some reason has been terrible vs LH this year. Kike has good numbers against Bumgarner. Toles is a slap hitter so he might have better luck than Reddick against the Bum. Our #1 LH killer, SVS is on the DL. Howie has pretty good numbers. But most of our power is from the left side. So they are going to have to peck away at the Bum.

  5. Dodgers’ starting pitchers averaging 4.4 innings/start since 8/1.

    Something has to change.

    You can’t get away with that against the Cubs and Giants.

    1. I concur 100% Maeda should be able to go at least 6 if he keeps the ball in the ballpark, and we finally get to see Hill…….and see if the TRADE shows any value.

  6. I would go Maeda, Hill, Stripling, Urias, Deleon in that order this week. Stripling almost no-hit SF earlier this year. I think tonight is Deleon’s night to pitch at OKC so he would be on normal days rest against the Cubs. Move Anderson and Kazmir to DL so Stripling and Hill can be activated. If SVS needs surgery on his wrist then move him to 60-day DL so Deleon can be added to 40 man roster. When it is his night to throw, activate him and send Fields down to AAA. I would have no problem giving a DFA to Taylor or Culberson if SVS can’t go 60-day. I don’t think it will happen though. We are more likely to see another doozy by Bud.

    1. Hill is being activated to pitch Wednesday, Kazmir gets an exam on his neck and back today. The only way Stripling can come back is if someone is put on the DL or DFA’d. I would bet it goes Maeda, Hill then Norris.

      1. Michael
        They said on the pregame show that Stripling is up with the big team now, and there deciding on what to do with
        Anderson, so they will have someone to put on DL, that will allow Stripling to pitch

  7. Noris did not look good but that position guy from the Reds pitched really well and that might be the solution the Dodgers need. They could rotate position through the mound, one inning each.

    Maeda, Urias, De Leon, Hill, Stripling, Stewart = 6 person rotation for next 12 days.

    1. I could definitely see Stewart getting worked in again before my scenario. Your 6man would be good until CK returns. It would limit Urias’ innings and help Maeda.

      1. I’d pay to watch that! Except they may have to allow Puig to pitch from second base instead of the mound.

        Remember when Jeff Hamilton pitched at 22 inning game against the Astros? He was firing at 95 mph, straight down the pipe.

        1. He was dealing that night! Wish we had tried to convert him to relief pitcher since be could never hit at 3b, ala Pedro Baez

    2. The Dodgers yesterday signed former 1st baseman Dan Johnson to a minor league contract as a knuckleball pitcher. He is 37 years old and is being assigned to AA Tulsa Drillers. Deleon will probably NOT be called up until September after the AAA playoffs.

  8. I think they’ve waited this long on De Leon, they will wait another week and bring him up Sep 1.

    I think Jesse Chavez could do a spot start if needed. He’s a mediocre pitcher, yes, but one who has a rubber arm with a lot of versatility. He’d only be going 3-4 innings anyways, like Urias did that other time.

    Honestly, Pinky and the Brain should have put him in ahead of Andersen and McCarthy, when the Giants were in free fall. We’d likely be 3+ up on them by now.

    1. I doubt you see him until after OKC finishes the AAA playoffs. If they get bounced quickly he will be up sooner…….

  9. Dodgers josh reddick injured his finger while ordering room service.

    “While ordering”. Does that mean he hurt his finger like while pressing #2 on the phone?

          1. Jammed digit ordering an egg salad maybe…..oh well, one of the FAZ masters better pick ups……

  10. If the sun is in a right fielders eyes some of the clever players wear sun glasses to reduce the glare and use their glove to cast a shawdow on their eyes.

    Reddick who like Badger hinted needs to adopt blue now that he is a Dodger did not use his glove to shade his eyes and instead seemed to use it instead to protect his face. Toles did not wear sun glasses on a bright day. That screams for a kangaroo court.

    1. Actually Toles lost that ball in the clouds. It blended with the cloud cover and he never saw it, if you watch the game you can actually see the shade rolling across the field.

  11. When kid K comes back next month, can we have a rotation of:
    Urias – for 6 innings

    Is that plausible?

    1. Kazmir is steadily falling apart. I like the idea of bringing in DeLeon. Why not? Chances are he won’t be worse than Kaz. And, forget Norris.

      Sounds like Toles and Segedin will be on board for a while. Reddick will get a chance to ponder his dilemma on the bench.

      I can’t believe they scored 18 runs with 7 homers. Insane!!

      1. I saw them do the same thing at Dodger Stadium in 81. They hit 7 homers, by 7 different guys, and won 18-1. I remember that Russell and Ferguson hit bombs, but the other 5 escape me right now.

          1. For a short time then sent to the Angels. I was wrong, it was 1980. He had been traded back to the Dodgers in 1978. For Rafael Landestoy and Jeff Leonard. He was traded to St Louis for Reggie Smith the first time.

  12. On the rotation, post Sept 1, I think we should give Trevor Oaks a shot too. He’s 23, and he’s doing way better than Zach Lee ever did even though Zach did well at AAA.

    Let’s pull a Cardinals youth movement this September (and break a rib of one of the big hitters if the NL favorites, like Kris Bryant … Sorry I’m still not over that; I dislike the Cardinals as much as the Giants).

    1. That sticks in my craw to this day and I still think LaRussa ordered them to pitch inside to Ramirez, because he was the hottest hitter on the planet and almost single handedly crushed the Braves.

      1. Michael
        I felt bad for Fergie when the Dodgers finally won the World Series in 1981, but I think he might have been a coach for Lasorda in 81, or in 88, so I think he got a ring, in one of those years.

        1. In 81 he finished up with the Angels and was there through 83 when he retired. And you are right. Fergie was the 1st base coach in 88, so he finally got his ring.

  13. Final comment on the blow out of yesterday, and I do notice that the 2 biggest FAZ supporters have not yet chimed in. The offense won that game, pure and simple because the pitching yesterday was terrible. 7 pitchers and only 2 were untouched, Howell and Dayton. Gasoline Alley Baez continued his run producing ways, and gave up two more runs, but no homers. That was a victory for our side. The Reds had 14 hits and 8 walks for 9 runs. So we got lucky it was not a closer game. They will have to pitch much better than that to beat the Giants and Cubs. I do not care how bad the Gnats have been playing, they always step up when they see blue. And the Cubbies are in it to win it. That seems to be their mind set, and they are not going to be too happy since the Rocks took 2 of 3 from them this weekend.

    1. Here you go.

      Man oh Man, were the FAZ acquisitions pounding the ball yesterday or what?

      Utley, 3 hits

      Grandal, 2 hits

      Kendrick, 3 hits

      Toles, 2 hits

      Segedin, 1 hit

      Hernandez, 1 hit

      And, thank you FAZ for not trading Seager for Hamels like so many wanted.

      Seager, 4 for 5

      1. You were doing fine until the Seager bullshit. Keep your criticism honest or you will be called on it. Seager was never part if any package suggested by anyone here. It was MARK who kept saying both Urias and Seager were needed for Hamels which was of course nonsense.

        1. Nobody would have traded Seager, before he debuted in MLB, for Hamels? Maybe, Mark could check the archives.

          Stewart/LaRussa sure would have made that trade! They traded the #1 pick in baseball (Swanson, a shortshop), a damn good centerfielder and a very good pitching prospect for Shelby Miller. But, Message board GM’s somehow could have gotten Hamels for Zack Lee? Quit dreaming or you will be called on it!!

          By the way, I am glad Dodgers won’t be facing Matt Duffy (.333 BA with TB) anymore. Duffy and others for Matt Moore and his 23 IP of 4.70 ERA and 1.48 WHIP. Nunez (Duffy’s replacement) errors have almost singlehandedly cost the Midgets two games. I guess, Midgets just didn’t want two gold-gloves on the left side, so they traded Duffy for a pitcher coming off TJ surgery.

          1. I think it was me and not Badger that wanted to trade Lee for Hamels straight up. I am not sure. I forget things sometimes. On second thought I think I was trying to trade Lee for Trout.

        2. It’s not bullshit, and you don’t know that. Originally, the prior year when the Dodgers were kicking the tires on Hamels, the report was Amaro asked for Seager, Urias and Peterson…..all three top prospects. The discussion ended as it should have.

          Fast forward a year (last year). We don’t know the particulars of any asking price, but it’s highly likely that the Phillies asked for one or both Urias and Seager. I know you’re going to to cite the ranking of the prospects Texas gave up, but you can’t use that to make an assumption that none of the Dodgers top prospects would have to be part of a Hamels package. The two systems are different, and the Phillies asking price, most likely, included…again….one or both.

          The reality is, you have NO IDEA what it would have taken, so I call bullshit on you. One would HAVE to assume the asking price was high or it’s likely Hamels would be on the team right now.

          Read a report this year that, to get Sale, the Dodgers would have to have given up Urias, DeLeon, Bellinger and Verdugo….and the writer who made that speculation (I think it was the LA Times) said it STILL wouldn’t have been enough. Do you wonder Edward Scissorhands is still with the Socks?

          All of this criticism that somehow the FO should have picked up Hamels, Sale, signed Greinke, signed Price, sign Zimmerman….sign whomever…… Do you realize that in order to GET something you have to GIVE UP something? There are COSTS involved? That’s the essence of trading. Somehow you just magically believe there are no consequences or trade offs to acquiring talent.

          Running a baseball team is a constant evaluative balance between risk and reward and giving up or accumulating resources; resources that are finite.

          I see a few repeated and frustrating fallacies constantly repeated here:

          1. The rules that govern scarcity of resources somehow doesn’t matter. “Why didn’t FAZ get so and so? Why is money an object? Why can’t FAZ just get these top pitchers without trading away prospects? Why did they get these cheap dumpster projects?”

          2. Even the best decisions are subject to the vicissitudes of inevitable variability. “Why didn’t FAZ look into their crystal ball and see that his ulnar ligament was genetically shortened, hence a certainty that he would need Tommy John surgery.”

          3. The mutually exclusive goals of fielding a competitive playoff team NOW and a perennially competitive team LATER is a balancing act. You have to make decisions that involve compromise.

          “Why didn’t we give up prospects to get so and so? Why didn’t we sign Greinke and Price?”

          Uh…because that would compromise the team’s success in the future.

          “Well…then why don’t the Dodgers just play all the prospects at the major league level now? Why trade for Hill?”

          Uh….because that would be throwing in the towel this year for a team that is poised to win the division and go to the playoffs. You really want to throw playoff chances away? How do you think the fan base would react to that?

          same thing…..repeated ad nauseum…in perpetuity.

          1. Ad naseum is true. You missed the point.

            The bullshit was called on saying any of us were calling to trade Seager for Hamels. Timmons (and by proxy maybe you) was the only saying it would take both Seager AND Urias to do it. OF COURSE that would have done it, but would have been really stupid when all it took was a handful of prospects, none rated as high as De Leon, cash and a ML LOOGY, which we could have provided.

            I’m not going to comment on 1., 2. or because they are hyberbolated non-scenarios. 3.? Not sure I agree competing now and preparing for the future are mutually exclusive. As a balancing act they are mutually dependent.

      2. Boxout 7
        You left yourself wide open with that comment.

        Agone was the player of that game yesterday.

        And no one here said trade Seager.

        What I heard was don’t trade the the very top prospects.

        And I think Michael mentioned the pitching, not the hitting.

        I just hope that Hill pitches well the rest of the way.

        I do wonder what they will do with Reddick, if he continues to not produce.

        Will they replace him with Toles, who has produced from his first major league at bat?

        I just hope they can jump Bumgarner, and win this game tonight.

        Bumgarner needs to have his ego knocked down a little.

        I’m glad that Roberts rested Turner yesterday, to give his sore hand another day off, and to just give Turner, a needed break.

        I just wish Turner could figure out what is causing him to not hit lefties well.

        Like I have said before, Turner’s stance might be his problem with lefties.

        Turner hit lefties fine his first year with the Dodgers, but after that first year, he hadn’t been able to hit lefties really well.

        1. Both Texas and Philadelphia did ok in that trade. I don’t believe we were ever serious about anyone with the stature of Hamels. Looking at what has been done since FAZ has been here screams loudly they have been avoiding the top shelf. We are Latos/Kazmir/Norris shoppers, not Hamels/Cueto buyers. It might still work out. As we learned watching Olympic diving, making a big splash doesn’t get you points.

  14. I saw Kersahaw tossing lollipops in the outfield yesterday. He looked like me throwing out there. And I can tell you without equivocation I will not be ready to pitch in two weeks.

    Oaks and De Leon deserve a start at the big league level. Come on FAZ. Show some bravura. We know you prefer banged up experience, but these moves often work for other teams. Teams like St Louis, who by the way is now the second Wild Card.

    Our team can hit. I figured they would. Can they hit through October? May not matter as the pitching fabric unravels. I figured that would happen too, and why I’ve been suggesting a 6 man rotation. It’s going to help measurably if Hill can go 6 every 5th day the rest of the way. I’ve given up on anyone going 7. Can a staff this thin get to the playoffs?

    1. Long toss in the outfield. He was just playing catch with that other walking wounded lefty , Blister Wrist Anderson. His BP sessions have been different and he is throwing another today in LA> >>>> Kersh is serious about being back soon.

  15. Artieboy, I like your first three starting pitchers. However, I would put Stripling as my fourth starter. I do not know how good Hill is until we see him pitch. Right now the trade with Oakland looks like an “F” for the Dodgers and an “A” for Oakland. Of course my hind sight is 20/20.

    I just do not know what to think of Puig. I would call him back up in September. He could ignite this team. However, we are not going anywhere in the playoffs without Kershaw. Kershaw and Maeda would be two good front liner pitchers. Urias and Stripling can hold down the third and fourth spots. Stripling would also be good out of the pen.

    Seattle has the same problems as the Dodgers. They cannot keep their starting pitchers on the field. At one time they had their top three starting pitchers on the DL. Yet they are playing good baseball.

    1. If he is really over the blisters and ready to pitch, Hill has been pretty steady this year. Of course that was in the AL. He will have to rely on the scouting reports to know the strategy pitching to the Giants.

  16. How does the Cincinnati trade look? Reds have Peraza at short, which is where I had him.

    I just checked the line – it’s basically a throw up. Both teams at -110, some houses have the midgets slightly favored. 6.5-7 runs depending on where you look. I have 25 push-ups per game on the line with a friend in Paradise. I’ll start loosening up around 8.

    1. They have 1 person from that trade still playing and he is at OKC doing so so . Johnson is the only one still active, and how many think he even gets called up in September? Thompson unfortunately is pretty much done for the year with a couple of fractures in his back. That is too bad because the guy was improving and showing some skills.

      1. I want Peraza back. Johnson is persona non sequiturs. Bummer about Thompson, but it wouldn’t surprise to learn Cincinnati was not surprised by his back issues.

        1. He came from the White Sox as did all those guys, We got Frazier, and shipped him to the Sox for Johnson Montas and Thompson.

  17. Against Bum tonight who doesn’t start?

    Remember from FAZ viewpoint this is just another game. I prefer Vinny’s perspective “the collision”.

    1. They all count. This is going to come down to the last week. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the West beat the crap out of each other and fall out of the Wild Card with St Louis, Miami and Pittsburgh slugging it out to the last day.

      1. Would not surprise me either. Those last 3 in SF are going to be huge unless the Dodgers can in reality take at least 4 of 6 at Dodger Stadium and beat the brains out of the rest of the division from now until the end and put a little daylight between them and the Gnats. A win tonight against the Bum would be HUGE. Take the first 2 and the Gnats are 3 out. Makes for a little breathing room……..and no one was for trading Seager period. They probably would have had to package 5 guys to get Hamels. Urias almost certainly would have been in the conversation.

        1. Yeah, Urias was in the conversation, but at the time of the trade both he and De Leon were rated WAY above any of the handful that went to Philly. Philly also sent to Texas lh reliever Diekman (look up what he has done) and cash. I think we could have skipped the cash (hell, send Philly some) used De Leon, Holmes +, tell them to keep the Diek and had a chance. Of course, I’m an idiot with no vision so who’s going to listen to me?

          1. Me……..I had the same thought…now we will both be criticized……..but that’s ok, I am used to it…..they think we are nuts anyway, so I guess we should get nuttier. How about this, give Queto the same deal he got from SF, with an opt out after 2. He has 2 great years and is gone and all it costs you is some cash and none of your prospects. Make sense>???

    2. Artie boy
      Agone and Cory usually play against lefties.

      Joc didn’t look good against most of the lefties he has faced, but he did hit one out against Bumgarner.

      Segedin might help, but I just don’t have to much faith with this platoon team.

      Before we had Puig and Kemp, who could hit Bumgarner.

      It seems like certain players can hit Bumgarner well, and other players, just can’t see Bumgarner well at all.

      He pitches across his body, and that is why he is hard to see.

      Eventually that could go against Bumgarner, before he ever gets that one big contract.

      I remember Kershaw getting a big RBI hit against Bumgarner too.

      They need to make Bumgarner throw a lot of pitches.

      And if they keep fouling off a lot of pitches, they can get his pitch count up.

      Bumgarner tends to throw a lot of pitches early, but Bumgarner is at his best, when runners are on base, unfortunately.

      He is going to be ready for Kike that is for sure, but he has let Kike hit a couple of HRs off him, a few times.

      Maybe keeping faith with Kike, will help the team, especially against Bumgarner.

      And Boxout, Moore pitched good against our team, when we faced him.

      Moore tends to walk a lot of hitters, so our hitters have to be patient.

      The Pirates had no trouble hitting Moore, and that is because they went the other way against Moore, and made him pitch.

      He is really having trouble with his control.

  18. They cannot sit A-Gone. He is in a groove. I doubt Seager sits either. He hits lefty’s pretty good. Joc might sit, but that puts Hernandez in CF. Toles is a lefty, and so is Reddick. So if you sit Utley, either Kendrick or Hernandez has to play 2nd. Segedin can play RF. 1B Gonzo, 2B Kendrick, 3B Turner, SS Seager, LF Toles, CF Hernandez, RF Segedin, C Grandal. That’s my prediction. Of course they could flip flop Segedin and Toles, but Reddick and Joc will sit. Neither hits LH’s at all. Sure could use that Puig guy right about now. And SVS too…Thompson is through for the year.

    1. I go with the varsity for every game this week. And for my money that includes Segedin against MadBum. AGon and Seager play against everybody. Grandal is hitting .286 vs. lh starters so unless there are Ellis v Bumgarner stats that are better, Yasmani starts tonight.

    2. Segedin only can play leftfield in the outfield.

      I don’t know how Toles hits lefties, but he is a good contact hitter, so he might be better then Reddick in right.

      The A’s have had the Giants number, the last couple of years.

      I looked at Reddicks numbers against the Giants a while back, but I don’t think he had that good of numbers against the Giants.

      I am going to take another look.

      1. Better check that there MJ, He played RF earlier in this road trip……came off the bench in the late innings in a double switch.

        1. Thanks Michael I didn’t remember that.

          On the Dodger pre game show, they said he only played a little leftfield, when it came to the outfield, so I assumed that was right.

    3. Michael
      Dodgerpatch really the one that wanted the Dodgers to get Cueto, and let him leave after that opt out, which I think was a very smart ideal.

      And I think he said back load Cueto’s contract too.

      I hope Cueto continues to pitch well enough to opt out, and the Giants resign him.

      That would be a big mistake.

  19. Boxout, you could of mentioned Dayton, Blanton, Liberatore and Coleman who FAZ brought in to help the bullpen, which has been our strength. Segedin and Toles were both reclamation projects. Both look pretty good to me and I hope both stay on the roster. They both look like good pinch hitters.

    1. The BP has been nails for the most part, and I give FAZ credit for that. But they are overworked, and yesterday except for Howell and Dayton, they were pretty well roughed up, although Chavez looked pretty good. Gasoline Alley Baez, he needs a week or two to get his head cleared up, learn to work faster and learn that most major league hitter sit on fastballs that do not move…..wake up meat head…

      1. Chapman Jansen combo sure would have helped shorten the game. Chicken sh*t candy ass sissy boys FAZ swallowed the olive on that one. But, yeah, bullpen has at times helped. Seems to me I remember some rough patches back there somewhere but overall – a strength.

        1. There were a lot of rough patches early on. Garcia and Baez gave up a lot of homers early, and Hatcher was a gas can with an arm.

    2. I think most people’s problem with the front office, is the pitchers that they signed to be in the starting rotation.

      And that is a fair point.

      There is going to be a lot of pressure on Hill once he pitches.

      I just hope he rises to the moment, unlike Anderson, McCarthy, and Kazmir.

      Maeda has looked to be there best signing, for the starting rotation.

      And I think Maeda will get better, as he gets more experience, and will be able to pitch past the third time around, in the line up eventually.

    3. Idahoal
      I agree about Segedin and Toles.

      And I can’t imagine how Reddick feels, after seeing Toles come up, and start hitting, right away.

      Toles just needs to get more experience playing defense in the big leagues, and I think he will be fine, after a while.

      And Toles has a pretty good arm too.

      Cory just needs to learn how to tag a runner out better.

      Toles would have thrown two runners out, if Cory would have handled Toles throws better.

  20. Anyone, why isn’t Nomar part of the TV broadcast team?

    Anyone, why was Toles out of baseball last year? I mean specifically, what was his aggregious sin?

    I don’t think Toles is a slap hitter. He takes full swings. He has looked good in left and inexperienced in right.

    Since Kike’ played second the last time a lefty pitcher pitched and Kendricks played left, I have to think that Roberts has said that Kendricks is the left fielder. That means Kike’ at second against Bumgarner and Utley sits or Kike’ in CF and Joc sits. Or, Segeden in LF and Kenfricks at 2nd.

    My guess:
    2b Kike’
    ss Seager
    3b Turner
    1B Agon
    C Grandal
    RF Segeden
    CF Joc
    LF Kendricks

    1. Bum
      Toles is a natural centerfielder, and he will be fine the more he plays.

      He actually played a good rightfield, the other time he was up.

      And he should have had two assists at second base, but Cory couldn’t handle the tag of the two different runners, that Toles made very accurate throws on.

      I read that Toles had anxiety problems, but Badger did post an article earlier this season about Toles, that said something different.

      1. I think Diaz is the centerfielder that could push Joc to left a few years from now but that is as likely as Seager being pushed to third a few years from now. Could happen. I think Toles is best suited for LF.

        Pederson, Puig, Thompson, Verdugo, Toles, Diaz are the most likely outfielders of the future.

    2. Howie usually is farther up in the order, against leftie pitchers.

      I think Nomar works the little league play offs, and World Series.

        1. I see your point hp.

          But I’m a forgive-and-for gettin’ Christian, and Toles and Puig, 24 & 25, will by next year have their rambunctious and misdemeanoring behind them. And as such bein the case, that outfield can run fast, jump high and hit, and all of them are not only on the right side of the law, they are all on the right side of 30. I can see all of them entering their prime years in …… wait for it…….. 2018.

          1. I think the fact that Toles did continue to play hard in AAA, after being sent down, shows me he wants to play in the bigs badly.

            Because he could have been easily discouraged, after being sent down, because he really did produce, when he was up on the big team.

          2. I’m with you 100% on that. When Puig was sent down, Toles became my man. I am eagerly hoping for the return of Puig. I would like to see the outfield of Puig, Toles, and Pederson.

          3. That makes 3 of us that would be intrigued with Toles, Pederson, and Puig. Maybe trade Toles for a guy with a last name that starts with a P.

            Verdugo will push for a job by mid 2017. And Thompson might be good in 2017 as well.

          1. Badger
            There is a very good article about pitcher’s blisters in Bleacher Report, and it doesn’t sound like the Dodgers or Hill, from the little I have read, is understanding what a blister actually is caused from, and how to prevent blisters.

          2. MJ, could you or Badger please forward the article to FAZ. I am sure they would appreciate it!!

        1. Bum
          I would like to see Joc knock Puig on his A, when Puig runs in front of him, and catches the ball.

          Maybe that is the only way Puig will learn.

          1. Boxout

            You know I am challegned in that department.

            But did you read that article?

            It sounds like a boring article, but it is actually pretty interesting.

            And our former Cy Young pitcher, and Doctor, is also in that article.

          2. MJ, Yes I did read the article.

            What is your recommended remedy? Pickle juice, dirt, bucket of dry rice, CUP OF PISS?

            I go with the Leiter/Marshall plan. DL at least six weeks, then daily nail trimming, sanding down calluses and lotion. But it is good to know your options.

          3. Knocking Puig on his A might be the job for a 275 pound defensive lineman and he might wait until Puig catches the ball and slows down.

    1. Boxout
      The latter is my recommendation .

      I was wondering why pitchers didn’t use that liquid band aid stuff.

      But I guess some do.

  21. Everyone I just look at our players, batting stats against Bumgarner, and guess who, has hit a HR off of Bumgarner, besides Kike, Turner, and


  22. I wonder where Mark has been.

    He did that article on Urias and we have not heard from him in a while.

    I guess we will hear from him soon, he isn’t going want to stay away with the Dodgers playing the Giants tonight.

    Maybe he is just busy working.

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