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Dodgers Score Too Little, Too Late. Lose to D-Backs 3-7

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

45 thoughts on “Dodgers Score Too Little, Too Late. Lose to D-Backs 3-7

  1. Well Rich Hill looked human, but it happens to everybody. Coleman giving up a 3 run dinger did not help. But again the offense was flat. Utley kept getting on base, and they only got him home once. Gonzo looks like he needs a day off. He has dropped almost 14 points off his BA over the last 2 weeks. All in all they played like a team sleep walking. They did wake up for a few minutes, but not long enough. Do not give the Midgies a glimmer of hope. Like Orel commented last night, put your foot on the gas and keep it there.

      1. I think he is more tired than hurting. He does not look hurt at the plate. His timing looks like it is off a little, and he is trying to go to LF more. He hits better when he stays natural.

    1. And Michael your right, they have to have a killer instinct when it comes to the Giants.

      Any ray of hope, they will take it and run with it.

      They have the most obnoxious fans there are too.

      I hope they came over to the Dodger site last night, and talked a big game, about beating the Cardinals.

      Because almost everytime this year, they have done something like this, it came back and haunted them.

      Because you just can’t tempt fate.

  2. Last night was ugly. But as we all know with this team, we don’t just lose, we look like crap when we lose. So let’s just come out and win today and all will be right with the world again! Its a 4 game series on the road vs a bad team, but a division rival. Worst case, we have to go 2-2. I’d like to go 3-1, but we know we won’t be making this series easy whatsoever.

    Last thread we discussed Brett Anderson and his rehab. He will actually be starting tonight in OKC in game 3 of the playoffs; we’re down 0-2, but next 3 games are at home.

    Our next stud minor league pitcher, Walker Buehler, went 3ip last night for GL. 0 runs, 4k. Be great to see how good he looks next spring after 6 more months post surgery.

    1. Thanks Bobby!

      I was wondering about Anderson.

      I heard he was starting for our AAA team, in the play offs, and I hoped he would do better then he has, for the major league team this year for the guys down there.

      And I don’t know why I would be wondering about something like that.

  3. Our players have to make sure that they are getting runs for our pitchers when they are pitching well, because we need to win every game we can.

    This leftie problem is very depressing.

    I still think if Roberts would try the regular line up, and emphasize that they must have a productive offense against lefties, the team might do better, then this platoon team.

    Every regular player, is going to have to get the runners over in scoring position, and get key hits, or if there is a runner on third, with less then two outs, Roberts needs to try a bunt.

    They will need to scratch out every run they can.

    Roberts mise well play the regular team against leftie starters, because even if a rightie starter is starting the game, every other team’s manager, is going to bring a leftie in, any time the Dodgers are hitting and scoring runs, to stop the scoring.

  4. Last 30 days: Some players haven’t played 30 games in this period.

    Player AVG▼ OBP SLG OPS
    Seager .356 .432 .529 .961
    Turner .268 .330 .526 .856
    Gonzalez .243 .261 .486 .747
    Utley .233 .258 .322 .580
    Pederson .219 .326 .384 .709
    Grandal .198 .266 .442 .708
    Kendrick .189 .337 .203 .540

    Utley and Kendrick are fading.

    1. Bum
      I just think Roberts should play the regular line up against lefties or righties.

      Because even if the regular team is facing a rightie starter, anytime they start hitting and scoring runs, the manager on the other team, is going to bring a leftie in, to stop the rally.

      Why not let the regular team bat against lefties, and see what they can do.

      They might have a more productive offense, then these part time players, if they can work togther, and scrape for runs.

      The leftie thing, is what I am most worried about, when it comes to the post season, if we make it there.

    2. Utley perked up last night, he had 3 hits and a walk. They just kept stranding him there. a-GONE has been pretty pedestrian lately…..the real el foldo is Grandal.

  5. Not much to say except we could still be out of the playoffs altogether. When is Cueto going to fade? Grienke tonight. This is like match play in golf. Expect your opponent to make everything. In this case, expect the giants to sweep the Cards. If that happens, look out.

    1. Bobbie 17
      I don’t think the Giants other pitchers, will be hard for the Cardinals to hit like Cueto was.

      I don’t understand why Cueto is allowed to have those different deliverys like he has.

      Because without his deliverys, his pitches and stuff, isn’t all that.

      In softball, a pitcher must present the ball.

      Quick pitches are ilegal in softball.

  6. On Jansen: We don’t realize how good a closer is until he can’t. At Jansen’s age, he probably is worth a medium term deal. Can Dayton, Liberatore replace him? A big chance.

  7. Yesterday, Bumsrap contributed a post in which he said the following (not the complete post – just an excerpt):

    “3. I do like that FAZ wants to build from within even if their reason is to keep payroll down. I worry that I will get attached to players that are home grown and successful will be replaced with prospects instead of giving them a big contract. I want to watch players that are long-term Dodgers.”

    I have been saying the same thing for over a year now. While the Dodgers are building from within, you hope that they keep their best players. Who among us hasn’t gotten attached to our favorite Dodgers? Who among you wasn’t really ticked when they traded Mike Piazza or failed to resign Adrian Beltre?

    We can expect more of the same. If we have learned anything watching the former small market guys operate, it’s that they would rather spend $$$ on various Cubans and pitchers with injury histories then spend real $$$ on real major leaguers or guys who want real $$$ to play. So – Justin Turner (I know – not home grown, but went from a utility player to a star with the Dodgers) becomes a free agent. Who here thinks he returns in Blue next year? Or Kenley Jansen (a home grown All Star) – who here think he’s back?

    Looking forward – what if Kershaw opts out after 2018? What about Cory Seager? (Yeah – I know, a long way off)?

    They could get 30 Cubans for what it would cost to get 1 Kershaw; they could get Anderson, McCarty and Hill for one Cory Seager.

    The Dodgers have historically kept their stars. The exceptions (such as Beltre and Piazza) were horrifying to Dodger fans everywhere. I am afraid that this will be the new paradigm.

    1. I would expect the Dodgers to offer Corey Seager a 7 year $150 million deal this winter. On Jansen and Turner: I think it depends upon what other teams offer.

      The Dodgers and Beltre were about $5 million apart. That is felony stupid to lose out to that… especially to a player of Beltre’s age. That deal was done by Paul De Podesta who bears little resemblance to Friedman.

      We don’t know how far apart the Dodgers and Piazza were, but that deal was done by the MORONS at FOX. Both players were Superstars. Turner is a nice player, but he’s no superstar.

      You can’t compare two players enshrined in the Hall of Fame to two who will only visit there. Kershaw is a superstar – he should be signed for WHATEVER. Seager is the same. Beyond that, you do what is logical.

      While I am on a roll, here’s what bothers me: Fans say “FAZ screwed up by not getting a RH power bat.” Like they just grow on trees and you just pick one. They tried to get Braun and failed – the Brewers demands were too high.

      Even Ray Charles knows we need a RH Bat(s) – what should they have done? No one has any answers to that – just complaints.

      Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

      1. I agree Mark except that as I remember the Dodgers and Pedesta never actual made a written offer to Beltre. Also as I remember the Dodgers were willing to give Martin $4.5M but not $5M which was even crazier. It was one thing to say that Martin was damaged goods and another to offer $4.5M and let him get away for $5M.

      2. Not comparing Beltre and Turner. The point is that I prefer the Dodgers keep their players if they are any good. At one time fans knew who their teams’ players were. Now half the roster turns over every couple of years.

        The Dodgers should resign Turner and Jansen.

        1. My preference would be to give both Turner and Jansen two year and $30M contracts.

          Does anybody know if a new contract will be in effect that changes the Qualifying Offer clause? Otherwise, Turner might accept the QO which should be higher than last years amount.

  8. Twenty years from now there will still be Dodger Fans regretting the club traded away Matt Kemp. His right handed power would sure come in handy now. He is owed $64.5MM for the next three years and we’re paying $10.5MM of it already. Any possibility we could trade bad contracts Kazmir and Ethier for him? Moneywise, it’s almost an even trade…

      1. Not to beat a dead horse, but Kemp has 31 dingers and 99 RBI’s. More than anyone on the team has now. Except for Pederson we do not have an OF even close to those numbers, So yeah, I wish they had kept Matt instead of signing all the dead wood they have. By the way, Joe Wieland was just traded to the Braves for cash. He has made exactly 3 errors all year. Not bad for an old slow guy. He is younger than Braun, and owed less……so yeah, I make that trade too…..

  9. Mike Trout leads MLB in WAR at 9.39

    Seager is 14th with 5.81

    Joc has a 2.95 WAR

    Yasmani – 2.55 WAR

    Josh Reddick – 2.14

    Matt Kemp is -0.3 (that minus)

    He’s one of the worst players in baseball. I remember when Matt Kemp was Matt Kemp (bad attitudes aside) – this is not a real Matt Kemp.

    1. He is out hitting Puig, Kendrick, Thompson, SVS, with only 3 errors……not as bad as you think and I consider WAR a BS stat, just like pitch framing..

  10. Baseball Reference which probably rounds off to nearest tenth has this Dodger WAR ranking:

    Seager 5.8
    Kershaw 5.2
    Turner 4.7
    Joc 3.0
    Kenta 2.8
    Grandal 2.5
    Jansen 2.5
    Blanton 1.7
    Agon 1.7
    Utley 1.6
    Puig 1.4
    Hill 1.0

    That’s our top 12 folks. Any surprises? That’s right, Kendrick is not in the top 12.

    Bellinger, Toles, and Calhoun might be closer to making the team next year than many think.

    1. That’s very interesting.

      WAR is not a BS stat – it’s very complicated, but it’s pretty telling. Look at the TOP 10 and tell me you disagree…

      1. The problems with WAR are:
        1- no one even agrees on what it should be. There are 2 or 3 different ways of calculating it
        2- you can separate out O-WAR from D-WAR. I’d bet that Kemp’s O-WAR numbers are pretty good.
        3- even SABRphiles will admit that defensive metrics are flawed. Many allegedly good defensive players don’t pass the eyeball test and some pretty good defenders (like Kemp back in the day) get graded poorly buy the metrics.
        4- how you grade a player offensly has changed over the years. We have argued before about players who hit for average but don’t walk much being downgraded because of the new importance of OBP. The SABRguys have apparently recently discovered the importance of making contact.

        All of this is to say that Kemp is a better player than WAR says he is. Whether he should be a Dodger is another matter.

        1. Kemp OWar is 3.5.

          Defense is -17.8

          Some of that is subjective, but not all.

          Kemp is 85th in MLB in OWar.

          He’s be fine in the AL as a DH.

          He is 3rd worst in defensive WAR in all of baseball.

          1. Which is hard to understand because the guy has only made 3 errors. What do they base that on? To me that is crazy because you play 130 plus games and only make 3 mistakes, you are not that bad a fielder. Are you telling me KIKE Hernandez is a better OF than Kemp? Does not make sense to me, but then again all that stuff is worthless in my book.

      2. Just my opinion Mark. I like to see HR’s and I like to see guys drive in runs. Kemp is good at both. His AB’s are a hell of a lot more fun to watch than most. Is he as good as he once was? No, I do not think that, but he has been healthy, he has been driving in runs, and the last 21 games or so he is hitting over .300. Nobody on the Dodgers is doing that right now, and he definitely is a RH power bat. I like the guy, and he is no juicer like Braun.

      3. Only Dodger right now who comes close to old Brooklyn Dodger stars in WAR is Kershaw. And it depends who the replacement is. But replacing a HOFer is a lot tougher than replacing a so so guy, and your WAR is not going to be good if you are on a team that does not win much. I just am not even close to being a stat geek. I judge by what I see with my own eyes. And when I see a guy hitting balls out of the park and driving in runs, especially 100 +, I think that guy is a pretty good hitter. Matt Kemp qualifies as a pretty good hitter………

    2. Bellinger has looked over matched in the playoffs………Calhoun needs to refine his defensive skills, and Toles, well he is in a bind because this team is LOADED with OF’s. Most of them hit from the left side, and Verdugo is coming soon too. His biggest asset is his speed. That the Dodgers do not have in abundance.

      1. Seager looked over matched when he moved up a grade but didn’t take long to adjust. Bellinger only has what, 5 games at AAA?

        1. About that, but that makes me believe he is at least 1 year away. Needs a full year in AAA. No need to rush the kid with A-Gone still under contract.

    3. I don’t think that Joc is the third best hitter on this team, that is forsure.

      But if we are including defense I could see that.

      1. And I don’t think a walk is the same as a hit.

        And I do value batting averages.

        And I don’t think a strike out, is like any other out either.

      2. MJ, Joc’s WAR is smaller than it would be if he had the same plate appearances as the less platooned players. If you look at ratios of HR, RBI, extra base hits, etc to at bats he is in the top 3.

        I expect he will be more of a regular next year.

  11. I feel like I was one of the first to be critical of defensive metrics. At one time Kike’ had better defensive metrics than Joc. Every time I have seen Kemp he is making the catch and making a good throw. Apparently he takes lousy routes.

    I happened to be at the game in Denver when Kemp ran into the fence and after delaying the game about 25 minutes was allowed to stay in the game and made a head first dive for a pop up on the next ball put in play. He has heart.

    I would love to have Kemp’s 30 home runs and 100 rbi on the Dodgers but agree he is now better suited for DH. But, that said, bad routes might cost an out every other game or less.

    1. Bum
      With the way they shift even in the outfield for every different player, has to make those defensive stats not really that important.

      And that is one stat that isn’t accurate, even saber metric people are not sure about defensive saber metrics.

  12. Ok, none of the current Dodgers, save Kershaw are on the Dodgers top 20 WAR players, and these guys do not even come close to those numbers the old guys have. So in my mind, it is a little worthless to even use that stat……check these….Big D…..67 WAR, Pee Wee….66…..Duke……65…..Jackie……61….Kersh is 53……..Zack Wheat, Dazzy Vance, and Willie Davis all have a higher WAR than Kershaw. ;… And the 3-Dog was not that great a hitter. His fielding and speed were outstanding, but he had little power, and was not a hit for average guy.

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