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Adrian Gonzalez’s 5 RBIs Power Dodgers to 7-2 Win

Sure, the first place Dodgers pounded the Phillies last night, but the boys did not come out of the gates scoring.
They didn’t score a run until the fifth inning. Yesterday’s pitcher, Kenta Maeda only gave up one run through five innings, holding the Phillies down long enough for the Dodgers to get on the board. If necessary, would Scott Kazmir be able to do the same tonight?

2nd inning
Phillies put together a small rally to score first. 0-1

4th inning 0-1
With two on, Adrian Gonzalez punched one out for a 3-run blast. 3-1

1,2,3 inning for Kazmir. It was starting to look like a quality game for the Dodgers on both sides of the ball.

5th inning 3-1
With one on, Justin Turner exit velocitied one right into the left field bleachers for his 22nd home run of the year. 5-1

With one on and two out, Kazmir started to lose the strike zone. He walked the next two batters to load the bases.
Kazmir was over 80 pitches and could not throw an effective strike. He eventually got an infield grounder to end the inning.

6th inning  5-1
Kazmir was sent out to the mound, but he was clearly out of gas. He couldn’t get any outs, and was pulled after a home run and two runners remaining.  5-2
Grant Dayton in.
Dayton immediately gave up a base hit to load the bases.
The Phillies took a stab at two sac flys, but could not advance their runners. In the end, they were done in by three fly balls in a row.

7th inning  5-2
Corey Seager opened the inning with a double.
Two batters later, Adrian Gonzalez hit his second home run of the night. 7-2

Joe Blanton in. Job done.

8th inning 7-2
Jesse Chavez in.
1,2,3 and job done.

9th inning  7-2
Josh Fields in.
One base runner got on, but that was it.

Dodgers win! 7-2

For the second night in Philadelphia, the Dodgers hit multiple home runs. Justin Turner had a 2-run dinger and Gonzo blasted two more. One for 3-runs, the other chalked up 2.

More Butter and eggs: Gonzo now has a 10-game hitting streak.

Scott Kazmir was fairly solid through 5 2/3 innings, but he ran into his usual troubles. No matter how good he’s pitching, when he gets to the 6th inning, or up around 75 pitches, he hits a wall. He runs out of gas, it happens fast, and he has not found a way to overcome that. And he’s one of the top three pitchers in the rotation!

On the other hand: The bullpen put together 4 scoreless innings to secure the win.

Chavez rising above: Jesse Chavez has overcome his “new team jitters” and has pitched well in his last few outings. Over his last 4 1/2 innings pitched, he’s only given up one hit, and struck out 5. With Baez regressing, a consistent  Chavez is much appreciated.

How about Corey! 33 doubles now for Seager!

Interesting stat of the night: Both teams had 11 hits.

One more: Joc Pederson went 3 for 4 tonight.

Scott Kazmir went 5 innings with 8 hits, 2 runs, 1 HR, 3 walks, 1 K.  ERA 4.41

Team with RISP: 2 for 7

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

59 thoughts on “Adrian Gonzalez’s 5 RBIs Power Dodgers to 7-2 Win

  1. Wow I asked all to play nice and it’s silent. If I had only known I had this gift when raising my kids. I would still have all my hair and be Damn good looking.

  2. We are all waiting for Mark and Dodgerpatch to tell us to eat crow.

    I just had some. Tastes great with fine Pilsner. Now if they’d stop batting Reddick cleanup … Or maybe that was a master plan to get the other team to relax and forget about A Gone. That article about him being late on heaters and not being able to pull the ball anymore really fired him up!

    Now if we get an article about Reddick not being able to …. wait …. dammit I can’t even think of anything appropriate here. Maybe there should be an article on the FAZ instead (oops see what I did there).

  3. The season is not over. I won’t tell anyone to eat crow unless we win the World Series, but I think this needs to be a lesson learned. There have been many, many times since Friedman was hired that I have listened to such outrageous condemnation of him and Zaidi. It was over the top, unsupported by anything factual and totally irrational. It smacks of racism, but since I don’t know what is in anyone’s heart, I can’t claim that. However, if I did, I would have more evidence of it than most of the accusations against FAZ.

    If I seem bombastic or overly sensitive about it, understand this: I wrote LAdodgerTalk for almost 15 years and it was fun. I quit because of the daily moronic bashings of FAZ. People just make shit up and then believe it. I find it interesting that now that the Dodgers are in first place, many of the bashers have either left or post infrequently.

    So, when I say something that seems a little off the wall. I’m like a 55 gallon barrel that is full to the rim – One more drop and it overflows! Now, lest you think I worship FAZ or that they can do no wrong, I do not think that! They have made plenty of mistakes – Latos, Johnson, Olivera, et al. Hill and Reddick may ultimately be deemed a mistake, but we don’t know yet. I remember when a Marlon carried this team for a time. When you beat that drum over and over, it tells me that you don’t have a clue. That chapter is yet to be written.

    The mistakes that have made however, do not hamstring the team like signing Greinke to a $200 million/6 year deal or like The Trade did!

    There is still a lot of baseball to go. The Dodgers could ultimately drop out, but I doubt it. They struggled with a new hitting philosophy early in the year – vets got off to a bad start, but RIGHT ABOUT NOW, RIGHT HERE in the midst of the pennant race they are energized and leading the team along with Corey, who just keeps getting better! A-Gon looks healthy and on a mission, JT is raking! Howie can smell a ring and Chase just shows up, steps up and shuts up.

    I have a feeling this will be one for the ages. BTW, I think fans get overly concerned about the lineup. I think you could flip it 180 and make little difference. Jut my opinion….

    ————— by the Guy who always believed in the team!

    1. I have always thought that a critique of Mattingly, FAZ, Roberts etc was good for any blog if the critique did not say they were dumb or incompetent and did not include crude self-created nick names. It is not that hard to disagree and stay respectful simultaneous. It is not that hard to disagree without sounding like a person is smarter and wiser.

      It has always seemed appropriate to me that if one critizes then they shoud clearly say what they would do instead and that includes something as simple as a disagreement with where someone hits in the lineup. If one wants to drop a player down in the lineup then tell us what your preferred lineup would be.

      And finally Mark, you proposed being a seller when Kershaw got injured. That was throwing in the towell. You have bounced back since, but you did wilt, temperarily, when the going got tough.

      Badger, look forward to you returning here but without the back and forth with Mark.

      1. People will criticize when given a soap box. That’s what they do. I agree with you that it’s repetitive and annoying without offering an alternative. “If FAZ did X and I am critical of it, then I think, instead, he should have done Y” That usually doesn’t happen because offering up a real alternative requires a little thinking and opens up the critic to criticism of his own, and typically, deep down, the critic realizes his own proposal doesn’t really hold water. Making crude nicknames is easier.

      2. Bums

        I think Joc is loving being able to get those multi hit games now.

        He is making it look to easy right now.

        I always knew he could figure it out, if he could buy into shortening his swing.

        I think he had in his head, if he shortened his swing, he wouldn’t be able to still hit as many HRs.

        But he knows better now, think God he figured it out .

        I bet he caused you to stress out pretty bad, even if you never seem to show much stress about anything.

        1. MJ, Joc is surprising many. I never predicted greatness for him, just defended him and liked him. Never liked that he would scream perfanities, pound his bat into the ground, or throw his bat, but it seemed like that by the time he got to the dugout he was under control.

          Ethier would take his frustration into the dugout. Joc also was always able to play great defense even when he took his nosedive last year. That is a mark of a person that can departmentalize.

          Joc moved quickly through the Dodger minor league system but in doing so he had to make constant adjustments. The hole he dug for himself last year was good for him, not me though, and climbing out of that hole this year has been good for him as well.

          1. Bum

            Yes when Joc went out with his injury, he was at a cross road in his career.

            He wasn’t hitting really well, and it looked like Joc was still having problems, hitting consistently.

            When Toles came up and hit right away, Nomar said that Joc started to reexamend his at bats, and his swing.

            That is why I said that Joc getting hurt, was the best thing to happen to him.

            If he wouldn’t have had that time, who knows what would have happened this year.

            Your right about Joc always playing good defense.

            He has never let his offense, come in the way of his defense.

            I think that is what Reddick is doing right now.

        1. You are a believer Mark and

          We both have proposed some “creative trades”. We should have a contest to see which one of us can stir up the pot the most with a trade proposal.

    2. Mark
      This isn’t all the front office, this is driven by Roberts and his coaches, and the players.

      If this team wasn’t hitting like they are, and playing like a team, this could have been a really bad second half, with Kershaw being out.

      This is more Roberts, and his coaches.

      They worked there but off, to turn these players, into a team!

      Why do you think that everyone around baseball, is talking about Roberts being up for manager, of the year?

        1. Mark
          That is why I said that was the best move that Faz made.

          Roberts isn’t Maddan, but he might be better.

          There bullpen moves have seemed to work too, and I think everyone here would agree.

    3. Mark
      It is the way that you present yourself sometimes, that makes some people turned off, to what your saying.

      1. MJ, Agreed, but I don’t care! I write the way I speak – I am blunt and it serves me well. It turns a few people off, but you can’t please everyone. I pretty give what I get!

        BOB, I understand, but don’t care!

  4. Mark and a few… Please induct me into that group that had the Dodgers winning the NLW, albeit in a crazy way… So many pitchers, so little time healthy…
    Reddick will be a factor down the road, but yes, drop him in the order for now…

    1. Peter

      I think if Reddick gets moved down in the order, he might stop putting so much pressure on himself, and start hitting.

      Roberts stuck with Turner, and he was right about Turner, but Reddick is not the hitter Turner is, and that is ok.

      We just need Reddick to start hitting better, and stop trying to hard.

      1. MJ, if you move Reddick down in the order because he is struggling doesn’t say through the same logic that Pederson should be hitting 3, 4 or 5?

        Look at what Pederson has done for the last 7 days and for the last 30 days. Stats show him being the second best offensive player on the team for the last 30 days.

        1. Bum
          I am afraid if we move Joc down, he might not keep hitting like he is, because pitchers, pitch hitters tougher, when they are hitting at the top of the order.

          I said that Howie is a better hitter then Reddick, but Howie is hitting so well, in the eighth position, I would be afraid to move him up right now too.

          I think sometimes, it is hard to change something that is working so well.

          I wouldn’t mine Joc hitting higher then Reddick.

          But with Grandal hitting so well, and hitting with so much power, it is hard to take him out of the order, that Roberts has him in too.

          I think Howie is a better hitter then Reddick, and Joc is hitting better, then Reddick too.

          If Joc keeps this up, it isn’t even close.

          I think Joc or Grandal, would be good hitting behind Agone.

          And I still think Agone should hit fourth.

          Agone is still one of the Dodgers, best RBI guys, in the clutch.

          And Joc still has a little hiccup or two, like he did in that game, that he struck out on the last three pitches.

          I do know they don’t like to have two lefties togther, but Utley and Cory bat right after each other.

          But it is probably not a good idea to bat to many lefties in a row, unless they can hit leftie pitching.

          And actually, Joc and Howie have a good thing working together, at the end of the line up, so that is hard to break up.

          Sometimes in the begining of some games, Joc and Howie, are ones getting the first runs in, for the team lately.

          1. I agree MJ. I was just concentrating on the logic whereby if you move Reddick down because he is hitting poorly, then the same logic says you move up the hitter that is hitting well.

            The Dodgers are doing great with Reddick hitting 4th so why change the lineup?

  5. It’s so nice to just scroll past certain posts on this blog and just read the posts, both good and bad and positive and negative, related to the Dodgers.

    We have some insightful folks in this group; I like it!

    1.5 game lead. Wow. Weren’t we just 8 back like 5 weeks ago???

    What’s more fun, watching us win or watching them suck so bad ??

    1. You know just how easy it would be for the teams to change positions. Don’t shave or change your underwear until the season is over….

    2. Bobby
      I am with you about having many different opinions, from many different people.

      The more people we have here, the better, and that means you, Badger and Michael.

      1. Badger will be back. I hear the lines for custom fitted “GROCERY BAGS” in AZ land are long. I also hear the DBags are paying people to TAKE Shelby Miller boobleheads. They just want them out of the office. Maybe Badger is just busy making a little extra money.

  6. MJ, I did not watch the Braves game yesterday. I only watch Dodger games and an occasional SF game (they show them all here) when I am looking for blood.

    However, I did check the box score to see how Swanson did in his MLB debut. 2 for 4, not bad, He maybe a fixture at Brave shortstop for the next 10 – 15 years. Ironic, that Swanson is in the majors and Shelby Miller is in the minors. By the way, Inciarte has his average up to .270 after a slow start.

    The Shelby Miller trade and Greinke signing is a textbook example on how to destroy a MLB organization.

    1. Boxout 7
      I don’t watch those teams either, but I watch the MLB Channel, and they check in to all the different games, and check out the news for the day.

      That is really ironic about Miller and Swanson.

      That is funny you mentioned Inciarte, I was thinking maybe the front office, would try to get him over to the Dodgers, at the trade deadline.

      Because he was not hitting that well at the begining of the season.

      I thought they may be able to get him, because of his slow start.

      I didn’t know he had brought his average that far up yet.

      If the Dbacks don’t turn it around next year, someone might not have there job, at the Allstar break.

    2. Box,

      That is an incredible post! Before the season many were touting the D-Bags as a team to be reckoned with.

      The Shelby Miller trade and Greinke signing is a textbook example on how to destroy a MLB organization.


  7. Yueh_Fei, I appreciate your response, in the earlier thread, where you said the following:

    Yueh_Fei: “In practice, market inefficiencies open and close very quickly, because at the end of the day, because it’s a competitive world out there and people competing against you are just as smart as you are. So an arbitrager usually end up make lots of transactions that has very little benefit and very little loss, and they hope to build up the incremental benefit to a large benefit through the sheer number of transactions. Once in a while they may strike it big on a trade, but usually they never find out because they would have sold long before that big trade made big money (which often requires more time than the arbitrageur was willing to wait).”

    Your definition seems, to me, to fit with the MLB GM’s world. At, least, I think it should be PART of the MLB GM’s world. We have seen FAZ, through multiple “small” trades and the constant acquisition of other teams DFA players (for a look see) operate in this manner. That is how Fien, Segedin, Taylor, Coleman, Liberatore and Norris (probably others) were acquired over the last 20 months. I don’t remember many of these kind of successful moves by NED or other recent Dodger GMs. Don’t you think it’s wise to employ “arbitrage”, as one strategy, in GMing a MLB team?

    Without going back to find your, Buffett post, what did you feel was superior in his operating style v. Arbitrage? Remember, one of Buffett’s more recent successful investments was in a railroad that profited from hauling oil from Canada instead of the Keystone pipeline. Perhaps, he has benefited from being an insider and got a “payoff” for claiming he paid less taxes than his secretary. In the baseball world, you would need compromising pictures of the other team’s GM to get a similar return on investment.

    Lastly, Michael Norris stick around! I want to see that Utube!

  8. Has anybody read if Thompson’s back is supposed to fully heal or that he might not be able to play again? It is fractured in two places.

    I liked him and was hoping he would be a long term player for the Dodgers. When he quit hitting it looked like he wasn’t a MLB player afterall. But hope remains as I doubt anybody could play well with a broken back.

    1. Bum

      Thompson might not play again this year, but he will be ok to play next year.

      Trayce didn’t tell Roberts that his back was hurting
      him right away.

      So I think that had a lot to do, with his hitting going down hill.

  9. Always Complete, Badger, Bob Hendley, Brooklyn, Idahoal, and others whose names are not popping into my head right now, get your asses back in here.

  10. Mets at giants this weekend for 4. We can gain some space this weekend. The giants are losing games the hard way. In the late innings. I love it. It has to have an emotional impact on that group. giants’ fans here are starting to grumble. Music to my ears. I’m looking forward to Stripling pitching a gem today. Phillies’ starter is young and pretty good. Our 8, though, is bashing right now. We still need quality starts from someone other than Maeda. Go Mets.

  11. I’m happy for Joc! He’s hitting the ball and playing a great CF.

    Any news on Ethier? RF is primed for the taking.

  12. I my have to change my opinion on this team. They are a gritty bunch. Scott Kazmir though is a heart attack waiting to happen. Watching him pitch is painful. How much longer will Roberts go with Reddick in the #4 hole. It obviously is not working.

          1. Thanks MJ, I like posting here, just tired of confrontations with those who feel they always have to put someone down….

        1. “Welcome”

          Woah, ohh

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          Always working the crowd
          Always breaking new ground
          Always playing the clown
          Who’ll be sticking it out?
          Who’ll be staying around
          When the lights go down?

  13. Got to like the offense right now and even though I didn’t love Reddick trade, we have to admit he’s gotten robbed of at least 5 hits by excellent defense.

    I wish they had Iwakuma for 3 years rather than Kazmir.

    1. He flunked his Dodger Physical or you would have had him. He was signed sealed and almost delivered.

  14. My take, well it has not been pretty and I seriously doubt that it will get any prettier. And frankly, I have no clue how they have done it.,…oh wait…………..the Giants folded like a wet taco! But they are in first place, which I find totally amazing because the starting staff is a disaster waiting to happen. The offense has picked up the pitching staff and has facilitated this run. Their dead line deals are a mixed bag. We have not seen Hill, and only who knows when we will, although I hear rumors about the Giant series next week. Reddick, although he has hit in some bad luck has been horrible. It is no comfort that Puig is tearing up AAA, and will most likely be back in September. Chavez after 2 ho hum outings has been pretty good, and Fields has had only 1 bad day at the office. Dayton has been a find and yesterday scared us all, then slammed the door in the Phil’s face with some outstanding work. Liberatore is due back. Gonzo may be regaining his power stroke, and Turner looks like his hand is feeling better. Did anyone expect this kind of surge from Howie Kendrick? The guy was hitting .211 not all that long ago. Joc looks like he has a plan now. Utley has a great day, then a bad one, but plays hard EVERYDAY. And Corey Seager makes me believe he will win the ROY going away. If we had any starting pitching worth spit, we would be 10 games in front……..

    1. I hope they recall Puig before September 1 so he will bw post-season eligible. But of course there are “things” they can do to get around that rule and any other that gets in their way. I really don’t like cheating the rules, even if it’s to our advantage. But nobody asked me, did they?

      1. Wondering

        I think Reddick being here now, complicates any return for Puig, unless they have Puig only hit aganist lefties.

        I don’t feel that way, but it does sound like it might make Robert’s job harder.

    2. We better see some hitting from Reddick in tonight’s game, and in the next series against the Reds, because these two teams don’t really have that great of pitching.

  15. I used to rag on Mattingly. Not about his moves, but just his leadership. I called for Mattingly’s head when he was the hitting coach. I’m not a believer in him.

    Here’s the thing: you can always blame just about everything on the manager if you want. “He put the wrong pitcher in, he left the pitcher in too long, he took him out too soon, he doesn’t hit them in the right place, why does he bunt in that situation.”

    Dave Roberts has “IT” whatever IT is! These guys like playing for Mattingly and that are motivated. The sign of a good team is that when the hitting lets you down, the pitchers pick it up and when the pitching lets you down, the hitter pick it up. The team is great defensively. They have responded to Turner Ward and have came back to win 35 or 36 times. THEY NEVER DID THAT UNDER DONNIE!

    Here’s a wild card: PUIG! He could make or break this team. What do you do?

    1. Most of the time I defended Mattingly as a guy that would lose the battle but win the war. Players hustled for him. I thought he screwed up players as hitting coach and that carried over when he was Manager.

      I think Mattingly screwed up Loney and Pederson. He is lucky he has Bonds in Miami.

  16. I’m a big fan of Puig and still is. But I’d leave Puig in the minors this year and let Reddick figure it out.

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