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Bullpen Blows Winning Streak, Dodgers Lose

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So the Braves snapped the Dodger’s winning streak again. They did that on the last home stand when the Dodgers had won 11 in a row. On Wednesday evening the Dodgers were looking for their third ten game winning streak of the season and all that stood in their way was the Braves and Julio Teheran.

But when you are 44 games above .500, and have a 15 game lead in your division you can afford to experiment and throw away a game no matter how annoying it is. So when I heard that Brock Stewart’s name was announced as starting pitcher I knew they would probably lose. It’s not that Stewart is terrible mind you. He’s been fine when pitching out of the bullpen, but when he starts he’s been atrocious. That makes me believe that Brock Stewart is just not a starting pitcher. I tried to back this up in the pregame with some numbers for you.

Dodgers  3 6 0

Braves     5 9 0





Stewart as a starting pitcher-

2-2 5.53 ERA .861 OPS against, .303 BAA 7 home runs allowed. 25 K/9BB 25.2 IP

Stewart as a reliever –

0-0 0.53 ERA .399 OPS against, .145 BAA, 12 K/7BB 17.0 IP

Just look at those numbers gosh darnit. Perhaps Stewart is just not a starter. I mean when you have a “starter” that can’t pitch more than 4 or 5 innings ever, then more than likely he’s not a starting pitcher. No shame in that so just put the guy in the bullpen and stop using him in that way. But again the Dodgers are so far ahead they figured…..hey why not? So they shrugged their shoulders and sent him out for his second start of the season.

Unfortunately my theory was correct and Stewart was unable to pitch past the fourth inning. He allowed two earned runs on three hits and walked three (66 pitches) over four mediocre frames as the Braves snapped the Dodger’s nine-game winning streak with a 5-3 win. I get it. It’s just one game and the Dodgers can’t win them all, but Stewart should never ever start another MLB game unless it’s September and the Dodgers have already clinched everything.

Of course the Dodgers going 1 for 9 with runners in scoring position didn’t help poor Brock. The Dodgers collected just six hits on the night, and only two were for extra bases. The Braves were looking to snap their six game losing streak and hoping for a rebound start from Teheran. He’s had a miserable season and the Dodgers knocked him around the last time they faced him at Dodger Stadium. He’s given up 25 home runs before tonight and leads the National League in that category.

The bats just never could get going against Teheran who tossed five innings and allowed just three earned runs on four hits while striking out four. Teheran had to leave the game after the fifth because of cramping in his legs. Brock Stewart developed pitching deep into game cramping though. So there’s that.

Anyways, the Dodgers did have the lead early in the second inning when Cody Bellinger slugged his 30th home run of the season. Bellinger is now the third fastest player to reach 30 home runs in MLB history. So I think he might work out for the Dodgers.

The Braves scored twice immediately in the bottom of the second thanks to Stewart’s mediocre pitching. Danny Santana’s two-run home run put the Barves, I mean Braves ahead by a 2-1 score. The Dodgers tied the score in the top of the fourth. Chris Taylor was hit by a pitch and then stole second. More great base-running from Taylor helped the Dodgers tie the game when he advanced to third on a Bellinger fly to right. The Nick Markakis throw was on the money, but Taylor slid underneath the tag. Replays confirmed the correct call and Taylor would score on a Joc Pederson grounder.

The Dodgers would retake the lead in the top of the fifth. Yasiel Puig doubled to right and Chase Utley’s single into left would score Puig to put the Dodgers up 3-2. Utley was tagged out trying to advance to second on the throw. So we’ll never know if the Dodgers would have gotten more.

The Braves immediately tied the score again in the bottom of the fifth. There was an Ender Inciarte single, a botched double play grounder, and Freddie Freeman’s RBI single tied the game at 3-3. Sigh.

The Atlanta bullpen kept the Dodgers at bay for the rest of the night. Sam Freeman relieved Teheran in the sixth and tossed a scoreless frame. Of course former Dodger Jim Johnson who was somehow reanimated from the grave to torture the boys in blue entered in the top of the seventh.

In that inning Forsythe walked and Yasmani Grandal singled, but Puig whiffed. Justin Turner flied to right and Rex Brothers got Kike to strike out to end the inning and the Dodgers couldn’t score. Wow. I can’t remember the last time that happened.

The Braves almost scored in the bottom of the seventh, but a stupid base running blunder ran them out of the inning. Luis Avilan gave up a two-out walk, (Baez would do the same in the following frame) and then walks another hitter. With Freeman and Suzuki aboard, Markakis deflects a single off of Avilan’s foot. Freeman tried to score, and I’m guessing he ran through a stop sign because he was thrown out by a good 20 feet. Forsythe making a great diving stop to keep the ball in the infield threw him out.

After the Dodgers went down 1-2-3 in the top of the eighth, Pedro Baez took the mound in the bottom half of the eighth. Like Avilan he gave up a two-out walk Johan Camargo. Then he hung a slider and Tyler Flowers took him deep to right to give the Braves a 5-3 lead.


With the tie securely blown Arodys Vizcaino tossed a perfect ninth inning striking out Grandal to end the game. The Dodgers……lose?!?!

Yes, the Dodgers actually lost a game. The Dodgers now fall to 75-32 and are now only 14 games ahead of Arizona in the NL West. The Dodgers and Braves play the rubber game on Thursday afternoon. Alex Wood will take the mound against fellow southpaw Sean Newcomb.

Game analysis: I believe Baez deserved this loss…..whole heartily

Silver Lining: Yu Darvish tossed a bullpen session in preparation for his Dodger debut on Friday. YU-tastic!

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Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

62 thoughts on “Bullpen Blows Winning Streak, Dodgers Lose

  1. Another snoozer. But appreciate the spirited recap!

    There’s a piece on the Darvish trade on Baseball Prospectus that I agree with. Even though I don’t like Darvish as much as most, I think he’ll do very well as a Dodger for the next 3 months. Both he and Kershaw have monkies on the backs for blowing high pressure games/innings and I think redemption is in store for both of them.

  2. Maybe we should give Wilmer Font a spot start, if Stewart does not get it together in his next start. Font has gone 6+ innings in his last 4 starts in AAA.

    1. Font’s pitching quite well.

      I don’t know enough to project if his AAA success will translate to the majors, but it’s probably for naught.

      The 40 is the big issue. The Dodgers can’t afford to have 1/4 of the 40 dedicated to starting pitchers. I know Stewart and Stripling are “in the pen” but they are starters who are being shoehorned for now.

      At best Font would be up for 1 start? Maybe 2? Why risk having to DFA a player on the 40?

      There’s already a 40 squeeze on the way with Gonzalez and, further off, Ethier.

  3. Credit to the Braves! 3-3 vs the boys in blue.

    If I have my numbers correct, winning two of the next three makes us 42-8, matching the 2013 club. If we win three in a row we go 43-7, one game better.

    Yeah I know in the grand scheme of things it’s irrelevant, just kind of cool. And Cody needs five more to tie Piazza.

    1. Don’t put pressure on the kid Artie…..LOL…..Turner is in a little slide right now and so is Taylor. Forsythe seems totally lost. I do credit the Braves a lot. They were not intimidated and took it to the best team in the league. They have nothing to lose. The guy pitching for them tonight is terrible. So the Dodgers should get back on track. Puig is heating up, and looks a lot better at the plate. He still gets a little excited now and then. But his play has been outstanding. Roberts is the PERECT manager for this bunch. His communication skills are outstanding. I think the lock down 8th inning guy is already on the team, but you can’t pitch him everyday during the regular season, just like Kenley cannot go out there everyday. You have to have guys you trust in the pen, and Roberts trusts Baez. He had not given up any runs his prior 5 outings before last night, so a hiccup is normal. To me the 8th inning guy is Morrow. His stuff is nasty, his WHIP is almost as low as Kenley’s and he is very effective against lefty’s. They now have a 3 lefty, bullpen with Cingrani joining the team today. Hopefully Honeycutt can iron out his control problems because all the reports say the guy has lights out stuff, and he used to be a starter. Someone gets sent down, I think it will be one of the long guys, either Stewart, or Stripling.

      1. Michael

        Baez has been better this year, but I still don’t trust him in the post season.

        He has also lost his confidence twice this year so much, that Roberts had to go out there both times, and the results were mixed.

        If he is losing his confidence against the Reds, what is he going to be like in the post season.

        And Baez has never been good in the post season!

        Now about the game last night, Stewart didn’t have a bad game, he gave up two runs in four innings, and some of our veteran pitchers, have done a lot worse then that this year.

        Roberts is going to have to stress with his relivers that they need to stop putting hitters on base with walks, because that can cause a game to get out of hand fast.

        This was the third game in a row, that one of our relievers have came in, and gave up a HR, after one of our starters have pitched a good game, especially when Ryu, and Maeda last pitched.

        That has to stop!

        1. MJ, I know walks are a big bugaboo with any manager. And Baez’s prior playoff performances do not inspire a lot of confidence. But, this is a different year. Baez has been effective and although you might not trust him, DR does. But home runs?> Nobody can totally stop those no matter how good you are. CK has given up 17! Relievers have little margin for error. So when they do give one up, it is never usually a good thing. No reliever is going to not get dinged now and then. And actually, the pitching coach is the one stressing not walking guys. These guys are pros, they should know that without being told.

  4. First off Scott, I think that you are dead wrong about Stewart. I think the problem stems from the fact that he has not been stretched out all year, not even in spring because he was injured. He was on a pitch count in both games. So he was not going deep no matter what. And Stewart did not lose the game, the bullpen did. They got the lead and gave it up. That’s not on Stewart. The offense was limpid to say the least. Taylor is in a little funk right now, Turner did not start, and he has been slumping a little too. Puig got 2 hits, but missed a huge opportunity when they had men on. Their pinch hitters came up zilch, so it was more a team loss, and unlike my MLB2004 baseball game, you can’t win them all. Stripling was not sharp, and Baez committed the cardinal sin of walking the go ahead run, and the Braves, to their credit, took care of it. And Yueh, Stewart will probably not get another start because as of right now it is Wood, Darvish, Hill, Maeda and Ryu. Someone gets sent down when Cingrani gets activated today, and my guess it is one of the long relievers. Stripling or Stewart. They are not going to play with a 3 man bench again, so a pitcher goes.

    1. Well I think Scott was trying his best to stir something up. I like Stewart but I actually like Stripling just as much, and I think Font deserves a look too. Keep things interesting while we’re in August.

      I agree, Michael, that Morrow is the 8th inning guy although I think we may also have Watson set up depending on matchups, and also how well Watson fits in.

      Having Baez bring 7th inning heat is a real luxury. I don’t think Honeycutt can fix Cingrani this year – it may be a while before he gets straight. I think Avilan needs some time off to find himself again – he’s on a downhill slide.

      1. YF

        Our GM said that they were going to change the strategy that Cingrani has been using, before he came to the team.

        I guess they did the same with Fields.

    2. Turner has been sick with bronchitis, so he is probably worn out a little still.

      And I agree with Michael about Stewart.

      In the game before that Stewart pitched, his defense let him down, or he wouldn’t have gave up the runs he did.

      Stewart hasn’t been that bad this year, and after he gave up that HR last night, he was pitching fine, but Roberts took him out a little early, Roberts tends to do that at times.

      But these relievers need to get their stuff together, they have came in a game late, after a starter has pitched well for six or seven innings in the last two games, and after walking someone they have given up a HR.

      And this has happened in three games in a row, and that can’t happen!

      Puig struck out when runners were on base, he has to make contact then.

      I was actually proud that Joc was able to make contact and get the run home yesterday, because he has had more trouble with that, then even Puig has had..

      And Puig did get his hits, but you have to remember that someone like Corey who is hitting second, is getting pitched a lot tougher, then a hitter at the back of the order.

      Most pitchers from other teams, don’t want Corey to hurt them, so they pitch him tougher, then most hitters.

      The same goes for Cody who is batting fourth, and Turner too.

      1. I totally disagree that Corey gets pitched tougher than Puig. With this lineup, a pitcher has to be careful with every hitter because of the fact that Puig is hitting so well in the 8 hole. He is just as dangerous as Corey and all his stats save his batting average say so.

  5. I don’t know how good Stewart is. Nobody does. But until he can throw 90 pitches every 5th day he’s not good enough. I’m asking the same question Yueh did – why not Font? Especially in games against the weaker hitting clubs. At least he’s stretched out. If Stewart can’t throw more than 66 pitches he’s not ready to start a big league game. Stretch him out at AAA. That is what your minor leagues are for.

    Who are the pitchers that will get jacuzzi time in August? Obviously Kershaw and McBrittle. I’m thinking Blister or Myelbow is next. Hill started 5 in July, and is already within about 7 starts of what many projection sites had him doing this year. He only had 20 starts last year, and he’s a year older. How many innings does he have left? Hard to know with a guy like him but I would be very cautious with him the rest of the way. In fact, I’d be very cautious with every body. We got plenty of starters, and a 14 game lead.

    1. Badger

      Stewart isn’t not going to start anymore, and he is one of the long man in the pen, so there was no need to make that move.

      And Stewart only gave up two runs, he was pitching fine after that, but Roberts takes guys out, a little to soon at times.

      I don’t know why everyone is on Stewart when Fields, Ravin, and Baez has came in the last three games, and walked a hitter, then gave up a HR, to lose the lead or caused the team to go behind!

      1. MJ I’ve been very clear on Stewart. If you put out a starter you know is not going to make 5 innings you are putting your bullpen at risk. I don’t want to do that. Not ever, but especially not in August. Starters need to go 5. It used to be 6-7. In fact, it used to be 8-9. Koufax had 54 complete games his last two years. Yeah, I know, it blew him up. But he did it. Nobody is asking for a complete game anymore, but come on, give us 5. Stewart isn’t ready for that. We allegedly have all this depth, why are we throwing someone out there that is on a 66 pitch count? That’s only 4 innings and you know that before the game?

        I say again, if there is a weakness on this team it is our staff wearing down in the process of winning the Division.

        1. Badger

          The bullpen had not been over used, in the two games before, because both Ryu and Maeda, pitched through the seventh inning, in the games they started, so I didn’t think yesterday was a big deal.

          And I really didn’t know why Roberts took Stewart out that early, because he was doing fine, after he gave up that HR.

    2. Is Font on the 40-man? If he’s not then that’s the most likely reason he isn’t called up. The other reason would be starting his clock.

      1. He’s an older prospect and at this point starting the clock on him is probably not a big deal. In regards to the 40 man, it’s be great if he can swap with Hatcher. Just my 2 cents.

  6. I’ve been keeping tabs on Jeren Kendall and he’s slowed down noticeably since being promoted to Low-A Great Lakes. Meanwhile his teammate, last year’s first round pick Gavin Lux, is finally starting to hit and even driving the ball (3 hrs in last 4 games). If Lux can figure out hue to hit he will rocket up the charts.

      1. Here is more good news MJ. Matt Moore is pitching for the Midgets not the Dodgers. Good job FAZ!

        Last nights start for Moore.

        5 IP
        4 ER
        ERA now at 5.80, but to be fair to all who wanted to trade Hill for Moore, Moore does have 122 innings of STINK this year compared to Hill’s 78 innings of excellence!!

          1. I do.

            Nobody but the catbox is fixated on Moore. Nobody here cares anymore. That was a last deadline debate.

          2. BAAAAAAger, I tried to help you with your “delusion” problem a few threads ago. If you weren’t so busy swapping spit with jackoff, it might have helped.

            I guess, you can lead sheep to water but you can’t make them drink!!

  7. A couple of things, and everyone is having good takes this morning. First off, in order for Font to get a spot start, they have to put him on the 40 man roster. As for Baez and his game, the guy has been pretty good this year. He has given up some homers, but there is not a pitcher on this team who has not been nit by that bug at one time or another. I can name a lot of pitchers who have had problems in the playoffs. Perhaps you all remember Joe Blanton’s meltdown last year, and no matter how much managers and coaches preach about walks, pitchers still walk batters way too much. Even Kershaw has had that bug bite him a few times. Last year Kershaw walked what, 11 guys all year. That’s insane. We all know about Kersh’s post season woes. So who can you trust? Guys come out of no where and have an awesome series. You cannot, no matter how much you want to, guarantee that every player on your team is going to have a good series. You go down through history, and there is always that one guy who all of a sudden figures it out. This is a very good baseball team. They have been on a unbelievable run. BUT< they have 55 games left. A lot of things can happen in 55 games. Just ask the Giants. I think as constructed, they are at this point well positioned to keep from having a long losing streak. And also remember, the teams behind them that are closest need to win at least 14 more games than the Dodgers just to tie. So if the Dodgers go 30-25 over the last 55, the D-Backs would have to be 44-11. That's just to tie. I personally think the Dodgers will be better than 30-25,and no way the D-Backs play that well. If they did, I would be totally shocked. There will be ups and downs, a stinker here and there, but Roberts and this team do not take yesterdays loss into today's game. That is the one thing that impresses me the most. That never say die, one game at a time no matter how far behind or ahead they are attitude. They were not clutch yesterday. Today is a new day, the Braves pitcher today got roughed up the last time he faced the Dodgers and he is 1-5 with a 4.50 ERA. As good as this team is, they should eat this guy alive. As for Turner, we all know he has been suffering from bronchitis. So a little downturn in production is expected. Kudo's to Puig, for finally getting a clue as to why hitting coaches are there to help you. He and Ward have a great relationship. As to your statement MJ about pitching tougher to Corey because he hits higher in the order, well, if they look at Puig's stats, and they do, trust me, they are going to pitch him just as carefully as they do Seager. He has 1 more homer than Seager and 1 less ribbie. He is just as dangerous in the 8 hole as Corey is in the 2.

    1. I’m not that concerned about anybody in the West catching us. What I’m looking at is post season matchups. If it started this week, I really like our chances. But, it’s hard to know who will be on the Jacuzzi List come October.

    2. Michael

      You know I agree about Kershaw, but Blanton pitched more innings, then any other reliever in the bullpen last year, and because of that, he was over pitched.

      I give Baez credit for learning a new pitch, and pitching better this year, but he still has confidence issues.

      And I think a reliever needs to have confidence in tough situations, and pitching in the post season is tougher, then pitching, in the regular season.

      I don’t think I am asking to much, to want our relievers to do better, because they have given up three HRs, in the last three games, and they have given away our lead, in those last three games.

      If it was true what you said, that Puig is pitched as toughly as Corey is, why can’t Puig produce in the meat of the order?

      Puig is hitting eighth, because he can’t handle, hitting in those type of situations, like Corey, Turner, and Cody, are expected to do.

      My point is that more is expected of Corey, Cody, and Turner, and they can’t do it all the time!

      And remember Corey was out on the DL this year, and Puig has played in, almost every game.

      And I would bet Puig hitting eighth has had more RBIs situations, then Corey has, hitting second, this year.

      But Corey has a much better batting average, and OPS, then Puig does, and that shows, that Corey has produced much better then Puig has, this year!

      And remember Cody has more RBIs and HRs then Puig does, and Cody didn’t start the year, with this team.

      And this is not Corey’s or Cody’s fifth years in the majors, like Puig!

      Bottom line, most pitchers are more afraid of Cody, Corey, or Turner, hurting them, then Puig!

      1. Wrong MJ. Puig has played in 101 games. Seager 98. Puig has 19 HR’s, Seager 18. Puig has 52 RBI’s and Seager has 53. Puig is hitting 8th for a very good reason. One that has been explained numerous times by Joe Davis on the broadcasts. DR feels that Yasiel gets a little too excited in high leverage situations. He also has and entirely different mind set than Seager. So he is deep in the order, but that does not make him any less dangerous than Seager. Seager has more at bats than Puig because he hits 2nd. He has 27 more at bats than Yasiel. He has also struck out more than Yasiel. 95 to 69. Cody walks more, and because he is a doubles machine, he has more extra base hits. And as you say, this is Corey’s 2nd season and Yasiel has been in the majors longer. But, this is the first season Yasiel has really taken to the coaching being given him. Yasiel has raised his OPS to over .800 with this spurt he has put on. His batting average is climbing and he is striking out less in clutch situations. But pitchers are not going to let either of those guys beat them if at all possible. Seager hits almost exclusively in the 2nd spot. Puig has hit all over the place. He is better in the 7 or 8 hole, but has a decent average when he has hit 4th. His stats in those other spots are not a gauge of his talent since he has no more than 30 at bats in any of those slots save 7th and 8th. But he has 2 homers and 7 RBI’s in the 4 hole with a BA of .273 in that spot. Only 33 at bats there, so that is not bad. He is hitting .333 in the 6 slot, 5th is the only spot where he is down right abysmal. So who knows what he would do if he moved up in the order, I would certainly bat him ahead of Forsythe, or even Joc, who’s splits are terrible below the 8 hole where he is hitting .316. He is hitting .207 in the 6 spot, so Puig would be a way better option there since that is one of his better spots to hit. More chances mean the chance of more success. Corey is who he is, he chases a lot of first pitches. And he is a good contact hitter with power. If you went according to spots in the order, Grandal should never hit 3rd 4th or 5th. He is pretty pedestrian down there. But 6th and 7th, he is over .300 in both of those positions. What it all boils down to is that pitchers are going to pitch both of those guys tough in clutch situations. Corey might seem more dangerous, but Puig can end it with one swing just like Corey can, and he can turn a game around in a hurry. Experience wise, Yasiel has been here longer, but he is still a baby learning the game. It shows in the way he is constantly asking questions from his hitting coach. He is learning things that Corey learned a long time ago. I will say this, Yasiel gets hot, and I mean like he was when he first came up, and he can carry a team all by himself. Corey can too, and the Dodgers are lucky to have them both.

        1. Michael

          Corey’s OPS has been in the 900s all season long, and Puig OPS has been in the 700s most of the year, until this week, and his OPS is barely over 800 by just a few points, and that has been for only two days..

          Corey has 109 hits and Puig has 89 hits.

          And also Corey has 27 doubles and Puig only has 13 doubles.

          Puig is hitting eighth, because he can’t hit in the meat of the order.

          He is not the hitter, that Corey is, and that is pretty obvious, and that is after five years.

          Both Corey and Cody are much better hitters then Puig, and that is why Puig is hitting in the eighth position.

          And that is why Corey and Cody have much better OPS’s then Puig does, and they have all year!

          And anyone that knows baseball, knows it is much harder, hitting at the top of the order.

          And even hitting at the top of the order, Corey has much better numbers, then Puig does, hitting eighth anyways!

          It is Puig’s own fault that he didn’t do what he was suppose to do, from the begining.

          I trust Roberts over Joe, and Roberts has Corey batting second, and Puig hitting eighth, and he has, for most of the year.

          And almost every time Roberts tried to bat Puig higher in the order, Puig was not as good.

          I am not trying to put Puig down, but the truth is more is expected of Corey, Cody, and Turner.

          And I agree with you, that Joc and Forsythe, are not better hitters, then Puig.

          I don’t get it about Forsythe, because if Joc or Puig, were hitting like Forsthe, people would be all over them.

          But for some reason they give Forsythe a break.

          And really Forsythe has only played full time and hit well, for the two years with the Rays, and he has been in the majors, for eight years.

          I think it is the change of pitching, that is causing Forsythe to have a hard time hitting, but he is pretty sure handed, on defense.

          He has really bad numbers against righties, this year.

          And he doesn’t have many extra base hits, against both lefties and righties.

          1. Well MJ, that’s your opinion. I showed you the stats straight off the Dodgers web site. They are different hitters. But like I said, Puig has decent numbers in the 7 hole and the 6 hole, and the couple of times he has hit 4th he has not sucked. All of the things you quoted, I said. You said Corey had more HR’s than Puig, which is not true. And RBI wise, they are right there together. I also said Corey hits for average, so naturally he has more hits, he also has more at bats and more strikeouts. If you do not believe me, check the stat page. Forsythe just plain sucks. Yasiel’s big weakness to me is rolling over on balls instead of trying to go the other way and that causes him to hit into a lot of DP’s. And I do not know where you get your Joc is a lousy fielder stuff, the guy has 1 error all year. And that ball Kike missed in this game in the first inning that rolled to the wall, Joc cuts off. I am disappointed in Joc at the plate, but he is a far superior CF to Kike. That’s just my opinion. Right now, I would trade Kike for a new ball bag the way he has been playing lately. He got a hit tonight, but he has sucked at the plate lately almost as bad as Forsythe. That -10 runs stuff you quoted, I care nothing about. I look at fielding percentage. That tells me right there that the guy is getting to 99 percent of the balls hit to him and making outs.

  8. Forshyte is really killing us, game after game, his bat has earned him the privilege of riding the pine. Give me a platoon at 2B, Utley-Barnes-Taylor-Kinke should all get some time and allow Forshyte to just be a spot fill-in player. I’m starting to wonder if he has some type of injury that we are not hearing about, because he really looks clueless with a bat in his hand, pretty much the entire season fits with that description.

    As soon as Avilan got up, I told my wife that we are in big trouble, this guy needs to be sent down, we don’t need him or his inconsistent appearances. We have plenty of bullpen guys as of today and I hear OKC calling Avilan’s name. Let him figure it out down there, give him regular work and let a pitching coach iron out his problems. For God’s sake don’t include him on the post season roster. As far as I am concerned, Fields and Stripling are also in the same boat as Avilan. Send them all out today. Cingrettacin, Watson need to be looked at immediately and often to determine if they are worthy. Do this assessment in August not just in September, thus giving time to work on what needs to be improved and readied for October.

    Did Brutus predict that Hill had also declined in July (along with Taylor) before or after Hill was named pitcher of the month?

    1. Couple of things Blue, who is Kinke?> LOL>…I know you meant Kike. And it is Cingrani….he was activated today. Stewart was sent to OKC. Avilan pitched a scoreless 7th. He got out of a jam he made for himself, Baez on the other hand, did not. Forsythe, well who knows with that guy. He looks lost up there. His OBP is good because he walks, but he takes way too many pitches and gets himself in a hole pretty easily. Only way Avilan is gone is if they put him on the DL or DFA him. He has not options left. Same thing with Hatcher who is now on a re-hab assignment. Verdugo is not on the 40 man so he cannot be called up unless someone is released or put on the DL, which I am sure they are going to have to do with Eibner who is having TJ surgery. So they have some wiggle room to play with the roster. Watson pitched the other day, and they are working on Cingrani’s game planning which they think is the reason for his fall off in performance. I think you are underestimating Fields. His ERA and WHIP are very good. Most of the HR’s he has given up came in a bad stretch in May when he was sent down. Stripling is the long man for now. With Stewart sent down they have 3 lefty’s in the pen and Jansen, Morrow, Baez, Fields, and Stripling as the RH out of the pen. Not a bad cast if you look at how they have performed all year. Only reliever with 2 losses is Baez. He is 3-2. Jansen is 5-0, Morrow is 3-0, and Fields is also 5-0. Avilan is 1-1.

  9. The plan: Agon returns, takes over first base; Bellinger replaces Taylor in left; Taylor replaces Joc; or Taylor replaces Reddick-2. And that’s why Verdugo hasn’t been called up.

    1. My plan:

      Kershaw, Darvish and Wood win Games 1-3 against Arizona. Then we tee it up with the Cubs.

      And one more thing – manipulation of the 40 man has been going on for years. I would think doing that is right up the FAZ-alley.

    2. Verdugo hasn’t been called up for the same reason Font hasn’t.

      The 40.

      No other reason, nor should we expect there to be a plan to get him on the 40 before the season ends.

      1. Bluto, you often speak with a surety that the rest of us do not have. Either you have the assured knowledge through personal contacts, or you’re as full of shit and in the dark as much as we are….

        1. Sorry about that Jonah. Did not mean to sound “in the know” I just came to the conclusion about the 40 as the limiting factor because it made the most sense to me.

          I will try to dampen my tone…

      2. Well they have an option now. Eibner will no doubt be put on the DL soon. His TJ surgery almost assures that. So there will be a spot open if they want to use it. I think they feel that they have enough starting pitchers on the 40 right now to fill any holes. Plus they are manipulating the new 10 day in such a way that all the starters are getting plenty of rest. So my thoughts would be that a position player will take his spot sometime soon.

  10. When Turner doesn’t play, how about switching Seager to 3rd and playing Taylor at SS? That’s his primary position, you know….

    1. Seager has not played at 3rd all year. Neither in spring nor during the regular season. No way they stick him there without him at least getting some reps over there first. If Tuner is out, Taylor can play 3rd also.

  11. Today’s lineup…..Taylor LF Seager SS Turner 3B Bellinger 1B Forsythe 2B Barnes C Hernandez CF Puig RF Wood P. Why DR do you keep putting that lame hitting 2B in a RBI spot??????? I know the Braves pitcher is a lefty, but Barnes is hitting better than Forsythe. Oh well…………

    1. The only theory I can come up with is that they are showing him so another team decides to take him when he is put on waivers. Trouble is, his value just sinks lower and lower…

      1. Any minute he will go on a steak. He has a career .256 avg in August, which, you know, is better than .234.

        Face it, the guy just isn’t all that. The good news is we don’t really need him and the team can buy out his ’18 year, which I fully expect them to do. Unless he goes nuts the rest of the way. Which I fully expect he won’t.

        1. Agreed. What I can’t understand is why those morons at Timmon’s swamp think FAZ is dumb enough to pay him $8MM next year with all the minimum paid second basemen we already have….

          1. Rather than morons, I think Timmons and some of the posters who happen to align with his views are “gutsy” for having an opinion and making a stand that leaves them open to criticism from certain folks.

            Do you really think Always Compete is a moron?

          2. You bring up Timmons again.

            We must look at what it is that FAZ ultimately values. Yes, Forsythe has a horseshit batting average. Even his OPS is a paltry .670. I don’t find him to be all that on defense, but somehow this guy has put up 1.1 WAR in what looks like a crap year. Remember the cost per WAR formulas floating around the stathead sites. It’s still around $7.5mm per point. That means he’s already earned his $7mm this year.

            I think we can do better. Who the hell knows what FAZ thinks. I hope they move on, but, they might not. It’s all about the WAR.

          3. I have nothing personal against Forsythe or Joc either, it’s just that the Dodger team we have this year has so many very good players on it that any negative attention has to be focused on those players who are not having very good years. Both Joc and Forsythe would be very secure players on many of the teams in the MLB. But not the Dodgers. It is only natural that FAZ will try to upgrade those positions, as he will with some of the pitchers. And as the Gods of Baseball have their way, that “upgrade” could just as easily turn into a “downgrade” and we will long for the good old days when we had Joc and Forsythe. It is always a gamble….

          4. Joc is fine. At least he hits home runs and plays good defense in center field. Forsythe has been totally lackluster this year. He’s a decent enough defender, but a terrible hitter. Other than the two good seasons he had in Tampa Bay, he was a sub .220 hitting utility player with the Padres, so I agree about Forsythe not being very good. He’s definitely overrated, but Joc is nowhere near the level of suck that Forsythe has been. I think that was a big swing and miss from the front office. But you know, you can’t win them all.

          5. No, AC’s post are always well thought out and stated. More to the point, he avoids controversy.

          6. I don’t read ACs post so I have no idea what he’s saying. What I know about Timmons from 20 years of association is enough that I don’t trust his judgment – on just about any topic. Others don’t mind his character, that’s up to them. I remain surprised that after his public reveal, so many chose to follow him. But again, their call.

            I find this team currently good enough to put with both Joc and Forsythe. They have what FAZ values – positive WAR numbers for cheap.

            Scott, you may want to revisit your position on Pedersons defense. It’s not good.

          7. Dodgerpatch, been thinking about what you said above. I don’t think it’s “gutsy”, I think it is just a bunch of *ss kissers sucking up to Timmons, and I can’t imagine why anyone would do that, but some do. Jesse James, Billy the Kid, and Robinhood, all outlaws, had their following too. I guess it’s a human weakness.

  12. Badger

    I think the fact that we have been winning, is the reason some don’t expect to much from Forsythe.

    And Scott, Badger is right, Joc’s defensive metrics are not good this year, he has a lot of negative numbers, including a negative 10 in runs saved.

    Badger I think the fact that a lot of Joc’s catches look harder to catch then they really are, because Joc is not a fast runner, and other outfielders, would make Joc’s catches, look much easier.

    He is one of the slowest centerfielders, in baseball.

    The only two centerfielders that I saw that was slower then Joc, were centerfielders, in their 30s.

  13. Both Segedin and Gonzo now at OKC for rehab stints. Not much chance for Segedin to actually get activated on the big club, but he should get some playing time at OKC. Gonzo said he was going to take the entire 20 game rehab to make sure he is healthy. 6-1 now, Darvish tomorrow in New York. Morrow now on the hill. Wood did a great job getting out of a couple jams.

    1. Michael

      I was going to tell you the reason Joc has a little better OPS then Puig does, is because Joc has a better OBA.

      But that is only because Joc has walked more, then Puig has, as compared to their at bats.

      And that is why I am not impressed when a hitter like Joc, that has a higher OPS.

      Because Joc’s OBA is mainly from walks, because Puig has a better batting average.

      And because a player can walk a lot, and not get many hits, they shouldn’t be getting an higher OPS because of that.

      Because hits are harder to get, and walks don’t do as much as a hit will do, especially with runners on base.

      But sabers count a walk the same as a hit.

      OPS is generally a good stat, but some hitters, are way to dependent on walks, because they have very low batting averages.

  14. Even after the trades, both Baseball America and have the Dodgers as a Top Ten Minor League System.

    We know the headliners, but the system is bolstered by the Cubans developing and Santana/Jimenez and other ascending pitchers.

    I forget when the Dodgers’ handcuffs come off for International signings, I think it’s one more off-season.

    1. And Willie Calhoun HOMERS for Rangers organization.

      He went 2 for 4 (.297), HR (24)
      On the season: 53 XBH, 36 BB, 49 K

      McCullough on his podcast spoke about how high the Dodgers were on Calhoun’s bat. They felt it was good enough to be an AL DH almost from the get-go.

      The guy can hit.

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