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Chase Utley is Coming Back

Chase Utley

Today is the first official day of spring training. Some camps break this afternoon and the Dodgers are one of them. With pitchers and catchers finally reporting to camp signaling the end of a long and boring winter, the Dodgers are welcoming back an old friend. Reports are indicating that the Dodgers have resigned veteran Chase Utley. Apparently some of his stuff is already there and he has a locker setup, (naturally right next to Corey Seager) already. The hard nosed veteran is coming back.

The Dodgers like Utley. The players like him as well. Last year Utley slashed .236/.324/.405 in 353 plate appearances. The 39-year old played in 127 games and also hit eight home runs while driving in 34 runs batted in while posting a 92 OPS+ Somehow he was worth almost a win above replacement in 2017.

Overall Utley provided close to league average production with the bat, despite getting off to a dreadfully slow start. On the defensive side he logged 80 games at second base, and an additional 17 games at first. It’s expected for him to be utilized in a bench role once again as he’ll primarily spell Logan Forsythe at second base throughout the season.

Utley’s skills on the field are pretty limited during the twilight of his career. However his dugout and clubhouse personality is beloved by all teammates. Most of the fans like it too. Well unless you’re a Mets fan I guess. We don’t know the financial terms (apparently it’s a two-year 2 million dollar pact) of the deal yet, but Utley earned two million dollars last year. The Dodgers might as well bring back Andre Ethier too, you know for the old man marching and chowder society.

Scott Andes

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

16 thoughts on “Chase Utley is Coming Back

  1. Welcome back Chase. Your presence in the locker room will be welcomed as will your totally professional play. Now get that BA up[ to around say, 275 with 10 dingers and we will all be happy.

      1. Yeah, but the FO likes the guy and like Badger says he is a grinder and a great influence on guys like Seager and Bellinger. Now even if they signed him there are no guarantees he will be on the roster opening day. But what if Forsythe gets injured again? More of an insurance policy than anything else…and who knows, he might retire and become a coach.

  2. 0 for his last 27 playoff at bats. Yaye. If he’s a great clubhouse guy, yet done as a player, let him be a coach. I doubt at this age, he hits .275 with 10 hr

    1. Well, apparently everybody in the organization likes him. I really doubt he does more than he did last year. He’s a grinder, but he’s 39. He will platoon, hitting only against opposite side pitching and he will likely hit .240 against them and be exhausted by October. I wish we had a better lh option to spell Forsiesta, but apparently we do not. Maybe we can get Calhoun back. Bet he would right handers better than .240.

        1. Not everyone made the pushups bet Bobby. The guy that made those bets lost every one of them and hasn’t done a push-up since 1992.

          Kemp starting in left field is something I would look forward to. We open up against a left hander. Kemp hasn’t hit that particular left hander very well, but, maybe he’s due. I hope he tears it up this Spring.

  3. Kemp has lost 40 pounds, is saying all the right things and he reported to camp early. He says he has matured a lot and I believe the guy. He really wants to be here. Say what you want, he has better hitting skills than anyone we can toss out there in left.

    1. I’ve also read he’s lost 40 pounds. I see he reported to camp early. I bet he’s matured a ton. I believe the guy too, and I’m sure he wants to be with the team.

      I’m betting he won’t be with the team.

      I’m wrong A LOT.

  4. Bummer.

    Dave Roberts said outfielder Andrew Toles will be a “tick behind” to begin spring training. Toles tore the ACL in his right knee nine months ago.

  5. Utley is regular season “deep” depth and gets to travel with a team as a sub in the playoffs and not likely to be on the playoff roster. I think he’s coaching depth too – a few of our coaches interviewed in the off season and I would expect to start losing them soon. If a base or bench coach position opens up I think he’s pretty much next in line.

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