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Chase Utley Off The Hook, No Suspension

Chase Utley

The commissioner’s office and the MLBPA has informed Chase Utley and the Dodgers that he is no longer required to serve a suspension for his infamous take-out slide that injured Met’s shortstop Ruben Tejada in game 2 of the 2015 NLDS. The takeout slide broke Tejada’s fibula and ended his season. The slide caused an uproar around the interwebs because it made people feel yucky inside. Even though it really wasn’t that bad and Tejada was out of position with his back to the play. Since it happened people have been clamoring for a rule change banning the takeout slides which has been a part of baseball since the invention of the game.

Several weeks ago Commissioner Rob Manfred and the MLBPA announced a change to the ruling to help protect infielders from those nasty evil takeout slides. It’s hard to define when and where a slide begins but MLB has tried to do that with this new ruling.

A “bona fide slide” for purposes of Rule 6.01 occurs when the runner:

(1) begins his slide (i.e., makes contact with the ground) before reaching the base;

(2) is able and attempts to reach the base with his hand or foot;

(3) is able and attempts to remain on the base (except home plate) after completion of the slide; and

(4) slides within reach of the base without changing his pathway for the purpose of initiating contact with a fielder.

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Old man and opponent of fun Joe Torre originally suspended Utley for two games for the incident. Utley appealed the suspension and was allowed to play in the remainder of the NLDS while his appeal was being processed per the rules.

Now it appears as though Torre has changed his stance now that the rule has been changed. So Utley will not have to serve any suspension after all. I wonder what Abner Doubleday would think about all of this? How do you feel about this?

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

61 thoughts on “Chase Utley Off The Hook, No Suspension

  1. Scott — the site is looking better and better. Thanks for your hard work.

    One suggestion: yesterday there were 4 threads or files started (in one day). For maybe some of us, it gets confusing as to which one to post. Yes, one can go to each one that the subject is on, but some just want to read the posts for that day and post there. Then later in the day, going back several or many times — one has to check each one of the 4 to see all of the posts.

    I know the individual threads are important — but maybe have fewer days like yesterday. Just my thoughts.

    1. Roger,

      You can comment on any article you want, but generally there will be 1-2 articles per day. Yesterday was an exception because I had a new writer start. However there may be the rare occasion where there is a day where more than 2 articles are published. But again it’s a rare occurrence. Thanks for your compliment.

  2. “The Utley Rule”

    It’s funny to see that he wasn’t suspended… just like I predicted!

    But, I’m always wrong according to some…

      1. Bum good one. Bum my teacher in college, always said, that multiple choice tests, can be much harder, then essay questions, and he taught us all how to take a multiple choice test. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. One of the benefits of players making millions of dollars is the awareness of owners that they need to protect their expensive assets. This is a good rule change. Protecting the catcher as well as the runner was a good rule too. We have things named after players. We now have the Utley and Posey rules to go along with Tommy John surgery.
    Now we need the Maddux. The Maddux would electronically calls balls and strikes. Keeps umpires from calling balls 6 inches wide of the plate strikes.

  4. Did MANY really think Utley would be suspended… Odd!!!
    The competition for #5 is heating up… That’s what makes ST so damn fun!!! Alex Wood is the favorite at this point, but that can change in a NY minute… Boyz, just keep pitching well, becuz there’s scouts up in the stands watching…

  5. Yes, peterj, it is heating up into a “horse race” for that fifth spot. Happily, SO FAR it looks like a race between a bunch of thoroughbred horses. No nags need apply!!

  6. Not a lot of commentary on the Chapman suspension. There was a lot of predictable criticism of FAZ for not signing him anyway, in spite of the investigation. There was a lot of predictable criticism of FAZ for initially pursuing him, and THEN walking away from the deal when the investigation came to light.

    Does the Chapman suspension change things? Do you still want him?

    1. Patch,

      Chapman is a knucklehead and we already have one. One is enough in my opinion. I like what Steve Dilbeck said in his farewell:

      I have absolutely no confidence in any prediction for the way Yasiel Puig’s career will play out, and neither do you.

      I feel the same way about Chapman.

      1. But he was just blowing off some steam.

        The difference between Puig and Chapman is that Chapman has been consistently excellent. Puig has shown flashes of it. The question is whether your really want the headache and negative publicity of someone who may have questionable character. Does having a Chapman have a negative effect in the clubhouse? Is it a distraction? Will it be a negative influence on Puig, a kid struggling with maturity issues of his own?

        Actually, passing on Chapman rebuts the argument that the FO simply run transactions through some computer algorithm and doesn’t include the human element. I think hiring Roberts and walking away from Chapman demonstrate that it isn’t all about the numbers. Character and a culture in the clubhouse do matter, though you can’t measure or quantify it.

      2. I will admit I really wanted Chapman but I now see it as best to move on without him. I have yet to have an urge to shoot a gun in my garage and can’t imagine wanting to live next to someone that might do that much actually do that.
        I do think the Dodgers have an adequate to exceptional bullpen. I say that because they have so many players to bring in should anybody falter.

  7. On the last thread, it was mentioned that Dodger fans had a reason to be bitter and angry due all the stupid mistakes made by previous ownership, which is exactly why I am so happy with the current administration. They have a plan and have not deviated from it. Now, you may not like the plan, but a lot of that plan involved signing players who did not command big dollars or long commitments (read: injury prone players) – some of which paid off and some of which didn’t! The plan is for the farm to produce a continuous stream of players… the parade has started. Going forward, you will see fewer of these types of signings, but value will always exist in high risk, high reward players.

    Think about this: How many teams can lose 4/5 of their previous years starting rotation and still stay viable and not hamstrung for years to come? The Dodgers have lost Anderson, Ryu, McCarthy and Greinke and are still sitting in an enviable position. That’s incredible!

    Insofar as the Dodgers giving us the runaround on Ryu: I doubt that they know what to expect. It’s probably one of three things:

    1. He needs rest;
    2. He needs surgery again; or
    3. No one knows.

    I am not bitter and angry because I found out a long time ago that being bitter is like drinking poison and thinking someone else will die. I am very optimistic about THIS YEAR and beyond!

      1. I’m sure I stole it from someone. I have few original thoughts, but once I adopt it, it’s mine! 😉

        1. For the record, I wasn’t trying to be snarky. I just found the thought interesting and wanted to know where it might have come from. I hadn’t heard it before. I am still learning.

  8. Firstly , Happy Birthday Badger.
    Another year older, another year wiser.

    Chapman – I woulda taken him 100%. 30 day ban means his available beginning of May.
    He’s a game changer, a proven Ace with no history of being a bad teammate.
    He is not Depth – he is absolutely the type of signing the Dodgers shoulda made to supplement the abundance of mediocrity they already have.

    I’ve noticed a real divide developing here on the site, which has carried over from LADT.
    I hope it’s not going to sour things.

    1. I agree on both counts, Scott. And say “no harm” with both, Chapman did in ‘FACT’ commit a crime. But so what? Yes, I’d of welcomed him in LA as long as he left his guns and girlfriend in Florida. As Tom Waits said in one of his songs, “everyone’s been insane”, I’ve reflected how true. If a woman hasn’t driven you completely nuts, then you’re still pre-adult. We’re ALL potential lunatics. Push my buttons and I’m a scary-zip-damn-fool that you’d prefer me on your team opposed to the other.
      And yeah, lets hope the division doesn’t breed stubborn or thin skin. You’re all welcome to dump it on me, I can take it!

      1. I suggest to all to look at a movie ‘The Experimenters’. It’s not that the movie is really good, but it is informative. That is if you’re able to see yourself instead of everyone else. There is no such thing as a clean soul and nothing is forgiven or forgotten with one’s soul. Everyone has a soul and your soul is the complete sum of ‘you’. Your deeds, hopes, wishes, regrets and whatever else you can think of is also your soul.

        1. The psychiatrist said “Mr. Mouse I’ve found your wife Minnie to be perfectly sane. So what’s the problem?” Mickey replied, ” I never said she was insane, I said she was fucking Goofey!”

  9. Not a bad start to ST. The team looks lively and energized, and it seems that now they know how to handle a stolen base attempt with the shift on. I am sure it will not always be as successful, but at least they do not look totally confused.

    Three out of four games the team had double digit hits. Key AB’s with runner on 3rd with less than two outs. Still showing some power (albeit no presumed starter), and except for the Brandon Crawford HR off Matt West yesterday, the staff has not given up the long ball. The competition for the last spot or two in the rotation is nice to see. Bolsinger, Lee, De Leon, C. Anderson, Stripling, and Cotton (all presumed ML ready) all had 2 IP with zero runs against. Alex Wood gets his turn today. While De Jong also had two very good innings, he is not really ML ready, but is not that far behind. He will start in AA and move up if any of the AAA guys come to LA. With the minor league tv package, I am looking forward to watching De Jong pitch in Tulsa. Cody Bellinger will also be in Tulsa, and he will be fun to watch as well. So far he has shown good contact and good defense around 1B. I look forward to watching him develop.

    Even though the pitching has been good, I cannot get that excited until the pitchers at least face the batters a 2nd time to see who adjusts to whom.

    Not everything has been ideal. There have been way too many errors; at least 1 in every game. That needs to tighten up. While I would not get overly concerned about Joc’s strikeouts, it’s more about his body language. Right now he looks totally confused at the plate. Thinking too much and walking away from the plate totally dejected, like someone who has lost confidence. I hope he turns it around.

    We should start to get a more lengthy look at AGon, and Turner is due back sometime this week. Four weeks to Opening Day.

  10. There was an article, stating that Ryu is not having any kind of set back. It said that they are just being really careful with Ryu. I hope that that is true, especially for Ryu. This could in end his career. And About Chapman, I had never heard anything bad, about Chapman, being a problem in the club house, like Puig. The only thing I had ever heard, was that Chapman missed his relatives, and friends in Cuba. And I could understand him feeling that way, especially in Cincinnati. I haven’t been in the Midwest for a while, but I wouldn’t think , that Cincinnati has as many of Spanish speakers, like a big city, like LA. And Chapman might be just fine at work. Because some people, can be the best workers at there job, but can be lunatics at there home, and not have that effect there job. Take all of this in consideration, and how badly the Dodger’s bullpen, has performed in the last couple of years, I understand why Dodger fans, wanted Chapman so badly. Chapman could have made this starting rotation, much better, and stopped the dam Giants, from there comebacks, in the final inning. I just hope that this year, that Roberts and his coaches, will make a big difference in this bullpen. We all know, that Mattingly was not a great bullpen manager. And about Dodgerrick, just because you don’t agree with some of the things he says, that doesn’t make him a negative person. I don’t always agree with people, but I am not bothered, if it is not a personal attack. In fact, we can all learn from each other, with all of these different views, because no body is always right. And because, we all truly want the best for the Dodgers, and that is everyone’s common goal, so we agree on the most important thing that this blog is about. We just think that there might be different ways, to make that happen. I personally don’t agree, that the front office has done everything right, but I also think, they have done some good things, to make the Dodgers a self sustaining team, and a better team. And every front office, will make mistakes, because there is not a single person, who never make mistakes. Mistakes are the way we learn.

    1. Hopefully we learn from our mistakes. Smart people learn from other people’s mistakes. I’d like to think that players, coaches and GMs can learn from their mistakes but I don’t think uncritical praise is the best way to make it happen.

      1. Snider fan I hope it didn’t sound like I don’t believe in critical thinking, because that is something I do believe in. We have some people here, that back the front office for anything they do, and others, that don’t trust anything that the front office does. That is not me. Just like in politics, there are people all the way, to the right, and all the way to the left. But most people are more in the middle, and with most people, it really depends on the issue in hand. I consider myself, more of the latter.

  11. I missed yesterday’s game (Lakers easy win over the champs took precedence )

    For those that watched: what did you think if Lee and Bellinger? I really wanted to see them

    1. I am impressed with Bellinger. He looks and acts older. He’s smooth and has a nice swing. It’s obvious he’s a plus defender. He might be ready in 2017, depending on how he does THIS year.

      Lee looked OK, but am not impressed with his arsenal of pitches… STILL!

      1. I’m chewing on leg of crow. Looking at replay of Blanton on the mound I’m seeing just how nasty he can be. He’s surely widened what he attempts and we can expect to see a few wild pitches at times but I really like what I’m seeing!

    2. I was able to watch yesterday’s game this morning on the mlb network. Bellinger looked ready now. He looked that good. He should be more than ready for AA and maybe move up to AAA sometime in 2016.
      Lee looked good. If he can change speeds, move the ball up and down, in and out and all for strikes he could do well. He won’t get more than a couple of strikeouts per game but should keep the game moving and fun.

    1. I hope is is part of a package that gets the Dodgers a young second baseman with speed, good defense, and obp.

  12. The Cincinnati Reds were very good at covering up things that Chapman did or was involved with, like the following:

    1. A stripper who was Chapman’s guest at a team hotel was charged with false reporting of a robbery;
    2. BTW, the stripper was married and her husband was outraged;
    3. Chapman was charged with speeding and driving with a suspended license;
    4. Chapman was sued for $18 million for falsely accusing him of human trafficking;
    5. Chapman has received at least 6 speeding tickets;
    6. Chapman fired 8 gunshots in his garage and allegedly choked girlfriend, although she would not cooperate.
    7. Chapman’s teammates regard him as cordial, but distant.
    8. Chapman says this about his luxury lifestyle: “This is fat living, and that’s nice. But sometimes I miss the craziness. That’s the problem I’m trying to solve.”

    LET’S SEE HOW THIS ONE PLAYS OUT FOR THE YANKEES. Me, I am fine without him. I would have taken him BEFORE i found out about his current issues, but that all changed (for me).

    I’m not saying he’s a bad guy, just a knucklehead!

    1. And it had to be those dam Yankees, that had to get him. They really didn’t need him. What was bad, was the way the media portrayed this almost trade with the Dodgers. First the media made it sound if the Dodgers completed this trade, that they were selling out, to such bad behavoir. Then once the Yankees came into the picture, the media made it sound like, it was such a great deal, that the Yankees, just couldn’t turn it down.

  13. Bellinger carried himself a little like Cory. Maybe that is because his father played Major League Baseball. One of the times he hit the ball, it made that special sound off the bat, that a lot of good hitters have. I don’t think he has played above A ball, so he is Looked pretty good.

    1. Thanks Bobby! It came up on my computer but when trying the link on my TV I was taken there but the vid is not streaming. Anyone know why this is so? I can only stumble in this modern world.

      1. it’s just a webcast; no announcers.

        You’re literally “watching the game”. All you hear is the crowd, the bat hit the ball, or the PA guy

        1. Yes. And that all is what I get on my pc. I’m typing this on my TV and watching the link on my computer but would rather have that in opposite. Does anyone know why it’s not working on my TV? Am I to assume my smart TV is too stupid for such a thing? Perhaps Samsung might have the answer.

  14. Torre is still an idiot.

    Last year = Hammies. This year = Groins?
    Can we please have a real trainer?

    Did the scout who signed Hansen get fired?

    The saying “He peed his pants” is different than he peed in his pants. 🙂

    Happy Birthday Pisces Badger. Still swimming up stream?

  15. Couple of errors by Seager on 2 easy plays followed up by a 3 run hr by somebody off of Wood

    We’re down 5-0 in the 2nd

    1. Yeah, it looks like Alex is having a tough go of it. With Bolsinger, Lee, De Leon, Cotton, Stripling, all having good to very good first outings, my guy Alex is starting behind a lot or arms for the rotation. Established pitchers can get away with a bad outing in ST, but pitchers looking to make a rotation, better be making a positive statement. I cannot see the game, so I cannot tell if it was just horrible command, or horrible pitching. Were they fastballs up in the zone, or breaking balls that flattened out? Whatever it was, he gave up two big HRs and he has a real uphill climb.

    2. Thanks Bobby how did you find out? I tried it on my iPhone and it worked. I thought about using my Apple TV, but I didn’t know if it would work. Can we get all of these games, that they are not showing on TWC? Thanks again Bobby!

    1. Badger I hear it is your birthday! Just think of the Bealtes song by the same name, after you read this. Happy Birthday!

  16. Sounds like Alex got the Wood laid to him and that Seager has sabatoged his efforts. It seems that Stripling paid Corey off! 😉

  17. Scott, I see advertisement from directv. You may let then in on most of us would subscribe with dieectv if we were able to view our Dodgers with them. You can be certain I would. In this case the word ‘detest’ is not too strong……..I detest TWC! And they’re raising their fees $10 per month. I’d be more than happy to pay directv along with a subscription a la carte for snla

  18. Anyone a shareholder of AT&T? They own DirectTV now, maybe you could complain to the CEO.

    A little off topic, but did anyone see Hardball Times today? Interesting piece on the trade value of star players in prospects as viewed by trades made by the Indians in the past decade. It shows that even “Top 100” prospects are not sure things. Hopefully all ours will be.

  19. This thread may end soon but I did want to get a few words in tonight.
    SLOTim is a terrific guy and a lot of fun to hang with at a ballgame. The man knows how to enjoy himself and is easy to be around. It was like meeting up with an old friend. He even brought a birthday present for me, a beatuful Dodgers shirt with my name, Taxidea Taxus, embroidered on the back. Clever. Beautiful gesture. A very memorable 68th birthday. Thanks for being a part of it Tim.
    The Dodgers. Not a good day. Wood fooled nobody really. A few good at bats, Culberson mainly, but altogether a forgettable performance.
    I watched some infield and batting practice on back fields. Pederson, Ethier, Hernandez, Crawford and Puig in a group with a few rookies, Zarraga and Hassan among them. Pederson was working on going the other way and frankly was doing little more than popping them up and looked frustrated. His hands and bat are still to busy for my liking. Quiet the bat Joc, it will help that loop in your swing. Puig was launching them and Ethier did whatever he wanted to do, to left, center and right. Crawford looked good too. I watched some minor league first baseman turning double plays, Matt Jones among them, and that guy makes everybody else around him look 5’6″. The man is enormous but appears to move quite well. Didn’t see him hit, but I sure hope he can. It was a great day. I’m beat.


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