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It’s a Christmas Miracle! Dodger Killer Paul Goldschmidt Traded Out of NL West

There was a loud exult, an exhale that went up throughout the Dodger Stadium grounds and perhaps across all of Los Angeles. Dodger fans across the globe were shaking hands, nodding heads and breathing sighs of relief. In case you haven’t heard the news by now, notorious Dodger killer Paul Goldschmidt is no longer in the National League West. He’s still in the National League yes, but he’s out of the division. That’s certainly fine by me and most Dodger fans everywhere.

Yesterday afternoon the stunning news broke that the Arizona Dbacks had traded their franchise cornerstone to the Cardinals for three young players and a competitive balance draft pick. Goldschmidt was entering the final year of his contract, the Dbacks were unable to work out an extension. Obviously the smaller market club working within a more limited budget is looking to trim salary and rebuild.

Goldschmidt has been a thorn in the Dodger’s side for years now. He’s been one of the most impressive villains of our generation. Goldschmidt has destroyed Dodger pitching since his early days in the NL West. Overall Goldschmidt is hitting .302 with 31 home runs and 98 runs driven in against the Dodgers. That’s a .927 OPS against and he’s hitting .336 at Dodger Stadium with an OPS of over .1000. Please get this man out of the division.

The return for Arizona still looks underwhelming to me. The players brought back to the Snakes, pitching prospect Luke Weaver, minor league catcher Carson Kelly, and minor league infielder Andy Young are not difference makers. Weaver is a nice prospect and was a top-100, but never impressed in his three mediocre seasons in St. Louis. He’s young enough (age 25) to improve, and could become a solid regular in the Arizona staff. But he’s hardly the can’t miss prospect that he appeared to be several years ago.

The other guys are a couple of years away from making any kind of dent on the major league roster. Kelly looks to be a promising catcher with great framing skills and a strong throwing arm. The 24-year old Young batted .319 with 9 home runs in 35 games for the Cardinal’s double-A ball Texas League squad. All three appear to be decent young talent, but there’s no superstars in that mix.

Arizona is a pathetic organization no doubt, but there is another key subject here. With Arizona punting the 2019 season, the Dodger’s path to their seventh consecutive NL West title just got a lot easier. Andy McCullough at the LA Times pens about this. Not having to deal with the Snakes will give the Dodgers a much clearer road to the playoffs. Arizona joins the Padres and Giants as another rebuilding club in the weakened National League West. Left hander Patrick Corbin just signed with the Nationals, and A.J. Pollack will surely sign elsewhere. The Dbacks are also desperately trying to unload Zack Greinke’s bloated contract.

Colorado looks to be the Dodger’s lone competition for the division title next season. It’ll be far better to face Goldschmidt six or seven times instead of 19 times during the regular season. For the record the Cardinals did get what they needed, which was a middle of the order power bat. However I don’t think Goldschmidt alone closes the gap between them and the Brewers and Cubs in the NL Central. But that’s their problem. The main joy today is that Paul Goldschmidt, Dodger killer is no longer in the National League West. Oh and the Dbacks will suck next year. Rejoice Dodger fans!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

7 thoughts on “It’s a Christmas Miracle! Dodger Killer Paul Goldschmidt Traded Out of NL West

  1. Goldy will love playing in St Louis. Not facing him 19 times a year is the best benefit of the trade, but what it really does is basically make the west a 2 horse race. The Giants so far have not done anything, the Padres have been active, and the Rockies have not been doing much. Of course, neither have the Dodgers with the only 2 new faces being McCreery and Quackenbush. Ken Gurnick seems to think that the most likely Dodger outfielder to be dealt is Verdugo. MLB had 5 trades listed for the Indians that made sense and one was Bauer, for Verdugo, Ferguson and Gonsolin. To me, that’s to much for Bauer. But that’s just my opinion….

  2. Agreed. The guy had one really good year–the only time his ERA was under four. And yes, Goldie will love St. Louis. I guess now that it’s a two-team division there’s even less chance of Fraudman making any moves this winter.

    1. Well one way or another he is going to have to address the bullpen, and also the catching situation. I would also think they really need a true leadoff hitter. They have lots of 2nd base options, but no real option at the top of the order. Believe it or not, Kike his over 300 in the 1 slot, but he is not atypical since he is not really a speed threat.

      1. Catching, OF and the ‘pen. Agree.

        Don’t think we’ll be seeing a true leadoff hitter anytime soon. Here or anywhere really.

        1. I do not see why you include the outfield….they have a ton of outfielders. Those waiting for Harper or Stanton are dreaming. Andy has never signed or traded for a player with a 9 figure salary and I do not expect that to change.

          1. Because everything I read is that the team is focused on the OF.

            I don’t see it either, but I believe what I read more than what I see.

          2. I think when they talk about the outfield it is more about moving one of those guys than it is trading for someone or signing Harper. The OF and starters are where the extras are. I really do not expect a major name player to be added to this roster. If they do trade for Bauer or Kluber, I would be very surprised. Even with the fact that the headline on the web site is that they want to add a Marquee player. I doubt they do it.

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