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Cody Bellinger, and Birthday Boy Joc Pederson Muscle Dodgers Past Brewers

The Dodgers and Brewers were tied before coming into their regular season series finale played on the final meeting on Sunday afternoon between the two clubs for 2019. This game is actually more important than most people think because if both clubs finish tied in the standings the deciding game here can determine home field advantage in a potential playoff series. There was a ton of drama in the series finale that ended with another Dodger, this time Cody Bellinger bombing a go-ahead home run off of Josh Hader in the top of the ninth to give the Dodgers a 6-5 win, and the series win over the Brewers in Milwaukee. Have the boys in blue finally figured him out?

Of course it’s important to note how the Dodgers got there first. It was Joc Pederson’s birthday and the 27-year old certainly had a great birthday notching four hits and smashing two home runs off of Milwaukee starter Brad Woodruff. Pederson’s two solo home runs, one in the top of the first to lead-off the game and the other in the top of the fourth got the Dodgers an early 2-0 lead.

Other Dodgers Corey Seager and Bellinger both helped stake the Dodgers to an even bigger 5-0 lead. Seager had three hits as did Bellinger. A ground ball RBI single in the first and an RBI double from Seager in the second accounted for two of those five runs. Bellinger also singled in a run in the second as well. With the Dodgers up 5-0 and Clayton Kershaw on the mound it seemed like a foregone conclusion that the Dodgers would win.

Dodgers 6 10 0

Brewers  5 6 0




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And it was looking that way. Kershaw tossed six innings allowing two earned runs on two hits and struck out seven. He did issue four walks but held the Brewers without a hit until the fifth inning. Milwaukee did get to Kersh in that fifth frame, tacking on two runs to cut the lead to 5-2. Orlando Arcia’s bloop triple and one-out later Lorenzo Cain’s home run got the Brew Crew on the board. But could the Dodger bullpen hold the lead?

Milwaukee threatened in the bottom of the seventh. They put two on thanks to a walk and a hit batter from Scott Alexander. Thankfully a key double play on Cain got the Dodgers out of the mess. Later in the bottom of the eighth, with Pedro Baez on the mound Cody Bellinger flexed his muscles again robbing Christian Yelich, now a constant thorn in the Dodger’s side sent a long drive to right field, but Bellinger leaped with his glove outstretched over the wall to make the catch and take a home run away from Yelich. As if that guys needs any more home runs. Unfortunately Baez continued to deconstruct on the mound. Ryan Braun singled on a chopper to third and former Dodger Yasmani Grandal singled to right as well. Baez did get big ice-cold slugger Jesus Aguilar to pop out but then he was removed and Kenley Jansen entered the game asked to get a four-out save. After the runners pulled off a double-steal Eric Thames mashed a big three-run home run to tie the game and send Kenley cursing over the home run and his declining pitching skills.

With Hader now on the mound in the top of the ninth, the Dodgers tried to get the lead back. Seager and Justin Turner both whiffed and it was not looking good. Hader allowed a game winning shot to Enrique Hernandez on Friday night in the Dodger’s 5-3 win. It happened again as Bellinger lined a home run over the wall in right field. It was a wall scraper but had just enough height to get over the wall. The pull home run gave the Dodgers the lead back as the Dodger dugout went wild in celebration. Bellinger rounded the bases, flexing his muscles.

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This time with the Dodgers only up by a run in the bottom of the ninth, Kenley was tasked with holding the lead again. He was already super pissed about his blown save the previous frame so this inning he just recorded a 1-2-3 inning by striking out the side. Jansen easily whiffed Arcia, Ben Gamel and Cain to end the game. Dodgers win 6-5!

Kenley might be ready for the old folks home but there still seems to be some fire left in him. For the record normally when the Dodgers give Kershaw a lead of 4 or more runs they are something like 155-0, during the regular season. The Dodgers improve to 15-9 and have a much needed scheduled off-day on Monday. They’ll fly to Chicago to begin a three game series against the Cubs starting on Tuesday night. Kenta Maeda is slated to open the series for the Dodgers with the Cubs countering with Jose Quintana.

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

17 thoughts on “Cody Bellinger, and Birthday Boy Joc Pederson Muscle Dodgers Past Brewers

  1. Hard fought win. The Brewers are a very good team and we are likely to see them in the postseason. I hope we are in Hader’s head now.

    A much needed day off is right, for Turner and Barnes. Hope Martin gets back soon too.

    Three of our kids did all the damage. They are all lefties, including Verdugo who’s been hitting lefties and righties. I hope we keep playing them. Our righty bats are currently mediocre and just treading water; I think they’ll heat up but it’s not May yet and I would just let the kids play more.

  2. Valiant effort by Kershaw, although still showing vulnerability to the dinger. This time, a two run dinger. Kershaw left after 6 innings, still with the lead 5-2, provided by Birthday Boy Pop-Joc, a red hot Cory Seager, and Top Dodger Dog Cody Bellinger.

    Poor Kershaw passed the baton to the pen, hoping for a win, The Bull-S*** Pen relinquished the lead to the Brew Crew. Baez and Jansen allow MIL to tie the score in the eighth… would have been the lead, had Belli not saved Baez by robbing Yelich of a HR, with an amazing catch above the wall.

    The “Yeli vs. Belli Show” ended with an Amen on Easter Sunday… a two out “Belli-Bomb” to take the lead in the ninth off the “Hated One” Hader. Jansen miraculously held off the Brewers in the bottom of the ninth, earning a Blown Save (and “No Decision” for Kershaw), and a Win for himself.

    One thing the Dodgers learned, this weekend, is that Hader is not a robot ,and is human after all. They beat the guy twice this weekend.

    Too bad the “Yeli vs. Belli Show” is over, unless they meet again in the NLCS. Yeli vs. Belli is better than any pay-per-view MMA bout. Too bad that many Dodger Fans could not witness this game due to blackout…. thanks again, Spectrum.

      1. Dinger,

        The Spectrum (Formerly Time-Warner Cable) deal was somewheres around $8.3 billion 25 year deal, signed in 2013.

        Spectrum is using this leverage to monopolize the Dodger broadcasts, and swindle competitors into paying outrageous fees from its’ competitors for the rights to carry Spectrum, and Dodgers SportsnetLA. They are unwilling to budge.

        For the sixth season, most Dodger games are limited to viewership on Spectrum Cable, eliminating 70% of the fan base in a continuing dispute over fees.

        Totally ridiculous. It also allows them to blackout the majority of Dodger games being nationally broadcast, as they control the market area if they are broadcasting the game on Spectrum.

        That is why Spectrum (and the Dodgers) are guilty. Actually, I think the Dodgers did not anticipate Spectrum would play hardball and seek these ridiculous fees. The Dodgers greedily signed the contract without considering the implications on their fan-base.

        Weird that ATT can provide Laker games, on Sportsnet, but not add the Dodgers. I guess they are totally separate contracts with Spectrum. Apparantly, ATT has more loyalty to the Lakers Basketball fanbase then the Dodger fanbase.

        1. This is all true, but irrelevant.

          I don’t want to speak for newbie Dinger, but….

          It’s very easy for ANY Dodger fan to switch to Spectrum. The price isn’t prohibitive, availability is nearly universal.

          Would it be easier if every cable/satellite deal hate Sportsnet? YES.
          Is it Spectrum’s fault if Dodger fans don’t switch to Spectrum? NO.

          1. Bluto,

            We had Time Warner Cable (before Spectrum bought them). Had very bad experience with them (service, equipment, and cost kept going up). Yes, it would be easy to switch, but am happy with ATT, and decided to stick with ATT… especially after they screwed ATT and other providers by demanding the crazy rate fees. Not ATT’s fault. Just a prime example of corporate greed, which I refuse to be a victim of. So, yes…. it is on me, and I’m sticking with the 70% of the fanbase that is being robbed by Spectrum. Just think if you live in an area that does not have access the Spectrum? If more fans would boycott Spectrum, I’m sure they would lower their fees, or go broke paying the Dodgers off for 20 more years. You got to draw the line somewhere. Sure, it would be great to be able to see the games on the tube, but I’m good with or without it.

          2. That’s 100% great and cool, but by your own words it’s on you.

            It’s not on Spectrum. They can’t force other providers to carry the station. They could definitely try harder (and theoretically lower the carriage fees (although I am unsure of the economics of that)) but anybody (and it’s available throughout LA) can switch to it.

            Enough about cable. Let’s be happy the Dodgers are doing well.

          3. I kind of agree with this. Regardless I’m pretty happy with the start. 15-9 is good and I’ll take that any day. The position player roster is very strong. Just gotta straighten out the bullpen which has been better lately.

          4. Great Start, indeed!

            Bullpen, not so sure, but they are keeping their head’s above water, anyway!

            For Now….

  3. True Blue,

    I get nervous, when ever one of The Three Stooges enter the ballgame. I’m sure the pitcher of record does, as well. Nothing worse then wasting a quality start.

    Pedro, Kelly, and Kenley…. This trio will not get it done. What are the other guys in the pen doing? Playing Tidily Winks?… Old Maid?… Go Fish? They definitely need a new Closer. Sad, but Jansen can no longer slam the door shut. I wrote Baez off years ago, thought he was gone when they designated him. And Kelly was a wasted pick-up. If he was so good, Boston would not have let him go.

    If they continue to throw on “The Stooges” to the bump, it will be a long season for sure.

    1. No word on the bullpen playing Tidily Winks?… Old Maid?… Go Fish, however word has it that they do entertain themselves with reacharounds throughout most contests.

  4. Top team in West.
    Top team in the Athletic power rankings.
    Top minor league system.
    All without my favorite, Rich Hill.

    It’s a good time to be a Dodger fan.

  5. In my view, it is way to early to panic about the bullpen and it’s foibles. Kenley has been good for the most part. 7 saves and 2 wins. So he has a hand in over half of their wins. Garcia, Baez and Kelly have not been great at doing their jobs. But with Urias now in the pen, and Stripling expected to join him soon, the pen will get better. I would be more worried about the rise in Muncy’s K rate, and Taylor’s lack of production. Barnes slide more due to over use than anything else.

    1. No need to panic yet, but the numbers are a concern. So far the pen ERA is 4.81, which stinks, but should get better.

      An interesting number to look at is SV%. This year looks almost exactly like last year, 63% to 64%. Last year we finished 21st in that stat, which is exactly where we sit now. Last year we had 26 Blown Saves, tied for 5th most in MLB. We need to clean that up. There will be no shot at home field in the Series if we don’t.

  6. So JT is nursing injuries, huh? I figured so, watching his numbers drop. Turner is a great player, and a extremely valuable asset to the Dodgers. We all love to see him in the game every day. What I do not understand is, if he is struggling with injuries (hami and ankle) why throw him out there, risking further injury, and then “sit” and platoon their hottest hitters?

    Don’t you think they should put him on the IL, and let him lick his wounds and recover? The team is doing great right now and can afford to rest JT. There are plenty of deserving teammates out there, that can help fill the void at third.

    Turner is needed, but he is not helping the team. His injuries are definitely taking a toll on his performance.

    1. Agreed, Bluefan4Life. Dodgers certainly can IL him for 10 days and let someone fill in, Freese, Muncy, Taylor for example. However, what irks me and I am sure other fans here is that although Joc had a great Sunday birthday with 2 HR’s, he will of course be sitting in the next 2 games at least and a fan indicated that in about 4 of the next 5 games, Dodgers will face a LHP and of course we ALL know what that means…PLATOON CITY!!!!!!! Let me also say this, that even had Joc homered 4 times on Sunday I wouldn’t alter the FO and Robert’s platooning philosophy.

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