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De Leon With a Dandy Debut, Yaz, Puig Homer. Dodgers Win 7-4

Today was the much-anticipated debut of young Dodger call up, Jose De Leon. Enough hype. Here’s how the game played out.

Spoiler Alert: The kid did not disappoint.

1st inning
Jose De Leon’s line after one – 1 hit, 0 runs, 0 walks, 1 HBP, 2 Ks, 20 pitches.  That alone was worth the price of admission.
Loaded the bases; left them that way.

2nd inning
A great running catch in short LF by Charlie Culberson. One more K for the kid.

3rd inning
With two out and one on, De Leon surrendered his first ML homerun. 0-2
With two men on Yasiel Puig absolutely blasted a home run into the LF pavilion. 3-2

4th inning  3-2
6 Ks for DeLeon now. Pitch count: 58

5th inning  3-2
DeLeon threw the ball into right field while trying to throw out a bunt attempt. This resulted in the runner scoring from third to tie the game. 3-3
A sac fly then made it 3-4 Padres.
Did Leon got himself into trouble earlier, but he got himself out of trouble with a brilliant pick-off throw at first to end the inning.
Puig took a walk with one on and one out. Chase Utley squibbed one through the outfield for an RBI. 4-4
Base hit, Yasmani Grandal, to score Puig. 5-4

6th inning  5-4
De Leon finished off his day by striking out the side.
9 Ks at the end of six.

7th inning  5-4
Grant Dayton in. It took a while, but job done.
Yasmani hit one out, but it barely cleared the short wall in left field. He caught some luck from a fan who helped bobble the ball in the stands to prevent a catch. It was good for two runs. 7-4

9th inning  7-4
Kenley Jansen vs Padres
Some bum: K swinging
Another bum: He hit a long ball off the CF wall, and Joc Pederson gunned him down trying to stretch it into a double. Chase Utley made a great backhanded, reverse tag.
Third bum: 6-3

Dodgers win! 7-4

Jose De Leon mostly lived up to the hype today. He relied on a fastball to set up his changeup. His fastball had great late movement, and he consistently threw it for swinging Ks today.

De Leon trivia: He’s the first Dodgers pitcher to strike out at least nine, with 0 walks, in his debut. He’s in second place for debut Ks behind Pedro Astacio and Kaz Ishii, both with 10.

More De Leon: From a tweet by @presidual:
First 4 innings:
74% four-seam fastball, 16% changeup
Last 2 innings:
50% four-seam fastball, 50% changeup

The K-adres: The Padres struck out 37 times over the weekend series.

Dodgers up by 3 over the second place Giants.

Jose De Leon (W 1-0) went 6 innings with 6 hits, 4 runs, 1 HR, 0 walks, 1 HBP, 9 Ks.  86 pitches. ERA 6.00

Home runs:Yasiel Puig, Yasmani Grandal 

Team with RISP: 3 for 8

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

84 thoughts on “De Leon With a Dandy Debut, Yaz, Puig Homer. Dodgers Win 7-4

  1. He looked very good to me. 6.0 ERA was good enough against a last place club, and frankly 6.0 doesn’t tell the real story. He was better than that.

    1. Badger
      I agree he was much better then the box score says.

      I couldn’t believe he was behind, because he was pitching much better then that Padres pitcher, before the Dodgers went ahead.

  2. The team is actually very strong.

    You gotta hand it to the FO, nicely put together.

    I particularly like the accent on left handed pitching and hitting. Plays well against the majority of opponents who are either RHPs or LHP power.

    Looks like Puig, based on his comments, finally is getting the message. I hope it sinks in, would be a shame to have to move him.

  3. If we improve our situational hitting and base running, I like our chances in the postseason with Kershaw, Hill and Maeda, and De Leon, Stewart, Dayton, Blanton and Jansen. Our lefties in the pen need some rest in September, or one of them needs to find an extra gear.

      1. I’d love it if he’s available, but he may be shut down by then.

        Maybe Alex Wood may be back by then but I’m not holding my breath. A good showing by him in September and October would be a real gift. I’d like Liberatore back the way he was – I just hope the coaches and trainers get Liberatore right pronto.

  4. Badger, I saw your comment on the earlier thread, “I think all trophy wives look the same. That may be because most are the same. I find the concept ridiculous. But then, I’m not their type either”.

    Sorry, another thing we can’t agree on. But let me do you a favor, just to show no hard feelings.

    Just finished a “Great Dinner”. Told the wife, You know, some guys think the whole trophy wife concept is ridiculous, but, “I sure love having a beautiful trophy wife”.

    Bet I am going to have a better night than you! I suggest, you try it sometime, you might like it!

    Dodgers up 3, life is great, over and out.

      1. Good Morning!

        I tried to help, but, sadly I couldn’t. I think you may need to reflect on the definition of a trophy wife.

        1. Good morning to you as well.

          We use different dictionaries

          Definition – trophy wife: A young, attractive woman married to an older, more powerful man for purpose of status symbol. (See Donald Trump’s history of multiple wives) E.G. “My asshole ex-husband dumped me and went out and got himself a trophy wife as soon as he made partner”

          And you say that’s your wife? Yoiks.

          1. Well, my wife is ten years younger than me (and attractive). She is married to a older powerful man. But this is my first marriage.

            Merely suggested you tell the wife “she is your trophy wife”. You might like the response.

  5. Puig looks like a changed guy to me. Did not try to get the runner at the plate and hit the cut off man. That alone says a lot, and he looks more patient at the plate too. Deleon opened some eyes. Story in Dodger Blue says they want to sign Hill to a contract before free agency begins.

    1. On Hill, if I was trying to convince FAZ to sign him to a 3 year contract, one way I’d justify signing him is to look at the last years of the deal that the FAZ gave to Greinke, and use that as the upper limit to Hill for a 3 year deal. Not that I’d offer that amount, I’m just using it as a frame of reference. Hill can be just as productive as Greinke, since Hill does not rely on velocity.

      And with De Leon, Urias and Kershaw, I think Hill and Maeda are good change of pace.

      1. Now that sounds like a rotation I could get behind. The kids are alright!

        FAZ will have a pile of players to go into the marketplace with. I hope they can parlay the many extraneous pieces we have into some players with real potential, or bring someone expensive into the fold will take some of these players from us as long as we are willing to pay the cash for a star. A star outfielder would be oh so nice.

        1. Hill, De Leon, Stewart, Maeda, Urias would be great. Buehler in the wings.

          Trade Kershaw and Kazmir or DeJong for Trout and you get your expensive hitter.

          1. I’m not yet sold on Hill for multiple years. He will be 37 next year and has never thrown 200 innings. In fact, he’s only thrown over 100 once, and that was ten years ago. He has looked good recently, but he hasn’t pitched much – 29 innings last year, 5.1 innings in ’14, 38 innings in ’14, 38.2 innings in ’13. His ERA+ has been good, but he doesn’t appear to be a guy who can stay on the field. And you want to pay him multiple large at age 37? I don’t get it. He was an expensive get and if he helps the rest of the way, terrific. But I think caution in future negotiations would be advisable.

            Puig and Toles. Especially in games against the Division.

          2. Hill signed a one year $6M contract for 2016. Like you said, he is risky. A two year $16M contract with incentives like Maeda got and I say okay.

            The Dodgers need to protect the innings next year for De Leon, Urias, Stewart, and Buehler–maybe shoot for 180 to 190 including playoffs. Those four need Maeda and McCarthy, possibly Kazmir as protectors of innings. But I can see trading those protectors during the season or earlier if the return was intriguing.

        2. Sure, give another pitcher who’s been injured frequently throughout his career a big contract. Somebody has to take Anderson’s place on the DL.

    2. Michael
      That proves that Puig knew what he was suppose to do.

      But I am happy for Puig.

      If Puig continues to do what he is suppose to do, it is hard not to root for him.

      And Vinny actually touched on Puig in his broadcast yesterday.

  6. Next year’s rotation will include Kersh, Urias, DeLeon. After that, we have about 16 guys vying for spots 4 and 5. If we sign Hill to a 2 year deal, what do we do with Macarthy, Ryu, Kaz, Wood, Stewart, Stripling, and half a dozen others ? ?

    Not that I mind having Hill. But we have a lot of guys who are getting paid next year and year after. Kazmir would be crazy to opt out of 2 yrs 32mil.

    1. Kazmir won’t opt out, you are right he would crazy. That being said his contract is tradable, it isn’t a very heavy anchor. Let’s add more than one to your next year’s rotation. Remember that depth thing.

      1. Nobody needed more depth than us.

        How about we field a team of workhorses? Position players that can all play 148 and starting pitchers that can all go 30 starts and 180 innings.

        That would be different.

  7. I think the Dodgers have a great chance to win the WORLD SERIES this year and if they do, there could be some surprises for 2017.

    1. There’s always a chance. 11.6% in fact. About the same as the Red Sox. Slightly better than the Jays. Not as good as the Indians, Nationals, Cubs. The midgets have fallen to 4.9%. It’s good to see our chief rival is not convincing anyone but their own fans, and even most of them can see the problem there. Very fortunate for us. Their suckage elevates our %.

      1. I think our biggest obstacle is our vulnerbility to left hand pitching, and our pen.

        We need to know who in the pen, still has a fresh arm, that can step up.

        1. Puig solved the problem against leftys. Right?

          Stripling belongs in the pen and maybe joined by Urias and De Leon. Libitore and Blanton and Baez have to be good down the stretch before I would put them on the playoff team.

          1. Bum
            I hope Puig can continue to hit lefties, but I am not convinced, with only a couple of games, but he has hit lefties in the past.

            I do hope Puig can be the answer though.

            He couldn’t hit fastballs before, and he still looks behind to me, on fastballs, at his belt.

            But your right I forgot about the kids for the pen.

            I hope they hit Greinke hard today.

            I don’t think our team was hitting like we are now, the first time we faced Greinke.

  8. Bobby, I like your four pitchers and add Stewart as your fifth. Put Strippling in the pen as your long reliever. Jansen will not be resigned. McCarthy will be the closer, if he can figure out his problem. He will figure it out. Ryu, Kaz, Wood and others will be traded for prospects.

    Puig looks like he wants to change. Time will tell. Roberts has done a masterful job with Puig. He had some of the players meet with Puig. I would bet they were Agon, Utley, Kendrick and Turner. Nothing more powerful than teammates telling Puig these are the changes we want to see you make. If you do, we will support you. If not, you are gone.

    1. Interesting rotation ideas al. I’ll go out on a limb and say we don’t have any idea what is planned. So we guess. I don’t think Ryu, McCarthy, Wood, Stripling, Stewart, Tepesch, Nortis, Bolsinger or Frias will be of much help next year. I think the merry-go-round starts over on Day 1 of 2017. Hopefully Kershaw is ok. He will be followed by Maeda, Kazmir, De Leon and perhaps Urias as #5 with a target of 150 innings. Who knows. I do think we can count on more of the same in # of roster moves, starting as soon as the season ends. One thing these FAZ guys have shown us – they don’t sit on their hands.

  9. You all know that the kids will be on innings limits next year, right?

    Urias has thrown 68 major league innings this year and about 105 on the season and they are already talking about shutting him down. Stripling has thrown 82 major league innings. None of the kids has thrown anything close to the 180 – 200 innings that would tell the management that they are OK to do it again,

    Hill – he’s McCarthy and Anderson all over again. He made 4 good starts for the Red Sox in 2015 and turned that into a 1 year, $6 MM deal with the A’s. Now, he’s thrown a total of 88 innings between the A’s and Dodgers with 2 DL trips – not just the famous blister but a month or more for a groin strain.

    McCarthy is still under contract for 2 more years (yeah, I know, great, isn’t it?). Wood is still under team control. Ryu’s career is probably done. Kazmir isn’t going to opt out after the season that he had this year so he has 2 more years on his deal. Maybe one or more of these guys are traded before the start of next season. As of now though, they are in the rotation next year.

    Here’s what I see – Kershaw, Maeda, Kazmir, and maybe 2 of the kids – Urias and DeLeon maybe. Wood to the pen.

    There’s no way that the Dodgers go with 3 rookies in the rotation.

    Hopefully, they DON’T sign Hill – I don’t want another year with 17 starting pitchers.

    1. Dodger rick

      I have the same concern about Hill, but he isn’t the same as McCarthy, because he is a much better pitcher.

      But he has been on the DL more then he has pitched, like Anderson and McCarthy, but maybe they can sign him to help with the depth.

      Have five pitchers that usually make there starts, for the rotation, and have Hill as a back up to the rotation.

      So you are not penciling Hill in for the rotation, he is in case one of your horses in the rotation goes down.

      And as we have learned through the years, you can never have to much pitching.

  10. Alex Wood had surgery on his elbow in July, so I see no need to rush him back in September. His return is slated for next year.

    Julio Urias is losing velocity. Maybe one more start and he needs to be shut down completely. He also should work out with Adrian Gonzalez in the off season. He needs to be better conditioned. He has 113 innings so far, but he has a lot of pitches thrown in those innings. I was for keeping him under 150 innings, but with his loss of velocity, it’s time.

    Of course, Ryu isn’t going to help us. He may never pitch again. Brett Anderson and Brandon McCarthy are WAGS – who knows? I do like the idea of McCarthy as a closer. I think he might do well there.

    I would assume that Kershaw may have minor disc surgery over the winter and then be put on deep core exercises. I felt he would be back this year, but how deep into games he can pitch and how effective he is remains to be seen.

    Maeda looks to be low on gas. I would skip a turn or two with him. Kazmir? Maybe he will be OK the rest of the season, but I think he will be traded by next year. He has value in a thin free-agent pitchers market.

    So as it stands now, here is our rotation this year: Kershaw, Hill, Maeda, De Leon, Stripling or Norris, but Kazmir, Anderson, McCarthy and even De Jong could be in it.

    Next year will be very interesting – remember Walker Buehler may have the best stuff of all the prospects. The group of Buehler, De Leon, Urias, Maeda, Stewart, De Jong, Oaks, Kershaw , maybe Hill (I don’t think the Dodgers will offer him more than 3 years/$30 mil) and Stripling gives the Dodgers a lot of choices.

    … and we aren’t even talking about Yadier Alvarez, who throws 100 MPH and has struck out 81 batters in 59 IP this year with a 1.03 WHIP. Throw in Jordon Sheffield, Josh Sborz, Imani Abdullah, Jacob Rhame or Mitchell White – all solid prospects, Now you know why they could risk trading Cotton, Montas and Holmes – they won’t miss them. They went out and got the best pitcher available so that they have a chance THIS YEAR. They dealt from a position of strength.

    If Puig continues to behave and mature we may have just what we need to win. Win it all. The team you see today will not be the team you see October 1st. That one has the potential of being a lot better!

    1. Mark
      The Dodger anouncer said that the pitch Puig hit for the HR yesterday was a fastball.

      Was that pitch a change up or a fastball?

      1. I just watched the video on MLB app.

        89 mph. Thigh high. Middle inside. Too much of the plate for that speed and that location. He punished a mistake. It’s a very good sign.

  11. So, we are in agreement this morning?

    Good start to a beautiful day.

    Greinke v Maeda? We are early favorites in this one! -152. 7 runs. The Dodgers and the over has worked quite well for me. I see no reason to change.

  12. “One thing these FAZ guys have shown us – they don’t sit on their hands.”

    Correct, management (FAZ) is deep, all very busy looking for value.

    I may be the only one, but, I do not write off Ryu.

    Lastly, there is some good players/trade assets on your list, plus Dodgers have more. The organization is deep, FAZ will continue their quest for elite-level talent at a “reasonable” price.

      1. Quest: crusade, adventure, mission, chase, pilgrimage, journey, pursuit, cause, unfinished ….. and buried in these many synonyms – accomplishment.

        It’s an ongoing process. As far as I can tell, the elite players we have were already here when Friedman arrived. He and Farhan are still in pursuit of their own elite players. We all wish them nothing but success in their unfinished search for elite Major League talent.

        1. And, Elite: the choice or best of anything.

          Rest assured Dodger fans, FAZ’s “journey” for the “best”, AT A REASONABLE PRICE is ongoing as it has been for the last twenty months. Sure, they probably could have acquired a “Gonzalez” if they were willing to pay $40M/yr ($60M/yr with luxury tax) like NED or obtain a “Hamels/MIller” if they were willing to pay DEARLY in prospects. But then, no Seager, Urias, DeLeon, Pederson and others.

          As far as I can tell, FAZ has had to pay for a lot of “elite” level salaries, for players who were already here when they arrived and have produced very little. FAZ wisely assessed the “state of the organization” and has done a good job in separating the “wheat from the chaff”.

          While doing the above, they have built a “Juggernaut” of desirable trade assets. I can see the joy so many here have, speculating on all the various options the Dodgers have going forward. It is an exercise in abundance not scarcity. It reminds me of watching my young kid’s faces on Christmas Mornings. Excellent job FAZ!!!!

          And yes, WE AGREE, “We all wish them nothing but success in their unfinished search for elite Major League talent”. After all, that’s the least we can do for Santa FAZ.

          1. All of that money you put on Agone, is the same amount of money, MCCarthy was paid last year and this year, combined with what Kazmir is getting this year.

            Who did the most for this team, and who stayed on the field, instead of on the bench?

  13. The other answer for the starting rotation wouid be going to a six man rotation, to keep everyone fresher, as the season goes along.

    But we will need a closer, and I hope we can finally get or find a good set up pitcher, for the pen too.

    Blanton has done pretty well, but he shouldn’t be a set up guy.

    1. Many people have advocated the 6 man rotation and I like the idea. It should greatly reduce wear and tear on the pitchers, reduce injuries, and maybe allow the pitchers to go a little deeper into each game. But remember that last maybe is subject to the manager’s antsyness. Certainly give McCarthy a try at closer, I’m pretty sure we’re going to lose Jansen and I have mixed emotions about that.

      1. We still have decent relief arms in our system. Baez, Alvarez, Garcia, Liberatore, Ravin, all the young guys Mark mentioned, even Hatcher has a great arm. Can they command both the strike zone and an off speed pitch that spins DOWN? Not yet. I know they are all working on it. Next year?

  14. I love a 3 game lead on the hated ones. 4 would be even better. giants don’t hit. Hopefully, that will continue against the Rockies in Denver. Rockies sucked against the D’Backs this weekend. Go Rockies. How about getting the giants knocked out of the playoffs altogether? What a beautiful world it would be. I saw some of DeLeon’s highlights. Nasty changeup and great control of the fastball. Great body language after the strikeouts. Is he too cocky? Baseball’s unwritten rules? Spring Training will be crowded next year.A lot will depend on Kershaw’s health. So far, having about 15 starting pitchers has worked out ok. Roberts has been fantastic. I love Zack Grienke, but today he has to lose. Maybe a 3-1 type of game. giants game will be over by the time we play, so we will know what is in store.

    1. Good post, Bobbie17!

      Yes, “Let’s get the midgets knocked out of the playoffs altogether”. What a beautiful world it would be. Can not agree more, it is my dream!! And to have the Dodgers do it, would be the best!!

      I don’t think DeLeon is too cocky. Just “stoked” to be in MLB. He really wanted to play THIS year, so Vinny could broadcast it. I was very happy for the parents in the stands.

      “So far, having about 15 starting pitchers has worked out ok”. I think we will see a trend in MLB in this direction. Six man rotations, with pitchers going to Camelback during season to limit innings and injuries. Could this be FAZ pioneering something new?

      Lastly yes, let’s beat up the mercenary with our number 2, soon to be number 3, Maeda!

  15. I wonder what kind of fan reaction Zack will get tonight.

    I know if I went, I’d boo him, for leaving us for a couple extra bucks to a crappier team and division rival. Let’s see if other fans agree with me, or will act nice

    giants play at 1. Can’t wait. Happy Labor Day to those who work and/or choose to celebrate!

    1. Bobby
      A lot can happen to the Giants in four games, in Colorado.

      I hope the Rockies take off on all of the Giant pitchers.

    2. Remember recently when we were in Philadelphia, what a classy welcome Chase Utley got from their fans? I will be greatly disappointed if any Dodger fans show they have less class than Philly fans.

      1. Big difference!

        Utley had 13 years with Phillies, won a WS with them, and was traded to the Dodgers.

        Greinke had 3 years with the Dodgers and opted out of his contract with Dodgers and then turned down their offer and chose to take the money and years with AZ.

  16. Do not know how much $ Hill will get next year, probably more than FAZ will be willing to pay, but he is an entertaining and effective pitcher when the blisters let him pitch. He looks like a pitcher that could pitch late into his career like Gaylord Perry, unless the blisters keep coming. All though spin rate does decline with age. He seems to have that figured out though. Love watching hitters face’s when he sneaks that fastball by em, and I like watching his follow through when he kicks his left leg and does that little jig he does with his arms in the air. Now that’s entertainment, specially when he’s throwing shut outs.

    1. I love watching him pitch. He gets busy and has fun.

      With every passing years, we have some young guys who suddenly “get it” and others who “it gets them.”

      The thing is, we have more sheer volume of prospects now.

      Our depth is incredible!

  17. I miss not being able to post on the Dodger MLB site. Was entertaining. Not sure if I got kicked off [flagged] or if it’s just a glitch. Oh well, Laughing all the way.

    1. 1958
      I can’t imagine you getting thrown off that site, it has to be a glitch.

      Because I have seen your comments there, and I have never seen you say anything, that is sketchy.

  18. Cody Bellinger is making a statement. After 23 HR at Tulsa this year, he hit 2 HR in his AAA debut and has hit another today. He is ready sometime next season. Remember he can play 4 positions.

    1. I think Bellinger is way to athletic, to keep him at first.

      But maybe he will fill a position that the Dodgers need to fill, in the next couple years.

  19. Of course, Cody is LH and so is Verdugo, and Pederson, and Gonzo, and Seager, and Toles, and Grandal (halfway). Let’s assume that Puig rights his ship (big assumption, I know), but we need another RH Power Hitter. The Angels are rebuilding.

    Could we trade Bellinger, Calhoun, Buehler, Stewart, Pederson and Alvarez for Mike Trout?

    How about this lineup in 2017:

    1. Toles LF (L)
    2. Puig RF (R)
    3. Seager SS (L)
    4. Trout CF (R)
    5. Turner 3B (R)
    6. Gonzo 1B (L)
    7. Grandal C (L-R)
    8. Kendrick 2B (R)

    Just print the tickets.

    It’s a lot to give up. It would give us a killer lineup!

    1. Yes, it’s a lot of fun to speculate. Seems like just yesterday, all we had to look forward to was Zack Lee, either as a player or trade chip. It is going to be very interesting to see what the “small town yokels” can pull off this winter.

      1. Why is every post you make in chauvinistic defense of FAZ? It’s like you troll him out here to get hits. It makes people dislike him more each time you do it. Some of us understand what he (in theory) is trying to do and we endorse it, we just think he should slow down his efforts and ease into it. Guggenheim has lots of money, spend a few million now to make the seasons more pleasant waiting for our crops to mature.

    2. Not sure I want to go that way but it makes a lot, repeat, lot, more sense that that silly Kershaw for Trout trade someone came up with yesterday. Even the Angels aren’t that dumb!

      1. Why would the Dodgers want to stay old at third and first and give up their young pitching core with that trade instead of trading Kershaw and keeping most of their young players? The Dodgers have the most depth in pitching and that makes kershaw tradable. If you want to add Dodgers to that Kershaw for Trout trade okay.

    3. That sure is a lot to give up but we’re talking about the BEST player in baseball. Two things bother me though:
      1. Trout only has 4 more years before he becomes a free agent($132MM left)
      2. Who would we have at 1B after AGon leaves

      I would do the deal IF we substituted perhaps Verdugo and a lesser player for Bellinger.

    4. I really like that line up.

      I can’t even imagine Trout and Corey on the same team, let alone, batting side by side.

      Trout would be one great right hand bat, to have.

      And his bat, would be even better, surrounded by our lefties.

    5. I would switch Puig and Trout in the lineup. Trout has the vast majority of his AB’s in the #1.#2.#3 positions. I would also switch Grandal and Kendrick. Guess that’s just nitpicking though.

    6. That would be opposite to the Plan that you support. The Dodgers are going to get younger.

      Here is the future Mark:

      Rotation: Urias, De Leon, Buehler, Alvarez, Stewart.

      CF Pederson
      3B Turner
      SS Seager
      RF Trout
      1B Bellinger
      LF Thompson/Verdugo
      C Grandal
      2B Calhoun/Kike’

  20. Mark, Beuhler and Bellinger are untouchable. This winter is going to be very interesting. We have a lot of assests that will need to be traded for prospects. Where does Toles and Thompson fit in the outfield. You could put Thompson in left, Toles in center and Puig in right. All good young aggressive hitters. Also two right handed batters. Toles could be our lead off hitter. Move Kendrick to second and keep Utley one more year for leadership. I would take that team in a heartbeat.

      1. The points we’ve all made are mute though. Trout isn’t going anywhere until he gets closer to free agency. If he was traded during this off-season the fans would go ballistic!! Remember what Watts looked like!!!
        One other point. Trout actually hits 25 points better vs RHP than LHP for his career.

  21. According to Baseball-Reference based on a 162 game Average for Mike Trout:
    2B-36; 3B-7; HR-34; RBI- 100; AVE-.307;OBP-404; OPS-.966.
    and to top it off: 28/5=85% SB Pct.

  22. Forget Mike Trout. Think about the chat rooms of 29 other teams figuring out ways they could get Kershaw from us. Trout not gonna happen.

    Seager, Urias, De Leon, Bellinger, Buehler, Verdugo, Alvarez, Calhoun, Diaz, Puig, Pederson, Toles, Lux – it’s a long list of talent that can be team controlled for years. Add the occasional free agent star, and not the McCarthy’s or the Kazmir’s, but rather the Harper’s and the Chapman’s and the Machado’s, maybe Fernandez or Keuchel in ’18, guys that fit and will add wins. This can be done, but it starts with not trading 3 top prospects for a rental. Don’t do that again.


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