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Dodgers 6 Runs Not Enough, As Pitching Gives Up 8

Tonight the Dodgers opened a four-game series at PNC Park with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Nick Tepesch got his first start as a Dodger.
SPOILER ALERT: He was terrible!

2nd inning
Tepesch gave up three consecutive hits. Toss in Yasiel Puig missing the cut-off man (again) and you get the Pirates up 2-0.
In the time it took me to pour a cold drink and return to the game, it became 4-0. Sheesh!
Back to back doubles from Corey Seager and Justin Turner got the Dodgers on the board 4-1.


Pirates pitcher Jameson Taillon slipped mid-pitch and balked Turner home. 4-2

3rd inning  Bucs 4-2
Tepesch gave up an immediate home run to give a run back to the Bucs. 5-2

5th inning  Bucs 5-2
Tepesch settled down after the third and didn’t give up any more runs. He was lifted for pinch-hitter Scott Van Slyke, who walked.
Chase Utley followed with a double to put men on second and third with nobody out.
Corey Seager hit an RBI single to make the score 5-3.

Justin Turner was hit by a pitch to load the bases for Adrian Gonzalez. Sac fly 5-4
Louis Coleman in for the Dodgers.
He allowed the Bucs to nibble and gnaw for two more runs. 7-4

6th inning  Bucs 7-4
Yasiel Puig opened things up with a monster shot to the upper deck in left field. 7-5

Justin Turner came up with the bases loaded and one out. Sac fly 7-6

7th inning Bucs 7-6
Chris Hatcher gave up a mammoth home run to make it 8-6, and that’s the way the game ended.

Dodgers lose 8-6

The Dodgers had been on a hot streak, winning six in a row. The Pirates had lost three in a row and 15 of their last 23. Things were looking good for the boys in blue.

Victory was not to be, as Nick Tepesch had a lousy Dodgers debut, giving up five fast runs. Athough the Dodgers battled back to get within one run in the fifth, the pitching bad luck did not leave with Tepesch. The recently reliable bullpen faltered tonight as Coleman and Hatcher gave up three more runs.

The bright spot tonight was the way the offense valiantly kept on punching back. They chipped away at Buc leads of 4-0, 5-2, and 7-4. Unfortunately, the mountain of Pirates runs was just too high to overcome.

In personal bright spots, Corey Seager had the second four-hit game of his career, with a double, an RBI, and he scored a run.

Nick Tepesch went 4 innings with 7 hits, 5 runs, 0 walks, 3 Ks, 1 HR.  ERA 11.25

Home run: Yasiel Puig

Doubles: Turner, Seager, Utley

Team with RISP: 3 for 8  Not bad, but done in by bad pitching.

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

64 thoughts on “Dodgers 6 Runs Not Enough, As Pitching Gives Up 8

  1. A very graphic illustration of the problems that the Dodgers have with their starting pitching. It’s almost as if they are playing ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ by choosing who is going to join their rotation. They are simply hoping for luck, and so far, it has eluded them. In the past, teams would consolidate 4 starters and add a 5th if they were up to snuff. Dodgers have only 1 reliable starter. The others we pray can last 6 innings.

    But, luck has not eluded many of the hitters who are starting to respond with some life. Puig could be back on track and it was obviously the right move starting him in RF over Thompson who is slumping and looking like Pederson did last year. Agone is without power and unable to hit a fly ball. Luckily, Turner and Seager are on fire and Utley continues to have a consistent season.

    What to do about our woeful catchers?

    1. We are a staff of 6 inning pitchers. Some nights it’s going to be 4 or 5. That’s just who these guys are. I wonder if Kershaw feels pressure to go that extra inning to keep the bullpen out of it.

      Catchers? We play who we got.

      If we can hit, we can play with any team in the league. We were in this one. But, when you have to score 9 to win?

      Isn’t it about De Leon’s turn again in OKC?

      1. Badger
        Kershaw and Greinke, when he was here, always felt they had to pitch almost eight innings, every time they pitched, to get the ball to Kenley.

        Because the rest of the bullpen couldn’t be trusted, to get the ball to Kenley, to get the win.

        I have always felt that that was partially why, Kershaw has had trouble pitching effectively in the post season.

        Because of all of this, along with the pressure Kershaw puts on himself, causes Kershaw to pitch more stressful innings, unlike Bumgarner, who has always pitched better, in the post season, then Kershaw.

        Bumgarner has always had a decent bullpen behind him, and a really good manager, that handles a bullpen, better then anyone in baseball, right now.

        The problem this year, is even more profound, then in prior years, because Greinke is gone, and most of the new pitchers, just can’t pitch deep into games.

        And because of this, the bullpen is really vulnerable, and over worked, and they will be even more exposed, as the season goes along. Like I have said before, the front office, really under estimated, what two ace pitchers can do for a team, in the long baseball season.

        Kershaw and Greinke, pitching on the top of the rotation, is the only reason the Dodgers were able to win National League West last year.

        Even though the rest of the rotation, was seriously lacking.

      2. Deleon has been in exactly 4 games with a record of 0-0 and a 2.40 ERA. He has pitched 15 innings. I doubt he is in a position to be of any help at all. Brock Stewart, who was recently promoted to AAA is 3-0 with a 2.89 ERA in 18.2 innings pitched. He has allowed 3 HR’s though in those 18 innings.

        1. De Leon was next up. He went 4 innings last time out. If he could give us 5 I’d take him over all those other hamburgers.

  2. Hope the Dodgers don’t miss the playoffs by 1 game (unlikely, I know) – and that it was the decision to start a loser like Tepesch that cost them.

  3. I might be wrong — but I believe part of the season has a snap-shot like this one:

    last night both AGonz and Belt (Giants) came up to bat with the bases loaded in their games. Belt drove in all three runners with a big blast to deep center field over everyone, had a double. AGonz hits a little ground ball to the first baseman to end the evening.

    1. Belt has his best years in front of him.

      There are numerous bloated at the back end contracts in MLB. We certainly don’t have exclusives on that market. But here’s the thing, the current status of baseball finance allows it. And, borrowing against the future is the American way. Will it collapse? Many, including me, don’t think it’s sustainable but, everywhere you look, on it goes. Baseball is a 1% business. There’s plenty of income to support the debt. Right? We have already sold 3,000,000 tickets and the tv deal is in place for 20 years. What we owe Gonzalez is a drop in the bucket.

      Is AGon done? Maybe. I think it’s clear whatever is going on with him needs to be addressed. His contract, despite the bellowing of some, is not a problem for the Dodgers. What is a problem is his production. How do we reproduce what he has meant to this offense? We don’t this year. We have no 100 RBI guy on this team. Well, maybe Seager, a rookie. I guess we’ll see. Bat him 3 or 4 and see what happens.

    2. Roger
      Agone was facing a really tough relief pitcher, when he batted.

      The Pirates have some tough relief pitchers, once they reach the seventh, eighth and ninth innings.

      And they have a really good record, if they have the lead at that point of the game.

    3. Roger
      I saw Belts’s hit last night, and it was hit deep into center, just before the same wall, where Agone hit a double against when we last played in SF.

      And if you remember, Agone hit a HR to leftfield to give the Dodgers the go ahead run, in the ninth inning, but Kenley couldn’t save the game that night.

  4. To me it is obvious that A-Gon is hurting, and he is hurting the team by playing… I think he should go on the DL even if it’s for a month… unless rest isn’t going to do it. If he needs surgery, get it over with – this ain’t working.

    Here’s how deep the talent is in the farm system – Brock Stewart was not even a TOP 30 prospect at the start of the season. He was drafted in 2014 and that is when he started pitching. He pitched 34 innings in 2014. In 2015, he pitched 101 innings at A and A+. While he pitched well at Great Lakes, he struggles at RC (5.43).

    This year, he started at RC, where he put up an 0.82 ERA. Then he was moved to AA where he put up a 1.12 ERA. In short order he was promoted to OKC where he has a 2.89 ERA after 3 games and is 3-0 with a 0.857 WHIP. The Dodgers want to be cautious with him – I get that, but unlike Urias, he is 24 years old and should be ready for at least 160-170 innings. Right now, he has less than 90 IP, but what a whirlwind – A, AA and AAA mastery in half a season.

    They are talking about calling him up to make the next start. I watched him twice last year and I have seen him three times this year. My only question is whether he can handle the mental aspect, but after all, he is nearly 25 (24 and 266 days old). I think I would call him up. Last night, he went 6 at OKC allowed 4 hits, 2 runs and struck out 10. Yes, he’s likely a 6 inning pitcher this season, but look at the other teams too. They all have that problem.

    And … don’t look now, but there’s also Trevor Oaks at Tulsa who pitched 7 innings at Tulsa and moved his record to 8-1 with a 2.14 ERA. He was also drafted in 2014 and not a TOP 30 Prospect this year. He’s not a strikeout pitcher like Stewart, but has “Kershaw-like control”.

    At Tulsa there is also Chase DeJong (7-4 with a 2.64 ERA/1.00 WHIP) and Scott Barlow (3-4, 2.94 ERA 1.22 WHIP). They struggle a little more with control.

    Stripling, Cotton, De Leon, Ryu, McCarthy, Anderson, Barlow and others – I can’t see making a trade right now… just as they are nearing ready. I think it would be flat-out stupid!

    1. Can’t argue with your reasoning on pitching. But perhaps scoring a few more runs will make up for our presently flawed pitchers and help in that department is not waiting in the Oklahoma wings, we need to trade for it.

    2. Mark and Badger you are right, if Agone is hurting Roberts needs to make him take some days off.

      It is hard to do that right now, with the Giants winning almost every game they play.

      Because Agone helps keep the infield together, and is getting hits.

      And Agone has not been terrible, but we always expect more from him, because he has always been gold, when it comes to RBIs.

      It is not like he isn’t getting hits, or not contributing at all, so maybe Roberts should just move him down in the order, if he continues to have problems.

      I still think it might not be as bad as everyone thinks.

      And Agone does have really good numbers, away from Dodger stadium.

      1. He is in a natural decline. He is 34, and his skills have gone downhill the last couple of years. He would be more productive with some days off I have no doubt. They could call up Segedin, and send Kike down. Okoye Dickson is playing pretty well at OKC too, so they have some options……but exercising them does not seem to be something they want to do. Charlie Culberson is playing well down there too….

    3. Mark
      Why does it seem like all of the pitchers in AAA pitch only six innings?

      And how often do the starters pitch in AAA?

  5. Tepesch was pitching ok in the minors too. But, that’s why they are there. Might as well keep throwing them out there. One of them might actually be good.

    Agree about AGon. Give him some jacuzzi time. We have Grandal and Van Slyke to platoon in his place.

    1. Grandal? Please….he cannot hit when he catches…..and he is the #1 catcher now….I trust SVS or Kendrick over there more than Mr. Rally Killer….

  6. Well, we’re favored today. 8 runs. Must be because we are facing a guy with an ERA well over 5. He has as many wins as does Maeda so he must be doing something right. I’m not picking anyone today. Gonna sit this one out.

    Anybody seen Jose De Leon? He’s about 6’2″, 200 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, last seen wearing a blue hat.

    FanSided says we are targeting a starter, a reliever, and a bat. What? No glove?

    1. Badger
      That is part of the reason why I am mad about the front office signing pitchers with long injury histories.

      Because the Dodgers might have to give up one of there really good pitching prospects, to get a starting pitcher, to help fill there depleted starting rotation.

      And this may cost them a valuable pitching prospect, or cost them even more money, besides, the money they are already paying these injured pitchers, that are not able to make there starts.

      And who have been injured, most of there contracts.

      It just seems like it would be better, to pay a little more and get a reliable starting pitcher.

      Then sign a pitcher with a long injury history, that is not likely to make most of there starts.

      And because they probably won’t make there starts, this can cost a lot more down the rode.

      Because they will have to get pitchers, that will make the starts, for these often injured pitchers, who can’t be counted on, to make there starts.

  7. 7 games back and sinking…..Giants 7 games up and streaking. I predict a split with the Buc’s, then lose 2 of 3 to the Brewers. That’s just the way the road trips have been playing out. Then 9 at home prior to the mid season classic…..Prediction. Dodgers will be at least 9 games back at the break…..

    1. Given the long home stand I say we cut into that lead. I’ll predict 5 back of SF at the AS break.

  8. -7 games now, and counting. I agree with the notion to bring up from AA or AAA any starter whose turn it is to pitch. No more retreads. It’s time to get younger. NOW. A Bay Area newspaper talking about giants starters and Dodgers starters minus Kershaw:” But don’t worry, analytics mastermind Andrew Friedman has a 10-year plan.” While we are doing the “10 year plan”, the giants will have another 2-3 championships. They are laughing all the way to the bank right now. Having to wait on these pitchers to get their elbows, shoulders, hips, legs ready to play a game they have trained for their entire lives forces a team to go free agency to plug t he hole waiting causes. I don’t think it’s worth it. Play these guys with reasonable caution. If they flame out, there will be others.

    1. The Giants model is clearly working. They got a bit of luck with Posey and Bumgarner working out so well. But we have some good young players too. Our problem appears to be support players. They get Cueto, we get Kazmir. I’m thinking that’s the difference right now. You switch those two pitchers and I like our team better.

      Can we catch those guys? I’d be called a negative moron if I said I doubt it. But if we don’t make some moves, I do doubt it. To make the needed changes would compromise the future. Frankly I hope we don’t do that. At this point, stay the course.

      1. That’s my one big gripe with this front office. They had money on the table they were willing to give Grienke for five years. I advocated they offer Cueto a front loaded contract with an opt out so the the team isn’t stuck with an expensive contract for five years. That’s pretty much with SF did, and that’s the difference maker.

        I’m ok with the reasoning behind McCarthy and Anderson. I’m ok with passing on Hamels if it meant Urias, DeLeon or Seager. I understand there were injury concerns with Cueto, and his audition with the Royals in August wasn’t confidence inspiring aside from the WS game, but damn, I think they blew it on that one. …and it’s to the Giants no less.

        The Giants and Dodgers have differing models. Yes, the Giants have the uncanny luck of winning the WS on even years, but they’ve stunk in the intervening years. Winning a WS involves quite a bit of luck. Bum carried them on his back in the playoffs in 14, Kershaw stumbled. Those scenarios easily could have and should have been reversed. I think I’d rather have a team that is consistently excellent and wins the division or makes the playoffs every year, not just every other year. Those are better odds.

        Realistically the Dodgers won’t catch the Giants….but….The Dodger’s bats are starting to wake up a little, and they’re 6-1 the last seven games. Are the Giants going to stay this hot all year? Bummer about Montas, and Ryu and McCarthy haven’t overwhelmed in their rehab starts so far, but the Dodgers could have a much better team after the ASB

        -Ryu and McCarthy slowly hopefully regaining their form, which would make a solid five man rotation.
        – Puig, Kendrick Turner (and Grandal can’t continue to be that bad) hitting better…and Ethier back. Who knows about Agon, but Seager has essentially replaced him as The Guy.
        – one or two more bullpen pieces. I don’t know if Diaz is ready yet. FAZ was willing to trade for Chapman before. Seems reasonable they’d give up SOME prospects in a trade for a guy or two.

        I think it is likely that the Dodgers will be better in the second half, not worse.
        I think it is likely the Giants will worse in the second half, not better.

        1. Patch, personally I’ve reached the point where I would settle for a World Series every other year. Or even one more before I buy the farm. I agree that it is unlikely the Giants can keep up this pace. I’m not sure about the Dodgers. A lot will depend on what each team does at the trade deadline. I don’t expect the Giants to stand pat but their lack of top prospects may limit what they can do. Obviously, I was underwhelmed with our effort last year.

          Oh, and you’re right about Cueto, blah-blah.

        2. Dodger patch
          I really didn’t want Cueto but I totally agree with your thoughts, about getting Cueto and front loading his contract, and giving him that opt out, after two years. At least there is a chance, that Cueto will opt out, with the way he is pitching now.

          I guess we won’t know, if it was good for the Giants to sign Cueto, until that opt out comes, but it does look good at this point, in the season.

          And it is more likely that Cueto will be opting out, then Kazmir at that time.

          I thought the opt out for Kazmir, was just a fantasy in the front office’s minds, because even if Kazmir was pitching well at this time, I still don’t think, he would opt out of that multi year contract.

          Because only a few years ago, Kazmir, was DF’A by the Angels, after the Angels had given him a multi year contract, because Kazmir was not effective enough, to pitch in the major leagues at that time.

          What team is going to take a chance with a multi year contract, with a pitcher, that wasn’t able to compete at the major league level, not to long ago, especially with a pitcher, who is not getting even younger?

      1. It’s A ball. That’s a lower level than Junior Varsity. If there is one guy there that is a future star, don’t let him leave the bench in a brawl. Knowing this organization he’d throw one punch and need TJ surgery the next day.

    1. Yep.

      4 IP, 11 hits, 2 HR’s, 8 earned. He threw 77 pitches, 57 strikes. Bolsinger relieved him. 2.2nIP, 2 hits 5 k’s, no runs.

  9. Okay, here goes. Look, I want the Dodgers to be good for the long haul. I am sure we all do. And of course none of us, including the self appointed master of this page, Mark Timmons has a clue what the front offices long range plans are. I also think they could have accomplished both the long term and winning now with a little more common sense in the free agent signings they have done. Does anyone else realize that we are stuck with Kazmir for 2 more years after this? Unless he totally turns his season around and uses his opt out clause, he by the grace and benevolent good will of Andrew Friedman and Faidi is a Dodger through 2018. McCarthy has 2 more years after this year. So we are stuck with 2 mediocre pitchers for at least 2 more years unless some GM who is out of his mind decides to take them off our hands. Now CK can opt out. Unless they can win now, he just might. We are then saddled with no ace, and not a chance in hell of keeping up with SF or anyone else unless our prize rookies do a bang up job. I think winning now is important because of Kershaw. He would want to stay with a winner, but he would move on if the Dodgers cannot get him to the Series. They could have avoided this dilemma with a little more money going to a real #2 starter instead of wasting all that cash on Kazmir. Maeda has done well, but he is not a #2. There needs to be another stopper besides Kersh. Their plan is only obvious to them. We the fans have no clue what they are up to. But I remember the great years. I remember the Dodgers with a great farm system, and yet still being able to get that piece when they needed it. I also remember a lot of great prospects not panning out. So yeah, we have some great kids in the system…..Maybe 1 in 10 will turn into solid MLB players. I also read that they are targeting a starter, a reliever and a bat. I loved Badger’s response…..what? No glove? If the bat is a catcher and it gets Grandal out of LA, I am all for it.

    1. You might pine for the good ‘ole days, but you do realize the three straight division titles the Dodgers have just won is the first time the franchise has done that, right? Excellence followed by mediocrity. That’s how the pattern typically works. As an organization, you kind of get lucky.

      True, most prospects don’t pan out. But you increase your luck, you improve your odds by stockpiling lots of them. In Vegas, in the end the house always wins, no matter what. There is a built in odds advantage in every game of chance there. By spending their resources on building a foundation, the Dodgers put themselves in the position of being the house and all the other teams playing their coin slots. Every once in a while one of them will hit the jackpot, but in the end the Dodgers will come out ahead….I hope.

      1. No one would argue that having a deep farm system loaded with prospects is a bad thing. But prospects have a shelf life; at some point you will have to put them on the 40-man or risk losing them in the Rule 5 draft. That’s where the GM’s job gets dicey.

        As others have pointed out, most of our top prospects are pitchers, and even though there are fewer this year than we started with, there isn’t going to be room for all of them. At some other positions, at least in the upper levels, we’re
        weak. Even the Cubs weren’t built strictly from prospects.

        Does anyone remember when the Dodgers had three Triple-A teams? How did Buzzie Bavasi even remember all the names?

      2. So they won 3 division titles…whoop dee doo. They went to 4 world series in 7 years between 1959 and 1966. They won 3 and lost 1. They swept the Yankees, battled the White Sox in 6 and beat the Twins in 7. And what won those series? It sure was not the hitting. It was a 1-2 punch of Koufax and Drysdale, solid relief pitching and # 3 & 4 starters who could actually win a game. We went to 3 world series in the 70’s and 2 in the 80’s. We have not been back since. I am glad the farm system is well stocked, I still doubt out of those top 30 prospects that more than 5 become solid big leaguers. Those teams were built to win. This team is built to be as close as it can, and hope that help arrives in time. It ain’t happening unless they commit to winning. I do not trust Fried Brains to do anything to improve this team, and I am throwing down the gauntlet that he go ahead and make me a liar, or at least wrong. He did make a trade last year at the deadline, that did little to improve the team. They get beat tonight by a pitcher with a ERA over 5, who also no hits them for 5 innings. There is no continuity in the lineup which is littered with role players. It is hard to watch this collection of castoffs, and injury prone players. The core players are not doing the job except Seager, and Jansen, and Kershaw. Utley has been pretty steady, but he was not even supposed to be the starting 2B. Gonzo is way below his averages, Pederson is inconsistent, Thompson is slumping, Puig has showed some life, SVS is shaking off the rust. Kendrick has been so so . Kike and Grandal have been flat out LOUSY. Turner has been better lately, but there is no consistent offense, the BP is overworked because the starters cannot go more than 6 innings. All in all, they are extremely lucky to only be 7 back, and after the Giants most likely beat the crap out of Philly again, they will be 8………I rest my case.

    2. I look at our Top 10 prospects and I think I see 10 players that will make it to the Show and nearly half of them have the potential to be All Stars. Urias is still on the list. Holmes, Bellinger, Thompson, Verdugo, De Leon, Diaz, and Montas all could be special players. Buehler, Cotton, and Alvarez should all make it. Take what we have here already, add the right free agents, throw all of it in the air, and it may land in first place for three straight years ……… but not yet.

        1. I didn’t see that name until he was listed as the starting pitcher. You say the name Tepesch it means nothing to me. But as you can see, I like saying Tepesch it. Has a ring to it – don’t you think?

      1. Sorry Badger…..past history suggests that is highly unlikely. And none of those guys are going to be any help for at least the next 2 years. Urias is being held to 100 innings……He needs to be close to 160 to be of any help……and next year, they will probably keep him around 140……The kids have promise, but until they show it in the show, I am not a believer.

  10. DeLeon starts tonight. If he has a good one, and he can go 6, then maybe he’ ready. Next man up.

    Hell, he’s our top pitching prospect now that Urias is up here. At least he’d be more intersting to watch than Tepesh.

    1. I agree. He’s 23. He’s our top pitching prospect. Tune him up and get him in there.

      The FAZ plan is simple enough. Bedazzle with brilliance later, baffle with bullshit now.

      Blah blah blah

      3 Division titles and gone in the playoffs. What went wrong? Pitching, lack of clutch hitting and poor leadership. How to fix that? Keep throwing Tepesch it against the wall til some of it sticks.

        1. Got me. The starters should be on the same 5 day schedule. But I don’t know about guys coming off surgery. With so many of them maybe the schedule is skewed.

      1. The Dodgers need an emergency spot start and call up some guy from AAA, lose a game after winning six straight, and people completely lose their minds.

        Trepesh – the key to the FAZ sinister master plan…..muhuhahaha!!

        “Blah blah…Hamels…..blah blah…swallowed the olive…blah…could have had him for Zack Lee and a bag of balls….blah blah.” LOL

        1. Completely lose their minds?

          And some people resort to hyperbolic bloviating. Which can lead to mind loss. Seek help. Or do what I do, medical marijuana. It cools the jabberwhack while igniting the give a sh*t jets.

  11. Scott
    Have you heard any news about Ethier?

    He was suppose to go in and get a scan last Thursday I believe, and I haven’t seen anything about his recent results.

    1. Taylor is having an outstanding year so far. 1 for 3 with Seattle, 6 for 12 with OKC. That’s an OPS of a lot.

      Is he in the lineup today?


  12. If you want to compare the Dodgers to the Giants, you have to look at all the home grown players:

    Posey, Belt, Panik, Crawford, Duffey, Parker, Susac, Brown and Williamson are all home grown. They can field a team of position players that are all home grown. The Dodgers are trying to get there.

    I like Chris Taylor a lot. He’s a baller and the only true backup SS on the team. Kike could be trade bait. Kike is more versatile but not a true SS. Culberson is not a backup SS… if fact, Culberson is not all that. He’s organizational depth. I think FAZ did well in getting Taylor for Lee.

    On Ethier: They scanned his brain. The results were negative… I’ve had the same problem.

    I have my tickets for 7/5/16 – Section 31FD, Row N, Seats 1-4. I am not sure if I will be there on this 6th or not. This trip is (ALMOST) all business.

  13. “If you want to compare the Dodgers to the Giants, you have to look at all the home grown players”

    Why do I have to that? I would rather compare starting lineups and pitching staffs. All we need is a thumper, another ace and a standout reliever and we compare nicely.

    Yeah, it will be cool when the guys we bring up all compete for ROY. That’s how we usta do it before we sold out to corporations. Can we get that magic back? Seager is a good start.

    I like the new, kinder, gentler Mark. What got into you? Preparing for a public appearance maybe?

    1. I’m not kinder and gentler – you are just not saying your typical dumb stuff so I have no issues!

      … or maybe I am getting numb to it!

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