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Dodgers Clips From The Jim Rome Show

Here are a few video clips about the Dodgers from the Jim Rome show. Both videos discuss Dodger’s manager Dave Roberts and his future in Los Angeles. Of course Roberts is under contract and will be returning to the Dodger’s dugout in 2020 much to the chagrin of a lot of Dodger fans. They also talk about the Dodger’s offseason plans as well. Check them out and check out the Jim Rome Show too, whenever you get a chance.



Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

11 thoughts on “Dodgers Clips From The Jim Rome Show

  1. Yeah Scott,

    Pretty much sums it up. Really pinpoints the mistakes that Roberts made with his use of Kershaw and Kelly after Buehler pitched a great game.

    I still remember the last move by DR, that shocked me. The Dodgers had their backs to the wall, and the Dodgers only hope was to get runners on base and rally for at least four runs. What does DR do? He pinch hits Pollock for Pederson, who by the way was 2-4. What does Pollock do? AJ strikes out… game basically over as the Dodgers lose a precious out, opening up the bottom of the 10th.

    “Mr. Choke-tober” Kershaw, “Whole Body-itus” Kelly, and “0-13, 11 KO” Pollock were a big punch in the gut, in Game 5.

    I think the that the Early exit in losing the NLDS really hurt them. A lot of tears in the clubhouse. They knew they blew it, big time. They know that there will be a lot of changes with this team, come 2020. Everyone is accountable…. Everyone is expendable, except for the culprits. We all know that DR “AND” Friedman will be back for 2020 and beyond. And worst of all, we know they are stuck with Kershaw, Kelly, and Pollock (and Jansen)…. $57 Million in salary next season. Whew… what a waste.

      1. Possibly so, Ken, but IMO this Dodger team was no match to the Cards. Cards would have been all over the Dodger pitching staff. Washington had the pitching that gelled at the right time, and totally dominated the Cards. I think that after stealing the series from the Dodgers, they were on “Cloud 9”, and went into the NLCS full of confidence and momentum.

      2. Ken. Of course. Wholly agree.

        9/10 times (maybe 7/10 with Roberts) the Dodgers win Game 5.

        But we knew getting to a 3rd straight WS was statistically very, very hard.

        This (that) is why. The game and the breaks go against you.

        Sadly, the team still has Roberts.

        Happily, the team still has the core that won 106 games.

        I’m hoping they can find a way to bring in Rendon on terms the FO finds acceptable. To me, that’s the big fish to reel in this summer.

        I also find it very interesting that multiple sources have implied Seager may be a trade candidate. Obviously he has value, but who would want/trade for him. To paraphrase what Pedro Moura wrote, “there’s only so many players you can trade to the Reds.”

        1. A bit more balance in the lineup as far as the big run producers go might help. meaning I concur with getting Rendon, and JT said he would gladly change positions. Rendon is an impact RHB that this team sorely needs. Being too left handed makes it somewhat easier for the opposition to match up with us.

  2. My recipe for postseason sucess:

    2 elite top 20 pitchers who can pitch on short rest or from bullpen. (buehler + ???)
    1 average starting pitcher (kershaw)
    1 above average closer (???)
    2 above average middle relievers (maeda + ???)
    2 elite Top 20 position players (bellinger* + ???)
    3 above average position players (turner+muncy+verdugo+seager)
    1 swiss army knife (taylor)
    1 average catcher (will smith)
    1 above average manager (????????????????)

    The coaching staff, scouting, analytics etc… are the spices.

    (normally I would add a Loogy, but that may be extinct. Maybe substitute one more “above average middle reliever” for best results)

  3. Should we all be thankful that Roberts and Friedman saved us from later embarrassment against the Cards or Astros? Food for thought, lol.

    Haven’t watched a damn minute of any future games since Kershaw and Roberts yanked defeat from the jaws of victory. What an fn embarrassment!

    1. Ditto, True.

      Definitely spared another World Series embarrassment.

      Early exit was the best thing that could have happened to the listless Dodgers.

      I hope the Dodger players are watching little “Mighty Mouse” Altuve demonstrate what it takes to bring his game to the next level. Take good notes, all you Dodgers who tanked in October.

      1. Hey Bluefan
        I keep seeing how the Astros are such a superior team to the Dodgers and Dodgers don’t have the great players that the Astros have and I hope Roberts was paying attention to how these big PS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MANAGED. Hinch knew of all the right moves to make and the Astros did not have to shuffle the whole lineup around either in these games .

        1. Absolutely right, Paul.

          October is a whole new ballgame. You have to go with your best hand…. no time to be rolling the dice and hoping your intuitions will materialize. Those spreadsheets don’t mean squat. Your faith and devotion to your favorite players cannot be relied upon. After 162 games, you know which players have “IT”, and those who do not. But, I do have to give DR the benefit of the doubt, because he did not have many players to go to, because few had the “IT” Factor…. Muncy, Buehler, Ryu, and Maeda were just about the only players who showed up and came to play.

          1. True that about those players ya mentioned that came to play. And honestly, another thing that is so noticeable is how much better of a starting rotation the Astros were able to go into the PS with. Same with the Nationals. That is why both those teams are in this year’s WS. One other thing I believe the entire NL is thankful for is that Roberts WILL NOT be the ASG manager for the NL All Star team. Fittingly enough, a Dodger pitcher was the losing pitcher in each of these past 2 ASG…go figure.

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