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Dodgers Field ‘B’ Squad, Net Expected Results, Lose 2-1

Tonight was the third of a four game series against the Cubs, pitting Mike (Trampoline) Bolsinger against Jon Lester. Wih Yasiel Puig , Chase Utley and Adrian Gonzalez sitting the game out, Bolsinger got the B Squad to back him up.

In other things to watch for, the start for Carl Crawford gave him a golden opportunity to score the one-thousandth run of his career.

The action began right off with the first batter of the game.

1st inning
Kike batting lead off, HOME RUN! Dodgers up 1-0

2nd inning  Dodgers 1-0
Lester struck out the side with the help of a generous strike zone. Carl Crawford helped by swinging wildly at everything.

3rd inning  Dodgers 1-0
Chris Bryant got a home cookin’ curve ball from Bolsinger, and he took him out and over the ivy for a two-run home run to give the Cubs the lead. 2-1

5th inning  Cubs 2-1
Bolsinger settled down after that shaky third inning, with a little help this time from the ump’s high and slightly wide strike zone.

6th inning Cubs 2-1
Bolsinger done. Pedro Baez in.
1,2, 3 inning for Baez. He also pitched a 1,2,3 inning in the 7th.

8th inning  Cubs 2-1
A whole lotta nothing since the first inning. If Kike did not catch that lightning in the bottle back in the first inning, Lester would be closing in on a shutout.
Casey Fien in. He’s been very good up to this point. This time he allowed his first base runner (after facing nine batters as a Dodger), but he still struck out the side.

9th inning  Cubs 2-1
Lester in to complete the game. He did. Lester retired 14 Dodgers in a row for his first complete game of the year.

Dodgers Lose 2-1

Mike Bolsinger only gave up two hits and pitched well enough to win. Unfortunately, the offense did not hit well enough to win. Lester pitched well for the Cubs, but the Dodgers’ lineup looked anemic on paper before the game, and they played that way in reality. Just as I feared, Justin Turner inexplicably returned to the top third of the lineup, and he was a big hole every time the top batters came up.

On the bright side, Pedro Baez showed confidence and a return to form on the mound tonight. He pitched at a reasonable pace, and definitely brought the speed with his high heater. He sat six in a row, and I’ll be in his corner the next time he pitches.

Tomorrow is a Chicago day game, which makes it an LA morning game. BTW, kid phenom Julio Urias will take the mound for the Dodgers. He’ll be wearing Boomer’s number.

Mike Bolsinger (1-2) went 5 innings with 2 hits, 2 runs, 2 walks, 6 Ks and 1 home run.   ERA 4.20

Home run: Kike Hernandez

Double: Trayce Thompson

Team with RISP: 0 for 2






Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

26 thoughts on “Dodgers Field ‘B’ Squad, Net Expected Results, Lose 2-1

  1. Courtesy of MLB Trade, in reference to the recent injury to Alex Wood, “The Dodgers’ rotation entered play today with the third-best ERA of any team in the Majors, though that mark is skewed to some extent by Kershaw’s dominance. As a collective unit they’ve posted a strong 3.41 ERA, but non-Kershaw starters have provided skipper Dave Roberts and his staff with a more pedestrian 4.14 ERA.”


  2. Well I guess that was the expected result with the lineup fielded.

    Seems strange, given the traction we have been getting, to throw out that team?

    The Starting Rotation is really trying to help us, but unfortunately there are only a couple of hitters in form (and we benched them both last night).

    We need some other batters to step up quickly.

    1. Watford
      It really did seem like a throw away game. I still don’t understand why people don’t realize just how good Agone is.

      He is the best situation hitter on the Dodgers. And since he has came to the Dodgers, the team has give away the guys that were hitting in front and back of him.

      And there have been no replacements, for those bats. But he still finds a way, to help this team, so he is always missed, when he is not in the line up.

      And Chase is very valuable, in his own right. I can’t imagine just how bad it had to be for Chase, when he was still with the Phillies, when they were no longer competitive. He is such a competitor.

      After Chase had that big series against the Mets, all of the people at the MLB Channel, stopped saying anything bad about him. All they could say, was what a alpha player, Chase is.

  3. Turner had been hitting lefties pretty well this year. I think Lester and the big strike zone was just too much for the Dodgers. I’m not sure AGon and Chase would have done better, but they could hardly have done worse. Some depth.

  4. Well, I looked at the stats this morning and the Dodgers team ERA is 4th in all of major league baseball!

    The bullpen is now up to 8th which is .14 behind the Cubs in 7th.

    Last year, the bullpen was 19th in MLB ERA, so I wish you would quit spewing the bullshit that FAZ “did nothing to help the pen.” There, I said it and it’s true. So, quit rambling with that weak crap! They improved the pen immensely with Blanton, Coleman, Liberatore and Fein. What no one should have expected is the complete regression of Hatcher and Baez. Both are on a short leash.

    I see Garlick was promoted to AA and Scott Barlow is on a fast track to MLB. He could make a start or four for the Dodgers this year! Maybe….

    I have a lot of confidence that the pen will improve even more. The hitting is what worries me the most, but I believe will even out the second half. You FAZaPhobes (I like that) are losing material, but I am sure you will “manufacture” something else.

    1. They really haven’t done a very good job so far. We are still getting pretty much what we got from the McCourt/Ned regime..

      More money and more brains. Same results.

    2. Mark i agree that the bullpen has been upgraded this year, here it is mentioned it the same if not worst that last year. And that could be because there are no big names signed Chapman etc.

  5. One trick. And it’s getting old. At least we got you checking the stats now. That’s an improvement.

    I know you like the FriedZaidi guys, that’s obvious, but you liked McCourt too, and we know how that worked out. I’m still cautious, but hopeful. The number of moves that havent work out and the goal line fumble last year have many of us wondering, but it’s still early so an 84 win pace doesn’t mean that much. It’s not surprising but it doesn’t mean we won’t improve.

    Where will the sticks come from? Good question. Maybe we aren’t as good as I thought we were. 23rd WRISP. 22nd last year. I don’t think that’s good enough. We are 15th in runs scored. Pitching – 4th in ERA. Amazing. As mentioned, Kershaw helps that figure. The pen has been better than advertised but somehow is tied for second in BLSV.

    All in all I’m not that disappointed where we find ourselves. I’ve seen nearly every game and frankly watching them is like eating vanilla ice cream – until Kershaw pitches. Sure am glad he’s still here. In fact, most of those who are fun to watch FAZ had nothing to do with acquiring, including the stud who goes today. Still looking for a split in Chicago which would make it a successful road trip. One game at a time, one series at a time.

  6. Bolsinger on the mound and a b squad that generates all of 1 run. Sounds like a spring training game. Pretty boring. I would argue that is exactly what FAZ have created with this team, an estheticly boring product. Hopefully a kid like Urias will inject a little bit of extra youthful energy. Make it fun kid! And good luck today.

    1. Artieboy
      I hope the kid has a good game today. I think the crowd at Wrigley will be easier on the kid, then the crowd in NY.

      And right now, on the Cubs, if he can make sure he doesn’t give anything good, to Bryant or Zobrist, he should be fine. I just hope he has better command this time. It seemed like he never had his control, in his last game.

      Usually if a pitcher starts out badly, they eventually settle down, and get there control. But it didn’t feel like Urias ever had his control, the last time he pitched. It kind of felt like he was trying to aim the ball, instead of just pitch.

      And at least the press is not all over his start today. But I do hope the press is all over Urias, after this game today, for pitching a really good game!

  7. How about we ship Howie Kendrick, Zack Lee, Scott Van Slyke, Carl Crawford (all expenses paid) to Cleveland for Corey Kluber? Throw in Frias or Bolsinger or Micah Johnson if needed.

    This is where our depth comes in.

    Do it now!

    1. We need certainly need another starter in our rotation. Bolsinger shouldn’t be a regular starter, in the Dodgers rotation. All of these starting pitchers, that can’t pitch much past five innings, isn’t good for the team. And they expose the bullpen to much.

    2. Point out to them that if they make that trade, four (or six) for only one return, then they can sign another four or five “projects”…

    3. Depth? Grasping at straws. You’re the one who said we couldn’t get a bag of balls for two of those guys. Maybe Ned could have gotten someone to give us a couple major league players for that group if you left out CC. Or threw in a Brandon.

      1. Lee and Crawfish are just throw ins and we pay CC’s salary. They MIGHT take him if he were free. 😉

    4. The Indians are not that desperate. I appreciate everyone trying to move Kendrick and Crawford but neither has much value especially when considering their price tags. I think Puig, Lee & Bolsinger might get it done. Maybe.

      1. I don’t trade hitters for starting pitching. …or any top prospect for starting pitching. I think DeLeon is almost untouchable.

        Mark hinted at Turner maybe finding a new home. If he continues to suck….at least that opens up a spot for Kendrick to find a consistent home and get his bat in the lineup. He’s starting to hit a little better.

    5. and why would the Indians want a bunch of spare parts, none of which you or the Dodgers want, for a former Cy Young Award winner?

  8. why do these these manager sit 3 regular players in the same game me that is just so stupid …if you want to rest them that is fine ..but not all in the same game…

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