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Dodger’s Ninth Inning Rally Falls Short as Colorado Ties Series

I’ll keep this short and sweet as I want to enjoy my Saturday night and thinking about the Dodgers right now prevents that from happening. Dave Roberts rolled out the old all-righty lineup with automatic outs Brian Dozier and Austin Barnes bookending the unproductive order. Once again the all-righty lineup failed to deliver as the Dodgers fell to the Rockies 4-2 on Saturday night as Colorado tied the series. The Dodgers are now right back to being 1.5 games back, stuck in second place. Fortunately the Cardinals lost so the Dodgers remain one game back of a wild card spot. To think the Dodgers didn’t have to deal with Nolan Arenado as the slumping all-star third baseman was not in the starting lineup.

Colorado lefty Kyle Freeland ran through the inept Dodger lineup like a marathon sprinter. Freeland limited the Dodger bats to just one earned run on four hits over six innings. Freeland walked two and struck out eight notching one of his easiest victories of the season. It’s not that hard when the Dodgers purposefully place two hitters in the lineup that are batting below the Mendoza line.

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Dodgers  2 6 0

Rockies    4 6 0





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Through the first eight innings, the lone Dodger run came on a solo home run from Chris Taylor to straightaway center field. Otherwise there was very little to no scoring opportunities for the Dodgers. The Dodgers had one on in the top of the seventh when Max Muncy and Joc Pederson both were called out on check-swing third strikes. The Dodgers had Chase Utley reach in the top of the eighth when he was hit by a pitch, but Justin Turner struck out, and Manny Machado flied out. Matt Kemp’s grounder ended that inning.

Meanwhile Walker Buehler wasn’t able to keep Colorado off the scoreboard. He gave up a solo home run to Chris Iannetta that landed over the right field scoreboard in the bottom of the third. Colorado added a run in the fourth on an Ian Desmond RBI single. In the bottom of the fifth Charlie Blackmon’s two-run shot put the Rockies ahead 4-1. Buehler did strike out seven, but allowed four earned runs on six hits across six innings.

The Dodgers had a last minute rally in the top of the ninth against Colorado closer Wade Davis. Cody Bellinger’s two-out triple, and Max Muncy’s run scoring double gave the Dodgers a chance with the score now 4-2. But Yasmani Grandal needed to do something to extend the inning and of course he struck out looking.

There are only 20 games left in this frustrating season. Memo to Dodger management: stop batting Brian Dozier lead-off. Stop playing Austin Barnes, and stop putting those automatic outs in the lineup. It’s too late in the season for either of them to miraculously find their strokes and they are actively hurting the team. These last three weeks of games are going to determine the Dodger’s season. It would behoove the Dodgers to put their best hitters in the lineup every day. Stop playing matchups, please. The series wraps up on Sunday afternoon as the two clubs play the rubber game. It’s almost a must win game for the Dodgers as Rich Hill takes the mound. Colorado will counter with Tyler Anderson with first pitch at 12:10 PM PST.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

12 thoughts on “Dodger’s Ninth Inning Rally Falls Short as Colorado Ties Series

  1. Well, “lefty line-up” again fails to show up. When will management wise up and see that these lottery line-ups and matchups have failed too many times. You all think that it is about time to diss the spreadsheets?

    Buehler gives up 4 early runs, and lasts only 6 innings. Hard to win in Colorado when you get no offensive support. BP is taxed. I don’t even think Jansen would have made a difference at this point…. probably better for his heart.

    I sound like a broken record, but it is what it is…the lifeless Dodger offense loses another game. 14 KO’s, 1-6 RISP, 12 LOB. Opposing teams should just start Lefties or Rookies when they face the Dodgers.

    This NL West race will probably go to the last day, and I think these Dodgers will end up drawing the short straw. Only the West champ will go to the big show. No chance for a wild card.

  2. As predicted during spring training, this is going to be a long and bumpy season. No doubt about it, and it ain’t going to get any smoother these last four weeks, it may get even worse.

  3. Can the Dodgers make the playoffs without getting more out of their offense?
    “No,” Dave Roberts said.
    “As long as we score more runs than the other team, I don’t care what the offense does,” Justin Turner said.

    1. Can the Dodgers make the playoffs without getting more out of their offense?
      True Blue has been saying “no” since Sprang Stanking.

      Can the Dodgers win a Championship with Roberts as the manager? True Blue has been saying “no” since the playoffs started last season. Package has been calling out “dummy” for quite a while, others are starting to understand what True Blue , Package (and a few others) have been saying.

      Did the Dodgers squander last season and are likely not to go to the promised land again with this current configuration (yes that means the Front Office included): YUP!

      It is really difficult to watch this team continue to fail on so many levels.

        1. I’ve been banned from Dodger Blog “twice”, just for being too negative. Sometimes the truth hurts. I’ve seen more vulgar posts, than just the negative ones I have posted. Sometimes fans just don’t get it, or just overly optimistic. I love the Dodgers, but I can only take so much of their lackadaisical play.

          I remember the days at the Colosseum, when the newspaper had the starting lineup on the cover page…. a set lineup every night…
          And starting pitchers that pitched 7,8,9 innings. Those were the good ol’ days of real baseball. Todays players are just a bunch of overpaid prima donnas.

          1. Hey Blue
            Me Too! When the team was new in 1958 it was a joy to follow but now so many people agree with FAZ and Dummy that I think they are not seeing it well. I think they just do not want to rehash the dilemma that is upon us. Instead they accept their fate and just want to go on.

          2. Hey Bluefan,

            Which site were you banned from? You don’t have to worry about that here. I never ban anyone for having opinions. Even super sensitive loud mouths like Jonah don’t get banned from here. All joking aside you’re in a safe place where you can voice your opinions and not get judged or banned.

  4. You are right Package… must be nice to make hundreds of thousands of dollars and have no accountability. Then they get fired, sent packing with a brinks truck, and land with some other sorry team, and double their salary.

  5. Scott,

    The Dodger blogs on the Website. Sad that I was condemned for just telling it like it is… No sugar coating. Did they stop the blogs on the website? I don’t even see them anymore. Maybe they blocked me from viewing the blogs, as well?

  6. Well, looks like Hill ran out of gas. These starting pitchers now days are pathetic. Barely make 5 innings. Then we have our Fireman, Baez, who cannot close the door when needed. And he got. $900K raise last year??

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