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Dodgers Play Long Ball To Beatdown Greinke, Move 4 Games Up in NL West

Boy when the Dodgers are hot, they are hot and they take no prisoners. There was no screwing around at Dodger Stadium on Labor Day. The boys in blue exploded to lay a beatdown on Zack Greinke and the Dbacks like you would not believe. The Dodgers slugged 5 home runs including 4 in the fifth inning to beat the Dbacks 10-2. The win coupled with the Giants pathetic 6-0 loss to Colorado moves the Dodgers to 4 games ahead in the NL West.

Now is the time of the season where you start to see magic numbers. It sneaks up on you and you start to see them around the beginning of September. The season is winding down and the Dodger’s magic number to win the NL West is now at 22. Magic numbers make you feel good. I can taste the postseason. The only question is whether the Dodgers will suffer another soul-crushing defeat? Or will they rise to the occasion and finally get through the playoffs? We’ll have to wait and see.

Dbacks  2 4 0

Dodgers 10 1 0



HR-Gonzalez-17-Pederson-20-Seager-24-Turner-25-Grandal 24

Winning the division helps tremendously and the Dodgers took a huge step forward in that direction on Labor Day evening. The Dodgers scored ten runs on eleven hits to down the Snakes. The Dodgers scored 6 runs in the fifth inning on four home runs to knock Greinke out of the game. Poor Zack Greinke. The guy was 29-5 at Dodger Stadium in his career. Greinke allowed 8 earned runs on 9 hits over 4+ innings. He’s now allowed 21 home runs in his 23 starts. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost. I still believe that Greinke is a good pitcher just having a down year. Have fun playing golf in October Greinke!

On the pitching side for the Dodgers, Kenta Maeda was dominant. He tossed 6.1 innings of one-run ball allowing just 3 hits and striking out 8. He picked up his fourteenth win of the season to improve to 14-8. At one point he retired eighteen consecutive Dbacks.

Through the first three and a half frames the game was a scoreless duel. The Dodgers struck first in the bottom of the fourth when Corey Seager doubled and Adrian Gonzalez hit a two-run home run over the low wall in the right field corner that put the Dodgers ahead 2-0. The Dodgers continued the onslaught in the fifth inning.

In that frame Joc Pederson slammed his 20th home run of the season over the center field wall. Boom! That made the score 3-0 Dodgers. Maeda beat an infield single to short and Utley singled to left to put two on for Corey Seager. Boom! Seager slugs a three-run shot to put the Dodgers up 6-0. Then Justin Turner homered! Boom! Finally Yasmani Grandal got into the act too with a solo shot of his own to put the Dodgers up 8-0! The Dodgers plated two more runs in the bottom of the eighth inning. The bats were on fire tonight. The Dodgers scored 10 runs on 11 hits. Seager had three hits (single, double, home run) and drove in three runs.

The Dodger bullpen took things the rest of the way. Louis Coleman, Jessie Chavez, and Josh Ravin pitched the final 2.2 innings of the game. Final Score: Dodgers 10 Snakes 2.

The Dodgers now improve to 77-60 and a season high 17 games above .500. The win also moves them to 4 games ahead in the NL West race. The magic number is now 22! The series continue tomorrow night as Shelby Miller counters Ross Stripling at 7:10 PM. Happy Labor Day everyone!

Go Blue!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

125 thoughts on “Dodgers Play Long Ball To Beatdown Greinke, Move 4 Games Up in NL West

  1. Per my comment earlier about the Dodgers resigning Hill as he is 37 and injury prone, here is’s report:

    “Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe writes that though it took some time for Hill to get on the mound for Los Angeles, the Dodgers are “in love” and would like to sign the lefty to a multi-year deal before he enters free agency this winter.”

    Told ya – he may be the most injury prone guy available next year – other than Anderson

    1. Actually felt bad for Greinke, after the 3rd inning he didn’t have much of anything going on. No command in the zone what so ever. How the mighty have fallen. The pitch he threw to Pederson had nothing on it and did absolutely nothing but float in there down the middle and thigh high. Birthday and Christmas gift to Joc wrapped up in one pitch. Get well Zack, from whatever is wrong with you. Good win though…Go Dodgers.

  2. Today is just perfect. Here is a recent excerpt from the Giants McCovey blog:

    “The Giants don’t have a ninth-inning comeback this season. There have been 56 games in which they’ve entered the ninth inning behind. They are 0-for-56 in those games. They were unable to send any of them to extra innings, even. The good news is that the bullpen has been just as stingy on their end and wait I’m looking at the wrong column and nope that’s not right at all. The bullpen has been really good at allowing ninth-inning comebacks.”

    I remember this was us as recently as two years ago.

    Now if we can shell Shelby tomorrow … That would be very nice. I say it again, the best Lasorda teams run away with the division down the stretch; I’d love to see that again.

    1. YF
      How can that be true, when the Giants came back and beat us after Agone put us ahead, and Kenley blew the save, and the Giants won.

  3. Bats are batting, and combined with Maeda’s strong effort, no chance for the snakes. What a dose of tough love for Greinke. 5 HR’s!! Maybe we could just swap McCarthy or Anderson for him. 🙂

  4. Greinke is old news. Many of you must play fantasy baseball because fantasy guys always go after yesterdays’ best players. What FAZ is doing is trying to get those players BEFORE they become those guys.

    In his 3 years with the Dodgers, Zack Greinke had never had a game where he gave up 7 runs. Last night was his 4th THIS year! Maybe he’s hurt…. maybe he’s just getting old. It is bound to happen. He’s a power pitcher and some said he would “age well.” How’s that working out? Again, this is not fantasy baseball.

    Now, some of you are already mocking FAZ for wanting to sign the Rich Hill to a multi-year deal before he enters free agency this winter.” Only an idiot would not try and sign him BEFORE free agency at a club friendly price. They won’t get into a bidding war. They will get him at their price or not. Maybe he likes it in LA. “Take it or leave it.”

    … and as much as you mock signing injury-prone pitches, in case you haven’t noticed, THE DODGERS ARE IN FIRST PLACE!


    Go mock your self!

    Most of the Dodgers injuries were not injury-prone pitchers – it was just one of those years where everyone (just about) went down. But here we are.

    I’d rather have Anderson and MCCarthy and their current contracts than Zack Greinke and his!

    I’ll bet the dumbasses who signed him would do that trade in a NY second!

    The Dodgers got one good year out of Anderson. Until 2016 no one had ever rejected a QA, so the rest is history. McCarthy has given them very little , but there are two more years at $12 mil per. To say that was a bad signing YET would be pretty narrow-minded but I know some of you are capable.

    The whole key was to not have any bad contracts and the Dodgers don’t (after Gonzo and Crawfish). Clayton is THE BRAND and will get what he wants. So will Seager. Others will come and go. Jansen may take a QO or not, but there’s plenty of options.

    I know what FAZ is doing – they are building a prospect machine like teams before them have done. The difference is they have not tanked while doing it. They are in line to win their 4th straight division championship – something they have never done…. while re-building. Nobody else has done that… not even the great Theo!

    … and in a injury-riddled season, it all seems to be coming together. If it does, there could be a new flag flying in Dodger Stadium.

    1. Mark, you remind me of Trump when you support The Plan today while yesterday you traded The Plan for Trout. Time to fish or cut bait–see what I did there.

        1. Well Mark is on both sides of the Kershaw situation. He’s on record of trading him away and on record for signing him…..’give him a blank check.’ Either way, he can say ‘I told you so.’
          He’s on record saying the plan is don’t trade prospects and yet they traded 3 away for 2 rentals. AND that was a good thing.

          Other recent comments from the ‘insider’…..’Urias will never be sent back to AAA as he has nothing to learn there.’ Well we know that he had been sent back twice after being called up the first time.

          He’s also on record (from his inside information) saying that Puig has seen his last days as a Dodger. How did that play out?

          All of you FAZophants can pound your chest in support of all things FAZ but Theo has 2 world championships and has a team positioned to ‘maybe’ win another.

          Theo has made some GREAT draft picks, some really good trades and some decent free agent signings.

          Over Friedman’s 9 years with the Rays he had 2 (count them 2) really good players that came up through their minor leagues. Price and Longoria.
          Price was the #1 overall pick (duh) and Longoria was the #3 overall pick. The Rays did not turn out top prospects like Mark and the rest of the FAZophants want to claim.

          Please tell me how many times Friedman will be choosing at the #1 or #3 overall position in the draft going forward?

          As it turns out Maddon was the primary reason that team succeeded. Not Friedman.
          Look at the Rays recent win totals..….77 wins in 2014, 80 wins in 2015 and this year YTD 58 wins.

          Where are all of the good prospects from that supposedly deep farm system that Friedman built?

          Ladies and gentleman, there aren’t many if any!

          It’s a good thing the Dodgers have deep pockets cause the previous organization he was in charge of, well their talent level is not up to par with the rest of the organizations and money can cover up a lot of bad decisions.

          And most all of the current impact or game changers currently on the team and in the minors were here before FAZ arrived.

    2. Nailed it on Greinke Mark, still, kinda hard to see a great talent like Greinke heading south. Hope we see him in top form some time in the future. If not thanks for the memories. Saw him in person throw a 2 hit shutout vs SD in SD at the end of 2014. Wife thought it was a boring game but I thought it was awesome. Dodgers won 1 to zero.

  5. Mark, it’s easy to build a story based on fantasy. The sky’s the limit and whose to say you’re wrong. In the case of Greinke, he is on a bad team, and he’s battled injury this year, yet he still has an impressive record. There is always a different perspective when a player is on your team. Given his history, Anderson and McCarthy for Greinke is a steal, straight up.

    1. I agree.

      Unlike some, I’m not hung up on the money. He’s 12-5 on a crap team and has averaged over 6 innings per start. If he was with us he’d be on a FIRST PLACE! team and be 17-0. Ok, maybe 16-1. I would take him back in heartbeat.

      1. Sure they would. They take on McCarthy’s $24MM, Anderson is a free agent who will have to sign dirt cheap, and they get out of $175MM they owe Greinke. If not this particular trade, I think they would listen to any kind of Dodger offer that could include our bad contracts and unwanted players, as long as they got out of that big contract. But I don’t think the Dodgers want to go for Greinke at all, and I concur.

        1. The Dodgers put in a waver claim on Greinke so obviously they wouldn’t do that deal. If AZ offered Greinke for McCarthy and Anderson the Dodgers would jump at it. Let’s not forget AZ had McCarthy and they couldn’t get rid of him fast enough.

          Having said that, I was happy to hear Dodgers fans let him have it last night. If I were Larussa and Stewart I would be pissed at Hale for leaving him out there.

  6. Back from slaying rainbows, Dodgerrick didn’t bail out and the killing fields remain the same here…
    Hill reminds me of a young budding Colon… Sign him to a 2 yr./3rd. yr. option and mix him and that whacko curveball with the young guns and Kersh… Yikes, it would have hitters mumbling…
    And then it was 4…

    1. Urban Dictionary – Slaying rainbows: Killing it while on LSD.

      Dang peter. I’m reminiscing some fun days out at Whitewater in 1970.

      Hill reminds you of Colon? I think you are still trippin’. Hill is a 6’5″ left hander and Colon is 5’11” right hander. When he was younger he was lighter – and shorter.

  7. Two years at 25 million for Rich Hill? Sure, I’d do it. It’s likely the Dodgers are looking at more than just his stats or his playing history, but are looking at the product they have now: the spin he puts on the ball, his command, and all the skills that comprise a pitcher’s ability to get batters out. To say that the FO aren’t baseball guys and merely use analytical algorithms in their scientific calculator to evaluate talent is I don’t think very accurate and is a caricature. I’m sure the FO has seen him pitch, and they’ve talked to Roberts, Honeycutt and the other trainers. I’m sure the feedback from Grandal, who’s pretty good at evaluating pitchers based on the comments I’ve read him make, has made it’s way through the organization.

    In the end, the only thing that matters is getting performance on the field. To sign any pitcher to do this you’re assuming risk. In the case of a prospect, there’s the risk his scouted skills don’t translate to the major leagues. With a pitcher like Samardzija, there’s a risk that, although he’s shown a history of durability, he will continue his mediocrity. With a pitcher who’s nearly 33, there’s the risk that he’ll suffer the same fate that has befallen every living organism for the last four billion years. With a pitcher who has been injured in the past, there is a risk he’ll be injured again, although I still contend it’s nearly impossible to predict an injury (Rich Hill has a blister injury. What does that have to do with a genetic predisposition to shortened tendons?)

    1. Aw, c’mon, really?

      1 – Hill isn’t 33, he’s 37.
      2 – Hill has thrown over 100 innings exactly one time in his Major League Career. Much of this was due to ineffectiveness, but some was due to injury.
      3 – He has made exactly 2 starts over the course of 6 weeks for the Dodgers. Can anyone say “small sample size?”
      4 – Blisters can apparently be recurrent. They have been this season.
      5 – He had a groin strain earlier this season that kept him on the shelf for a month. You know, 37 year old pitcher stuff.
      6 – As someone posted yesterday, you’re willing to sign a 37 year old guy to a 3 year contract, but weren’t willing to sign Greinke to an extra year when he would have been 38?

      “In the end, the only thing that matters is getting performance on the field.”

      In order to do that, you have to actually keep the player on the field – on the DL doesn’t count as performance.

      1. Except at at age 37 and at 6 mil/year, he’s pitching better than the 33 year old at 34 mil/year. He pitched well for A’s, and he did well for the Sox at the end of last year. The Dodgers were impressed with him last year and made inquiries to sign him. Ultimately Hill wanted the chance to start consistently rather than be part of a starting pitching committee, so he opted for the A’s.

        His history at age 37 is just another variable to throw into that calculus, but it isn’t necessarily the only factor. These variables are always changing: it’s another year, a guy is a year older, someone gets injured, someone gets healthy, someone learns a new pitch… Performance is always changing. I think the prospect of anticipating someone’s performance next year based on current observations is a little less fraught with uncertainty than predicting someone’s performance six years out.

        Player to player, the comparison is not equal, but when you factor in the cost and commitment, which you have to do in this world, a Hill signing looks attractive. Getting burned with Rich Hill is much more palatable and easier to absorb than getting burned with Greinke, which is why the Dbacks are rumored to want to unload him less than a year after signing him, and why Stewart and/or La Russa will probably not have their jobs after this season.

    2. Two years at 25 million sounds about right. Nice signing dodgerpatch!

      Sadly, the “risk” concept just falls on deaf ears around here.

      Isaiah 42:18, Hear, you deaf; look, you blind, and see!

      1. Don’t use the Bible for non-theological applications, please.

        ““Hear, you deaf;
        look, you blind, and see!
        19 Who is blind but my servant,
        and deaf like the messenger I send?
        Who is blind like the one in covenant with me,
        blind like the servant of the Lord?”

        I do risk for a living – I’m an attorney representing public agencies in insurance claims. What expertise do you have in “risk management”?

          1. Yes, we could. I guess it comes down to how we assess a given situation.

            I will TRY to refrain from using the Bible for non-theological applications.

    3. Dodger patch
      Hill has had tons of injuries, but I would sign him, as a back up for the rotation.

      You just never know what is going to happen, and you can’t have to many pitchers.

      With our young kids I don’t know how many pitchers we will need for the rotation next year, but I would sign Hill to be my second depth for back up in the starting rotation.

      Hill has had maybe about the same injury history as Anderson, and maybe McCarthy, but Hill is different from these two pitchers.

      Because he is much better pitcher, and he is much more of a competitor, then those two pitchers.

      And because he is so much better then McCarthy and Anderson, he is worth a little

      1. I think you’re starting to get the idea. ….this much derided term, “depth.”

        In another comment Badger excused the Dback’s year as essentially coming down to bad luck. Well, no. If you put nearly all of your investment into one or two very expensive and very talented players while giving up lesser talent, if those very expensive players don’t give a return on your investment, you’re screwed. The Dbacks screwed themselves. Sorry of that term, “screwed,”, offends people, but what the Dbacks did was foolhardy, and there were many many people here and elsewhere who saw it for what it was at the time.

  8. Fun weekend to watch the Dodgers and listen to Vin.

    I have lit a candle in the church for Clayton.

    I expect a fascinating month of “It’s time for Dodger baseball”. So glad my kids got to know Vin. Sorry my grandson won’t!

    1. I think it was Friday’s game where Vinny made reference to “riding off into the sunset.” This is it. Vinny’s last month. Wow!

  9. The money and the years the Dbacks are paying Grienke are insane. It was when they signed Grienke and still is. The only pitcher I would pay that kinda money to is Kershaw. Some of you guys may have to compliment FAZ soon for the job they have done. This organization is slowly becoming their organization . I agree with Mark. They are stock piling prospects and still winning.

  10. Mark: “Greinke is old news”. Yes he is, just like Kemp and Gordon.

    Pitcher 1, 140 IP, 1.27 WHIP, 4.54 ERA
    Pitcher 2, 135 IP, 1.35 WHIP, 4.59 ERA
    Pitcher 3, 153 IP, 1.08 WHIP, 3.29 ERA

    Who can name the above pitchers? Answer:

    Pitcher 1, Greinke
    Pitcher 2, Kazmir
    Pitcher 3, Maida

    For Greinke’s salary, you can have Kazmir, Maida, Anderson, McCarthy and about 100 million dollars. I know which I would take. Did anyone see Dumb and Dumber in their room at Dodger Stadium last night. I did, very unhappy, someone had either cut the nastiest fart in history or they were thinking about Greinke at $34M/yr for another five years.

    1. Nobody else seems willing to call you on your ridiculous insults but I will. Those two men that you continue to disparage are more accomplished than you can ever hope to be. You embarrass yourself with your juvenile aspersions. “Nastiest fart in history”. You sound like a 7th grader. Grow up man.

      And I would take Greinke over any of those guys on any day of the weak for the next 5 years.

      1. “Those two men” while accomplished at some things, have looked as silly GMing a MLB baseball as I would, doing brain surgery on you!! Or maybe it’s you who would be looking silly!!!

        You would take Greinke and his salary over Maeda? Did I already operate?

      2. I think you need to be consistent here, Badger, rather than inflate an already overweening sense of virtue. Remember, you were in effect a cheerleader for BOB when he was describing Mark’s apparent emasculation and subsequent overcompensation to his being gang raped in prison. And more recently you gave your approbation to Wondering referring to Boxout as “Boxhole,” which we all know is a euphemism for asshole. I don’t think calling other posters assholes, euphemism or not, is the classiest thing to do.

        And I don’t think La Russa and Stewart are above criticism based on any of our relative pay grades or what you would consider accomplishments. I have to read criticism of FAZ here of the most repetitive and tedious kind every single day. Objectively looking at what Friedman has done through his education, time in Wall Street and tenure with two major league baseball teams far exceeds what any of us has done, but that doesn’t make him immune to criticism based on his pedigree.

        A scatological comment on a baseball comment board is not the end of the world. You’re annoyed by the criticism, and Wondering is annoyed by Boxout’s FAZ cheerleading, but now you get an idea of my level of irritation (and Mark’s) over the endless anti-FAZ diatribes that I think are equally juvenile and more simplistic and repetitive.

        1. Dodger patch
          I think Mark is the one that got Wondering to use hole more, because Wondering called the front office Fazhole, and Mark said he liked that name.

  11. Badger: “Unlike some, I’m not hung up on the money”. Of course not, it’s other people’s money. Too funny, but at least you’re consistent. Help me, how many tickets did “your budget” allow this year?

    Socialists cry “Power to the people”, and raised a clinched fist to say it. We all know what they really mean “power over people”, power to the state.

    1. I bought 4 box seats this year.

      You bring up these political slants often. You are very misguided. We live in a republic buddy. You might want to read up on what that means. In a republic the power is held by the people. It’s our money these unconscionable corporately owned bastards are pocketing. You let them do it. I fight it every chance I get. The cost of 1 “Patriot” missle would create 25 doctors. Those doctors could save thousands of lives over their careers. It’s just a case of priorities. That money would also help support 350 low income families for a year, putting ALL of the missle millions back into local economies.

      As for the Dodgers, anyone who believes they are losing money with a $240 million payroll is just wrong. They remain the second wealthiest franchise in MLB and are becoming more valuable every day. They are a drop in the Guggenormous money bucket. Bargain hunting may be interesting, even challenging, but it is hardly necessary.

      1. Badger: “We live in a republic buddy. You might want to read up on what that means. In a republic the power is held by the people”.

        Wrong again!! A constitutional republic is a state in which the head of state and other officials are representatives of the people. There are republics with constitutions which the head of state can ignore.

        Study harder Grasshopper!!! I didn’t order those Patriot missles, did you? I didn’t receive a check from those “unconscionable corporately owned bastards” did you? But, I know Crooked Hillary did. I didn’t ruin America with “Executive Orders” did you? Wake up or change things with all YOUR power.

        1. Box, why do you insist on calling Hillary crooked in here. Leave that to Trump who doesn’t have the ability to say anything profound.

          1. Trump college, his bankruptcies, and all of the lawsuits against him are an example of a trustworthy person and good business ethics. Please stop with immature crooked Hillary crap or should every post mentioning Trump refer to him as douchebag Donald.

          2. Bum, why do you (and others) insist on insulting Trump and expect silence from people with a different opinion? Very progressive of you.

            Hawkeyedodger, Trump college, his bankruptcies and all the lawsuits against him pale in comparison to Crooked Hillary’s background. Her actions include inaction while our heroes in Benghazi were fighting for their lives. Her only action was to lock up some “poor guy” who made a stupid movie. I also understand many undercover agents in foreign countries like Iran have lost their lives based on her handling of classified information, just so she could hide her “crooked” dealings. And those arguably, are two of her lesser transgressions.

            I don’t care if you use douchebag, but, I must tell you, I have a million of them for Hillary.

          3. Crooked? Seems like the person hiding their tax returns is probably the more crooked of the two. Let me say this I don’t even like Hillary. I have plenty of reasons to dislike her, but Bengahz is a non-issue. I’m not sure how many investigations you need by both parties to tell you the same thing. If you’re going to find fault with non-action then find fault with the Republicans who cut funding to our embassy’s. Liberals like myself have plenty of issue with her role in removing another dictator to replace him with an even worse situation. She’s a war hawk, but from my perspective the best Republican in the field. However, I don’t come on a sports site everyday with immature nicknames for an even more ridiculous and unqualified candidate than her. I’ve spent the last 25 years of my life working for a non-profit that works on issues at both the state and federal level. I’ve got a good idea where these folks stand on issues. People come to sites like this to talk baseball. It’s bad enough when each day’s comments become personal attacks. I’m sure most people don’t want them to turn into political debates as well.

          4. Hawkeyedodger, Now you are really hitting below the belt!!!!!!!! Nothing I could ever say or do would come close to your vile and INSULTING insinuation that Crooked Hillary is a Republican. A member of the party of Lincoln? NOT!

            Benghazi is a non-issue? Boy, you sure would have fit right in with “Stalinist Russia” and it’s show trials. Thankfully, we have Julian Assange to get the truth out on Benghazi:

            He says the most damaging is to come. GOOD! I will NEVER forget the servicemen heroes who were left behind by Crooked Hillary and Barry Obozo.

            Do you work at the Clinton Foundation?

      2. This reminds me of this skit I saw years ago on SNL. John Lovitz was playing Micheal Dukakis during the election…after he realized he was going to lose badly to Bush Sr.. So instead of using his paid air time to have a campaign infomercial, he just said, “ef it! I’m going to be as liberal as I want to be.” One of the characters he had on his “show” was some lefty artist who painted a rendition of the nuclear aircraft carrier Nimitz turned into a big homeless shelter. Funny stuff.

        Dukakis After Dark. copyright stuff keeps most of the classic SNL skits off of Youtube, but if anyone can find it, it’s classic.

  12. Magic Number down to 22. No, I don’t think it’s too early to mention it!

    It’s fun talking to Giant fans now, because all I heard was “ohhh, it’s an even year, it’s out year!!” Ya, go F yourselves. and take your even year with you!

  13. Badger…Acid once and never again… My Colon comparison is a longevity thing Colon is the Everready bunny ..If the blisters can be solved, he sure as hell ain’t gonna hurt his arm…
    Anybody heard from Watford???

    1. Badger knew you were referring to the age thing, we all did; that ain’t going to stop us from f___ing with each other.

      Okay, some in here are anal literal.

      1. I’m just messin with you Pete. When you mentioned it I visualized the two of them side by side and couldn’t help but bust out laughing. I don’t recall what the “budding” Colon looked like. That was 20 years ago. I know what the budded Colon looks like. He’s pushing 300 pounds.

        I “dropped” about 100 times from ’66 to ’71. Last time? A girlfriend in college asked me what I would do if someone were to “spike” the punch at a party. I said I would “kick back and enjoy it”. One night at home, in ’75, she spiked our tea. What a night. We laughed so hard we were cramping up at 3 in the morning. It was hilarious. That was indeed the last time for me. I have some friends who are very into the Daime experience out in Oregon. Not for me. Too old for that.

  14. I am sure that Zack Greinke is pretty embarrassed by last nights performance. But he is still a good pitcher. His ERA is inflated in part because he pitches in a launching pad. And I am also pretty sure he regrets going to AZ. Not the money mind you, just being on a bad team. But you can also bet he will make adjustments, and if he faces the Dodgers when they go to AZ next weekend, the result will be different. The guy is a pro, and he will not let 1 game change that.

    1. Except his road spits aren’t exactly stellar, either. Yes, he is a good pitcher. The important questions are whether he’s as good a pitcher as he was, whether he will continue to be a good pitcher and for how long, and, most importantly, is he worth the money?

      So far?….no.

      1. I agree. But IMHO, if he was pitching in Dodger Stadium half his games instead of Chase Field, his numbers would be better. Most of his really bad games have been at home. The D-Backs are terrible at home. He went for the money, and lost the bet. That being said, the Dodgers did offer him 5 yrs, over 160 million and he was this () close to signing when AZ jumped in and offered the 6th year. No one knows how he would have pitched in LA this year, but compared to what we have gotten out of our pitchers this year, I would rather have Greinke every 5h day than some of the crap arms we have run out there.

        1. Yeah, it would’ve been nice to have him. At the same time he was injured, too. Would the FAZophobes have complained about the FO signing injury prone pitchers I wonder?

          We can gnash our teeth over Greinke not getting signed, but maybe it all works out for the the best in the end.

          1. Well Greinke is far from being injury prone. He has been on the DL a few times. He averaged 30 starts a year as a Dodger, and for the most part has been healthy and able to pitch. Since a vast majority of Dodger fans were pissed he was not re-signed, I doubt they feel Greinke is damaged goods. Guys like Anderson and McCarthy have long history’s of injury’s so they are looked at a lot differently. Reclamation projects seem to be FAZs option of choice.

    2. Michael
      I was happy to see the team bomb Greinke last night, but I would never under estimate Greinke.

      And one game does not define a pitcher, or even an off year.

    3. From what I’ve been reading down here the problem is the fact people aren’t responding to this team, and that is really a shame. They just haven’t drawn. Management made some bold moves in a sincere effort to create an interesting team – and honestly I think it is. They have had some really unfortunate luck with this group. AJ Pollock, a terrific young talent went down early as did Miller and Greinke. If everyone comes back healthy, this is a very capable squad. Guys like box might laugh at that but I know it’s true. Tomas, Pollock, Segura, Owings, Goldschmidt and Lamb are all good hitters. Bradley, Shipley, Corbin, Ray, Blair, Miller and Greinke are a very talented group. I look for this team to bounce back. Don’t like some of those new uniforms though. Yoiks.

      1. Let’s see.

        LaRussa hired 5/17/14.
        Stewart hired 9/24/14.

        Interestingly only a little before FAZ.

        Tell me badgerm, did Dumb and Dumber sign or draft all those good hitters? If not, why give them credit? Did they sign or draft all the pitchers you mentioned? Again, why give them credit? I don’t laugh at the talent AZ has. I see the possibilities AZ has. In fact, I hope FAZ will obtain some of AZ’s talent, at the expense of taking on Greinke along with his remaining salary. It is your double standard I laugh at!!!!

      2. On that point Badger I agree. But I lived in Phoenix and trust me, they did not draw that great when they were good. Opposing teams fans usually are there in force.

        1. Good point.

          They filled the joint up in the 2001 World Series. That they won. 13 years after our last one. Which was 28 years ago.

          I think if they were in it they would draw over 30,000, which would be middle of the MLB pack. They are currently averaging 24.4 which is 22nd. Their payroll is now 26th so the numbers would add up for them. Just win and enough people will show up.

          1. I recall a series three or four years ago. The Dodgers were behind AZ but catching them It was first vs second. They avg 23,000 per game and Dodgers fans were a significant portion of the crowd. They don’t have a fan base. The snow birds leave for baseball season and the locals take their vacations to get out of the heat. It makes Greinke’s contract unsustainable especially when Goldy will need a new deal.

          2. I was there recently for a giants game and I think the crowd was 26k. There were quite a few midget fans, that’s true. Many teams in baseball can bring fans to the park. Here’s a weird stat, the dbacks are the third highest draw on the road, behind only the Cubs and the Dodgers. Overall the dbacks are 20th in attendance. Can you name the first place team that is 29th?

            I don’t live in Phoenix, but I can tell you there are many dbacks fans in Arizona. Start winning and people will show up. Not like the Dodgers or the gints, but enough to support payroll.

  15. I agree Dodgerpatch. Greinke is a pro and a good pitcher. The contract is horrible for the Dbacks. It will cost somebody their job. I am glad we did not sign him to that contract. I wanted Greinke back, but not at that price. Good job FAZ.

    1. Idahoal
      You are right the signing of Greinke for the Dbacks was not a good idea.

      The Dbacks are a small market team, and they can’t handle the contracts, that the Dodgers can, so signing Greinke, was a big gamble for the Dbacks, especially since they want to sign Goldy to a long contract.

      1. There is not the wealth in Phoenix as there is in LA but their market is huge. The latest U.S. census numbers show Phoenix remains the country’s sixth-largest city, despite speculation that it might overcome Philadelphia for that fifth-most populous spot.

        1. Bum
          They are not a big market baseball team.

          Even though there are a lot of teams, that have there spring training in Arizona.

          1. Baseball is loved in Arizona. ASU and Arizona programs are very successful. The dbacks were 2nd only to the Cubs in attendance this past Spring. This isn’t Cleveland, if the team is exciting, the fans will show up.

  16. Who has handled all of these injuries, and kept this team togther?

    It sure wasn’t Faz!

    Roberts and his coaches, have had to take care of the mess that the front office made with the starting rotation.

    And Roberts and his coaches, have had to find a way to make this rotation work, and keep the Dodgers in this pennant race. with all of these injuries, not Faz.

    Who has had to make up for all of the starting pitchers, that can’t pitch beyond five innings?

    The bullpen guys, and Roberts, while McCarthy and Anderson spent most of the year, sitting on the bench.

    And who has had to make up for all of the starts, that went the other way, and put the Dodgers behind, before they even were able to hit?

    All of the players with there hitting, and bonding togther, and playing as a team.

    Is unbelievable as it seems, the Dodgers offense, has been more responsible for keeping the Dodgers in this pennant race, then the pitching.

    1. BUT, but, I thought Roberts was a puppet!! Didn’t FAZ make out the lineup, telephone Roberts to change pitchers, pinch hit and smile for the camera? Oh, and didn’t FAZ acquire about half the 25 man roster?

      C’mon MJ, you maybe the only girl I know who would forego a lifetime of whispered sweet nothings from her honey, for a Dodger right-handed power hitter, but, give some credit where credit is due.

      Mighty testy here today. I wonder what it will be like when Dodgers get 8 games in front?

      1. Boxout
        I have never thought that the front office made the line up, when Mattingly was here, or for Roberts.

        And I have been one of Roberts biggest supporters.

        I get frustrated with the platoon team, because they are ranked last in offense, in all of baseball.

        And I want the Dodgers to do well, and there record against lefties is not that great, so I have a reason to be frustrated with this platoon team.

        And I don’t have to give credit to Faz here, because the front office is given credit here, on almost an everyday basis.

        Some of the credit is deserved, and some is not warranted.

        Maybe if you would have listened to what Wondering said on that last thread, you would understand why some people are turned off, to every little thing, that the front office is credited for doing.

        The bottom line is, if Roberts, his coaches, and the players, didn’t pick up the pieces of this team, and make it work, this front office would have been already heavily critized.

        And who knows where this team would be today.

        I root for the team not the front office, and most people do.

        When you think of the Giants World Series, you don’t think first about there front office, most of the credit goes to Bochy and the players.

        But almost every other word out of your mouth is Faz.

        If Faz is so great, you wouldn’t feel the need to bring them up, in every other sentence.

        And like I have said, I mainly don’t like what the front office did, with the starting rotation.

        And about a right hand bat, the team hasn’t been good against leftie pitchers, and I want the team to do well.

        And bringing Reddick to the team, was not the answer to this problem.

        1. I guess both Wondering and you haven’t noticed there are only about a total of four FAZ supporters on this board. FAZophobes also individually post much more than FAZophants.

          I agree 100% with dodgerpatch, “I have to read criticism of FAZ here of the most repetitive and tedious kind every single day”.

          So my suggestion, Reread my posts, again and again. Soon you will see their wisdom.

          1. I don’t follow the Faz non-Faz arguments–I generally skip the last half of each those paragraphs. I think it would be amazing if everybody in Dodger Administration and on-field management were working in sync and harmony while the division was only here and other fan sites.

          2. Boxout
            I am not one way or another, and there are things I like that the front office has done, but I don’t focus on the front office, I focus on the team.

            And I have liked some of Dodger patches suggestions too.

            And I have told him.

        1. Interesting thought MJ. And it couldn’t hurt if the “right hand hitter” has some “tight little buns” also?

          Too funny, I think it’s cool to see passionate female Dodger fans. Another common thread I share with Badger is, after twenty-two years of marriage, I am still working on which team bats first in an inning and probably how many innings in a MLB game and lastly, “they are runs not points”. But, I admit I still can’t tell a single crochet from double crochet.

  17. Badger, re your comments about the book by Roger Pisor. I read that. If I remember correctly, he pulled all the skeletons out of Westmoreland’s closet. Didn’t make LBJ look too good either. Giap was clearly the better general in Viet Nam.

    1. Yes. All of what you say is true. Khe Sanh went from being the key to controlling all NVA troop and equipment movement into South Vietnam to being abandoned a few months after the siege. Westmoreland f’d it up. They should have left the area to the few Green Berets at Long Vei. They were basically ignored by Giap and were able to gather the necessary intel. They were not happy we showed up and all of them were killed when overrun about a month after we arrived. Putting 3,000 Marines there didn’t change a thing, only brought more trouble for everybody. But, in Westmoreland’s defense, there was no way to win advantage in that war without being allowed to cross the DMZ. And that would have resulted in another 50, 000 US casualties and likely a half million North Vietnamese. It was as we now know, unwinnable. We did not belong there. And we did not learn a f’n thing – except war is very profitable for a few.

      1. Do you think the politicians learned that? Then what are we doing in Afghanistan and Iraq? Why do we still elect the same politicians? The Two Party System is only a little better than the One Party System. If our Founding Fathers came back today, they would realize things hadn’t worked out exactly as they planned. But being the wealthy leaders of their time, they would see the opportunities and dive right in to profit from their mistakes…

        1. Well, to answer your inquiry Wonder, what we have learned is war is very profitable. We ignored Ike’s warning. It’s who we are now. If we expect change anytime soon, we will be disappointed. Until campaign finance reform is a reality, it won’t change. Right wing left wing, it takes both to keep the war birds flying. And who do have this season? Nope and Noper. God help us.

          I’m voting for Mother Earth this time around.

          1. The two choices ‘the people’ made has already removed one of our rights. Our right to tell polock jokes.

          2. I hear you badger. We have gone far beyond Ike’s warning. It’s now a military – industrial – bureaucracy – financial complex. Life and liberty have fallen to the pursuit of happiness. There was a research article, reported by AP the other day, that said happiness should not be “pursued” and in fact psychologically the more you pursue happiness the less happy you get.

            Sigh. I’m getting old.

          3. I’m old and tired too Yueh. It’s been a long, exhausting ordeal, and I’m running out of gas. My current fight, against a corrupt justice system, has worn me out.

            Check out the National Priorities Project Cost of War. With those numbers rolling on, I think we’ve lost. We’ve reached the proverbial tipping point. Greed and avarice win. My wife and I hope to just slip quietly into our sunset years. I’ll still vote, and participate in more subtle ways, but it’s pretty clear that Ike saw this coming, warned us, and we didn’t listen. It’s up to the young people to undo what we’ve f’d up. I wish them luck.

  18. “Didn’t FAZ make out the blah blah blatherskite de blah”

    No. FAZ hired Roberts to do their bidding. It’s done by algorithm design and Roberts is “all in” on the program. He makes out the lineup using the methods preferred by the guys that hired him. I think that’s how it works everywhere. Friedman – “Here’s the job description, here’s how we want it done. Can you do it”. Roberts – “yessir” Friedman – “you’re hired”. Roberts – “thank you sir. I wont let you down”. It’s played out that way every day in this country.

  19. Today I feel bad for Grienke. Not yesterday. We have to get on the Cardinals’ and Mets’ bandwagons so that the giants get to sit home in this even numbered year. Wouldn’t that be great? Funniest take on yesterday when Ravin followed Chavez in Chavez Ravine. I compared Posey’s RBI’s to Grandal’s. I think Grandal has more than Pretty Boy. Hard to believe.

  20. I don’t care whether or not they sign Hill. I lean toward no, but if his history of injuries holds true their are plenty of young arms to step in. I know this. Urias and Deleon have to be in the rotation with CK and Maeda. McCarthy needs to be dealt. So does Kazmir if Hill comes in and Kaz doesn’t opt out. Then there’s Wood , Ryu, Stewart, and Stripling with Oaks and Dejong knocking on the door and Alvarez, Sborz and Buehler ready to arrive by 2018.

    1. Bobbie17
      I read that about McCarthy too.

      But if Anderson would have said the same thing, that would have been funny, as long as we don’t have to see another start from him this year.

      1. I hope he gets blasted again and Anderson continues to have blister issues. The front office doesn’t need an excuse to pitch either of them.

    2. That sounds about right. It means the pitches actually got to the plate this time.

      Sorry couldn’t resist. I feel bad for him.

  21. 1 – Greinke is still a good pitcher. He’s not having his best year and he was good last night for 4 innings before the roof collapsed and the Dodgers beat the Blue out of him.
    2 – I want a rotation of pitchers who are more likely than not to pitch the whole season. That’s why I was down on the signing of Anderson and McCarthy last year and Kazmir and Maeda this year. It’s been a gamble – Anderson was around all year last year but has thrown 4 bad innings this year. McCarthy has been a bust for 2 years. Maeda has been great. The best you can say for Kazmir is that before he went on the shelf a few weeks ago, he took the ball every 5 days.
    3 – I don’t trust that Hill will take the ball every 5 days. The odds (risks) are against it. He has only done it one time in a 12 year major league career.
    4 – As of right now, for 2017, in the absence of trades or other roster moves, they have a rotation of Kershaw, Maeda, Kazmir and then maybe McCarthy, Wood, or some of the kids.
    5 – I don’t know what free agent pitchers are available but would love to see them sign a blue chipper, but doubt they will.
    6 – I would love to see a couple of the kids as regulars in the rotation in the absence of the Dodgers actually obtaining a star.

    1. Last I heard, Strasburg would have been the ‘only’ decent pitcher on the market and hence, why the Nationals got him signed. I believe the list is VERY weak this year. That is why many of the clubs….Red Sox, Giants and Cubs went out and signed what they could last year. It’s called vision. They all knew that there would not be any help in this years FA pool. The only reinforcements the Dodgers can look forward to is their prospects. That’s both good and bad.

      1. Which makes the the notion of extending Hill now before the end of the season make more sense. Hill isn’t perfect, but he’s going to be one of the better FA pitchers on the market this offseason, as unlikely as that sounds.

        1. Yes, would agree. Not that I agree they should sign him (he with 37 career wins over a 12 year career) but IF you are to sign him it would be best to do so before he hits the open market. Now the question is, is the agent on board with this?

          1. So when blister boy goes on the DL next year, how many additional pitchers should the Dodgers keep in reserve to fill in?

            Do we want to see another year where the Blue have 27 guys go on the DL and 15 different pitchers start games? If not, doesn’t it make sense to use apparently scarce resources to sign pitchers who are more likely to stay healthy?

            Would you rather have 1/2 season out of the likes of Hill or a whole season out of someone a little less brilliant but who will go out every 5 days and take the ball?

            I would prefer both – someone brilliant and durable. The Braintrust wouldn’t spend the money on such a pitcher if he were available. Let’s sign 2 or 3 injury-prone guys for 1 spot in the rotation and hope that it works.

            It’s a new-fangled type of job sharing!

          2. If I can expect Hill to perform like he has this year, which means he’ll be spending time on the disabled list, but be really really good when he plays, that’s not a bad compromise, and something I’d prefer to 180 consistent innings of mediocrity, especially if the team has some Striplings they can insert into the rotation if he doesn’t start.

            If you want exceptional performance plus guaranteed durability, 1) that player doesn’t exist, 2) a player of that reputation would cost how much? The only player available in the next off season is Strasborg. I think he might exceed Greinke’s contract.

  22. Eric Stephen @truebluela
    For the first time in Dodger Stadium history, Chavez-Ravin have pitched in a game at Chavez Ravine
    8:16 PM – 5 Sep 2016

  23. We have been hoarding a passel of talented young pitchers; let’s start using them. We already have been but I mean even more so and continue next year. Instead of spending money on players like Hill and such, why not combine what we might pay for two or three of him and buy one GOOD right-handed bat? If no qualified free agents, then trade for one. Like Braun but hopefully younger and with a better record.

  24. Kershaw and Maeda are the only two guaranteed to be in the starting rotation next year. I really believe Urias and De Leon will also be there. The fifth could be between Stewart and Strippling. Next year is a down year for free agent pitchers. Hill may be the best out there. That will make Kasmir and Wood more valuable on the trade market. Stewart, De Leon and Strippling will be in the rotation the rest of the year. If they do well, there will be no need to sign Hill.

    1. When he’s pitched, Hill has simply been better than nearly any other pitcher in baseball, let alone compared to Stripling. The possibility of having that performance on the team next year, risks included, has to be tantalizing. The ceiling for Hill, right now, is higher than it is for those kids. Going forward, one or all three will have a better future, but right now, you get the performance any way you can.

  25. A few things:

    1. To compare Epstien and Friedman straight up brands you as a fool and no further discourse is needed. You couldn’t comprehend it.

    2. BOB is delusional. Badger applies rules to others that he fails to observe. Both Badger and BOB are liars!

    3. I have been wrong many times. Wrong about Urias (somewhat) and Puig not coming back (I was right about the team not wanting him back however at one time) – I did say that it was not a reliable source.

    4. If you think by suggesting I play both sides by saying to keep Kershaw and then to trade him, you are a dimwit!

    Which ones do you want me to explain and I will do it in no uncertain terms?

  26. Clearly it’s Happy Hour in Indiana.

    Kids take note, don’t drink and post on the Internet.

    Is it even possible for you to enter a room with a sense of civilty and decorum?

    1. 1. Not in Indiana – Philadelphia. Wrong!

      2. Happy hour? Don’t know. Not drinking. – Wrong again.

      3. Civility and decorum? Says your mouth? Wrong again,

      You sure a wrong a lot for a guy who is never wrong.

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