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Dodgers Pound Pale Hose 13-5 in Cactus League Opener

White Sox vs. Dodgers

The Dodgers opened up their Cactus League schedule on a gloomy Friday afternoon with a 13-5 victory over the Chicago White Sox at Camelback Ranch in Glendale, Arizona. The Dodgers slugged four home runs in their first exhibition win and notched 14 hits against the Pale Hose pitching staff.

Notably Matt Kemp made his first start in left field today and was 2 for 2 with a laser shot three-run home run in the bottom of the third frame and a single as well. He had three runs batted in and looked in fine physical shape. It’s looking more and more likely that he’ll break camp with the club this spring, especially if he continues to hit well.

The other guys contributed throughout the contest. Justin Turner got the scoring going with a solo shot in the bottom of the first inning against Chicago starting pitcher 26-year old right hander Dylan Covey. Enrique Hernandez added a solo shot of his own in the bottom of the third inning. The Dodgers scored five runs in the third inning and four more in the bottom of the fourth inning. Logan Forsythe homered in the fifth frame.

The White Sox had retaken the lead in the first inning on a three-run home run from Tim Anderson. It seems there will be no shortage of home runs this year. The Dodgers had an 11-5 lead after the fifth inning. They extended it to a 13-5 lead after an RBI double from Donovan Solano in the seventh inning and an RBI single from Jake Peter.

On the pitching side, starter Wilmer Font looked good by tossing two scoreless innings with two punch-outs. Top prospect Yasiel Sierra pitched two-thirds of an inning and struggled as he allowed two runs, and a walk. Switch-pitcher Pat Venditte tossed an inning and a third of shutout ball and switched arm sides in the middle of the inning. However Edward Parades stole the show by pitching a scoreless inning and striking out three. The left hander could be a valuable weapon in the bullpen this season.

Other notes

Trayce Thompson got the start in right field as Yasiel Puig is battling a sore hip. Thompson looked good at the plate going 2 for 3 with an RBI and two runs scored. However he needs some work in the field as he misplayed a slicing liner early in the game. In case you were wondering Puig is slated to play on Saturday and manager Dave Roberts thinks his sore hip is due to new shoes. Go figure.

The Dodgers also acquired 27-year old right handed pitcher J.T. Chargois off of waivers from the Twins earlier this afternoon. Chargois was a second round draft pick from the Twins back in 2012. He only appeared in the majors once in 2016. That year he tossed 23 innings of 4.70 ERA and made 25 starts for Minnesota. He struck out 17 that season and finished with a 1.6 WHIP.

The Dodgers haven’t announced a starter for Saturday’s game, but Clayton Kershaw is scheduled to take the mound on Sunday. The Dodgers will play the Kansas City Royals at Surprise stadium at 12:05 PM PST. Dodger baseball is back!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

33 thoughts on “Dodgers Pound Pale Hose 13-5 in Cactus League Opener

    1. Let’s see if I understand your grading of the Dodger FO. As long as they can win at Fantasy football, they can be the GM of the Dodgers? It figures though, they probably just have something equally as silly to obtain FAs or make trades. Oh well. By the way, I don’t love our FO.

      1. No, but I like what the article alludes to as what makes Zaidi good at Fantasy Football.

        Looking for inefficiencies, different ways to construct rosters.

        By the way, I also like the results the Front Office has produced.

        1. Didn’t I read that Friedman finished in last place? How does that bode well with the analytics side of things?

          In all honesty it sounds like there are some amateurs in the league or at least making the rules. Why force someone to draft a defense and kicker and not have to keep them? Sounds like a flaw in the thought process.

          He (Zaidi) would not have been able to get away with that ‘obvious’ flaw in the rules. If that makes someone smart, well then everyone in our ffl must be geniuses.

          And didn’t the article say that Zaidi consoles with his brother quite often. Sounds to me like he needs (or seeks) help. Does that imply that maybe he either lacks the wherewithall or confidence in his decision making?

          I also think that this is a conflict of interest situation. Not sure I want my FO in a ffl with the players. Has a participating player in the league ever been traded?

  1. What an impressive performance by the Dodger batters in their 1st exhibition game! Matt Kemp!! Even Forsythe got his power back. If this is anything that resembles what the team will do come opening day, I’m all for it. Of course, Grandal, otoh, did didly, but we know that already.

    Fans can scream all they want at the FO, but they continue to impress and will probably be around for a long time.

  2. You “love” the front office and “like” their results.


    What anyone does in a football fantasy league doesn’t interest me. I’ve won a couple leagues, lost in others, but the winning hardly made me a genius. To be impressed by what Zaidi does in his ffl is kinda laughable Bluto. I’m much more interested in how they go about surrounding the real stars of this team, players they had nothing to do with getting here, with supporting pieces. I’m still awaiting their picks to step in and lead. Buehler has a chance. If Taylor can build on what he did as a 26 year old, if Grandal learns how to catch a ball and hits the 35 home runs a certain solipsistic sperm whale says he will hit, if Wood can repeat last year’s performance with a strong finish, if Forsythe, if Hill etc. etc.

    Like I’ve said many times, these guys haven’t failed. But I don’t really see how they’ve succeeded either. They took over a Division winner 4 off seasons ago and with it they did finally win a pennant. That’s a good thing. But the team swallowed an olive in THE biggest game of the year. Close the deal with a championship and I’m on board. Otherwise, we are just Kasten’s Braves part duex – only worser. They won in their 4th trip to post season before losing the next ten years. 1 for 14. Yoiks.

    I don’t love ‘em, don’t hate ‘em. I reserve those emotions for more important issues than professional baseball. I asseverate FAZ indifference.

    One more thing – from an old friend – anyone who is not pulling for Kemp to win the starting left field job is not a true Dodger fan. Turn in your hat and take a seat in the rear.

    1. Jeez, everyone here is so cranky.

      I don’t think I said I was impressed with how Zaidi plays fantasy football, but now that you mention it winning three years in a row is tough given how random Fantasy Football is.

      It’s just a wonderfully written story. Shows good team camaraderie and insight into why the Front Office is so successful.

      Perhaps my favorite reply on this board is Chili wondering if it’s a conflict of interest. LOL. That’s hilarious stuff.

      1. Oh I’m not wondering. IT IS a conflict of interest. If I was the owner, the FO would not be in a ffl with players.

        I noticed that you ignored that Friedman finished last. Contradicts the great minds of the FO when one finishes last. Oh, and that everyone says that Zaidi seeks help from his brother whom is tied to the NFL.

        ‘Zaidi admitted he sometimes asks Jaffer for advice. A more damning clue arises from the user listed as the owner of the team on the ESPN Fantasy Football platform: “Jaffer Zaidi.” Farhan Zaidi countered this was only because he uses his younger brother’s Insider account.’

        Yep, Not impressed!

        Back to baseball. They inherited a really good team with a loaded minor league from others drafting those players.

        This will be their 4th year. Please tell me which of their 100+ draft picks have contributed to these past 3 titles?


        Otherwise this would be a potential train wreck already.

    2. Badger
      You are absolutely correct. Kemp has had attitude problems in the past but I believe he is a true Dodger. He should have never been traded away. I hope he wins the MVP.

  3. I thought Kemp set that pitcher up in yesterday’s game, just before he smashed that line drive HR out.

    Everyone has to remember the line ups that Kemp has hit in, in the last couple years, and he did a pretty good job, hitting in weak line ups, so I think that has made him a smarter hitter, and a better hitter, then his numbers showed, in those weak line ups.

    Although Kemp’s numbers were not bad, in those weak line ups, and his numbers even then, are better then we ever got out of leftfield, in the last few years.

    1. Which has been my point ever since he was re-acquired. For all the talk of his negative dWar numbers, Kemp has done one thing consistently since he left the Dodgers. Hit for power and drive in runs.

  4. From an article regarding Sabean:

    “He suggests that many supremely talented players ought to be able to thrive even as they move out of their prime years. “I don’t think the industry gives itself enough credit with the initiatives we’ve taken with sports science, rest and recovery, nutrition, offseason conditioning, in-season conditioning, the new off days built into the schedule and the new ways to travel that are more elite and more first class,” explains Sabean. While moves for Andrew McCutchen, Evan Longoria, and others were surely made in part because they allowed the club to add proven performers while staying below the luxury tax line, it does seem the San Francisco organization believes that some of its competitors may be a bit too fixated on age. Some of the newly added and preexisting veterans echo that sentiment”

    Sounds like that logic could apply to Kemp.

    1. That’s very interesting bit. Sabean is smart, I bet there is an excessive fixation on age.

      And spin rate.

      And RBIs

      And Saves

  5. A couple of things. First, Kemp looked great. He looked like he did when he first came up. 2nd, they claim another injury prone pitcher from the Twins. This is the way Friedman and Zaidi work. They look for guys with the magic word by their names. Potential. When healthy, this guy is consistently in the mid 90’s and can touch 100. Problem…he has never been healthy. Bad news, Urias to the 60 day DL, which was predictable since the kid is all star break at the earliest and probably not until late August if they are lucky. Also a couple of observations from yesterday’s opener. Font looked like a different guy than the one I saw last September. His control was pretty much on. He also was oozing confidence in his interview with Alana. Turner and Kemp’s HR’s were just over the fence. Turner barely cleared the LF wall, and Kemps was a laser shot that went on the grass just over the fence. Kike and Forsythe on the other hand, hit theirs way up the hill out there. A HR is a HR, but those 2 shots were impressive. Font, Venditte, Paredes all looked very good. I think Paredes has a shot at knocking a couple of guys off this roster.

    1. Michael

      I read that that move to put Urias on the 60 day DL, had nothing to do with Urias’s recovery at all, it was just a move to allow that pitcher on the roster.

  6. Interesting list on Yahoo. The top 25 hitters of all time. Not sure how they compiled it, but there were a couple of surprises. #1 Ted Williams and the Babe was #2. Hornsby, Ichiro, on the list as are Bonds and Rodriguez. Missing…Cap Anson….and a couple of other guys. Clemente is there as is Mays and Aaron. J D Martinez signing held up by a physical issue.

  7. Wow. They also have a list of the top 20 pitchers of all time. This one shocked me. 3 Dodgers in the top 20. Big D at 18, Kershaw at 8 and Koufax was #1. Kershaw rated ahead of guys like Gibson, Seaver, Glavine, Spahn, Clemens. Palmer, Spahn, Grove, Carlton….only Pedro Martinez, Greg Maddux, Randy Johnson, Cy Young, Christy Mathewson, Walter Johnson and Koufax above him on the list……oh, Nolan Ryan was not on the list at all.

        1. Sounds like a second party opinion. Was this old friend a scout or a writer for a physics of baseball blog? If not, how can you trust his judgment?

          Sometimes you just know.

          “I can see how he won 25. What I don’t understand is how he lost 5.” Yogi on Koufax.

          The point for me is, over analyzing is only necessary when you are searching the hinterlands for the hidden extraordinary. I encourage that practice and anticipate its continuation. But, if it’s all you know how to do then I find it short sighted. What Sabean just did looks practical to me. What the Brewers did, the additions made by the dbacks, gets the fans interested. I think when you take over a winning team with an already stacked system, your window to get something done is already wide open. This is year 4 for these guys. It’s time. In fact, it’s past time.

          1. Oh, just another made up opinion disguised as a friend.

            I suspect this isn’t a surprise to you, nor an uncommon attribution.

            If the Dodger fans aren’t interested after last year and with the farm system (et al,) perhaps the team needs and deserves new fans.

          2. Knock it off Bluto. You’re being a jerk.

            I get emails every day from several old posters, people with whom I’ve developed friendships over the years. These are people who have earned my respect. None of them are pompous windbags who act like they know shit that nobody else does. When these friends mention things that make sense to me I bring it here and lay it out. Unlike some other posters, those who have never had an original thought in their entire headline making lives, I give credit where credit is due. Most of these people don’t post anymore and it’s because of the jerks that hang out in places like this. As one friend put it “you meet some very strange people on the internet.” No shit. Some have even been threatened by the pretentious blowhards that bully their way around these sites. That ain’t necessarily you, but you tend to border on the obnoxious. Give a rest dude.

          3. You mean it really was an old friend?

            If so, why bother to attribute it directly?

            Who cares if it’s a friend’s opinion, your opinion or my opinion? If it’s not someone who actually covers the team, or covers the spot it’s immaterial whose opinion it is.

          4. It’s material to me. When it’s my original thought I present it as such. If I hear it from another source I don’t take credit for it. Most of the posters you don’t see here, but who still visit here, often share their thoughts with me. I guess that might be because I don’t threaten lawyers and physical violence if they disagree.

            For some weird reason you think only the people worth listening to are those who you accept as “authorities” on baseball. But FYI there are hundreds of baseball minds out there that don’t write for pubs you think are omniscient or are people you believe are baseball savants. I played a damn good game of ball when I played, and I coached as high as JC. I may have forgotten more about the game than some of the yahoos you worship.

            My advice to you, and I realize you didn’t ask for it, is open your mind to different takes, listen to the ideas presented on their own merits and respond with your own take. That’s what’s known as dialogue. It’s everyday conversation. Nobody here knows more than anyone else and many of us are walking around in a new world that on so many levels hardly makes sense anymore .

            This is a baseball blog. This should be a place we get away from the bat shit crazy. It used to be easier. It got complicated. The Iraq war and the McCourt era tore several places apart. Then it was the reason for a prison sentence. Those were all big deals. But getting snippy over algorithms? Come on. Everybody knows a bunt can be a weapon and Yasmani can’t catch his own ass with both hands.

            Ok, maybe not everyone knows that, but hopefully my point was made.


  8. Story on Dodger blue says that the Dodgers plan on using an 8 man bullpen. Which of course means a 4 man bench. I have never liked that idea. But they used it for a while last year. Just means that roster spots for position guys are going to be highly contested. Best hitting catcher in spring so far, Kyle Farmer.

    1. I do like the idea. If one or more of the bench players can play different positions and if all of them can hit, you only need 4 of them. With the makeup of our starting staff? Give me plenty of options out of the pen.

      Besides, we know how these FAZ guys like to churn the roster. We won’t have the same roster or even the same lineup for more than a few games at a time.

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