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Dodgers Release 2018 Spring Training Schedule

Cactus League

Despite spring training seemingly eons from now, the Dodgers have still released their 2018 Cactus League schedule. Exhibition games seem to be starting earlier and earlier every season and 2018 is no exception with the first game slated for February 23 against the White Sox. The Dodgers will play 30 Cactus League games with 17 of them played at Camelback Ranch. The exhibition season concludes with the annual Freeway Series against the Angels on March-25-27. It will be here sooner than you think. Here is the complete schedule below.

Dodgers 2018 Cactus League Spring Training schedule


Date Day Opponent Location Game Time
2/23/18 Friday CWS Glendale 1:05 PM
2/24/18 Saturday SF Glendale 1:05 PM
@ KC Surprise 1:05 PM
2/25/18 Sunday @ SEA Peoria 1:10 PM
2/26/18 Monday @ TEX Surprise 1:05 PM
2/27/18 Tuesday TEX Glendale 1:05 PM
2/28/18 Wednesday @ SD Peoria 1:10 PM
3/1/18 Thursday CLE Glendale 1:05 PM
3/2/18 Friday @ CWS Glendale 1:05 PM
3/3/18 Saturday ARI Glendale 1:05 PM
3/4/18 Sunday @ SF Scottsdale 1:05 PM
3/5/18 Monday CLE Glendale 1:05 PM
3/6/18 Tuesday @ CHC Mesa 1:05 PM
3/7/18 Wednesday @ LAA Tempe 1:10 PM
3/8/18 Thursday @ CLE Goodyear 6:08 PM
3/9/18 Friday KC (ss) Glendale 1:05 PM
3/10/18 Saturday CHC (ss) Glendale 7:05 PM
3/11/18 Sunday @ COL (ss) Salt River 1:10 PM
3/12/18 Monday MIL Glendale 1:05 PM
3/13/18 Tuesday Off Day
3/14/18 Wednesday COL Glendale 7:05 PM
3/15/18 Thursday KC Glendale 1:05 PM
3/16/18 Friday @ ARI Salt River 1:10 PM
3/17/18 Saturday @ CWS Glendale 1:05 PM
3/18/18 Sunday SD Glendale 1:05 PM
@ MIL Maryvale 1:05 PM
3/19/18 Monday OAK Glendale 7:05 PM
3/20/18 Tuesday @ OAK Mesa 1:05 PM
3/21/18 Wednesday Off Day
3/22/18 Thursday LAA Glendale 7:05 PM
3/23/18 Friday @ KC (ss) Surprise 1:05 PM
3/24/18 Saturday CWS Glendale 12:05 PM
3/25/18 Sunday @ LAA Anaheim 6:07 PM
3/26/18 Monday LAA Los Angeles 7:10 PM
3/27/18 Tuesday LAA Los Angeles 7:10 PM


Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

22 thoughts on “Dodgers Release 2018 Spring Training Schedule

  1. Spring Training. Yes it’ll be here sooner than everyone thinks, yet not early enough for Dodgers fans!

    We have a major shakeup in hitting coaches. Our assistant coach Hynes was hired away. Now Shawn Wooten, who’s been coaching Seager, Bellinger and Joc, has been let go by the organization. There is something going on there and I wonder if we will mimic the Astros in both pitching and hitting.

    And is an article from TrueBlue summarizing our top prospects.

    1. YF

      I hope so, and you know Friedman is a Houston guy!

      I always wondered why Joc kept going back to Wooten to help him hit, instead of having Turner Ward, help him instead.

      Because Joc wasn’t really improving like he should, under Wooten’s instruction.

      I think Joc worked with Ward, a little before, and during the World Series.

      Because I saw Joc sitting next to Ward, at the beginning of that second series, or about, that time.

      1. YF

        I read about how the Astros changed there line up, but we actually had the same approach the Astros had, in the regular season.

        Remember when our players were making pitchers throw strikes, and they were not swinging at pitches, out of the strike zone, and they were seeing on an average, the most pitches in there at bats, in the National League?

        That is what the Astros were doing in the American League.

        Although I think the Astros hitters, were being a little more aggressive in there at bats, because I didn’t see where the Astros hitters, were necessarily seeing more pitches on an average, like the Dodgers were, but they were just not swinging at balls outside the strike zone, like the Dodgers were.

        But that is not necessarily a bad thing, because some of the first few pitches a hitter will get, will be the first three pitches, in there at bats.

        And I remember to many times when the Astro’s hitters, jumped on our pitcher’s first pitches, but the problem was, our pitchers were giving the Astros good first pitches to hit, Instead of throwing them bad first pitches, like the Astros threw to Corey on his first pitches.

        There main philosophy, was to only swing at pitches in the strike zone!

        I can’t jump on Corey for what he did in the post season, because he was hurt, but our young players, and especially Cody, should only get better, with more experience, with this same type of philosophy.

        Because they were doing this in the regular season, and they did a good job, in the other post season series.

        It might be a little harder for a young power hitter like Cody, but I am sure with more experience, he will get better.

        Altuve is in his seventh year, and this was Springer’s fourth year.

        And only starter in the Astro’s line up, that doesn’t have a lot of experience, is there third baseman.

        And there third baseman had a little more major league experience, then Cody, but I don’t know how long he played in AAA, or if he did play in AAA.

        But there third baseman did have impressive at bats, in the post season, with as little experience, as he had.

        When you think about it, this last year, was Barnes and Taylor’s first year, playing everyday, at the major league level.

        Even Turner, has only played full time, at the major league level, Maybe four years, like Springer has.

        And then there is Puig, who hadn’t played full time at the major league level for the entire season for quite a while, because he was not applying himself to the program, and because of that, he kept on having hammy problems.

        Gurriel doesn’t have much major league experience, but he played internationally for a long time, so he much more experienced then Puig.

        I am sure both Corey and Cody are going to work on curves on there hands, or try to see a lot of curves, in that area, in the off season.

        I read a post from a guy who said, that Cody, Corey, and Joc should pay some college pitchers in the off season, to throw a bunch of curves on there hands, so they can spit of those pitches next year, instead of being fooled like they were.

        I wish our young players could learn how to hit curves, the way Turner does.

        Because he is a very good off speed hitter, and a good hitter in general.

        I still think Turner was hurt during the World Series, or just over tired like Badger said.

        Michael was right about that pitcher who started the seventh game, when he said, that he was not all that.

        But he was pitching effectively wild, and hitting a lot of our hitters, and that made it hard on some of our hitters, and I am not talking necessarily, about Corey, and Cody.

        Because it was as frustrating for me, as much everyone else, when Corey and Cody didn’t make contact, especially in that first inning, after Taylor had that lead off double.

        But like I have said to many times, the team did give more run support, then people were remembering, and that is why so many people, that were not Dodger fans, or Astros fans, said this was the most exciting World Series they had saw, in a long time!

        Think about it, it went to game seven, and that was after Darvish had two diasterous starts, and Kershaw gave away that big lead.

        And Kenley let the Astros full time utility player, hit that opposite field HR to tie that second game, and Kenley already had that guy down, with two strikes!

        And another year of experience, should make these young players even better!

  2. I would have left off Segedin who’s 29 and no one will miss. He’s blocked at first, third and LF, so he’d appreciate being moved to another team. We need lefty relievers, if not this year then next year.

    Unless Segedin is part of trade talks, losing Dayton sucksz

    1. Not if he is going to be out another 2 years. They have a lot of lefty’s and are targeting Britton from the Orioles. Josh Ravin was traded to Atlanta for cash not much later than Dayton being claimed. They needed the roster spots for Oaks and Santana. Avilan, Cingrani, Liberatore all still on the roster and there are lots of lefty free agent relievers including Watson, who they may try to bring back. Also, Friedman said he sees Maeda as a starter next season, NOT the long man in the pen, welcome back Brock Stewart and Ross Stripling. And according to reports, Urias will be ready by May……they will most likely use him out of the pen until he builds up stamina.

      1. Michael

        That 29 year old rookie leftie, is still on the roster too, I don’t remember his name, but you probably remember his name.

  3. Jonah
    If you are out there, come on back and say hello! Miss your prospectives. You always had my back and I appreciate it.

    1. I communicate with Jonah on occasion. He still possesses one of the most knowledgeable baseball minds I know. I won’t speak for him but I think you know what happened here.

          1. Package

            Your welcome!

            I have tried to get him to come back, but he is his own man, and I respect him for that.

            And I don’t want to pressure him, to do something, he doesn’t want to do.

    1. I have been saying from the time this thing started that Stanton has said over and over he will not approve a trade to either Boston or St Louis. Now, the Giants? Who knows. I know both St Louis and SF have made offers and the Giants included a couple of their top pitching prospects. But Stanton has a full no trade, if he does not feel SF is a viable contender he can veto any trade.

      1. He’s waiting to see if the Dodgers are interested. He’s probably made it clear where he wants to play. There is no rush on this.

    2. At the outset of this winter, the Dodgers’ interest in Stanton seems lukewarm. They have the prospects to make a deal, and sure, Stanton and his star power would be perfect for L.A., dropped in among Corey Seager, Cody Bellinger and Justin Turner in the lineup. But the Dodgers intend to cut payroll this winter, and besides, they’re not really wild about big, long-term deals.

      But if Stanton just says no to the Marlins — if he wants to go to the Dodgers or some other team — eventually, Miami will have no choice but to make a deal on the other club’s terms. Maybe the Dodgers help to make the money work by adding Scott Kazmir or others in the trade. Maybe the Marlins eat a healthy chunk of the Stanton contract to ensure a deal.

  4. I think Stanton has a chip on his shoulder, because when he signed that contact, the owner didn’t give him any idea, that he was going to sell that team.

    It would be nice to get rid of Kazmir’s and McCarthy’s contacts.

    I think we need a top starting pitcher more, but if the front office got a good deal on Stanton, I am sure every Dodger fan would be happy, as long as that wouldn’t stop us, from getting a good starting pitcher too.

    I think Badger is already making predictions, on how many times Stanton will hit a ball out of Dodger Stadium.

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