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Dodgers Send Gavin Lux Back To Alternate Site

Dodger’s top prospect Gavin Lux‘s 2020 MLB debut was short lived after the club optioned him back to the team’s alternate training site on Thursday afternoon after he played in just one game. Lux was called up and played in the Dodger’s second game of their doubleheader against the Giants in San Francisco. The Dodgers won both games, winning the second game 2-0, but Lux was unimpressive.

Lux started the second game at second base and batted eighth in the Dodger’s lineup. He went 0 for 3 with two strikeouts and didn’t look good. Of course he hasn’t played at all this season and was left off the club’s opening day roster after looking poor during summer camp after showing up late. Some people have speculated that the Dodgers were holding him back due to service time manipulation. However there is no minor leagues this season and if the Dodgers wanted him to get some reps this season then the only way is to get in him in Major league games.

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The fact that he’s only played in one game this year should tell you all you need to know on what the Dodgers think about him. They don’t think he’s ready and Dodger’s manager Dave Roberts said as much during postgame interviews. Roberts think he’s having mechanical problems, he told Ken Gurnick.

It was a short ramp-up for Gavin and he wasn’t right mechanically,” Roberts told’s Ken Gurnick and other media on August 5.  “And he knows that, we know that.  He’s still getting there at [alternative training site] USC, getting at-bats daily, it’s coming.  I see video every day, it’s getting better.”

Lux turned in a lackluster showing during his brief call-up last season, slashing .240/.305/.400 with 2 home runs and an 85 OPS+ across 82 plate appearances. Obviously the 22-year old needs some work as his talent hasn’t translated at the big league level yet. He may have to wait until next season in order to get regular at-bats. In the meantime, the Dodgers have the best record (24-9) in the majors and don’t need him right now.

Scott Andes

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

6 thoughts on “Dodgers Send Gavin Lux Back To Alternate Site

  1. He hit 2 homers off of Gonsolin in the intrasquad game that was broadcast. Zack Reks hit two dingers too. I believe Lux will get very little time this year, but with Kike gone next year, and Taylor becoming the super sub, Gavin will get his shot to be the Dodgers full time second baseman. I also think he will get better than he showed earlier this year. I also thing the team was a little ticked that he showed up late for the restart. He is not ready yet, but he is close.

  2. Wow, 9-6-2020 game was the worst lineup I have seen yet. DR playing Ouija Board games with the batting order again, bowing down to their possible 1st round opponent , and giving the Rocks confidence. First round, 3-game series, anything can happen. Dodgers might get caught with their pants down.

    First of all, Urias is the worst starter In the rotation…. why not give him some offensive support? Urias really makes the trade of Stripling look like crap. No, DR decides to SIT Betts (and dismantle the best 1-2 punch in baseball), and give him a day off, even though the Dodgers have an off day on Labor Day, and another on Thursday. Then to put Lux (.148) in leadoff was a mistake… Gavin looks lost, offensively and defensively. DR stacks the lineup with more weak bats, and worst of all, puts Belli (.216) in cleanup, and hot hitting Pollock (.284) in 5th…. AJ would have been a better cleanup hitter, and Belli hits better at 5th or 6th. The icing on the cake was using Beaty (.220) as DH “Designated Hole” in the lineup. Ferguson was no help, tossing batting practice again.

    Oh well, just another disappointing loss, I guess. “It IS, what it IS”…. deal with it, Bluefan.

  3. I know Bluto, but you cannot let your guard down against your prime contenders. You have to dominate, and play your best hand. Don’t play down to your inferior opponents….. never turn your back on an alligator, they will bite you in the a$$, before you know it.

    … I’m just sayin’. This is a 60 Game Sprint, not a 160 game Stroll in the Park.

    Go Blue. Don’t blow this season away. Lots of good teams in the AL. Get primed and ready to go.

    1. The Rockies are very far from Prime Competition. They are no alligators.

      I have no idea what the 60 game sprint, 160 game stroll line is suppose to mean.

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