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Dodgers Shutdown By Zach Davies

Kenta Maeda

There was no comeback for the Dodgers today. There was no thrilling rally or grand slam home run to save them. This was just a quiet effortless shutout. The Dodger bats went cold as they shuffled off to board a plane to Los Angeles with the embarrassment of being shutdown by Zach Davies.

Yup that’s right. The Dodgers were shutdown by right hander Zach Davies in the series finale in Milwaukee on Sunday afternoon. The Dodgers managed just three singles as Davies tossed six shutout frames en route to a 3-0 Milwaukee victory as the Brewers avoided a series sweep.

Dodgers 0 3 0

Brewers 3 5 1





The Dodgers managed just three piddly singles against Davies who had an ERA of well over 5 entering today’s game. One was a bunt single from Cody Bellinger. Davies threw six shutout frames allowing just three singles, walking one and striking out 6. The Milwaukee bullpen finally closed the door in this one pitching three scoreless innings.

Kenta Maeda’s struggles continued as he allowed two runs on four hits over just four innings of work. He walked 3 and struck out 7 but was unable to go deep into the game again. He settled in after giving up a first inning home run to Eric Thames. Maeda has been petty horrendous this season though, and I’m starting to wonder if he’s ever going to figure it out this year. Although it did seem like he was starting to turn things around after posting a 3.38 ERA over his last several starts.

The Brewers scored just two more runs the rest of the way. One of those came in the bottom of the second inning when Manny Pina walked, Orlando Arcia was hit by a pitch and Eric Sogard’s RBI single to right scored Pina to put the Brewers up by a 2-0 score. The Brewers added one more in the bottom of the eighth when Domingo Santana hit his second home run of the series of off Sergio Romo. That put the Brewers ahead 3-0. The Dodgers never threatened.

This recap will contain no photos or videos because the Dodgers did nothing to cheer about and there were no highlights. This was just a mundane boring loss. The Dodgers will come back home to start a six game home stand. They’ll kick it off with a three game series against the dangerous Washington Nationals. Gio Gonzalez will face Hyun-jin Ryu in the series opener.

Scott Andes

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

63 thoughts on “Dodgers Shutdown By Zach Davies

  1. Overall, a 4-3 road trip. I”ll take it. Now I”d like 2-3 vs a good playoff type team starting tomorrow.

    1. We are 14-15 on the road. Not good. Washington is 19-11. Everyone in the West but Colorado is under .500 on the road. Rockies are 21-10.

      1. Last year Cleveland was 2 games over .500 on the road last year, they finished with the best record in the AL.

  2. Maeda, prior to this game, talked about his lack of control, inefficiency, and not throwing enough varied pitches at batters. He also mentioned he is not a power pitcher. He spoke as if he somehow had an insight into his problems and was able to overcome them. This game proved that none of it has been overcome and continues to be the same problems he’s always had. He rarely lasts more than 4 innings and gives up early runs, a combination that is very deadly to a SP. I don’t know how he becomes better. Don’t know if he can become better. I have never seen a sign of it. I am always waiting for his collapse. Usually the bats have to help him while another pitcher relieves him, but in this game, they just weren’t there. Ah well………..

    1. Jeff

      In Maeda’s last few games except yesterday, he has settled down, after the first inning.

      He needs to look at his pregame procedure, and see if he can get his command by warming a little earlier to try to have his command from the time he goes out there in the first, to pitch.

      And you are right when Maeda said he isn’t a power pitcher, so he depends on his command much more then a power pitcher, so he needs it, from the start of the game, or he will be hit.

      1. I dunno MJ.

        Maeda just doesn’t miss bats. So many 1-2 counts end up resolving as hits or 6+ pitch ABs. I’m not sure how changing a pre-game ritual would change that.

        The team will give him another start, after that it looks pretty unclear. At some point Stewart will be back, as will Urias. Maeda and Ryu are the one’s I’d put on the chopping block.

        1. Stewart just now started his re-hab. It will be quite a while before he gets back. They have 2 guys at AAA with MLB experience they can plug in if need be.

  3. Maeda has looked bad most of the year. Even though he was 3-0 in his last 3 starts. He did have the 8 1/3rd inning performance, but other than that he has been very pedestrian. Over 90 pitches in 4 innings is not efficient at all. Between him and Blister Boy you do not know what you are going to get. Hopefully we get the Ryu that pitched last week and not the one from Colorado. Can’t wait for Wood to get back.

  4. Badger, I probably should apologize to you for teasing you about being a Vegan (if I am using the right term). I can appreciate the difficulty of choosing such a lifestyle and its interface with “normal” society. I cannot imagine the motivation for that choice but I understand how difficult it must have been and continues to be with the ignorant clods like me who take it so likely and find it a thing of amusement. I will try not to do that again.

    1. Thank you, but no apologies necessary. I know you were yanking my lanyard. I can take it. The diet was a personal choice I made about a year after I got out of the Corps. It wasn’t as difficult a choice as you might imagine. I might recommend you tour a slaughterhouse, or read 4th generation cattle farmer Howard Lyman’s book “Mad Cowboy”. It’s an eye opener.

      1. I think I’ll decline your recommendation, I enjoy my hamburgers, steaks, meatloafs, and pork chops too much to give them up, which is the result you hope for…. I know you’ve heard the expression,”Ignorance is bliss”. So true. There are just loads of things we poor ignorant humans are better off not knowing. Knowledge is a two-edged sword.

        1. I don’t buy it.

          “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” Maya Angelou.

          Head in sand is no excuse. No matter the distance, there is complicity –

          “By eating meat you put your health at risk – that’s your business. But animal-based diets put the land, the water, the air, a society’s collective health, and even our pharmaceutical resources at risk. That’s my business. That’s everyone’s business.” Howard Lyman

          1. Man has been around for an awful lot of years and he has evolved, gotten bigger, stronger, smarter and healthier. While eating meat and meat products, as well as vegetables. I see no reason to reverse a successful regimen. I note that you left Hitler off your list of prominent vegetarians. Jeez, how could anyone doubt something he believed in…

          2. Badger

            My first favorite one from Maya I have heard, is trusting someone the first time, they show you, who they are.

            I don’t know if she was the first one to say this, but I heard that from her, when she said this, to Oprah.

        2. Jonah

          Trump is crazy about meatloaf too, but that is probably the only thing you have an common with him, thankfully.

      2. Badger

        Being the vegan you are, you forgot the best reason for eliminating meat in a diet, and that is for your health.

        1. Yeah, look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gregory Stanton and all those poor professional athletes…. Think what they would be like with a “proper diet”… Excuse me, I have to fix my breakfast: Hash browns, Jimmie Dean Sausage, tomatoes, and french bread toast with butter. And orange juice and coffee.

          1. Jonah

            You are a big tomato guy, can you grow tomatoes, where you live?

            I like tomatoes a lot too, but the tomatoes at the store, don’t taste as good, as a fresh tomatoes, from the garden do.

          2. I meant Giancarlo Stanton but I guess he changed his first name and I don’t know what it is…
            Yes, I eat tomatoes every day, always have. Buy the ‘tomatoes on the vine’, PLU Code 4805, they are the tastiest commercial ones but not as good as home grown. Yes I could grow them here but it would require extensive effort to block out most of the sun and heat. I always grew tomatoes in my back yard in Orange County. All kinds, had them year round.
            Yeah, all my hair is my own and it’s about 95% brown yet. I attribute that, and my light beard, to my Indian blood…
            My mothers recipe for meatloaf was 2 pounds ground beef, one pound pork sausage, one small chopped onion, one half chopped green pepper, one half cup chopped pickles, bake at 325 degrees for one and one half hours, drain grease, pour in two cups tomato puree, bake an additional one half hour. The only change I have made in it over the years is to change the tomato puree to one small can of diced tomatoes and green chiles and a small can of tomato paste. salt and pepper to taste.
            If Badger is agreeable, we’ll let the discussion on Veganism die, no good comes of diminishing it for him and he will never sway me in his favor.

        2. Jonah

          I bet you have much better hair!

          I don’t even know if that is his own hair up there, it looks more like a rat’s nest, to me.

          I never really was big on meatloaf myself, but I did think it tasted better, when it was cold.

          I didn’t know that about Hitler, but I bet he was having other people take a taste of his food, toward the end of World War 2.

          1. Apparently I touched a nerve in Jonah.

            I’ve never seen a discussion that is enhanced in any way by bringing Hitler into it. And Trump looks like meatloaf to me. Undercooked meatloaf with bad hair.

            Who is Gregory Stanton?

  5. Let’s throw out a baseball comment. I expect the Dodgers will have a token selected participant in the All Star Game rather than an elected one. Whom will it be?

        1. It is to bad that Wood is hurting, because he would deserve to pitch in the Allstar game.

          And I wouldn’t mind, if he wasn’t hurting, because that would be his first Allstar game.

    1. I would think they might invite Bellinger to be in the HR derby. Seager and Jansen will probably get picked with Grandal a longshot as a backup. Every one else, I doubt it, although Taylor should get some recognition. Turner would have been a shoo in had he not gotten injured. If he plays his ass off the next 3 weeks it could happen. Kershaw is a no brainer.

    2. Badger

      In my family, if we teased someone, that meant we liked them!

      You are right, not to many people in the public eye, have a long career, after using Hitler in phrase.

      I hope Jonah is not thinking about starting a second career, in the entertainment, business.

      Because they say texts can’t ever be totally erased, from the internet!

      And that sentence that you mentioned both Trump and meatloaf in, was pretty funny.

  6. Not getting into the diet thing. It is a lost cause for this boy. But major leaguers for the most part, are meat and potato’s guys. There was a little clip on MLB and this kid says his favorite food is tacos, and asks the big guys what theirs is, 75% said steak and potato’s. No surprise here. But I dislike steak, more a chicken and fish person. Salads, fruits, and sometimes a BIG apple pie with ice cream. Makes my day. My big downfall is bacon. I love it. And Tuna salad sandwich’s yummers.

    1. You ever get into Orange County, try a tuna salad sandwich at a place called Polly’s Pies, sort of a junior Marie Callender’s…. Make their own breads and pies. Best Tuna sandwich I ever ate.

      1. Thanks Jonah. I will be headed out to Cali to visit family sometime later this year. Another place I love to eat when I am there is the Fish Market in Los Alamitos’s . They have awesome seafood there. I love their stuffed salmon filet. My sister likes to go to the Pantry in downtown LA for breakfast sometimes. Applebee’s years ago made a killer chicken salad sandwich with walnuts, but they took it off the menu.

        1. I’ve heard of the Pantry but never got downtown to try it. Another place I liked and can’t remember the name was a Swiss restaurant just off the 5 Fwy between Orange County and Del Mar race track. Liked that area because many of the streets had Marine Heroes names. We always stopped there for breakfast. The Big John Breakfast was $3.95 back in those days and was 3 eggs, 2 different meats, home fries and toast. And you could get as many refills as you wanted. They had an attached market with all Asian and European canned goods, and a butcher’s case. You could select a steak or whatever meat you wanted and they would cook it for you and serve it there. There was always a waiting line at that place… Damn, I’m good, here’s a link to it, look around:

          Damn, should have warned Badger not to read this…

  7. Seems the subject of the day is Food. OK. Can anyone tell me how to fry pancakes? I don’t want a recipe, a box mix is fine/ I use a mix for waffles so I would use the same one for pancakes. The problem is I can’t fry them worth a damn. They’re either burned or messed up when I try to turn them over… Why doesn’t someone invent a pancake cooker like a waffle iron?

    1. There is a two sided pan that is perfect for pancakes. You just flip it over to do the other side. It has a special coating that keeps the dough from sticking. They are available on amazon, also you can buy a griddle instead of doing them on the oven. I have one of those and it is easier to control the heat, plus you can cook 4 to 6 at a time depending on how big you make them. You can get the griddle at wal mart or any store like that. Keep your heat low……let them cook evenly

        1. Try the griddle my friend. They work great. I have one and use it all the time because I can cook eggs, bacon and the pancakes all at once. There is also a pan called a perfect pan flapjack maker. they have it on amazon. works really good. And makes 4 at a time!

          1. I think I will try the griddle. I have an electric grill about that size that’s just perfect for steaks and hamburgers. I need a bigger kitchen…

  8. Well went to see Wonder Woman last night. Movie was very good, and the young lady playing the part, Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress is both stunning and very good. Movie has a pretty good cast with Chris Pine ( Star Trek ) and Robin Wright. Cannot remember the actors name, but he is the German general in this movie was the bad guy who tortured Wolverine in the X-men movies. Excellent special effects and no doubt there will be a sequel. With the Justice League due out in December.

    1. I think the Tom Hanks movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’ was the latest movie I have seen, and that on television. I have seen almost no movies made after the 70s, last time in theater, 1985. I did not like the way they made them, too much music, noise, I didn’t like the “actors” or directors. I have outlived my time. I really cannot see drastically changing my lifestyle to live longer, I’ve had enough.

    2. Some of the most successful movies of the last several years are cartoons or are based on comic books. I’m sure that says something.

      I thought Grandal was the best framer on the planet? How can they keep him off the team? Turner is hitting .379 and is an above average fielder. Kershaw and Jansen are givens right? One “token” player from this team ain’t gonna happen.

      I lived in Los Alamitos from 9th grade til I left to serve the country. Was there again off and on from ’69-’74. Don’t recall a fish restaurant. Don’t recall any restaurants of note.

      “I’ve had enough”. I know how you feel. Obviously we’re not done with our karma here.

        1. Actually thought of a better plan than that, one that the government should certainly approve of. Instead of paying me my pension and Medicare costs for the next ten years or whatever, how about I go now and the government give half my pension and medicare costs to my nephew over the next five years? There are thousands if not millions of senior citizens who would gladly give up their benefits to their families.

          1. Jonah

            I put dill pickles in my potato salad, and in my tuna.

            In my potato salad I use, Black olives, dill pickles, one egg, and sometimes onions, with mayo.

            I love potato salad.

            After I make it, I eat a little all day.

          2. Pretty much how my mother made it but sometimes she poured a little beet juice in it for color. She might have put some celery in it also. I can’t stand it if the potatoes aren’t cooked soft. Walmart has good potato salad. Bean salad is another favorite. Kidney beans, celery, cheddar cheese, hard boiled eggs, mayo, salt and pepper.
            I’m getting hungry. Big breakfast, no lunch, dinner about 4:30 to 5:00. TV dinner, I’m afraid. I’m too lazy to cook all the time…

      1. Grandal is the poster boy for slumps. Turner is on the DL and likely will be again. Kershaw is not having a Kershaw year and that is the standard by which he will be graded. Can’t knock Kenley, he will probably be the token Dodger. Seaver is seeing if he can strike out as much as Bellinger and Bellinger is only a rookie who will lead the league in strikeouts if he plays all year. Even if he hits 30 Home runs, they will hold the strike outs against him. I should say, some people will. To me, an out is an out and it isn’t the start of a double play like grounders are. To me, the three true outcomes make sense.

        1. Jonah

          Remember the Brewers centerfielder, had a lot of strike outs.

          I think they said eighty already.

        2. Jonah

          My mom made a bean salad and she put everything in her salad, that your mom did, except celery and cheese.

          And she used salad dressing, instead of mayo, it was sweet.

          I eat a lot of frozen dinners too.

          Because it is not worth cooking a meal, for just one.

          But I have not had a frozen dinner lately, because I got sick of them.

          I have been having sandwiches instead, lately.

          It has hit the spot for now.

      2. Fish Market is right next to the Boot Barn there down the road from the race track. I used to play music once in a while at the Starting Gate. There is a Fish Market restaurant in Phoenix too.

  9. Justin Turner hasn’t played since May 18 because of a strained hamstring. Looks as if he could rejoin #Dodgers by week’s end. Turner will begin a rehab assignment with Class-A Rancho Cucamonga tonight.

    The Dodgers are recalling utility player Mike Freeman from Triple-A Oklahoma City, according to a source. The team hasn’t announced the roster move or the corresponding transaction.

    Freeman, 29, played six games with Oklahoma City since the Dodgers claimed him off waivers from the Seattle Mariners on May 26. He had three hits in 18 at-bats (.167) with seven strikeouts. Freeman saw time at third base and shortstop without committing an error.

      1. Sorry, Bluto. I won’t post anything tomorrow, perhaps it will be more interesting for you and others.

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