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Dodgers Spot Marlins 10 Runs, Then Rally to Lose 10-6

Game two/round two of the Dodgers-Marlins pissing contest and baseball game brought young Julio Urias to the mound at Chavez Ravine. The immediate problem for the Dodgers was Urias didn’t bring his best stuff along with him. 

After a first pitch, down the pipe, base hit by Dee Gordon, Urias spent the next three innings searching for the strike zone. When the Marlins weren’t peppering out base hits, he was walking batters. 

The Dodgers were lucky to be down by only three runs after a very ugly opening two innings. That “luck” soon ran out and it quickly sunk to a score of 5-0 with no out in the third inning. Urias wasn’t getting a ton of help from the gloves behind him either. The rest of the boys looked sleepy out there on defense. 

7-0 and only one out in the 3rd was the breaking point for the skipper. Out came Urias, in came Luis Avilan…and then came Josh Fields…and then came many others as the night wore on. 

It was 9-0 in the 4th and Marlins manager Don Mattingly, who’s hair was on fire last night when the Dodgers dared to try and score after it was 5-0, didn’t seem to mind that his batters were still up there swinging like their meal tickets depended on it. 

And then it was 10-0 on a home run in the 5th.  For good measure, the fish also had a no-hitter going. 

Enrique Hernandez was the first Dodger to stand up and say, “Enough!” He said it with his bat, in the form of a solo round-tripper to center field. The no-hitter was spoiled and the Dodgers were finally on the board, only down 10-1.

The boys managed a couple of doubles and a base hit to score a run in the sixth inning, making things 10-2. The crowd, starved for anything to cheer about, reacted as though it were 10-9. After a 10 pitch walk to Chris Taylor that loaded the bases for Joc Pederson, Mattingly lifted his starting pitcher. 

The Marlins new pitcher immediately uncorked a wild pitch behind Pederson that brought in the Dodgers third run of the night. That was all, because Joc popped up to Dee Gordon to end the inning 10-3. 

The Dodgers still had a bit more life in them, and Corey Seager launched a two run homer in the 7th to make it 10-5. And then Cody happened! Bellinger blasted one of his own to the same spot in CF. It was now 10-6 and everyone was sitting up a little straighter. 

Unfortunately, that was all the Dodgers would get, and they quietly gave up their final six outs. 

The Dodgers lose 10-6 and split the first two games of the series. Kevin McCarthy will try to right the ship tomorrow afternoon. It should be a blazer out there. Wear sun screen and bring your glove! 

That kid is unbelievable: Cody Bellinger became the fasted Dodger ever to hit nine home runs (24 games).

Julio Urias went 2 1/3 innings with 7 runs, 7 hits, 3 walks, 0 Ks, 1 balk. 

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

103 thoughts on “Dodgers Spot Marlins 10 Runs, Then Rally to Lose 10-6

  1. What I am about to write is not going to be popular, but I really do not care. Julio Urias belongs either in the bullpen, or in AAA working on his control issues. He could not find the plate with a road map, and when he did, the Marlins made him pay. He has shown that he is not ready for prime time. All his skill and poise have not helped him overcome his one large shortcoming. His youth and inexperience. He would be better served working on those control issues out of the pen, or at OKC. Joc Pederson has totally lost his confidence. He needs some time at AAA too. What ever he is doing is not working. I can’t remember the last time he hit a ball hard. And Adrian Gonzalez is a shadow of the player he was so far. No power, little production and his bat does not look like he is catching up to some of those fastballs. I think Badger was right in the last stream. This team needs to get younger and more athletic. With Toles out, Puig injured, and Pederson approaching the Mendoza line, the outfield could use a makeover. If, and it’s a big if, Gonzo starts to hit, Bellinger should be out in LF every day. He is doing a great job out there. Kike has more value as a bench guy than playing the OF every day. Not sure when Segedin is coming off the DL, but he could help. If they send Pederson down, which they should, I bring up Verdugo and see what the kid has, and please do not trade for Braun.

    1. I do agree with almost every word you wrote, MNN, and had these very thoughts myself at the end of the game. Regarding Urias, he is in a similar position to Ryu, in the sense he hasn’t been able to find himself. Ryu’s last outing, showed what is still there when he’s able to pitch well and he won. While this is Urias worst showing, he might bounce back next time. Hard to say. But, I liked the idea of Ryu in the pen and I think it is a real option for Urias. He is often a slow starter and the pen would challenge him right away without wearing out his arm. Who would be the replacement starter? Stripling? This should be our greatest concern, right now, as the bats have been coming through.
      Hill-very questionable at this point
      Ryu- same as above
      Urias- same as the above

      McCarthy would be the natural choice but he’s on the DL so they’ll probably stick with Ryu.

      Pederson could do well with a stint in the minors. He’s not ready for the majors, maybe never will be. I’ve said this for the last 2 seasons, he’s not a hitter and hurts the team’s chances on offense. He’s good defensively but many players can get that job done. With Toles hurt, Eibner is the logical choice, and why not? He needs to play to show whether he is the guy or not for CF. As long as Toles is out, we will see a platoon of outfielders. This may be a blessing in disguise. Someone(s) may surprise us all.

      The natural choice for Bellinger is 1B, I believe. In any case, he needs to be on the field as he is big plus on both ends. Agone must either accept the bench, PH duties and occasional starter. We need him to backup 1B. Utley is not the answer there, but he is a good utility player who seems to be snapping out of his slump.

      Taylor is a terrific clutch hitter, but his defense is not up to par. At 2B, he can be adequate, not at 3B. Too big a distance to 1B. Kike is also showing signs of life. He’ll get more playing time, too.

      1. McCarthy is pitching today. He is not on the DL, Maeda is. Maeda is pitching on Thursday.

    2. Agree about Urias. He has options, why not use them instead of phantom DL stints. Maybe give him one more shot in MLB, maybe not. He’s still phenomenal.

      Gonzalez has to contribute. The team is structured around that position delivering power.

      Pederson’s situation is thus a little different, they weren’t looking for him to produce at Gonzalez’s level, but he also looks dreadful. Trace has turned a corner in the minors, maybe he could give Joc some time to find his swing. Does Joc have options?

      Verdugo isn’t on the 40, which is already tight. Segedin’s bat speed has always troubled me, but I know nothing.

      @Jeff. McCarthy isn’t on the DL currently. But just wait….

  2. Is it just me or is the quality of umpiring in the major leagues going on a downward spiral. The strike zones of some of these umpires are just unbelievable. Umps are also more confrontational now a days. They need to be evaluated better than they are now, and those who are totally whacked, should be fired. Angel Hernandez at the top of that list. That guy is horrible.

    1. Yes. The home plate umps are calling themselves out of their jobs.

      I think Stripling deserves another shot as a starter. Put Urias in the BP as a long reliever for now. He may be a starter yet in the postseason but not now. I also think it will do wonders for clubhouse morale if Stripling gets his shot. He’s been a good (great) soldier and no one deserves the opportunity more, as we all know that for pitchers, starter ability and innings is what gets you the huge paychecks and the club needs to give him a shot.

      I would give Ryu and Mada more chances. They know how to pitch, and one of the pet theories that I have is that the counter to the uppcut fly ball swings is to pitch slower, so the fly balls die in the air. Smart off-speed and breaking ball pitchers can do that.

      1. Another great observation. And the analysis by both of the previous commenters is right on the money also. Too bad the team leader cannot think as clearly.

        1. I think often that the mgr has to deal with the immediate psychology of a player(s) on a day to day basis. Often the decisions can be based on their feeling about which player needs time for overall good of the club. But, I do think that many mistakes are made and that mgrs are highly overrated when compared with the actual talent they have to work with. The chances of winning with mediocre talent, no matter how good your mgr is, is much smaller.

  3. Interesting comments this morning.

    Umpiring – ezone. Now. We use technology everywhere else, but something as generic and determinate to outcome as the strike zone is ignored. One pitch missed can literally mean win or lose and these guys miss dozens per game. One can argue that in a season it all balances out, and while that may be true, many observers of these daily mistakes are about fed up. That said, the money is rolling in so, the demand for excellence in calling balls and strikes is to date fundamentally ignored. Maddening for many, me included.

    I got a text from a fellow fan last night referring to Pederson and Urias. We agreed both need time in the minors to get their collective scat together. You can’t put Pederson in the bullpen, but you can give him 100 at bats in the minors. I said already I think Urias is here out of organizational necessity not because he has nothing left to prove. He’s 20 with only 280 innings pitched over 5 years. We shouldn’t need him in our rotation. But we did, and perhaps we do, and now what? Would sending such a young player down hurt him or help him? Who knows. The egos of these players are often enormous and fragile.

    As good as this team is, and the surprise performances of Wood and Bellinger make us even better, there are some questions. We lead the league in pitching, but watching games like last night tell me something just ain’t right.

    1. I sort of like the idea of using Urias in the bullpen. Same pressure, smaller doses. It is always a mistake to credit a player with greatness before he has proven it at the highest level. Use him in the bullpen, if he turns out to be the next Eric Gagne instead of the next Clayton Kershaw, is that so bad? If we can get something of value from Joc, trade him now, he’s replaceable. If not send him down to OKC to remember how to hit.
      The ump thing worries me too but seeing how little the players know or care about the strike zone, baseball is not too likely to call the umps to task about it.

  4. We lead the league in pitching, ok but where we stand when breaking down the era when playing teams that are over 500?

    I am very curious.

    As for Urias, I think he is over hyped, just like Joc. Like Badger said, Urias does not have much under his belt yet. FAZ won’t admit they made a mistake with him by caving to the hype and bringing him up way too early.

    Joc needs to go. Minors, hmmm maybe, personally I trade him. There are better options in house and we can get something for him now. He probably will thrive elsewhere. Sometimes that is the best thing for both sides.

    1. Most of our prospects are over-hyped. Maybe it’s just the nature of baseball, but if a kid is having a good year at AA the fans and writers start beating the drum. He’s the next Fernando, the next Green, the next Garvey. Those expectations will seldom be fulfilled. Maybe Urias will figure it out at this level, but obviously they have enough guys without options to fill out the rotation.

      I think Joc was one of the products of the hype machine–big year at Albuquerque, great first half in his rookie year, and then pitchers figured him out. Tinkering with his swing hasn’t really improved his contact but it seems to have affected the power. I’m curious, though, which in-house options you favor. If Toles weren’t hurt, I’d start him.

      1. Snider

        If Joc doesn’t come out of this, Toles will be even more important, next year.

        And one thing I do know about Toles, is that he will be ready to compete, next year.

        It takes more then skill, to come up through the entire system, from A ball, and compete well, at every level, on the way up.

        And Toles added to his resume this year, with the adjustments he made, and with the way he was able to hit, and hit in the clutch situations, and with the power, he displayed.

        And Toles did a pretty good job on defense in centerfield, after he played there a while, and gained confidence, when he filled in for Joc, when Joc went out.

  5. First about Urias, he pitched well last year in the majors, after his first few games, and that is why before these last two games he has pitched in this year, he had the best ERA in baseball, during that time.

    The reason Urias is like this, is because they took him away from the normal preparation, that he does every year, to get ready, for the season.

    Urias didn’t have a normal spring training, and because of that, he wasn’t able to pitch in many games, to get his command and to build off each start, he had.

    Because starting pitchers need that normalcy, and competition, to get ready for the season, and to be able to pitch well, in the rotation.

    These last few starts don’t mean that Urias can’t pitch in the majors yet, because he has already has done that, he just needs more preparation, before he is really ready, to join the major league rotation.

    I think they just need to send him down to AAA, and have him pitch a few times in the AAA rotation to get his command back, and to also get his confidence back, too.

    And to also know that Urias is ready to pitch, in the major league rotation, now.

    About Joc, the difference between Cody and Joc is amazing, when you look at both their minor league stats.

    Joc was able to hit 300 in AAA, and I don’t believe Bellinger even hit 300 in AA, and he had only played in AAA
    a very short time, before he was called up, but I know it is still early for Bellinger.

    But the way Cody handles himself up at the plate, is a lot different from the way Joc handled himself, in his first couple months, in the bigs.

    And right now, Joc looks like the rookie when he is up to bat, and Cody looks like he is in his third year, and I am only talking about how both players handle their at bats, not what the results even are.

    I don’t understand why Joc doesn’t come to spring training with the swing, he is going to use for the year.

    And the problem with Joc is that he still didn’t have the swing that he felt comfortable with, when he went out on the DL this year, and because of that, after he came back, he had another, new swing.

    How is he going to hit the best pitching in the world, when he is not totally comfortable, when he is up to bat?

    Joc should have come to spring training with a swing, that is second nature, to him.

    Hiters do make changes in there swings, as the season goes along, but they are only making small incremental, changes.

    And for most players in the majors to be successful, they have to work on their weaknesses, and their
    strengths, in the off season, because major league baseball, is a very competitive sport.

    And for the last three years, Joc has came to spring training, without having a swing, that he is truly comfortable, with.

    And even a players that are pure hitters, have to work on their crafts, in the off season.

    1. Joc has had two full years to work on his weaknesses, but has yet to adjust. Every now and then I see promise, he goes to left, he tried a bunt, he shortened up against 97 mph throwers – then the next ten at bats he’s swinging out of his shoes. If he was a true hitter he would work the count better and take good two strikes pitches back where they are pitched. I had hope for him, but after 1200 at bats I don’t see the progress. He looks like Squirrell II, with fewer hot streaks. He’s only 25, so, depending on return, I’m fine with moving him. Do I trust FAZ in trading him? Not really.

      It will be interesting to see what, if anything, is done with Urias. Can he handle a demotion? Who knows. He’s a starter. I’d let him work on that routine at AAA, limiting his pitch count, preparing him for the stretch. I still think he is going to be needed. I do not trust any other than Kershaw to start 25. Somebody has to take up the slack with those who are ticked for the 10 day several times this year. Frankly I can see every one of our starters getting a few 10 day vacations, including Kershaw. We are going to need everybody.

      1. Badger

        It doesn’t seem like Joc listens to the advice he is given, all the time, either.

        But I don’t see them sending Joc down, because we already have two outfielders, out.

        And some people believe Joc is an elite defensive centerfielder, but that isn’t true.

        He is a very good defensive centerfielder, but even elite defensive centerfielders, have to produce on offense.

  6. I agree that Urias and Joc need to go to AAA to work out their issues. Thank the Braintrust for not allowing Urias to stretch out this Spring and then hold him back in Arizona when the season started. Now he has to play catch up. Great plan.

    They need to find their best 5 starters and let them pitch until 1 inevitably becomes injured. Right now the top 5 are Kershaw, Wood, McCarthy, Hill and ? Let Maeda and Ryu slug it out for the 5th slot.

    The problem with sending Joc down now is they have no obvious replacement to play CF. Don’t say Verdugo – everything I have read says that he has lost a step or two already at age 20 and he is a better RF than a CF. I am not fond of Kike in CF either. Move Puig there and let Bellinger play RF maybe? Gutierrez and ? play LF?

    Forsyth will come off of the DL and play 3B until Turner returns. Then he moves to 2B. Where does Taylor play?

  7. I often harass Badger for his references to $ for their predictions and opinions, and I won’t apologize for that. But we have to applaud his calls on Bellinger the last year or so, he is turning out to be everything Badger promised.

    1. He’s been more. Honestly, his strikeout rate at AAA concerned me, but he’s the best mistake hitter we’ve seen since Puig’s first few months.

      I think the braintrust would like to see Eibner step into the centerfield role. He’s an impressive looking dude. I’d like to see him do it too. Bellinger, Eibner and Puig back to back to back could create some headaches for opposing pitchers. Throw Seager, Turner and Taylor in there with AGon and Grandal and you could have a 6400+ OPS in our starting 8.

      I haven’t heard anything regarding Verdugo taking a step back.

      Joc and Hatcher for Ozuna? In a heartbeat. They might do that. They’d ask for Urias too you know.

        1. Jonah

          I rather get Cain for a rental.

          He is a better defensive centerfielder then Joc is, and a rental, won’t cost as much.

          And Cain has post season experience, and he hits for a decent average, and is an elite base runner, much like Utley, but with a lot more, speed.

          Cardinal four runs over the Giants!

    1. Rick

      Could they bring Verdugo up, and move Puig, to center?

      Verdugo doesn’t have a lot of power, but he does hit for a good average, and we don’t necessarily, need anymore power, we have plenty, already.

    2. Good article Rick. Thanks.

      “He projects to hit for average game power as far as home runs are concerned but could slug above that with all the gap-to-gap doubles he’ll hit, especially if he retains his currently respectable speed.

      Whether or not Verdugo can do that is up for debate. He’s filled out quite a bit already and what was once a slight body that looked out of place in an outfield corner is now thick and sturdy but rather boxy and projectionless. He can’t play center field and fits best in right field, as the arm is plus. Reports on the makeup are mixed.”

      Whether or not he can do that? Is he slower or not? Getting thicker doesn’t necessarily mean getting slower. Sprinters are built like halfbacks. Halfbacks are usually pretty fast. “Reports on the makeup are mixed.” What does that mean Another right fielder with a plus arm. Platoon with Puig?

      Maybe we find a truly great centerfielder in FA or by trade.

    3. That is a most interesting site, Rick, Thank you. Got a kick out of their writeup about Calhoun. At one place they said he was 5’9″, 177#, later in the article he morphed into 5’6″, 200#. Apparently he gained 23 pounds…. and lost 3 inches! They are leery of his arm anywhere but second base. And he runs like our buddy, the file cabinet. I really can’t ever see them giving this kid a shot.

      1. FanGraphs’ person who scouts is pretty good.

        Forgive me if wrong, but I think it’s Eric Longerhaven.

        Highest endorsement from someone (me) who doesn’t even know where to begin in player eval.

        Most scouts are confounded with a position for Calhoun, but let’s see if he can learn the skills. Look at how good Arrenado has become (and third is a much more difficult position, I think.)

        1. They say he doesn’t have the arm, which also shut down my suggestion that they make him a catcher. We just have to get the DH, it’s brainless to hold back. Another case of the NL portion of MLB cutting off their own nose to spite their face.

    1. Jonah

      Bluto must be off work, today.

      Are he got sick of us, giving him, a hard time!

      He is a pretty good sport, isn’t he?

      1. I didn’t think I was giving him a hard time. I give him his due and challenge when I differ… Yeah, Bluto’s OK.

    2. Here!

      What’s up?

      Are we really trying to project Toles as a CF? Right now, before injury, he was a platoon LF, hoping for a move to CF may be wishful thinking.

      1. At the very least, it isn’t going to happen this year. I say go ahead and get what we can for Joc. Puig and Eibner certainly can do it for awhile.

      2. Bluto

        He played center fine with Joc was out, and especially after he felt more comfortable, and that is what he played, in the minors.

        He was out of baseball for a year, before last year, and that can affect a lot including, a players defense.

        And I think they talk about that, in that Fangraphs site, that Rick listed.

        And I am not convinced he can’t hit lefties, a few of his biggest clutch hits, were against lefties.

    3. In looking at pictures of Olive Oyl, all I can say is both Popeye and Bluto must be a lot more desperate than I ever was….

      1. Olive has it going on in a cartoonish anorexic Twiggy sort of way. She’s no Jessica Rabbit, but obviously Bluto and Popeye had the itch.

    1. Uh-oh. Is this the 2nd or 3rd time Urias has been sent down since the narcisstic one stated ‘he would never play in AAA again, as he had nothing to learn there.’

      1. If I comment on that I’ll hear about it so I’ll say nothing ….. except that guy doesn’t know his ass from an oven mitt.

  8. If Thompson can get his bat going he is the natural choice in CF. He is young, very athletic and has speed. He is starting to turn things around at OKC and the further away from his back problem he gets, the better he will get. Kid has skills. Pederson NEEDS to go down. I like Joc, but this has reached monumental fail proportions. Ravin has nasty stuff. Good for the FO, they bit the bullet and sent Julio down.

    1. In his last 10 games Thompson is 10 for 40 with a .302 OBP. I agree it would be great if he can get it going again. Hope so. Don’t hold your breath.

      1. Badger

        I agree about Thompson, because he has never been that good of a hitter, even in the minors.

        1. No he has not a .238 career average down there, but his 2 best years he hit close to .260 and over 20 homers both times. You get a .255 average out of him with 25 dingers he would be better than Pederson. So we will see, on the other hand, Verdugo is a pure contact hitter with little power. Would probably be compared to say Brett Butler, which is not a bad thing if his OBP is high.

          1. Michael

            In 2012 he hit 23 HRs in A ball, and three HRs in AA,when combined, that is 25 HRs.

            He has never hit more then 16 HRs since 2012, and the time he hit 16, he was in AA ball.

            And he hit 13 in AAA in I believe 2015, so even his power numbers, are not that good.

            But he seems like nice kid, and he is very likable, so I hope he can get better.

            But Eibner is getting a look now, and he hit in two more runs, today.

          2. He hit 24 in 2011 at A ball, and 25 total in 2012. No more than 16 since then. In 2015 he hit 18 HR’s between AAA and the White Sox. Last year, he had 13 HR’s in 80 games, which projects to 26 over a full season. Yeah, he has never hit much in the minors but his overall MLB stats are not all that bad. .243 avg, 18 homers, and 48 RBI’s over 127 games. He easily would pass 20 homers if he played say 145 games. He also has stolen 6 bases and been caught once. He played all 3 outfield positions, 32 games in CF and he made 2 errors. None in CF, none in LF and 2 in right. He is a project to be sure, but much more a natural CF which Toles is not. I like Toles in LF but not in CF. He would do a good job out there, but I would prefer the more athletic guy in that position. By the way MJ, 23 and 3 is 26 not 25, so you miscalculated there…..he did hit 25 that year.

      2. I am not, but he does have tools. And is young enough to get better. .250 is a lot better than the .130 where he was. As long as he keeps getting better and progressing that is encouraging.

  9. This day in Dodger history, May 21, 2008 Hiroki Kuroda and Takashi Saito become the first Japanese pitchers to record both the win and the save in MLB history. Nice hit for Gonzo. Might get him going. Bellinger is an animal…

      1. Yep, I posted that same thing on that day. My 2017 Dodger Media Guide is on its way…I will be glad to get it.

  10. I keep hearing that regurgative rhetoric about Calhoun and lack of speed, but he’s got 8 doubles, a triple and is 3 of 4 in base stealing attempts this year. He’s built kinda like Ron Cey and I don’t recall anyone bitching about his speed. By the accounts I’ve read he knows his position is second base and he’s working hard at getting better. He’s not fast. So what? Can he help the team win?

    1. Yes! No. Maybe. Doubt it. Squirrel.

      I was a day early with my Schebler’s Dozen call yesterday. He hit his 12th in the Reds loss today. He’s on pace for 46. I’ll take the under

      1. Badger

        Friedman doesn’t feel the same as some feel, about Calhoun.

        They interviewed him before the game, and they asked him who is the next good prospect, after Bellinger.

        And Friedman said it was Calhoun and Verdugo, and he said don’t be surprised if they do come up some time, this year.

      1. Not the point MJ. You take advantage of those kinds of pitchers and pitches. Joc did what he had to do.

          1. I am sure Joc has been feeling the pressure, and that can be crushing at times. How you react to it defines who you are as a player. Some thrive on it.

      2. Jonah

        It is to bad that Calhoun is that small, but I do think they will find a place for him to play, with his bat.

  11. That is one HUGE monkey off Joc’s back….they called in a repair crew after Stanton crushed the fence. Nice to see AJ Ellis out there, and he drove in a run. Good for him. Gonzo 3-3 with 3 ribbies..butter and egg man delivering the eggs today.

    1. Michael

      That was a big monkey off your back!

      I know how it feels to have an emotional investment, in a certain player.

      It isn’t easy at times, but I am glad Joc made your day!

      1. MJ, I am glad he hit one, but there is no monkey on my back. I am not the guy under the gun. Joc was elated running around the bases. He needed it far more than I do. Besides, if you read my first post on this stream, I said Joc should be sent down, and believe it or not, I still think it would be good for him. But maybe that shot restores his confidence.

        1. Michael

          I know Joc needed it more then you, but I also know you are happy, for him.

          And why wouldn’t any Dodger fan, feel that way.

          I think Mattingly did a deservice to Joc in his first year, when he struggled, when he kept him up..

          Because Joc could have had this already figured out, before now.

          1. That year Mattingly left an injured Grandal in for months, even after Ellis heated up.

  12. I thought maybe Agone was getting those hits because the Marlin’s starting pitcher, didn’t have that much velocity, but he hit another double off this next pitcher, and this pitcher throws hard.

    And I only felt that way, because I thought that Agone had to come back early, after Toles got hurt.

    But he must be healthier then I thought.

    1. YF

      I remember that clearly, because it made me mad.

      I am just glad that Mattingly is gone.

      He had his favorites and he didn’t care how badly they were doing..

      And AJ has performed really well, in the post season.

      I always felt like we didn’t have a chance in the post season, when Mattingly was in charge.

  13. Having both Agone’s and Bellinger’s bats in our line up, makes this line up, much better.

    Bellinger will help compensate for Agone’s power loss, and Agone can get the tough hits, when Bellinger’s has his struggles.

    And once again today, Agone delivers, by hitting important runs, in.

    And he hit a run in, in his first game back.

    Agone already has hit in three runs, in three games.

    The stories on Agone’s demise, are a little premature, it seems..

  14. We all love Turner but we aren’t missing him much today, but once he gets back, this line up, will be even better.

    It is a good thing they have Monday off, to give our relievers, some rest.

    I hope we hit like this, against the Cardinals, and the Cubs next week!

  15. Sure is a lot of designating and claiming going on in MLB this year. Surprised old FAZ has not been in on the fun……but glad he hasn’t.

  16. I’m afraid what we saw last week was Utley’s dying quiver. How is it he never gets injured like the younger players?

    1. Because, he keeps in shape, and he did lose almost his last 2 years with the Phillies to injury. When he came to the Dodgers he was just coming back from injury. Also, I doubt it was his dying quiver, that play he made at 2nd today most guys do not make. He NEVER takes a play off. Guy is intense.

  17. Nice win. That Bour guy has some serious power. With Adams traded, CK will not have to face him this series. We all remember that hanging curve he crushed.

  18. Kemp got 2 more hits. Now hitting .351. Not bad for someone who supposedly had lost their skills.

    1. Damn FAZ. Kemp should have been allowed to stay with the Dodgers. He would have been an all time great, like Snider and Hodges.

        1. I think so. Snider and Hodges only had 66 and 45 WAR respectively. Kemp can catch Snider if he averages a mere 5 WAR a year until he’s 40. He only needs to double what he’s done so far to catch Hodges. And as I’m sure most saber dudes will tell you All Star appearances and Gold Gloves are overrated. I think we should retire Kemp’s number. What was it again?

          1. 27 Lombard wears it now. No, I doubt Matt would be an all time great, but his numbers would approach all time LA Dodger numbers. He has to be close to Karros in homers by now.

  19. Karros had 270 HR’s as a Dodger. Over 1000 RBI’s Snider and Hodges well over 300 HR’s as Dodgers. Kemp is at 248 right now. He had 180 as a Dodger. He is at 8 this year, if he finishes with 30 he will have matched what Karros hit as a Dodger. He and Karros are not HOF material. Snider was and Hodges should be.

    1. We got Grandal and Rollins out of the deal and are still paying Kemp. I’m not crazy about that trade and wish Kemp’s bat was still in our lineup. I think he should have been a lifetime Dodger. It won’t go down as bad a move as trading Piazza, but it is very unpopular with many Dodgers fans. If Squirrel continues to hit as he has recently, I could change my mind on the deal. I don’t believe he will, but, anything is possible.

      1. To many of us, we ignore the return for Kemp, so what Grandal does goes on his account only. It would not have had as big a financial return as Kemp, but I wish they had traded Crawford for Grandal instead. It would have been better for the team.

        1. Yep, what Granny ground out does for us is only what counts, but right now the ledger is way on Kemp’s side. SD made some dumb moves that year, but they got their money’s worth out of Matt. 58 HR’s the first 2 years of the deal and 46 of those in SD. Far exceeds what Grandal has given the Dodgers. Grandal has improved one facet of his game and that is throwing out runners, which he has done very well this year. I still think and always will that pitch framing is over rated as a skill. But with the umpires now in the league as bad as they are at calling balls and strikes, he probably does get a few extra calls.

  20. By the way, there is a new post, been there since yesterday afternoon. Why is everyone ignoring it?

    1. Because the conversation on this blog is not driven by the content of the blog post. It is driven by the comments themselves.

      1. I’m so glad to see you say that, I couldn’t agree with you more…. I almost never read the header posts. This is in effect, a family or group of associates thing, it doesn’t matter who writes what as a post to get it started.

        1. I agree too. The writers of this blog just allow conversation to flow, and don’t take it personally if posters disagree with their take.

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