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Dodgers Trade Carlos Frias To Cleveland For Nada (Cash or PTBNL)

Carlos Frias

Let’s get back to baseball news, specifically Dodger news. The Dodgers announced on Monday afternoon that they have flipped right handed starting pitcher Carlos Frias to the Cleveland Indians for cash considerations or a player to be named later. Frias was originally designated for assignment last week to clear a roster spot for Logan Forsythe.

Frias is just 27-years old and was signed by the Dodgers as a free agent out of the Dominican at the age of 18 in 2007. Frias spent most of the 2016 season on the disabled list (at Oklahoma City), and only logged four major league innings. In 2015 Frias tossed 77.2 innings of work posting a 5-5 record and a 4.06 ERA. That season he posted a 5.0 K/9 rate and a 3.0 BB.9 rate while giving up over 10 hits per nine innings.

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With the starting pitching depth the Dodgers have, they don’t really need Frias. Well until every single starting pitcher winds up on the disabled list which should happen by May 1. We’ll never forget Frias’s second MLB outing at Colorado in which he allowed 10 hits and 8 earned runs before retiring the first three hitters of the game.

Just a week ago Frias was designated for assignment so that the Dodgers could clear 40-man roster room for second baseman Logan Forsythe who was acquired via trade from the Tampa Bay Rays. Overall Frias is 6-6 with a 4.50 ERA in 114 career MLB innings across three seasons. He’s made 15 starts and struck out 5.9 per nine with a 1.3 WHIP over 33 Major league games.

Good luck Carlos! Have at it Cleveland!

Scott Andes

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

97 thoughts on “Dodgers Trade Carlos Frias To Cleveland For Nada (Cash or PTBNL)

  1. holy cow! Can we please keep this as a baseball blog. If you want to s continue talking about politics fine, Scott how about making an off-topic thread. This is about baseball or Sports, anything other than politics. Let’s keep this blog Sports oriented. I have nothing against anybody’s political opinions or anything else but please let’s keep this as a sports blog. Please!!!!
    I am afraid posters are going to despise each other based on politics, not baseball or sports.
    Frikin lighten up people.
    I saw some good free agent signings in the Canadian curling League.

  2. I always thought he’d be a decent long man for us, but his time is up.

    Hopefully McCarthy can fill that role this year

          1. Good for you MJ….I am a leg man myself. See a woman with great legs and I enjoy the view.

  3. I’m sure he’ll like to forget that start in Colorado. That game was painful to listen to. Take care Carlos.

    1. Artieboy

      Don Mattingly should have got out there much sooner, before Frias was knocked for six, or seven runs.

      That didn’t help Frias at all, and wasn’t that only his second start, in the majors?

      At times, he seemed like he would be a better option in the bullpen, then a few of those other relief pitchers, in the pen.

      But we didn’t see much of him, in the last couple years, because of injuries, and other things.

  4. I do not trust McCarthy to make it out of spring training. Kazmir either. I would love to see both of those bozo’s gone, but I doubt that happens. According to calculations, the Dodgers have 10 starters in camp with MLB experience. Hopefully they can find 5 who can stay healthy…..and just a note…..politics and religion when discussed bring out the worst in us because we all have differing views…..nuff said!

    1. Michael

      I agree with you, about that.

      And Bobby I know you mentioned McCarthy being a long man in the pen, but I don’t think he has the mentality to pitch out of the pen.

      I think Stripling did a pretty good job being that long man, last year.

      And still have in my mind McCarthy’s last performance coming out of the pen, against the Giants.

      And what McCarthy said after that, shows that he doesn’t have the mentality, to pitch out of the pen.

      He was saying that the Giants hit him so violently, he didn’t know what to do.

        1. Michael

          He is probably going to take his usual place on the bench, collecting his money, and tweeting, to his heart’s content.

    1. Emerson

      That is Juan Uribe!

      Remember every five years, that he was on a team, his team went to the World Series.

      And remember Juan was on the Mets, in 2015, and I believe he was on Cleveland, at one time, last year.

  5. Thought we were keeping it baseball only… Frias to the Indians… yawn. The bullpen is what bothers me as well. I’d like to see McCarthy begin with the 6th/7th inning role and if his yips are cured I think he’d make a hell of a setup man and backup closer. If he does well, there may be a trade market for him.

    Ryu on other other hand will have to pass the eye test with me. Will he find the Ryu of 2-3 years ago? If so, he’s my pick for the 5th hole since he’d have less starts. I really hop that Kazmir is traded. He does not want to be in LA, he just followed the money.

    I saw a video of yasiel puigs debut and you can see right away that he has gained about 25-30 pounds check it out:

    If he can get back to this playing weight, I think he’ll turn out to be that player. Hope he tones down. I’m really excited to watch the IF this year as all players are solid to great fielders. As for the outfield, aside from Joc, I hope somebody stands out and wins the everyday job without the needs for platoons.

    1. If Ryu is ok and pitching like he can, he might give Hill some competition, to be the number two, in the rotation.

      But that is a long shot I know.

        1. Bluto

          Talk about a baseball legend, and he is still so young.

          We can only hope that Friedman, can do half the job, that Theo has done, in the last 10 years .

          I am really big on Mookie Betts .

  6. For the life of me I don’t understand this “need” we are supposed to have for more relief pitchers.
    Avilan, Baez, Dayton, Ravin, Fields and Liberatore should be enough leading up to Kenley and that doesn’t include Blanton(who may or not resign with us), Wood, and perhaps one of McCarthy/Kazmir/ Hatcher and if not them then Stripling/Nuno/ Morrow.
    We definitely have enough to pick from in house.

    1. Frankly I don’t know why we are keeping the faith with Baez. His pitches are way too straight and flat, in my opinion, and he does not pitch well with runners on. In fact his slow delivery could have a rippling effect when runners are on, because his teammates have to hustle more rather than strictly playing the hitter.

      1. YF
        Baez is certainly not good for the defense.

        And if he thinks taking it slow, helps him make good pitches, someone needs to tell him, it just isn’t working.

    2. Richie

      I don’t know why Hatcher continues to stay on this team.

      I know he doesn’t have any options left, but I hate when pitchers stay at the major league roster for that reason.

      Especially when another pitcher has more options, but is a better pitcher.

      To date, Hatcher has only pitched well, at the very end of the 2015 season, and he never seems to make a full season, because of injury, or because of bad performance.

  7. Artie, just got home from Arsenal where I’ve just seen Watford turn them over 2-1.
    Massive shock as we hadn’t won for 8 games.

    Can’t wait for ST to begin.

    1. I saw the headline. Couldn’t follow online at BBC. Still a massive win. You spoiled
      Arsene’s dinner.

      And yes we are getting closer and closer to ST. The entire circus of relief pitchers, backup 2B’s, platoon outfielders, and injury prone pitchers should make for a very interesting ST.

      I can only wonder how much money will the Dodgers will get for selling Frias?

  8. Here is a topic for the slow days, rather than just commenting on the same minor Dodgers news (which every other blog has comments on as well).

    Which new faces do you want to see as the next wave of Dodgers coaches and at what positions? Not necessarily now but just the players you’d like to see the organization hire to keep them in the system after their playing days are over?

    For me, the easy ones are A-Gone (as possible hitting coach) and Utley as a first base or third base coach. And of course me and everyone else would love Maddux as pitching coach, but I doubt he could ever be persuaded to be a coach as he seems to like being around just part of the time, and his connection to Stan Kasten would be a mixed bag. I know some may like Uribe as a coach but not me. I think he’s too much of a player. To me, someone like Joe Blanton may be a good pitching coach.

    1. I think the “Indians” should change their name, maybe we can help them pick something more politically correct. What do you think? (Not the pink pussy hats)

      1. What’s wrong with the “Pink Pussy Hats”? I know a lot of people would already have team gear.

        I received the following in an email and wish I had written it.

        Washington Redskins Logo agree with our Native American population—I am highly insulted by the racially charged name of the Washington Redskins. One might argue that to name a professional football team after Native Americans would exalt them as warriors, but nay nay, We must be careful not to offend, and in the spirit of political correctness and courtesy, we must move forward.

        Let’s ditch the Kansas City Chiefs, the Atlanta Braves and the Cleveland Indians. If your shorts are in a wad because of the reference the name Redskins makes to skin color, then we need to get rid of the Cleveland Browns..

        The Carolina Panthers obviously were named to keep the memory of the militant Blacks from the 60’s alive. Gone. Offensive to us white folk.

        The New York Yankees offend the Southern population. Do you see a team named for the Confederacy? No! There is no room for any reference to that tragic war between the states that cost this country so many young men’s lives. Besides, the South shall rise again!!

        Catholic Church Cardinal I am also offended by the blatant references to the Catholic religion among our sports team names. Totally inappropriate to have the New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Angels or the San Diego Padres. The fact that there are birds on their shirts does not protect either the Arizona or the St. Louis Cardinals—gone!

        Then there are the team names that glorify criminals who raped and pillaged as their way of life. We are talking the horrible Oakland Raiders, the Minnesota Vikings, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Pittsburgh Pirates!

        Now, let us address those teams that clearly send the wrong message to our children—and it is all about the children. The San Diego Chargers promote irresponsible spending habits. Wrong message to our children. The New York Giants and the San Francisco Giants promote obesity–a growing childhood epidemic. Wrong message to our children. The Cincinnati Reds promote downers/barbiturates. Wrong message to our children.

        The Milwaukee Brewers—well, that goes without saying…. Wrong message to our children.

        So, there you go. We need to support any legislation that comes out to rectify this travesty, because the government will likely become involved with this issue, as they should. Just the kind of thing the do-nothing Congress loves…

        And ohhhh…With all of this in mind, it might also make some sense to change the name of the Oregon State women’s athletic teams to something other than “the Beavers”.

        I am happy to give the original author credit if possible.

        1. Spurs should be off the list too, cruelty to horses. If Vikings are off the list so should the Celtics.

          So we are left with every team being some version of city derivatives like the Mets or Phillies, or animals (other than the Panthers).

          Or they can just be the Dodgers or the Lakers.

          1. You just seem so mean. I, however, am a sweetheart, everyone loves me
            Does that make you jealous? Why is your name Badger? Why not Lover Boy?

        1. Wow, Badger, I thought we were friends….I reckon I was mistaken, a thousand pardons dear Sir. Let me kiss your ass… will that suffice?
          I would so like to just be friends. And please it just sounds so painful

    2. I think the “Indians” should change their name, maybe we can help them pick something more politically correct. What do you think? (Something innocent to think about)

      1. I mean nicknames in general are kinda stupid, but I agree why keep a name that offends even one person.

        Since I think nicknames are stupid, my first suggestion will be a daft one:

        The Cleveland River-Fishermen

        1. No, too chavenistic! Are you implying women can’t fish? Or that men are better fishermen? And why use that offensive word “men” at all? And isn’t it inhumane to stick a hook into a fish, very painful? Where’s the humane society’s phone number when I need it?

          C’mon you KNOW there is no nickname that doesn’t offend someone in 2016.

          1. OK, after six restless hours of sleep, caused by a recurring nightmare of a “Cleveland River-Fisherman” harpooning a poor defenseless fish who was just minding his own business, I need a safe place. Thanks a lot Bluto!

            By the way, why stop at sports team nicknames? Almost every movie, TV series, art exhibit offends someone. Shouldn’t we get rid of ALL that? Oh and why even have football, it’s so brutal, it’s offensive.

            I know several Paiute Indians. I have been with them when they tell people their background. They never say they are “Native American”, they say they are Paiute or Paiute Indian. I’ve asked them what they think of the sport team nicknames “controversy”. They say it only bothers them when the team with the Indian name sucks. Then we share a good laugh.

            I think this “controversy” is a classic example of making “mountains out of molehills”. Let’s try live and let live!! If something offends you, don’t support it. Just like the millions of people that are offended by former UNR quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s antics.

          2. As you know there’s a difference between being borderline offensive and racist.

            But I don’t even think you are correct about Fishermen, it’s not chauvinistic, nor does it imply women can’t fish. That’s like saying Firemen implies women can’t be firewomen.

            It’s nonsensical.

            But, I think you are just having fun and not trying to be logical or serious.

            So. Back to baseball.

          3. Yeah, I am just having some fun. But, I do get tired of the “thought police”, who are usually white Democrat Slave Party Members claiming some kind of moral high ground. Here is a Washington Post (lib paper) survey saying that 90% of “Native Americans” don’t care!


            When I see Slave Party Politicians, shitcan, the offensive “Democrat Party” name maybe I would take them more seriously. Nothing more offensive than the name of the organization that caused hundreds of thousands of deaths fighting for the right to enslave people.

        2. Bluto

          You know you can elaborate on Theo any time on this site, if you want to.

          And you can compare him, and contrast him, with Friedman.

          And I bet Chili would like that.

          1. Boxout

            I thought you would be reporting, that Trump supported LBG rights, in the federal work place yesterday.

            And I thought you would be giving Trump, your full support, on that.

          2. Boxout

            I told you the party you call the democratic slave party, joined the Republican Party, when Nixon was elected.

            So you are talking about your own Republican Party.

          3. MJ: “I told you the party you call the democratic slave party, joined the Republican Party, when Nixon was elected”.

            The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so…… Ronald Reagan

            Or that they reside in the Twilight Zone….. Boxout7

      2. According to some Native American leaders, “Indian” is an acceptable designation. “Redskin,” however, is comparable to the “N” word.

    3. I think the “Indians” should change their name, maybe we can help them pick something more politically correct. What do you think? (Something innocent to think about)

      1. Boxout

        Mother Jones, Why did the democrats lose the Southern White?

        Most people are not to the far left, or right.

        Most people are in the middle, depending on the issue, at hand.

        Just like Trump,who supports the LGB community.

        He was proud that he was the first GOP candidate, to mention the LGB community, in his inauguration speech.

        Just because people don’t support Trump, doesn’t mean they are liberal.

        Remember he loss the popular vote, by almost three million votes.

        What he did about the lobbyists, and supporting the LGB community, was a good thing.

    4. YF,

      You brought up Agone, and I do think he would be a good coach, but sometimes, when players make the big bucks like he does, they don’t end up, in those positions, unless they just can’t get baseball, out of there blood.

      I do hope that every young Dodger hitter, watches and asks Agone questions, to become a better hitter.

      Because Agone does what it takes, to get runners in, especially in clutch situations.

      I wish Joc and Grandal, would learn to adjust when runners are in scoring position, instead of over swinging with two strikes.

      It would make them be better hitters.

      It is so frustrating as a fan, when those two can’t make contact, in those situations.

      Mark made a prediction, that Grandal would hit forty HRs this year.

      I rather see Grandal, bring his average up a little, so he has more chances, to make a difference in more games.

      I would also like to see him, throw a little better too.

      It seemed like he double clutched the ball, to often last year.

      I know he wasn’t completely healthy last year, so I hope this off season, he was able to work o these things.

          1. Scott

            I am not complaining, I do like Grandal, but I think improving his throwing, and hitting for a better average, would be a better thing for him to want to improve on, as compared to just hitting more HRs.

            And he has been healthy this off season, so I hope he can come back a little stronger, on those things.

            When he double clutches, and allows a runner to get to second, it can get frustrating, even though I know most bases, are stoled on the pitcher.

      1. I like Grandal and have no problem with his piss poor catching and throwing, because I actually do think that framing is a thing and valuable until they go with electronic strike zones.

        From a hitting standpoint I am ok with Grandal and Joc being HR and walk guys. I think both of them get cheap home runs, actually, because they do try to hit the ball hard all the time and cannot adjust quickly enough when it’s a tight game and the pitcher is nibbling. If Grandal can play 140 games I totally see him hitting over 35 homers, he’ll get at least 5 more cheap ones this year.
        Hitting cheap homers with low average is helpful through a season, and for me not a big complaint because I think we’ve got enough good hitters in Seager, Turner and Agone in front of them.

        But I agree that, with both Joc and Grandal as they are, we are at our limit in terms of these types of hitters. Hence I never really liked Dozier, even less so at his asking price. I did not know Forsythe hits to all fields but I like him better for it. However I would have rather kept Hendricks and JDL, and see what happens in ST. We could have given away Hendricks for the likes of Ruf anytime before the trading deadline. Kendricks was a sport for playing LF all those games and maybe it was a favor to him for doing that.

        Anyways this is a long winded way of saying that with Forsythe (or Kendricks had he stayed), and with the types of coaches we have in Roberts and Ward, I think we have enough hitters and grinders where Grandal and Joc can thrive in their garbage roles. They don’t hit much for average but opposing pitchers will need to go through batters 1-6 very carefully in late innings to avoid having to throw more strikes than necessary to either of them.

        Finally another bonus is that in Grandal’s final contract year, he’ll be a very good trade chip as a first baseman/ part time catcher. He hits enough with power to have that value, and there is a good Fangraphs article out showing that many teams have needs at first base.

        1. YF

          You probably know I felt the same way, about Dozier.

          But I am just saying that they should try to adjust, with runners, in scoring position, with two strikes.

          I think Joc could probably get a little better, if he tried to adjust more, in those situations.

          I think Grandal gets wore down, because he seems to have that great July, and then he is, what he is.

          And he shouldn’t have a slow start this year either, because he is healthy.

        2. YF

          I still think that JDL was judged on those four starts at the major league level, because before that, we didn’t hear anything negative about him, except maybe, he started last season slow.

          Becaise he had sprained his ankle, and, had a little arm soreness.

          But I don’t really know, if he had any other arm problems, before last year.

          And you never know with this front office, if a player is truly hurt, because they use the DL for other things, too.

          I got turned off with Howie, when he was complaining about playing time with Roberts, just before the post season started.

          He was told he wasn’t going to get to play second full time, when they signed him.

          And Howie wasn’t really hitting, when he was complaining, and his arm was a liability in left, because he didn’t adjust and throw like an outfielder.

          I know he always played in the infield, but that doesn’t mean, he can’t adjust his throw, and crow hop, or run into a fly ball.

  9. Just read Fangraph’s new article on Rich Hill. Same old same old, it’s the curveball stupid, etc., but the article is still a nice read and it links to a couple of other articles, one of which was an interview with a Boston reporter. I raise this because I think I’d hire Rich Hill too after his playing days are over, but as a junior exec or scout, not a coach. He comes across as being very bright and objective.

    1. Watford

      JP sure had to take a big drop in pay, as compared to what he got paid last year.

      But he hasn’t been that good, for the last couple of years.

      And when his ERA was low, in certain seasons, it was a little deceiving.

  10. Jonah

    You must be on your weekly trip to the grocery store, and grab a lotto ticket on the way home, because we haven’t heard a peep from you.

    There was a peep and a sighting, of Badger today.

    1. No, shopping tomorrow. I’ll not be making as many posts in the future, which should make the ‘baseball only’ group happy. I can find entertainment in other places. Example: I was reading a book and it mentioned Sikeston, MO. I remembered a book about a Missouri town that had been abused by one man for years, he’d killed, stole from them, they lived in fear. Then one day, without prior planning, four or five different people shot him coming out of a restaurant. The authorities were unable to ever solve the murder. Anyway, that wasn’t Sikeston but when I looked it up, I learned that the world’s tallest man had lived there. Robert Wadlow, 22 years old when he died, 8’11” in height and over 400 pounds. And still growing… When he was 9 years old he carried his father sitting in an easy chair upstairs! Size 37 shoes. And that led to a Chinese girl 8’1″ tall when she died at 17…. It makes you wonder…

      1. What are you talking about Wondering? You can talk about politics if you want, just be nice to people and respect other people’s opinions without name calling. Nobody is asking you to leave.

        1. I hate politics. And I would feel guilty talking about stuff that was objectionable to others. Sheesh, imagine me politically correct… It takes at least two to have a conversation, I’m not into monologues. Didn’t even think of being banned, just being bored.

          1. Jonah

            There is nothing wrong, with liking to learn.

            I am like that too.

            I guess those type of tall people have some kind of rare disease, that the doctors, can’t find a way, to stop them from growing.

          2. Immune systems disorders. In Robert’s case, he wore leg braces because of his height and weight. The brace caused a blister one day, he went to the hospital but a week later he died from the infection. By the way, that’s his father who is just under 6 foot tall in the picture with him.

  11. Jonah

    That is a sight to see.

    I thought it may be a inmune disease, and he was probably using prednisone, because that is one of the main drugs, people with immune diseases, often take.

    It prevents your body, from attacking its self.

    But it also breaks down your body’s immune system, and your body has a hard time, fighting infections, and other things, if you take to much, for to long.

    1. Don’t think Prednisone had been invented yet in 1940… Had a good friend I used to work with who was troubled with Lupus. The doctors treated her a little too enthusiastically with steroids and the side effects killed her. She was only 51 years old.

      1. Jonah

        I am not sure when they started using it, but I know JFK took it, because he had Addison disease.

        Yes I took it a little to long too.

        But haven’t taken it for ten years.

        I had a girl at work die from Lupus too, and I think she was in her early 30s.

  12. Last baseball post was at 8:31 AM, nine and a half hours ago. If you want a baseball only blog, you get hours and hours of nothing.

    1. It’s the calm before the storm, ST starts in just a few weeks. Give it a chance to be baseball. I think the political crap in here did a lot to stifle baseball conversations in here and eventually caused many to rethink some of their involvement in here. Yes, a lots of political posts occurred at the time, but the long term effect may be what is happening in here now. Then again, it may just be that the Dodgers aren’t really doing anything exciting in regard to fixing some holes in the roster, that has a deflating effect on the fans as well.

      1. There is nothing good to be said for politics. Looking forward to ST. I don’t enjoy posting about baseball but I want people to be happy.

  13. I must say, with the moves my Dodgers have made and the moves My President has made
    I am soooo Happy. Just call me, Mr. Happy

    1. Or you can call me Messtah Hoppy, with a big, beautiful toothy smile Messtah BAdgeaer (that is french) FaDer Superior and hop-along MJ

  14. Wait a minute wait a dad gum mi nute Badgere…. bad Gere, Wait, it’s coming to me….I got it….. Are You Richard Gere? Up my what?
    I protest against gerbil abuse.

  15. Said to say it, but this place seems to be in decline.

    Seems that some people come with the sole intention of causing trouble.
    True Blue makes a good point about politics and this site not being a good mix.
    Once your political colours have been displayed, you are now in one camp or the other. It’s the same with Faz. You have to have a side.

    Unfortunately, both Badger & Mark are posting less which is a great shame, and you can see a crater sized hole without their input & stimulation.
    It has become very toxic in here and many people have left or post very infrequently.

    Sorry to be negative but it’s just the way I see it.

    1. Political debate isn’t why Mark and Badger left this site.

      Mark left because certain people chose to make PERSONAL attacks against him and his family.

      Badger left because of intolerence! Couldn’t stand the idea that posters on this board would associate and post on Mark’s blog. Just like the protesters in Berkeley last night, Badger can’t stand the idea of other people thinking for themselves, and not marching in lockstep with “morally superior, him.

      Humans are tribal, perhaps sadly, ALL of us constantly put ourselves into “one camp” or another. Aint gonna change in this world and certainly not on this board.

  16. We seem to have developed a case of Troll Infestation and he makes it pretty obvious who he is. I assume Scott and Oscar will begin surgery shortly…

  17. Amen, Watford. It’s a shame because those who are managing the blog are doing a really good job. Everyone who posts here knows more about baseball than I do. I am really interested in the serious remarks of those who post.

    1. Watford,

      Mark has more free time, because he owns his own business, and he has taken the time, to nurture his site, once he started it up, again.

      He has taken the time to answer most of the people’s questions, to keep people coming back.

      That is why Mark’s site, had more traffic, this last couple weeks.

      But Mark isn’t going to be able to do that all the time either, because he has a life too.

      And once spring training begins, there will be more, to talk about.

      And you know that Mark and Badger, have been doing this, for a while.

      And I think Mark is too used to being the top dog and, he didn’t like when some people on this site, question his thoughts.

      Mark got frustrated one day, and made a bad response to someone, and called them a name, and Oscar told him, to quit it.

      And Mark thought Oscar deleted his response, but Oscar didn’t.

      And I think Badger is not welcomed on Mark’s site, as well, as a few other people here.

  18. Things will pick up as we get closer to the start of the season and in actuality they will pick up once ST gets going. This board will be fine and the talks should be primarily baseball only related. But in saying that, everyone needs to put to rest their political views. Some of us had to hold our nose the last 8 years with Obama and now others can hold their nose for the next 4 years of Trump. That’s America.

    I do see this as being a very good blog and being much better than before (last year) as much of the derogatory comments have dissipated. Scott, Oscar and crew do an excellent job with their posts but folks, there hasn’t been much to talk about. This is not a Dodger thing. THIS IS NOT FAZ’s fault. This is a baseball thing. It is extremely quiet with most every organization.

    So my question to ‘you’, how soon do you think the Dodgers will GET to the World Series again?

    1. I agree with both Chili and Boxout, about this site, believe it or not.

      Both Scott and Oscar, do a great job here, and most everyone here, never gets personal, or makes anyone feel bad, about there own thoughts.

      That is what makes this Dodger site, different from other Dodger sites.

      No one has to agree with every move the front office makes, or every move, that Roberts makes.

      Everyone is welcome to make there own thoughts here, even if there thoughts are different.

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