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Dodgers Trade Vidal Nuno To Baltimore

Vidal Nuno

The Dodgers didn’t really need left handed reliever Vidal Nuno, nor were they likely to ever give him a chance to make the opening day roster. The only reason the Dodgers acquired Nuno was because they were trying to dump veteran catcher Carlos Ruiz to clear roster space. They did that when they flipped Ruiz to the Mariners for the 29-year old southpaw back in November. Now they are doing it again, as they need to clear roster space once more.

Today the Dodgers announced they have traded Nuno to Baltimore for minor league right hander Ryan Moseley. The 22-year old Texas native has only logged 19.2 professional innings under his belt. He was originally drafted by the orioles in the 36 round of the 2013 amateur draft, but chose to remain in school at Texas Tech University. The Orioles drafted him again in 2016, this time in the eighth round of the draft.

Nuno still has several more team controlled years left, and will earn just 1.12 million dollars with the Orioles this season. The Dodgers will use his roster spot for the newly acquired outfielder Franklin Gutierrez.

As for Moseley, he profiles as a middle reliever and that may be his ceiling. Moseley posted a 3.20 ERA in 12 appearances at high A-ball last season in the Baltimore farm system. He posted 8.2 strikeouts per nine and a 1.1 WHIP.

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

30 thoughts on “Dodgers Trade Vidal Nuno To Baltimore

  1. So it goes…churn and burn. And at the end of the day, we have a great team. This is the year, guys (that includes you, MJ).

      1. Yes, Nino trade clears a spot for Gutierrez. I want FAZ to clear another roster spot for Blanton. Maybe Dodgers don’t need him, but I would like to see him back.

  2. 2016 Bullpen #’s compared to the rest of the NL

    The Dodgers were third in pitches thrown by non-starters:
    CIN 10206
    PIT 9894
    LAD 9872

    The Dodgers were 6th in the # of non starters throwing those pitches:
    PIT 27
    ATL 26
    ARI 25
    CIN 24
    SDP 24
    LAD 23

    The Dodgers were also first in innings pitched by the relief corp: 590.2

    So far it looks like 2016 was a disaster because we were in the same zone as ATL, SD, and CIN.

    But those pitches were
    # 1 in K’s: 633
    # 6 in BB’s:204

    So either FAS knew what they were doing OR we were lucky. Maybe somewhere in between. However they do their best to determine the best situation matchups IMHO. I think its too much reliance on relief pitchers, but I guess it does (or can) work.

    1. Artieboy

      Without our young pitchers in the minor league system, and our team turning there offense on, after Kershaw went out, and the guys in the bullpen, it could have turned out, a lot differently.

      So I hope the starters in the rotation step up, and do a better Job this year.

      And I am talking about Kazmir, and McCarthy.

      If the starters can do that, our team will have better balance, and the relievers will still be strong, if we go to the post season.

      If Ryu can miraculously come back and pitch like he did, and Urias comes back even stronger this year, we would be in pretty good shape.

  3. Everyone figured Eibner DFA or Thompson/Ryu 60 day DL to free up the spot for Blanton. Nuno tradeis unexpected and I think this does bode well for the possibility of Blanton being signed later in ST or whenever he gives up god quest for 2 years or more. Actually I’d give him 3 years with a team buyout for each year after this year.

    Speaking of contracts. A lot of people said what a team friendly contract Kendrick signed, well we got squat for it. Should have held out a bit more there, methinks. Also I read today that Dozierof all people can play shortstop or 3rd base. It’s just a strange and circuitous route to get to our roster at this point. I’m not complaining; I’ve always maintained there’s more than one way to win, I’m just noting things as they come up. Again there are more ways to do things and not healthy to defend how we got here as the only way – that’s not productive for looking ahead. Better to recognize that another way could have been done and think critically and calmly about whether that other way (or ways) could apply to the situation going forward.

    1. The problem with “holding out for a bit more” as the Sixers can tell you, is that a bit more sometimes never comes and you are left with an unwanted asset.

      I’m not sure what has been strange or circuitous about this off-season, but I do agree that surmising what a Dozier deal would have entailed is a silly waste of time.

    2. Different companies can perform Swan Lake. But would you play Bolshoi prices for a high school recital? What if you paid for the Bolshoi and were given a high school recital? It’s the same program right?

      My point is that FAZ can “market” the Bolshoi but give us part time, oft injured, journey men, platoon players. All for Bolshoi prices. As you said, “there is more than one way to win”. But do you want to pay that kind of price for an alternative way to win? In the end it’s a personal choice. I cringe.

      1. THis is the most nonsensical metaphor I’ve seen in quite a while.

        The front office doesn’t need to market anything, the team did quite well last year and is shaping up to do quite well this year.

        If one was to read that comment, including the part about part-time, oft injured, journeymen (corrected) one would think we’re talking about the Angels or Phillies. Not a top 8 team in MLB with a top 5 farm system.

        1. Well I learned something from Artie’s post:

          I didn’t know, so I looked it up. Bolshoi tickets start around $175 depending on where you are. Would I pay $175 to see Kazmir pitch? Hell no. I call bolshoit on that one. But, would I pay $175 to see Kershaw pitch against Sale in the World Series? Yep. Sure would. I would have to drive about 850 miles round trip to do it, hotel costs added to the trip, dinner at Great American Food and Beverage Company – they still there? Been about 40 years since I was in one. It was in Santa Monica down the street from the hospital I worked in. But I digress, which happens when you go over 65, which used to be the speed limit in LA……….. what were we talking about?

    1. Watford

      I really think Corey, and the whole team, wanted Chase back.

      And I think even the guys in the front office, have a man crush on Chase, and the way he plays the game.

      1. I think it’s a clubhouse move. Utley doesn’t project on field numbers that will be a lot of help, but his influence will be felt throughout the organization. He’s a role model. It would have been nice to have had him in his prime, 27-31, but his HOF numbers were as a Phillie and are long gone at age 38. Young guys – follow his lead.

  4. I like Utley being brought back. He will have a great influence on young and old players on the team. What manager wouldn’t want Chase Utley on his team? He isn’t a starter anymore, but I like the idea of seeing his bat coming off the bench in key situations. Utley has a way of rising during the really big moments of the season and the post season (hello, The Utley Rule, change the way the game is played now, thumbs up btw to Chase).

    Kershaw saw his value and voiced his opinion to management. Kershaw is a Character Guy and he appreciates another Character Guy. Utley, behind the scenes, will be one of the best coaches that Doc has on his staff. There will be times during this season that Utley will serve a huge role in their success, maybe in short little spurts during the season. (SPURTS is an awesome word btw)

  5. So – the Dodgers traded AJ Ellis to the Phillies for Carlos Ruiz, traded Ruiz for Nuno and now has traded Nuno for Moseley, a minor leaguer who apparently can’t throw strikes and will never likely wear Dodger Blue. Churn and burn is right. Please, someone tell me the point to all of this? I get the Dodgers wanted Ruiz as backup catcher instead of Ellis down the stretch last year but beyond that? Trading Ruiz was a salary dump, but then they signed Nuno for $1.2 MM instead of arbitration and now? Why sign him if they weren’t going to keep him? (They had lots of LH relief options already – Liberatore, Avilan and Dayton, probably Alex Wood. It’s not like Nuno was ever going to pitch for LA.)

    So much of what the Braintrust does is like this – 12 trades and/or signings to get – where exactly?

    1. Rick,

      You definitely are not consuming any of the 2017 Dodger Blue Kool-Aid.
      Got to get rid of last year’s supply.

      This year’s supply is much more potent as it has been formulated by the FAZmaster themselves. Upon consumption will allow you to see the genius in every move made by FAZ and you will instantly understand how spending money on the infirm is the way to win Championships and that ONLY when FAZ trades prospects for older veteran players is that a good thing.

      Get your 2017 Dodger Blue Kool-Aid before the season begins so that you can see the team and watch the games as the genius’ do.

    2. To make it simple, those people (FAZ) are idiots. They don’t seem to have one iota of ability to judge talent. Ruiz was a much better player than one down his trade chain. He would be a perfect backup to Grandal. Barnes’ single attribute is being able to play 3 positions, none of them good enough to hold a job there. Designate another prospect to be traded away this season for a catcher. Hopefully a real catcher.

  6. Not like Nuno was ever going to pitch for the team, and what it boils down to is that AJ was traded for a minor league flunky. Typical of the FAZ, who is far from being a master of anything. On paper the team looks pretty solid, except for all the fragile arms in the starting rotation, but the last time I checked, they do not play on paper.

      1. On Fangraphs, where the SABR pups play, the De Leon for Forsythe trade was ranked top 5 best trade of the offseason for the Rays, and top 5 worse trade for the Dodgers.

        1. I have no idea where that trade will rank in the annals of baseball trades, but it did bring to mind Pedro for Delino….yikes!

  7. Well look on the bright side. FAZ didn’t make things worse and I think so far, and it’s early, it looks like Roberts has a better team than last year. I’ve a ton more faith in our coaching and development staff up and down our organization than the FAZ.

  8. If Barnes can hit, he will play more than once a week.

    FAZ makes a lot of trades that just do not make any sense to me. Like the trade to Seattle for Nuno. You are right Rick, these trades make no sense. Letting Ruiz walk would of had the same effect.

    Boxout, they may get Blanton if he cannot find anyone to give him a 2 year contract.

  9. I love to hear the attitude in the Dodger clubhouse is very good. When you have guys like Turner, Jansen and Utley who want to come back and take less money, you have something going. This also bodes well for keeping Kershaw. I really think the Dodgers are in a very good situation right now. Now, if Ryu can just make it back.

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