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The Dodgers Are Trying Hard To Screw Up The Postseason Roster With This Tim Locastro Experiment

Dave Roberts

While the Dodgers are finishing up their regular season in Denver, the front office is pondering the postseason roster. The Dodgers still have several days before they have to make decisions but roster choices are looming as the NLDS begins on Friday October 6.

Most of the postseason roster is just going to be common sense stuff. Obviously you know guys like Clayton Kershaw, Cody Bellinger, Justin Turner, Austin Barnes etc, will all be there. There’s room for wiggle with a couple of spots in the bullpen and on the bench, but there shouldn’t be many surprises.

Unfortunately the Dodgers are trying extremely hard to screw it up. They’re going to over think this thing and it’ll look pretty stupid when Andre Ethier is sitting at home because of it. The Dodgers recently called-up minor league infielder Tim Locastro. They’re talking about putting him on the postseason roster. Seriously, they are…..(Stares at computer screen)

Who is Tim Locastro? That’s a good question. Let’s answer that before we get into the hilarious reasoning behind this. Locastro is a 25-year old career minor leaguer from Auburn, New York. He was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the thirteenth round of the 2013 draft. He bats right handed and plays multiple positions in the infield. The Dodgers picked him up in 2015 for three international bonus pool slots.

He’s a career .293 hitter in five minor league seasons and has hit 24 minor league home runs. He’s got a .372 OBP and was hitting .388 (40 for 103) at Oklahoma City this season. He’s hit well throughout his minor league career, but what got the Dodger’s attention were his 143 stolen bases.

The whole thing seems kind of ridiculous to me. Not because Locastro isn’t very good. He’s fine for what he is. He’s a late innings type of guy. Defensive replacement, pinch-hitting is probably his ceiling. Would he ever have reached the majors if the Dodgers hadn’t called him? Maybe,  I don’t know.

The point is that the Dodger’s lineup is essentially a station-to-station base-running club. There’s not much speed. Oh sure a couple of guys can swipe a bag here or there. Most of them have the ability to go from first to third on a base hit. But that’s just not how their lineup was built. It’s not centered around base running. Power? Oh yes, plenty of it. But when the Dodger executives sat down to discuss the lineup speed and base running were probably never mentioned.

The whole point of this thing is to use Locastro as a pinch-runner in the postseason. They’re calling it a burner. So when someone is getting thrown out at the plate in the seventh inning of game 5 of the NLCS that’ll probably be Locastro. When a Dodger pinch-hitter is weakly grounding out with the tying and go-ahead runs on base in the bottom of the eighth inning of the NLDS, that will likely be Locastro too.

I’m sure that Dave Roberts is still having flashbacks of his famous stolen base in the 2004 ALCS against the Yankees that won the Red Sox the pennant, but good god man Locastro isn’t Ricky Henderson. Who are we fooling here?

“To have him active gives us the potential to have a burner off the bench in the postseason. He’s an option,” said Roberts, “He can artificially create situations to get on base, to steal a base, a defensive replacement. As we talked through the postseason and the 25th guy, just that option makes sense.”

I understand the appeal, but unless Locastro has Dee Gordon or Billy Hamilton speed then it seems like a waste of a roster spot. That isn’t the Dodger’s game. They play so much better when they play their game. You know what the Dodger’s game is. Home runs, walks and doubles. That’s the Dodger’s offense and it works. Let’s not tinker. The Dodgers are going to experiment with the postseason roster and oh boy is it going to be frustrating.

Don’t over think this thing Dodgers.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

7 thoughts on “The Dodgers Are Trying Hard To Screw Up The Postseason Roster With This Tim Locastro Experiment

  1. I totally agree, and the guy has been sitting at home since the AAA season ended. Do they really think a week of batting practice is going to make him ready for the high pressure of a major league playoff game? Ludicrous. Roberts is really overthinking this one. If the FO goes along with this, they are no longer genius’s. They drop to moron level.

    1. Evidently, he is just a pinch runner. This is a shrewd move, I think. No one has the speed this guy has on the team. Old school. Yeah.

  2. Tonight’s line up. Taylor CF Seager SS Turner 3B Bellinger 1B Barnes C Granderson LF Puig RF Utley 2B Kershaw P. 6 guys with 20 plus homers and not one of them named Grandal.

  3. Good to see Grandmal will be watching and not (what do you call it when a catcher doesn’t catch pitches and picks the ball up at the backstop, retriever?). Yes, Let Barnes play Catcher and give Grandmal a night off from playing Retriever.

    I hope the boys come out with some fire tonight, last night was a total dud, zero enthusiasm in the field and on the bench. Seriously, how can you be heading into the playoffs with a chance to win a championship and show that little energy? Oh yeah, it’s the little guy MO who has left town, funny how Old MO can really be the life of the party. Folks this is going to be very difficult, impossible no, improbable yes.

  4. The Dodgers will finish with the regular season with the best record in baseball for the first time in 43 years.

    Locastro stole third.

    It’s lit.

  5. And that sports fans is a wrap and why Pedro Baez will make the playoff roster. Nice shot by Puig and he was on base all 4 trips. warning signs, Cody and Corey’s continuing struggles at the dish.

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