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The Dodgers Want to Play Gavin Lux in the Outfield (Please Don’t)

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Running out of players has been a recurring theme for the Dodgers in 2021. They ran out of starting pitchers about a month into the season. They’ve run out of relievers, they’ve run out of infielders, and they have also run out of pinch-hitters at one point or another throughout the season. Now they’ve running low on outfielders and they’re out of the box workaround is idiotic to say the least. The Dodgers want to play Gavin Lux in the outfield, in center field. Someone needs to lock Andrew Friedman in a closet, tie him up and duct tape his fingers from texting.

AJ Pollock strained his hamstring while stealing third base on Saturday night against the Giants. He hurt himself on what looked like an awkward slide and was immediately removed from the game. The Dodgers placed him on the injured list the following day, reporting his injury as a grade-2 strain. He’ll be out at least 2-3 weeks minimum, which means he’ll probably miss the remainder of the regular season. It remains to be seen if he’ll be available for the postseason. It’s a big loss for the Dodgers since Pollock was having a terrific season.

With Mookie Betts playing with a bone spur in his hip, and Cody Bellinger disintegrating at the plate before our eyes every night, the Dodgers are one bad slide away from being shorthanded again. This time it’s in the outfield.

The sensible solution here would be to call up Matt Beaty. The Dodgers still have Billy Mckinney, who can play all three outfield spots. Beaty may not be the best outfielder, but he’s a decent hitter, and if the Dodgers need a right-handed bat late in the game off the bench, they still have Albert Pujols. Even in an emergency, Trea Turner could play a few innings out there as well.

Unfortunately, the Dodgers are going to go the stupid route. Apparently, they are giving Lux playing time in the outfield down in Oklahoma City, and calling it in the name of “depth”. This is so stupid, I can barely contain my frustration. As I have correctly written on this blog before, Lux is a bust. He can’t hit, or field at any of his positions. Lux is hitting .221 this year and carries a career 75 OPS+ and has struck out more times than he’s walked.

The purpose isn’t too bag on Lux here. It’s just that he’s never played outfield before in his professional career. He can’t even handle fielding his regular positions of second base and shortstop. So how is he supposed to learn the outfield in such a short amount of time? It doesn’t make much sense. The Dodgers need to make the sensible move. Call up Matt Beaty and leave Lux in the minors to work on his hitting. Hope for a speedy recovery for Pollock and pray nobody else gets hurt.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

2 thoughts on “The Dodgers Want to Play Gavin Lux in the Outfield (Please Don’t)

  1. I think Lux has the speed to be a decent outfielder, but with no spring training to work on things? No thanks . Souza Jr. was recalled and he gives them another RH bat. He did ok his first game with a run scoring double. McKinney is a lousy hitter.

  2. Dodgers playing with no sense of urgency. When they are in desperate need for a win, they rest three key players (JT, CT3, Smith), and throw out an OF of Sousa, Belli-ache, and McKinney, followed by Barnes and the pitcher’s spot. Basically putting all the offensive responsibilities to the 1-4 of the lineup. Middle of lineup full of Mendoza wannabes. Belli may have a decent glove, but he is killing them offensively. Unfortunate injuries have forced DR to play Belli-flop every day. He really needs to go down to OKC and work on resetting his offensive approach.

    DR boosts a roster with depth, and he wants to “optimize” his players. The way I see it, it as a roster filled with Jack of all trades, master of none. Players playing out of their normal positions, making inexcusable errors and mental mistakes. The constant shuffling around (up and down in the lineup, and defensive assignments) and scheduled days off has to affect players mentally, distracting them from their offense responsibilities. DR cannot achieve consistency with his “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe” lineups. With 21 games left in the season, and the team sputtering to the finish line, it should be all hands on deck, diss the days off. DR can “optimize”, when he gets a comfortable lead in the West.

    Gonsolin still not 100%, and bullpen games will continue to tax the bullpen. It does not help when offense is nonexistent, putting pressure on pitchers to be flawless. Kershaw pitches 4 innings in OKC, gives up a 2-run homer to triple-A players, smiles and declares himself ready? Don’t hold your breath, Dodger fans. Games Gonsolin, Kershaw, and Price pitch will still basically be bullpen games.

    Looks like the Dodgers will be stuck in a one game Wild Card playoff.

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