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Empty Victory: Dodgers Beat Fish, But Lose Turner

Justin Turner slide

The Dodgers beat up on the lowly Marlins in the first game of the four game series and ten game home stand, but the win was costly. The Dodgers have lost Justin Turner for an undetermined amount of time after he suffered a right leg injury while trying to score in the bottom of the seventh inning of their 7-2 win over the fish on Thursday night at Dodger Stadium. Other than Turner getting hurt the game was pretty enjoyable since the Marlins are really bad. It’s a joy to play the Marlins.

The Fish are led by former Dodger manager Don Mattingly. Miami has several former Dodgers which include catcher A.J. Ellis and second baseman Dee Gordon. Another former Dodger, Edinson Volquez was the opposing starter, Hyun-jin Ryu was on the bump for the Dodgers.

Marlins  2 7 0

Dodgers 7 11 0





The Dodgers beat him up as Volquez and his sideways hat allowed five earned runs on eight hits and walked 3 while striking out four across six innings. Volquez is horrendous and is now 0-6 this season. Ryu on the other hand was actually decent tossing 5.1 innings allowing two earned runs on seven hits and striking out three before being removed in the sixth inning after getting hit with a grounder back to the box.

Ryu was fortunate though because the Marlins stranded a lot of runners. They stranded seven to be exact and were 0 for 8 with runner in scoring position. The Dodgers scored one run in the first and three in second. They plated one more in the third and two in the eighth.

Ryu also did this…..

Turner had two hits before having to come out and Chase Utley had two hits as well. Yasiel Puig blasted a monster two-run home run and Ryu himself had a double and scored a run. Like I said it was a good night if not for the Turner injury.

The Marlins got two huge home runs from Justin Boar in the second inning with nobody aboard, and another one from Christian Yelich in the third inning with nobody on base as well. The Dodgers scored the first run of the game in the bottom of the first inning when Utley, Corey Seager, and Turner all singled to load the bases. Utley scored on Cody Bellinger’s RBI force out before Yasmani Grandal grounded into an inning ending double play.

The Dodgers scored three more in the second when Joc singled and came home on Puig’s home run. Then Ryu doubled to center and Utley’s single scored him. Ryu can run by the way. That gave the Dodgers a 4-1 lead. The Marlins actually ran themselves out of the second inning when Giancarlo Stanton doubled, but was thrown out trying to steal third when a pitch rolled a few feet away from the plate. Grandal has been excellent throwing out base runners this season. Grandal is now 11 for 22 in throwing out runners. Before the game he was throwing out runners at a 52% clip.

Immediately after that Boar homered and the game was tied at the time. Adrian Gonzalez is back and drove in a run in the bottom of the third after Turner walked and stole second base. Man the Dodgers are really going to miss him if he’s out of commission for a long time. Gonzo knocked him in with a single and the Dodgers were up 5-2.

Ryu came out with one out in the top of the sixth inning when Boar’s line drive deflected off of his body. He also was hit in the non-throwing shoulder earlier in the game as well. Chris Hatcher came into the game and struck out Realmuto and Dietrich to end the inning.

Turner would injure his leg in the bottom of the seventh when he was trying to score on Grandal’s flare single into left. He pulled up lame and was thrown out at the plate. He was seen limping into the dugout. Apparently it’s his right hamstring and he’s having an MRI scan on Friday.

The Dodgers added two more runs in the bottom of the eighth inning when Ordrisamer Despaigne walked four batters and Utley’s sacrifice fly put the Dodgers ahead by a 7-2 score. Kenley Jansen got a hit and pitched an immaculate inning in the top of the ninth inning.

The whole mood of the win is soured with the Turner injury. I guess Taylor can play third base. Logan Forsythe is due to come back soon too, and Kike can play third as well. But Turner makes the Dodger’s lineup go and if he’s out for any extended amount of time then the Dodgers are going to be in big trouble.

Thank god the Marlins are terrible. Think good thoughts and pray for Turner’s hamstring. Young left hander Justin Nicolino will counter the undefeated Alex Wood on Friday night in game two. First pitch is scheduled for 7:10 PM. Maybe there is hope for Turner’s leg/knee/hamstring after all…..

Cody Bellinger watch: The kid was 0 for 4 with an RBI and a walk. Batting average: .293. OPS: 1.004

A touching tribute to an old friend who deserves several

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Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

65 thoughts on “Empty Victory: Dodgers Beat Fish, But Lose Turner

  1. Ryu is a much better player than some of you guys give him credit for being. He plays the whole game which most pitchers don’t.
    And if there was ever a time we could afford to lose Turner for awhile, this is it, with Taylor doing so well.

    1. Projections had Turner at at just over 100 games. Maybe they knew something. Strength reportedly there, 10 days to start. Not a good sign in stocky over 32 year olds.

      Where’s the enthusiasm this morning. We beat a 14 win team, Ryu survived rockets hit all over the park, Puig hit the longest home run of his career, AGon with a hit and a ribbie. Even Utley got 2 hits. 5 for 11 WRISP. Bullpen was clean. We took care of business against another crap club. And, we beat Mattingly.

      Bellinger appears to settling back down to earth a bit. As expected, the book is being written. He’s smart, he should adjust.

        1. Big? Too big for the rookie?

          I say again, Bellinger looks to be smarter and more composed than other rookies we’ve seen the last few years. And unlike them, he should adjust. If he doesn’t? Oh well.

    2. Jonah

      I think your right if we had to lose Turner right now it is a good time, with Taylor doing well, and that is exactly what I thought last night, when Turner went out.

      Ryu doesn’t have the perfect swing, but he almost always seems, to get a double.

      It is to bad he doesn’t have Valquez velocity, or he would be like he use to be, and he was a really good pitcher.

  2. Everyone seems to think that Otani will not sign with the Dodgers because of the penalty restrictions against them, and the $10MM maximum allowable bonus would seem to be a factor as well. Not to a smart agent. How about a signing for $300K, with Free Agency being granted after ONE season? Then the sky’s the limit. Who’s to say there isn’t an under-the-table handshake agreement for a huge Free Agent signing at the end of his first year. It is very sad for us that FAZ doesn’t want a player like Otani, but maybe the owners are smart enough to realize that Otani would bring in a lot more money than they’re paying him. As long as we’re dreaming, let’s dream they put FAZ on a rocket and shoot him toward the Sun. A lot of problems solved…

    1. FAZ is a them. Friedman and Zaidi. They must be sent in tandem. Bucket seats.

      And I thought we decided Otani was to be a Yankee. I agree this kid is either New York or LA. And MLB knows it.

      How about that 16 year old Cuban kid. Robert. Puig II.

      1. Badger

        After what happen with that number one prospect that Boston traded to the White Sox, I am not big on Cubans now.

        Maybe this kid your talking about is young enough to be taught the game, and how to play the game.

        One thing I don’t believe is that every Cuban is the same so if this kid has the talent,and drive, you just never know.

      2. Badger

        I agree with you about Ryu now.

        But that is to bad because he was a good pitcher, and he had pride with the way he pitched.

    2. Why would Otani do it?

      He has a market to drive up prices now, and any deal he signs is guaranteed.

      He signs for a year, blows out his UCL and then what has he got?
      He signs for a year, has the expected adjustment issues (pitching schedule, facing better hitters) and maybe teams think he isn’t as good?
      He signs for a year and twists an ankle in batting practice, it throws off his mechanics…

      Of course, the flip side is that he signs for a year, does well, and gets a big contract.

      But he’s going to get a big contract now….

        1. Jonah

          With the money these baseball players are making, can you imagine what football and basketball owners are making, since those players have restrictions on what they can make.

        2. Didn’t Bluto have a glass jaw? Seems to me I remember Olive Oyl knocking him out. Or is this Bluto from Animal House? Described as a drunken degenerate in his 7th year of college, GPA of 0.0. I believe he became a US Senator. Kool-aid was not his drink of choice.

          1. Badger

            You have a good memory when it comes to that movie, and especially concerning, the future Bluto, in that movie.

            I think I was drinking beer, while watching, that movie, so I don’t remember, much.

            And my friends and I, were talking throughout that movie too, so my attention span, wasn’t good.

            But you got to love those B movies, they are great at inducing, conversation.

        3. Timing, Bluto. If he manages some kind of delay for a year, then the Dodgers and the Cubs get out of the penalty box and with them involved with the bidding, the numbers get much bigger…. You’re not a dummy, Bluto, you know that already. You’re just playing the adversary to generate debate.

          1. No Jonah.

            Otani’s no dummy. He can manage his own delay by staying in Japan for a year and have the Cubs and Dodgers open to bidding, but he chose not to.

            BUT WAIT. We’re both being dummies. The new CBA caps all International Spending. So there can’t be a bidding war.

          2. Jonah

            There were guys there too!

            But you are right, I have to really like a movie, to give my total attention.

        1. I’m not Bluto, Thank Heavens, but here’s my answer. Under the current agreement, the player is free to negotiate and sign with any MLB team. Said team, over and above whatever terms were agreed upon with the player, must pay the Japanese team which owns his rights $20MM. That’s 2,229,100,000.00 Japanese Yen. Just having fun with you, Bluto…

          1. According to most reports, Otani wants to play somewhere they will allow him to play in the field somewhere when he is not pitching. He prefers New York. That has been reported more than once. I am not sure a team is going to want to pay him a ton of money to pitch, and then take the risk of him being injured playing in the field.

          2. Remember, FAZ leans toward players who can play more than one position. Otani would be the Ultimate Super Sub…

  3. Nice win tempered by the injury to Turner. Forsythe is due back either Sunday or Tuesday. Turner showed strength in the hammy after the incident and Roberts hopes he does not have to go on the DL. Eternal optimist is Dave. Couple of plays impressed me. One was the leaping grab made by Ryu to rob the Miami hitter of a hit. The other was Kenley’s hit. He had the biggest grin on his face. And they saved him the ball. Ryu did a good job getting out of jams. And he got the W. Kenley’s immaculate inning in the 9th was pretty cool. All in all the team played well. Pederson had 2 good at bats and 2 not so good. In the game last night you saw the real reason Utley is still on this team. The guy never takes a minute off when he is on the field. He is balls out all the time. He turned on those 98 MPH fastballs Ellington was throwing and crushed a couple even though they were foul and worked a walk in a 10 pitch at bat. That is impressive stuff from a 38 year old.

    1. Roberts was right about Toles, so I hope he isn’t right, about Turner.

      He said he thought it, tore off, Turner’s bone, at first, but I think it just might be only, a bad pull.

      Hunter Pence had his hammy tear off his bone last year, and he was able to come back, before the season was over.

      But Turner isn’t build like Pence is.

      Almost every time we are ready for a roster shake up, another player gets hurt, and the roster spot, ends up, working out.

      Thank godness, for Taylor!

        1. Thank you Doctor Jonah?

          Are you a medical doctor, or do you have a doctoral, in knowing the proper, medical terms, and I think they call that medical, transcription.

      1. If he had torn the tendon loose from the bone, I doubt Justin would have been able to walk at all. He limped off the field, so it is probably a severe pull.

    2. I think you’re right about Utley. Much as I think he is over the hill, he keeps putting out 110% and doing enough to keep his job. I admire that trait, but as one of many who has a tendency to coast a little ever now and then, I hate him for showing me up and proving he’s a better person than I am.

      1. Jonah

        Maybe you give 110 percent in doing something,other then baseball.

        It seems like you like gadgets a lot, and you like finding out how they work, and what you can do with them.

      2. 38 year old, so he has lost a step or two, but the bat speed is still there and he makes up for the loss of range by knowing pretty much where to position himself when the Dodgers are in the field. He plays hard, his uni is always dirty, and the guy has an extraordinary baseball IQ. Did you see that play he made at 1st against the Giants? It was totally unbelievable.

  4. Badger

    Like you said, LA or NY, but I would prefer the weather in LA, and LA is closer to Japan.

    But I don’t see our front office, participating, in a bidding war.

    After last night’s game, we know why the Nats are running away, with that division.

    The Marlins, and especially there pitching, is not very good.

    And there is Phillie in that division, and I guess the Mets had a slow start, but they are doing better, now.

    I have to give Ryu credit, he didn’t allow Stanton to hit one out, although it, was so close!

    And Ryu is always good for a double, when he is up to bat, even though his grip on the bat, is a little different.

    1. Jonah

      Is Bluto the guy in the picture, or the picture on the guy’s shirt.

      I wasn’t big into cartoons, but I do remember being upset, that I couldn’t watch Felix the Cat, during Kennedy’s funeral services.

      1. The cartoon character on the guys T-shirt is one of the mice from Disney’s Cinderella feature film. I think his name was Gus.

      2. Bluto was in the Popeye cartoons. 3 times the size of Popeye. Little trivia here, at one time they changed his name to Brutus. It did not last long.

    1. Jonah

      I have seen that those driverless cars, have had a few accidents , but I don’t know which car makers, have had there driverless cars, crash.

      You couldn’t get me in one of those things.

      When I first came home from the hospital a month after my accident, I was telling my father, to stay away from any truck we were near, on the freeway, on the way home, because I was so scared, of being in another accident.

      My father told me, he was doing the driving, so I should leave that to him.

      He was just trying to help me back on the horse, so I wouldn’t be afraid.

      But for a long time, I only felt safe, when I was doing the driving myself.

      And after that, I didn’t like to go on planes either, but I did.

      I guess they call that a control issue.

      When I first got home I heard a plane or helicopter over our house, and I wanted my mom to make sure the plane was not going to fall, on the house.

      Maybe you can look up the accident, on your computer.

      It happened on the 91 freeway.

      A truck was going across an over pass, on the temp 15, and he was carrying a bunch of smashed cars, and he hit the side of the over pass, and that tipped over, all of the cars, and the cars fell on top of us below, on the 91 freeway, in Corona.

      The accident happened I believe on August 29 in either 1984, or 1985.

      1. I couldn’t find anything. That was pre-Internet but you could find it in newspaper files from those days. I searched the Orange County Register but couldn’t get into their Archives. I did read a couple of good stories. One was Top Ten Hamburgers in Orange County. They all looked great but I never eat in places that charge $17 for a hamburger, no matter how many snob vegetables they put on it… The other was that a large number of Great White Sharks have taken up residence close inshore at OC beaches for their annual Surfer Festival. Naturally the surfers are being uncooperative and crying for the Navy to strafe them and drop depth charges. God, I’d love to see that!

        1. Jonah

          It would be in the Riverside Press Enterprise, or the Corona independent newspapers.

          Remember Knowlwoods World Best Hamburgers but I can’t think of the city, that it was in.

          It was before the 91 freeway was there, off a two way highway by where Anaheim Hills in now, just before the 55.

  5. It’s almost 11. I would think the MRI has been completed by now.

    New York is the better fit for Otani. Flight time from New York to Tokyo isn’t that much longer than from LA, especially flying first class. As if I would know anything about that.

    1. Badger

      First my georaphy is not good, and I have never flew, first class.

      I haven’t been on a plane, for a very long time.

      But I appreciate your knowledge.

      1. When I flew to Korea from Seattle, we first landed at Yakota Air base in Japan. That flight took 13 hours. It was 1 1/2 more to Seoul. I have flown from New Jersey to Germany, that flight was about 9 hours. Of course that was in the late 60’s and early 70’s. But it would still be close to that today since they no longer fly the SST jets over there.

    2. I just read a tweet that said the Dodgers were recalling Eibner from OKC. No announcement yet on the MRI results, but they would not recall someone unless someone was going on the DL. So pretty sure the injury is bad enough for Justin to go on the DL. The tweet was from a reporter for the LA Daily News.

      1. I fully expected the 10 day. Hammies are nothing to mess around with. Rest. Lots of it. Take 6 weeks if you need it. August, September and October are far more important.

        I don’t know a lot about flying long distance MJ, but the trips I’ve taken were never first class.

        Though he hasn’t told us, I’m guessing Bluto did not take that name from the cartoon character. I think the playful Belushi character is more his style.

        1. Yes, he confirmed that awhile back. I get a different impression of his personality/style. I think of him as the button-down serious type guy. That’s not a putdown, just what I expect of him. I think the Bluto character is who he wants to be.

  6. It is official, Turner to 10 day DL, Eibner recalled, starting in CF and batting 8th. Pederson and Gonzo sitting tonight. Gutierrez playing LF.

    1. I guess it is a leftie night, tonight.

      And we have faced this leftie pitcher at least twice before, and we didn’t do much, but I think we are doing a little better against lefties, as long as Roberts, doesn’t get to creative with the line up, like he did in SF.

      But we are going to miss Turner even more against a leftie, because he has turned it around, and he is hitting better against lefties, this year.

      And I knew he would work on that, in the off season, because Turner didn’t like that the teams rep, against lefties.

  7. First break ours. Seager was out. Second break ours. Taylor should have been out.

    We’re gonna beat these guys.

  8. Wood really impressive. Even his peripherals are great.
    Could this really be who he is?
    That trade’s looking phenomenal.
    I mean for Eibner: Dodgers gave up double-A IF.

    For Taylor: Gave up Zach Lee.

    For Wood: Braves made trade so bad their GM apologizes for it annually.

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