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Free agent frenzy

The offseason has officially begun. The Dodgers will try and strive for a fifth straight playoff appearance and hopefully get to the World Series. This offseason should prove if the front office has that idea. You have to figure that the Chicago Cubs will be a team in the way for the Dodgers to get out of the National League.

Three major concerns for the Dodgers are free agents such as Justin Turner, Kenley Jansen, and Rich Hill. The Dodgers will most likely remake the bullpen since Joe Blanton is a free agent. I figure they need at least another starting pitcher especially if Hill leaves. If hill stays, it be a great strategy to add another starter via trade or a signing to have more depth.

When I say depth I don’t mean pitchers with an injury history. You also need to think that youngsters like Julio Urias, and Jose De Leon might not be ready. I also feel the Dodgers need another bat to hit against left handed pitching. I feel these current Dodgers can be offered as trade bait. Howie Kendrick, Kike Hernandez, Trayce Thompson, Yasiel Puig, Scott Kazmir, and Brandon McCarthy.

Of course we know all teams are going to ask for the Dodgers prospects such as Willie Calhoun, Alex Verdugo, Cody Bellinger etc.. The big elephant in the room is what to do with Turner and Jansen. I feel the Dodgers should retain both of these guys. The Dodgers are going to have to pony up the money or prospects.

The Dodgers already had a chance to get Chapman and didn’t pull the trigger. I would rather have a known commodity as in Jansen. But I guess you couldn’t go wrong with either. As far as Turner, the Dodgers need to resign him at all costs. I’ve heard rumors about going after Evan Longoria but Longoria will cost prospects. At all costs we can’t let Jansen and Turner go to the Giants who will also look to sign both players.

I also feel the Dodgers should sign Rich Hill. Then they could go after a big fish such as Chris Sale or Chris Archer. They could also go after Ivan Nova if that doesn’t pan out. Of course the big move the Dodgers need to make is either signing Yoenis Cespedes or trading for Ryan Braun. The other option out there is Ian Kinsler, and JD Martinez of the Detroit Tigers. The only move that wouldn’t require prospects is signing Rich Hill, Yoenis Cespedes, and signing Ivan Nova.

Of course the Dodgers have to resign Turner and Jansen. Then they could use spare parts to trade for bullpen help or another infielder. This way you can still keep all your prospects. I know the Dodgers want to keep the payroll down. The World Series is there for the taking. The Dodgers have to decide to pony up money or prospects.  We are in a time where the Dodgers are successful. Keep the momentum going. I want to see this front office make some big moves.

I know their philosophy is to maintain the present and build for the future while cutting cost. The Dodgers need to make moves to win and not stand pat. So with my way you can keep all the prospects, get rid of dead weight, build a winner, but you will have to pony up some money. You still also have the all-star break to make any other moves. Let me know what you all think.

James Moya

Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

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James Moya
Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

200 thoughts on “Free agent frenzy

  1. Good post. But a lot of speculation is that they will not pay what Kenley most likely will get offered and there will be a bidding war for Turner. SF and Atlanta both have expressed interest, and the Giants would like nothing better than taking one of the Dodgers better players or if that fails, driving up his cost. Trades will be made. I have seen story’s that say Hill will command 3 years close to 40 million. Not sure I give a player his age that kind of deal. I think if they do upgrade the rotation it will be through trades. I also think they try to retain Blanton in spite of his playoff meltdown. If we know nothing else, we know that FAZ is not conventional. They may target Chapman over Jansen, or even Melancon. The only sure things right now in the rotation are Kershaw and Maeda, everything after those 2 is a crapshoot. 2nd base needs to be addressed too.

  2. my opinion…..Jansen is gone, Turner stays, Hill and the rest gone, we pick up a couple more lame starters on the mend….basically the same team as this year

  3. The Braintrust will pay lip service to retaining Jansen but won’t. There is a well-established SABR bias against paying “too much” to relief pitchers. The paradigm may have shifted in light of the Dodgers’ well-publicized use of the bullpen in lieu of starters who can pitch more than 5 innings and in light of the successes of pitchers like Jansen and Miller in the postseason, but I can’t see the Braintrust paying any reliever 5 or 6 years at $15MM/year or thereabouts.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go after Mark Melancon as a cheaper alternative, or look for another team’s set-up guy who they think can close – there isn’t anyone on the Dodgers who looks to be a closer-in-waiting.

    Of course, this challenges the “plan” that we keep hearing about – grow your own. It’s more like the Oakland/Tampa “plan” – grow your own but don’t keep them if they get too expensive.

    They will try harder to keep Turner – there isn’t any obvious replacement.

    The thing is that if they keep Turner, Jansen and Blanton they are still the team that struggled at times in 2016. They still don’t hit lefties, still have no starter other than Kershaw who can be counted on to pitch 7 innings/start, still have too many injury-prone pitchers.

    My Dodgers shopping bag has
    1 – Another ace-type pitcher to serve as Kershaw’s partner in crime. I have seen suggestions that they go after Chris Sale, Zach Grienke, or Chris Archer. It will take a lot to pry Sale from the Sox in particular – probably Urias and much more, but he is my 1st choice. They won’t need the injury-prone Hill if they have Sale.
    2- 1 or 2 ace type relievers. Jansen and Melancon anybody? Melancon won’t require the Dodgers burn a draft pick. They won’t need to resign Blanton if they sign Melancon to pitch the 8th.
    3 – A major right handed bat. There are a couple that people here talk about – Braun or Cespedes are the main ones. Cespedes will be really expensive and will cost the Dodgers a draft pick; Braun will cost Puig and a couple of top prospects. I would take Braun over Cespedes even though he doesn’t fit “the plan” – he isn’t home grown, is getting older and is expensive.
    4 – An upgrade at 2B. Some here mention Ian Kinsler or Brain Dozier. Kinsler will be easier to get in trade.
    5 – Resign Turner.
    6- Trade Puig already. And maybe Ethier too. And a couple of our less reliable starters – Kazmir, McCarthy, et al. Let whatever kids that are left after our trades pitch.

    Starting 9 –
    1B – Gonzalez
    2B – Kinsler
    SS – Seager
    3B – Turner
    C – Grandal
    LF – Braun
    CF – Pederson
    RF – Thompson/Toles

    SP – Kershaw
    SP – Sale
    SP – Maeda
    SP – Kid #1
    SP – Kid #2

  4. My opinion – we were the third best team in the NL and if our second best hitter and our All Star closer leave we won’t be able replace them with equal talent. What will that mean? I’ll leave that to others to decide. It’s also my opinion that to expect to be as lucky next year as we were this year is naive. The giants will be better, the dbacks will be better and the Nationals and Cubs will be just as good. If FAZ is all that they will have to be better at evaluating starting pitching, and if they intend to use the farm to get it they better do better than Latos and Hill. And save me the Hill praise. He pitched 34 innings in 2 months. Matt Moore pitched twice what Hill did in the 2 months he was with the Giants. Won twice as many too. Hill is going to be 37. I want Cotton and Holmes back. Thus my mantra – trade no one. Use what we have until the deadline and see where we are.

    Patch, I’m no doubt already banned from Dodgertalk. It’s all yourine.

    1. Hello Badger! I concur with what ya are saying here and the part of this article by james Moya says it all for me anyway:
      Three major concerns for the Dodgers are free agents such as Justin Turner, Kenley Jansen, and Rich Hill. The Dodgers will most likely remake the bullpen since Joe Blanton is a free agent. I figure they need at least another starting pitcher especially if Hill leaves. If hill stays, it be a great strategy to add another starter via trade or a signing to have more depth.

      When I say depth I don’t pitchers with an injury history. You also need to think that youngsters like Julio Urias, and Jose De Leon might not be ready. I also feel the Dodgers need another bat to hit against left handed pitching. I feel these current Dodgers can be offered as trade bait. Howie Kendrick, Kike Hernandez, Trayce Thompson, Yasiel Puig, Scott Kazmir, and Brandon McCarthy.

      Of course we know all teams are going to ask for the Dodgers prospects such as Willie Calhoun, Alex Verdugo, Cody Bellinger etc.. The big elephant in the room is what to do with Turner and Jansen. I feel the Dodgers should retain both of these guys. The Dodgers are going to have to pony up the money or prospect
      Besides retaining JT and Kenley so that the Giants don’t get them, and by the way Freidman might stay alert as to who would be walking behind him if FAZ lets Giants sign both. Dodgers were a complete embarrassment against LHP and besides JT and kenley, THAT is the area that needs to be addressed because Dodgers were dead last in all of MLB in BA, OBP, and OPS against them.

  5. The original post is a good ….dream. It’s a fan’s dream of EFF It all, lets go all in this year. But it’s clearly NOT what the front office has made clear from the beginning. Last year’s decision to let Zack walk oughta tell is everything we need to know about mega contracts for pitchers. Pair that up with Mark Walter’s observation that “pitchers break” and the likelihood is we’re not getting Jansen back or a guy that throws a LOT of pitches over 100mph. He’s guaranteed to “break” eventually, let him do it on someone else’s watch. They’re all in with the kids so don’t expect them to trade Urias, and DeLeon is a real long shot unless his being left off the post season roster had greater implications than we thought at the time. Belonged is the obvious lost cost replacement for Agon (I could see him being traded) and eighth now Calhoun appears to be the obvious replacement for Kendrick/Utley/Hernandez/Barnes at 2nd. Maybe he’s a year away, maybe an in-season call up.

  6. There is talk of introducing the 20 second pitch clock, that has had favourable reviews in the minors.
    If this is true, I trade Baez now because that is only gonna mess with his brain.

    1. Many Dodger fans on the dodger’ message board have said similar. And that trade of Ruiz for Vidal Nuno? Not much to say for trading for a reliever who has a 5 win 20 loss career record and in 58 innings + last year gave up 11 HR’s!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Yeah, Nuno is a curious addition. It does not appear that he has the qualities one would look for to add depth to the bullpen. Looks like a $4.5mm salary dump.

        Thanks for the update rick. Maybe you missed the posts where Mark made the announcement?

        I’m hearing talk……. some people say……… teams in the West see the Dodgers as vulnerable. Turner and Jansen are the real deals to several teams. We have to pay them both to keep them. That’s gonna cost a lot of money stretched out past 2019. This is going to be a very interesting off season. Trying to figure moves is not possible without knowing what happens with them.

    1. How does that trade work? Kendrick with the worst offensive production of his career, his defensive metrics are sliding and he’s a year older. Could be another salary dump with a mid level prospect or DFA candidate coming back.

        1. The Angels might want Howie back, and I could see that happening, for one year.

          Howie was the player that was frustraded with his playing time, so this is another reason to trade Howie.

  7. Nuno has one option year left too. He’s depth. I honestly thought they could get a tad more for Ruiz but I guess they wanted the option gone and the spot handed to Barnes more than risking Ruiz would be part of a bigger package.

      1. Either way we have lost our rights to tell polock jokes with this election. The world will be telling amerikann jokes.

          1. As long as there is one politician alive, no matter which side he claims to be on, the cesspool will be fine…

  8. Yep. The elitist are headed your way Watford. Hopefully you have open borders so they can arrive without any hurdles. They are willing to help you all rejoin the EU.

      1. I feel ya there brother….when she called and conceded I knew my world just got better…….we might even get a COLA for SSA receiver’s next year. Under Obummer it rarely happened and was not enough to cover medicare rises.

  9. Here’s another shocking surprise – no Dodgers among the best fielders in the league but 3 gnats win.

    Yeah, I know, Gold Glove doesn’t necessarily mean anything. But they hand them out anyway.

    1. Dodgers might have been team finalists for a team Gold Glove if there were such a thing and yet no individual Gold Gloves.

      The Clinton drama is finally over to be replaced with a new drama. Hard to be happy or sad. The Republican Party is now part Tea Bag, part Trump, and part old white guy. No one knows what kind of mixed drink that will turn out to be. I am hoping for the best.

      1. Fair statement there Bums. I’ll attempt to refrain from further political statements unless others feel the need to continue.

        1. Not to worry Chili. What happened last night could be as enormous a global change as when Bush got elected. Right now nothing is going on with the Dodgers. Heck, we’re only mentioned in passing with rumors. Until Turner and Jansen are signed we are in a holding pattern. As long as we don’t resort to personal attacks, I think we can manage a discussion.

          1. It’s not my style (as hopefully you’ve seen from my postings) to personally attack anyone on here. I will defend myself though as I’ve had to do a few times.

            I’m a little unique on this site as I’m not a MoneyBall guy and do not see Freidman/Zaidi as highly as others and yet was going to and did vote for Trump. I’m my own guy… most others on here are as well.

            Badger, I have no issues with you whatsoever and will never get into any personal attacks. I’m not ‘perfect’ enough to do that.

          2. There is talk they are shopping Howie. Not surprised, but a story attached to it said he was really frustrated with his role on the team. Not something we heard in season.

          3. I mentioned back in September that I thought Howie was a candidate for one of the veterans who was complaining about PT. Then in the playoffs he chose playing LF over a position that he’s played for over a decade. Seemed strange to me.

      2. Bum

        The problem is white older people go out and vote.

        I am glad that California is not responsible for this guy.

        Let’s just hope our country will continue to be safe, because that is my biggest worry with this guy.

        When someone thinks they know everything, there is a problem, because no one knows everything!

        1. This guy will turn out better than you think MJ and I can tell you this, the military is elated he won because he will do all he can to make it stronger, and at this point in history we really need it. Hillary was and is not trusted by men in uniform and is not considered a leader. I would not trust that woman with a girl scout troop. I made up my mind long ago. She thinks the 2nd amendment is out dated and she is actually dumb enough to think that gun control works. I have no problem with a woman president when the right woman comes along….she is not the right one, and now we are rid of her and Obama politics for good……

          1. Michael

            I am not a gun person.

            I just don’t understand why some gun supporters, don’t want people to be checked, before giving them guns.

          2. Michael, there is an old saying in sales and that is “know when to shut up”. If you get an offer and take it just say thanks, walk away, and then over deliver. Trump hasn’t done anything yet, good or bad. Your guy is in and all of the past Presidents are out, all 44 of them. Being “rid” of them is is disrespectful at a time when there is no need to be so.

        2. I am older white people. Yes I got out and voted and I did not vote against her because she is a woman. I voted against her because I am sick and tired of DC and the same old Potomac two step. All Senators, and Representatives should have term limits. The president does, so why not them? We get the same run a round all the time. We needed to drain the swamp and get rid of the snakes, and now the two biggest snakes are history. I also dislike people who do not protect or even attempt to protect our people overseas.

          1. Michael

            He might not be part of DC, but that doesn’t necssary make him better.

            He is a billionaire.

            He doesn’t care about the middle class, or people on fixed incomes.

          2. MJ, I am not against background checks at all. I have had them for every gun I have purchased and passed them all. Gun control I am talking about is that criminals do not go through background checks. Most legal gun owners are decent hard working people. We have limits on magazine capacity, and ammo is hard to find sometimes. For a while 22 ammo was almost non existent in stores. The reason? It was being bought up by Homeland. Not being a gun person is fine, I have no problem with that. I am weapons trained and would only use my weapon in self defense or home protection. The police cannot respond all that fast, but I can. Well he is not in power yet, so we will see, but he is better than an Obama clone in a pant suit. She is no leader……

  10. Well, Badger, did $ correctly predict the election? I mean before yesterday, not jumping on the band wagon as it goes by…. Nevada seems to have legalized pot sales. I don’t know for sure because I don’t use the stuff so I didn’t really examine the ballot wording…. Wow, Hillary lost! If it’s any consolation to her supporters, it won’t change a dang thing to the country, it’ll go on as it is regardless. The mass and ineptness of America has outgrown the importance of the President, except in his own mind. We would be the laughing stock of the World, except they all have their own warts to deal with…

    1. The story seems to be people were too embarrassed to admit they were voting for Trump. I certainly understand that. The polls had it wrong.

      And now we prepare to eat the national shit sandwich we so richly deserve.

      I think I’m done with politics.

      1. Wrong. The polls were attempting to influence the people’s decisions. It’s none of their business who the people are going to vote for. Ironically I’ve never been polled but would never tell them exactly whom I’m going to vote for.

        1. Not wrong Chili. The people who do polls, like 538, rely on data. This is who we are now as a world. Everything, and by everything I mean EVERYTHING is now driven by data. Even in exit polls, for whatever reasons, people were giving false replies. Even you just admitted you wouldn’t give accurate information. I wasn’t polled either, but if I had been I wouldn’t lie about it. I feel no need to be disingenuous about my beliefs.

          1. I said that I would not tell them exactly whom I’m voting for. Why? Because it is none of their business.

            For example, when asked, I would say Abe Lincoln. They would say really, come on, who are you voting for. And I would say Abe Lincoln. They would either hang up and pretend our conversation never took place or place me in the column that they wanted me to be in in the first place.

            Again, if you think it’s their business to know who you are voting for then do feel free to tell. I’m just saying that I would never tell them whom I’m voting for……..

            Or is this about poor Hillary and the fact that she had no idea how Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida really felt about her and therefore could not bring in additional celebs to help her win. Here’s an idea…..have the ‘unifier’ President show up in North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.

            And then maybe have Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Lebron, Katy Perry, Bon Jovi and others perform for the sheeple.

            That all went over like a lead balloon.

          2. I think Chilli was offended by Hillary having her Hollyweird Bozos campaign for her. I wonder if he was equally upset that Reagan and Bush rode Charlton Heston home a couple of times…. Did John Wayne or James Stewart ever go that route? Or well known military leaders? None of them ever swayed my opinion although I sure enjoyed their movies. Now if they really wanted to get my vote, Doris Day or Raquel Welch might have been more successful. I always knew what was really important….

      2. I was done 50 years ago, it was apparent even then… Unfortunately, these days, it would be embarrassing to vote for any of the candidates. Maybe when the New World Order takes over… (That’s a joke, son)

      3. Badger

        What happened is that everyone forgot the basics about elections in our country.

        Older white people go out and vote, much more then anyone else.

        And Cubans in Florida tend to vote republican.

        I learned that a long time ago in my government class in college.

    2. Wondering

      You are probably right.

      I am concerned with our country’s safety, especially with terrorists.

      People just voted against the status Quo, and I am embarrassed for us too.

      1. Embarrassed? Why? Because people are sick and tired of a government that puts foreign interests in front of its own people? That is trying to bring refugees into this country against the wishes of a VAST Majority of American citizens? Of an administration that has consistently denied better benefits for those who are entrusted with the safety and security of our nation? Our old and Veterans are treated with so little respect by the government that you can hardly blame them for throwing the Dems out. I am not embarrassed at all. I served my country and I expect nothing. I worked for all I have and the retirement I receive. I will not give up the rights guaranteed to me by the constitution because some idiot in charge thinks I am too old and to mentally unbalanced to own a weapon. Not on my watch. I do not trust the police or the government to protect my family. Response time too slow. Change is needed. Is Trump the answer? We will find out. I know one thing, he has everybody worried including our enemy’s and that is a good thing, oh by the way, that Nuclear pact with Iran, Obama made a huge mistake on that one……..

          1. I know that. He had a high draft number. He also received a medical deferment. He went to military school in New York. I do not begrudge the man his upbringing nor the fact that he was born into a rich family. But unlike Clinton he did not run away to Canada to avoid the draft. I cannot forgive that of anyone. He does have one saving grace…..he and I have the same birthdate………….

        1. Obama signed one of if not the best GI bill in the history of this country early in his presidency. What did the Republican controlled congress do to improve upon it?

          1. Go to a Veterans hospital……….talk to vets trying to get care or those who were injured in war. See how long the bureaucratic morass takes to get their benefits approved. The whole system is to blame……it took 7 years for my former room mate to get his 100% disability approved and that only happened after he was diagnosed as terminal……..

        2. It takes way too long to get disability approved, but that also debunks the exact opposite myth that so many spew that everyone is on disability and they are able to work. It is hard to get disability. The VA should get more in my opinion and historically the left has fought more for funding of the VA than the right. I’m not out to start a debate about the war, but W sent a lot of troops to the Middle East and was not prepared to take care of them when they came home. Obama passed a huge GI bill and no doubt it should have been bigger.

          1. Hawkeye

            Trump is not going get anything done.

            He is a bloated blow hard, that doesn’t care about the middle class, or anyone on a fixed income.

            And he doesn’t look very healthy either.

            Why anyone would think he should be the leader of our arm forces, that is just plain crazy.

            He made fun of a prisoner of war.

  11. it’s not a joke Wonder. Elites do run the world.

    40% stayed home because neither candidate inspired them. With that, we get what we deserve. Buckle up.

    1. it’s not a joke Wonder. Elites do run the world.
      Nothing new about that, they always have. Democracy is a con. Pity the framers of the Constitution didn’t put in a requirement that candidates for public office were required to run on their own merit, that political parties were forbidden, and popular vote was the method, not The Electoral College. If the numbers I looked at were correct, Hillary would have won. Not that I am pro-Hillary, I just don’t think it would have made any difference…

          1. Close
            Donald Trump won the presidency
            34 electoral votes still available


            59,458,295 votes59,265,360 votes
            270 to win

          2. Kennedy beat Nixon by exactly 100,000 votes in 1960. As of right now, Trump is ahead in all of those states except New Hampshire, When all is said and done Killary is TOAST, and thank god for that.

    2. 2012 Presidential results……Obama/Romney’s total turnout 126,849,299

      2016 Presidential results…..Trump/Clinton total turnout (so far, as numbers are still coming in) 124,500,000+

      Yep, a 40% drop off. Hopefully that’s not the same math that FAZ utilizes when analyzing players.

      Using a real calculator that is less than a 2% drop off.

        1. Ok. Not sure what the point is. So after all these years they decided to vote for an outsider?

          Let’s disregard the millions of voters that voted for Obama in 2012 but voted for Trump this time. Maybe should ask oneself, why is that and that is where you will find your answer.

      1. I never said there was a 40% drop off. Your snide comment aside, the point was this:

        In any given national election only 60% of those eligible to vote actually get off their asses and vote. This is what can happen in a country that is just too f’n lazy to give a damn about what it is that is the most important aspect of a free society – the right to vote. In my opinion it remains inexcusable.

        So here we are.

        1. Than I misinterpreted your statement. My apologies. Yes, there will always be a significant number of folks that do not partake.

          As another side note. Trump received a significant larger percentage of Latino voters than Romney did in 2012.

  12. I guess some will never see it for what it is and spin spin spin. Hey whatever floats your boat.

    Just give it some time, y’all see in the next few years.

    Flippin’ Elated x 1,000,000

    1. Give it time? You mean like we did with Bush? Yeah. That went well.

      I’m with Wonder. Dump the electoral college nonsense.

      1. Badger

        This is what I don’t get.

        Why do the middle class think this guy cares about them.

        Like you said he is in the elite class.

      2. Badger

        The minority’s didn’t get out and vote like they did when Obama was running, and that is the difference.

        With the make up of Arizona, how is that still such a conservative state?

        1. It’s difficult to figure MJ. other than low voter turnout. Trump, his lifelong practices and behaviors, are not a secret. Neither are Hilliary’s for that matter. Trump has never in his life represented anything close to the common man. Maybe after 70 years of misogyny, racism and stiffing the working class he will change. I guess we’ll see.

        2. There is no such thing as conservative in modern politics. There’s no left or right. There’s only debt and that’s the main job in any choice made. Create more debt and keep the incredible money making machine oiled. After all, what’s more amazing than something capable to run a whole world on complete falsehoods? It’s all a show. We are inside ‘The Matrix’ of our own design.

  13. Michael, you mentioned yesterday that you really liked the author Leon Uris. I just finished Exodus, Battle Cry, and Mitla Pass and a short biography of his life. Funny/interesting story in the biography: In Exodus he mentioned a Polish Doctor helping the Germans with medical experiments at Auschwitz. Turns out the doctor survived the war and was living in England and sued him for libel after the publication of Exodus. The court awarded the doctor a halfpenny in damages. But that meant the doctor had to pay all the court costs too so he actually lost a considerable amount.

    1. I read the book he wrote about that. It is called QB VII. That stands for Queens bench Seven. Excellent book that was made into a mini-series. Uris is an excellent writer. Wouk wrote The Winds of War and War and Remembrance which both were mini series starring Robert Mitchum as the lead character.

        1. I have all 3 on Blu Ray. Winds of War and War and Remembrance are excellently done. Caine Mutiny should have been made as a mini series, would have told the entire story better. They focused on the court martial. Jose Ferrer who played the lawyer was also Cyrano De Bergerac. His son is on NCIS-Los Angeles. Another little tid bit…….Anthony Hopkins plays the polish doctor in QB VII. Yep, Hannibal Lecter.

          1. Miguel Ferrer is about as far from Jose as it’s possible to get. Jose should have demanded a DNA test. (Not invented yet)

          2. There was another Ferrer who was an actor…..Mel. He was in Brannigan with John Wayne

  14. I don’t believe that the Dodgers are interested with Chapman.

    I think that is just a spin from the media, or the front office is just playing games.

    I just hope the front office doesn’t wait until the last moment and let every other team, get the best players out there, like they did last year, and at the trade deadline, because last minute deals have not been good.

    This is why Kazmir was signed last year.

    And I hope Friedman doesn’t think the Rays are going to deal with him either.

    He tried at the trade deadline to deal with the Rays, and the Giants came away with Moore, and the Dodgers got nothing.

    And that was Friedman’s old team, sticking it to him!

      1. Wondering

        You were right about the popular vote.

        I just saw that Hillary might win the popular vote, by two million votes.

    1. Well MJ, Chapman has behaved on two teams over a full season since he shot up his garage to maybe FAZ will take that into account. A back end of the bull pen of Tolleson, Melocan, Chapman, and Jansen would be supportive of a young rotation that might only average 5.5 innings per start.

      Just have to figure out how to dump payroll to have those three relievers. A good place to start would be to get most of Kendrick’s, McCarthy’s, Kazmir’s, and Ethier’s salaries on other teams’ payrolls and not add Braun’s or Cespedes’ or Hill’s salaries to the Dodgers.

      1. Bum

        After watching Chapman pitch in the post season, I now would rather have Kenley.

        If we could get Melancon as a set up guy, that would be great too.

        Blanton is not a set up guy, he just had to do that job, because the other set up pitchers, couldn’t do there jobs.

        The problem is that we need to get Turner back, and we also need a closer.

        And like you said, we need a number two pitcher, and a leftie killer, that is also a good hitter.

        And you know I want those pitchers gone, and I won’t mind if Howie is traded too.

        And I thought Howie was the one complaining about not getting enough playing time, when I heard that.

        Bum I still can’t believe what happened last night either.

        1. I have always liked Stewart. Stewart and De Leon might need one more pitch. Kershaw wasn’t Kershaw until he added the slider.

  15. Trading Kendrick would free up some money to use towards Turner (hopefully), Jansen (not likely) or to offset taking on a salary like Kinsler. Don’t know if that makes it a salary dump. Depending on the cost I do like idea of trading for Kinsler. I would try to get Martinez in the trade as well as I would prefer him to Braun unless the Brewers took McCarthy or Kazmir in return. I feel that if we trade for Braun we’ll be discussing/ranting about his boat anchor of a contract in a couple of years. I posted on a previous thread that I thought Martinez would be a good target but at the time I thought we was going to be a free agent (oops). I still think he would be a better and lower cost option. I also wonder if Raji Davis could be an option as a free agent? Could we pair him with Toles as a leadoff platoon in left?

  16. We all know Matt Kemp is a bad contract. Why don’t we trade bad contracts Kazmir and McCarthy to Atlanta for Kemp? Even money and helps both clubs.

  17. Reluctantly, a comment or 2 about the election: By electing Trump, the majority of this country manifest the continued decline of morality that’s been going on for probably 50 years. Yesterday was the low point in that decline, I hope. Our institutions i.e., church, family, marriage are gone. What we have now is Trump. And legal marijuana. Remember when a divorce on your record would prevent you from becoming president? Wasn’t that long ago. I think Reagan broke that one. Low is now high. As for the presidency, Bill Clinton did as much as anyone to lower the bar. I can’t see the bar getting any lower. Now that we have elected someone totally unqualified, it’s hard to say what’s next. It may go lower. Our country, based on inclusion, is no more. The country that I have grown up with and, for the most part, have been proud of as the leader in tolerance is no more. That total moral decline is now symbolically in the White House, and I have never been less proud of our nation and the people who live here. I thought the Sixties were as low as we could go, but the bottom of the barrel just got lower. Hatred for “the Clintons” is no excuse. Those who voted for him picked the wrong guy as an instrument for change. I would laugh if once he is sworn in, he became a liberal, like he once was. Don’t be surprised. This guy has no compass, moral or otherwise. Enough venting. Stay away from Grienke. I think his decline has begun. We have to keep Kendrick until Turner is gone. Melencon isn’t as good as Jansen. Pay Jansen.

    1. I feel as sad about my country, nay, my world, as you do. And If Hillary had won yesterday it would not have changed a damn thing. The closeness of the election, the small difference in popular vote confirms that. You may well be right about Trump changing directions, wouldn’t surprise me at all. Lower the bar? Hell, it’s laying on the ground now! Don’t know about you but I’ll be 76 years old in 3 weeks, I won’t be dealing with or worrying about this world for long… I leave it to the worms.

    2. Bobbie17

      I don’t think a single person here, would be suprised with Trump making an abrupt change, since he has the job now.

      He says what ever sounds good for the moment, or what ever he thinks makes him look good.

      And I really like what you said, about picking the wrong guy for instrument of change.

      That is exactly what some people did, and that is exactly what I don’t get.

      I guess this qualifies as, watch out, for what you wish for.

      Just because he isn’t an insider, that doesn’t make him better.

      1. Bobbie17

        I am glad the California finally made marijuana legal.

        And I don’t smoke it.

        There is to much money wasted on policing this drug.

      2. How big of an abrupt change can a man make when he has surrounded himself with Guliani, Gingerich, and Christie? He’s choosing a climate change denier to lead the EPA. We will be a laughing stock with our allies and the rest of modern civilization.

        1. Hawkeye

          I agree with everything you have said!

          Like Bobbie said, this guy shouldn’t be anyone’s instrument of change.

      1. Southern Cal, yes, but at heart I am a red neck. Have some southern roots and family who fought on both sides…

  18. The market is up. Another surprise to everyone. I was prepared to sell everything and buy gold, but was advised, by a millionaire friend, to wait. So I wait. Nobody knows what’s next.

    Agree with most of B17’s post. Don’t agree about Clinton. I couldn’t care less about his sex life. What I remember is a roaring economy and peace, neither of which we have seen since.

    “Trading Kendrick frees some money to help sign Turner” – I look at it a bit differently; trading Kendrick rids us of a player that never should have been re-signed in the first place. I would think nobody offering him a contract last off season would have been a clue. Not to FAZ. Sign him to a multi year contract and while we’re at it, sign Kazmir to one of those multi year deals too, only give him a player option in case he sucks. That way he’s covered and we’re not. Now we’re trying to dump both. Terrific.

    Still waiting for our starting third baseman and AS closer to ink some paper. No reason to throw any more against the wall until those deals are done.

    1. Not to mention that FAZ signed Kendrick after they re-signed Utley. Unless FAZ has a 10 player trade, they don’t have much of a choice but to sign Turner. Worst case might be Stripling or Tolleson as closer.

      1. I don’t think anyone sees us signing both Bum. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are outbid on both. But I suppose if I had to choose one it would be the everyday player, though Turner isn’t an everyday player and never has been. Still, I think he’s likely to give more wins above replacement than a reliever.

    2. Badger

      After seeing a few things written here, I now get it.

      Most of the older white men that like Trump, are living volcariously through Trump.

      1. In listening to comments today I hear white America giving the finger to the business of politics. I get it. It’s been frustrating for a long time now. Van Jones sees it as a “white-lash”. I get that too. But a guy like Trump could have easily been stopped by an involved voting populace. The point about an educated voting populace is a good one. We have been sinking in our global ranking for some time. I believe we are about 24th in literacy. I wonder how that might change going forward.

  19. Free at last! Free at last! Thank God we are free at last!

    What a day!! So beautiful, so great! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the kids are laughing, the elites are crashing. Congratulations AMERICA!!! You did it, you kicked the tyrannical government’s boot heel away and struck a blow for INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM!! Still, very sad to see that so many in America, could support a known career criminal like Crooked Hillary.

    I leave here for a few days to fight for truth, justice and the American Way, by volunteering on the Donald J. Trump phone banks and look what happens. Many here are hoodwinked by $.0538. Can’t believe those singing their praises couldn’t see that $.0538 was only, slightly better, than HALF a ten cent grifter. Hopefully, after those singing their praises remove “head from ass” they can refrain from posting this type of bile on the board in the future.

    Additionally, it looks like the FAZphobes have been running amok around here, unchecked! Well, I see many similarities between the skill exhibited by the Donald J. Trump championship team and the Dodger teams being crafted by FAZ. I have long said FAZ is all about versatility and value. Anybody notice last night, the many paths to victory the Trump team acquired? And how Trump did it wisely spending only a fraction of what the criminal spent? Look to FAZ to wisely follow this strategy!!

    We here at “Simple as 123” boarded the Trump Train months ago. What a ride!!! Hopefully, everyone got to experience a Trump rally. I did! Got to see the secret service in action in Reno last Saturday. Very exciting! If you missed the Trump Train, there is still time to board the “FAZ Train”. We can ALL look forward to an exciting 2017 Dodger team.

    All Aboard!!!

    1. I appreciate your enthusiasm, Box. I’m cautiously hopeful. Truthfully, I really loathed Trump. I thought he fractured my party and diluted the message of my conservative movement, one that I feel embraces the ideals of this country and its founding fathers, into some grotesque mixture of strongman populism and narcissistic bullying. I thought he was sure to lose because he was a terrible candidate and an incompetent buffoon. But I have to admit, I’m breathing a big sigh of relief. Somehow he did it. Clinton now gets to stew on her own disappointment. And it certainly is absolutely deliciously satisfying to see all of these smug, self righteous left wing elitists absolutely losing their minds.

      I hope you were right to support him.

  20. My only word on the issue:

    In what is without question, the greatest political upset I have ever witnessed, America decided they would rather have a bombastic, bully who doesn’t have a plan than another political insider. I am not going to call Hillary a “crook” anymore than I would call Trump a “rapist” or “racist”- just stop that BS (neither one has been indicted).

    BTW, the current President campaigned for Hillary more than any other sitting President has ever done. It was bad timing that his failed Obamacare premiums arrived just before the election and slapped everyone in the face. In my case, our premiums had risen from $500 to $1,500 a month with dramatically less coverage and then my provider cancelled all policies and got out. I have no clue how Trump will do, but I know this: America just sent a message that they are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!

    1. Mark

      I will say this, insurance prices go up, just to maintain the same care you are getting, year to year.

      Just like the cost of living goes up.

      And what Bobbie 17 said is true.

      People are using the wrong person, as the instrument of change, with Trump.

      He is a total embarrassment to this country.

      1. Just a note. Obamacare Insurance premiums are determined by income. If your insurance premium went up a lot, it is because your income increased a lot…

      2. My insurance tripled while my coverage was cut in half… actually more. It does not cover prescriptions, but fortunately no one in our family needs any. Now, our Carrier – IU Health has withdrawn from Obamacare.

        Our cleaning lady and “Girl Friday” who has worked for me for ten years and makes about $30K a year (she is an middle-aged black lady who is like family) had to pay the Obamafine because she could not afford insurance anymore last year. This year, we gave her extra money to pay for it – something is wrong with that.

        1. There certainly is something wrong with that. It is disgraceful that citizens of the richest country in the free world cannot afford medical care. I know some are going to scream about socialism but the government really should manage medicine so everyone can afford it. Do you know any poor doctors? Or poor insurance companies? Too many hands in the pie. _People should be charged by the government for medical care, no involvement with insurance companies. That would be called Medicare and all U S Citizens are covered. Doctors should be required to work 5 years for medicare before they get their license for a private practice. Eventually it will be that way. There is no other answer.

    2. Oh they are mad as hell all right. I agree with that. But if you think this guy is going to make things better for what’s left of our middle class you haven’t been listening to him. Believe me I was not inspired by Hillary, but this non tax paying faux businessman scares the crap out of more than half this country. Every book he has written has ended at Chapter 11. He insulted millions on his way to this victory. How will this guy unite?

      More than 125 million eligible voters did not participate in this election. This is what can happen in a lazy democracy. Like I said – buckle up.

      1. Like I said: I have no clue how Trump will do

        I am not a fan… but I like him better than Hillary and I will give him a chance.

        1. What a bunch of idiots living in California. Now there is a movement(B-O-W-E- L) starting with some who now want to SECEDE from the United States.
          They even have signs stating: California is a nation Not a state. They want the utopia and maintain the status quo that was Obama? Give me a break!!!!!!

          1. Years ago when I lived in Orange County, there were proposals to divide California into two states. But nobody wanted San Francisco so the proposed solution was to make it into three states; Northern California, Central California, and Southern California. At times in the past there were proposals to divide it into as many as SIX separate states. California would be the best place in the world to live if they limited the population to about 5 million plus tourists…

          2. Mark

            I wondered because I just talked to one of my aunts, and she doesn’t think to highly of him.

        1. No one would have ever heard of Hillary Clinton if her slimy excuse for a husband hadn’t blundered into the Presidency and had all his vices and ineptitude exposed to the whole stinking world for their eternal amusement. Monica Lewinsky? Their agent, chief of staff, whatever, who died under very mysterious circumstances in Washington one night? Her accomplishments didn’t include preventing those things from happening, or even to cover them up. I’d find a better ideal to aspire to if I were you.

    3. Mark

      That might not have been the best for Hillary, the way some feel toward Obama, but I don’t get that either.

      I look at those two, and look at Trump, and sorry I see nothing, but a bloated blow hard, that won’t back much of anything he says.

  21. I don’t think it’s a stretch to believe Hillary is smarter than “most” men. Most men have an IQ between 90-110. Hilliary’s is 140. Though I don’t buy the premise that men are intimidated by her intellect. I think they just don’t like her.

    Just read Salafist ideologue jihadists and Putin are celebrating, so, we got that going on early for us.

    Anybody want to trade for Longoria? A trade like that will have to include Seager and Urias of course.

  22. Mark Timmons: “I am not going to call Hillary a “crook” anymore than I would call Trump a “rapist” or “racist”- just stop that BS (neither one has been indicted).”

    Give it time. Lacking a Barry Obozo pardon, she will be indicted just like ANYONE else in this country would be for the crimes she has committed. Oh course, some might believe the Saudis/Russians paid her foundation all that money to learn her Yoga routine.

    Badger: “But if you think this guy is going to make things better for what’s left of our middle class you haven’t been listening to him. Believe me I was not inspired by Hillary, but this non tax paying faux businessman scares the crap out of more than half this country.”

    Maybe it’s you that hasn’t been listening to him!! Wasn’t your candidate, Green Party Jill Stein? Guess you don’t listen to her either.

    Jill Stein, “Clinton is Queen of Corruption”.

    Jill Stein, “It should be clear to everyone that a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for war.”

    Jill was my second choice this election season. That second quote relates to the most important issue of this campaign. WAR WITH RUSSIA! The Pravda media of this country has kept it quiet, but, here is the reality:

    The Kremlin said in a statement: “Putin expressed hope for joint work to restore Russian-American relations from their state of crisis, and also to address pressing international issues and search for effective responses to challenges concerning global security.”

    Obozo/Killary policies have created complete chaos in the Middle East, a WORLD CRISIS. Millions of refugees desperate to escape the Obozo/Killary wars. Happily, it looks like Obozo/Killary might not be able to destroy what’s left of our middle class with a war against Russia.

    1. Give it time. Lacking a Barry Obozo pardon, she will be indicted just like ANYONE else in this country would be for the crimes she has committed. Oh course, some might believe the Saudis/Russians paid her foundation all that money to learn her Yoga routine.

      I heard the same thing said about Bush, Chaney and Rove. I doubt it happens!

      1. MJ, do you mean it was Bush that created the chaos in the Middle East, or did you mean box’s comment was bush league. Whatever, you’re right.

        1. Badger

          I was talking about starting the war, on reasons, that were not true.

          I hate that our young men and women lost there lives in that war.

        2. Badger

          The first, but I thought Boxout was younger then me, because they way he talks at times.

          But he is older then me.

  23. Back to the Dodgers:

    1. I am not sure they would have won without Kendrick last year. He filled in admirably in LF and had a great July. I think it was hard on him being a platoon player. I always thought they would trade him when they signed him, but with injuries to Ethier and SVS he was important to the Dodgers success. It is time for him to go. He can now be traded without eating any salary. The same cannot be said about Ethier and A-Gon!

    2. Justin Turner: I think someone is going to give him stupid money. I love the guy but I keep thinking Evan Longoria.

    1. Howie was not thrilled as it turned out to being moved from position to position. JT should be signed but what he is offered has to take into consideration that he was horrible against LHP in 2016. Along with a BP that showed its wear and tear in the NLCS, what happened for Dodgers to get eliminated in that series was not only the Cubs being a better team over all, but as I figured would happen, they struggled against the LHP they saw. Recall that game 5 lineup against Lester. Longoria will certainly cost top prospects Dodgers may not be willing to move.

        1. I would do that. But, don’t you think it would take Seager and Urias? Ok, maybe not Seager….. but surely Urias. And Bellinger. De Leon. All are just prospects.

        2. No no no Mark. Calhoun was already part of the trade for Braun and Villar that I posted a few days back. Did you forget??

        1. Then the money part makes him a better buy than Turner. (Although I think Turner’s numbers are better). It becomes a question of trade material.

  24. WOW. I really don’t want to do politics or law on this site. I have lots that I could say but it would take me weeks and meantime, I hope to discuss the Dodgers here rather than ruffle anyone’s feathers with criticism of their comments.

    Longoria had a great year in 2016 .273, 36 HR, .840 OPS, 4.8 o-WAR, -.6 d-WAR, 3.8 total WAR. Previous seasons, not so great:
    2015 – .270 BA, 21 HR, .761 OPS, 3.2 WAR
    2014 – .253 BA, 22 HR, .724 OPS, 3.3 WAR.

    He is 30 and has 9 major league seasons under his belt. He is under contract through 2022 with an option in 2023. It is a contract with increasing value each year – $13MM in 2017 but $19.5MM in 2022.

    Turner – 2016 – .275 BA, 27 HR, .832 OPS, 4.9 WAR (he’s considered a better defender).
    2015 – .294 BA, 16 HR, .894 OPS, 3.9 WAR
    2014 – .340 BA, 7 HR, .897 OPS, 3.6 WAR in far fewer AB.

    Resiging Turner won’t cost prospects in trade – trading for Longoria will.

    I say keep Turner.

    1. He’s 31. And according to BR is owed $99 million for 6 years. His 6,7,8 WAR years are long behind him, but he could have Beltre length and be productive until his buyout year, $5 million at age 37. It’s worth discussing.

      Oh, and I for one would love to hear your comments. You don’t need to worry about my feathers being ruffled. If box can’t do it, it can’t be done. I’m detached from all outcomes. It’s all happening exactly as it must.

      1. As if what any of us think makes a whit of difference. Let FAZ figure it out, that’s why he makes the big money. Of course, then we can say he shouldn’t have done it….

          1. Yes, I know that the Front Office consists of Friedman, the Arab, and a large number of other functionaries, known to me collectively as FAZ.

  25. That dogshit seems to have returned and is stuck to everyone’s shoe again in here. I told you that dogshit was monitoring the board and couldn’t resist not seeing his own posts. That shit really stinks and is hard to remove. Just too damn predictable, as always.

  26. According to, LA in pursuit of Chapman….also more FAZMANIAN doubletalk about the outfield………..mis direction in all likelihood.

  27. For some reason, some moron thinks I was gone. I guess he can’t read. So sad!

    It’s funny that the person who uses the shit word could be buried in a shoebox if you gave him an ennema. I generally ignore him but he is after all, OD, the Original Dodgerman. We all remember who he is.

    1. You need new material. You’ve used the same stupid insults for as long I’ve known you. That enema thing is old and tired and hardly original.

    2. Is that all you got? Back to trying to pin something on an old (and obviously effective) adversary of yours. You are too damn predictable and yes everything about you has a dogshit quality. Let me guess, you are going to go back to claiming to knowing where I live and making other veiled threats (be careful I have been retaining your quotes and threats, just in case the authorities need to get involved). Get some new material, You are tired, pathetic, redundant and boring.

      Now that the inmate know as The Catcher has returned, I will happily leave this place. Badger, Michael, Boxout and others, he’s all yours. Later.

  28. I also don’t want another American League player, that doesn’t hit well in the National League, because they don’t know the pitchers.

    And I don’t think the Rays will make any good deal with Friedman, after what happened at the trade deadline.

      1. Mark

        Friedman was suppose to be in heavy talks with his former team about the Rays top pitcher, sorry I can’t think of his name.

        And then the Giants walk away with Moore, from the Rays.

        They still are not happy that Friedman left.

        They won’t say that publically, but they do say that publically about Maddon.

        And by the way, I am glad you should some good insight about this election.

        I thought you were honest and fair, even if you did think a little different.

        It is hard to see and understand anyone that is excited about that guy, because there isn’t much there.

        1. I’ve heard the owner of the Rays talk. He had no problem with Friedman leaving. He did have a problem with Madden leaving the way he did. He was pretty candid about it. It’s not like Friedman left for a lateral position. He stayed and turned down offers for years until the Dodgers made one that he couldn’t refuse. He was a loyal soldier to Tampa.

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