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Gut Check Time For The Dodgers

The Dodgers after what seemed to be a week off finally got back to action today against the Hated ones up by the bay.  Rich Hill was set to take on Chris Stratton. The Dodgers offense has been struggling a lot lately. The Dodgers fresh off getting  swept against the Snakes are 2-5 in the young season. Dodger killer singled in the first to get the Giants going.  Andrew McCutchen then doubled to make the score 1-0 Giants.

In the top of the third the Dodgers finally scored after not scoring for 17 innings. The silver fox Chase Utley doubled to get the Dodgers started. Chris Taylor then singled with two outs to tie the score breaking the scoreless streak. This was to be the beginning of a back and forth affair. In the bottom of the 4th, Buster Posey hit a two run shot for the Giants to take a 3-1 lead. It was Posey’s first homer since last August. This was the end of Rich Hill’s night. Pedro Baez came on in relief.

In the top of the sixth, Corey Seager hit a single. Yasiel Puig followed it up with a walk. Logan Forsythe also walked. Corey Seager scored on a wild pitch. Enrique Hernandez then grounded out to score a run to make the score 3-3. In the bottom of the sixth the Giants struck back.  Hunter Pence singled. Brandon Belt then singled and the Giants went ahead 4-3.

In the top of the 7th, Chase Utley hit a solo shot to tie the score at 4-4. Kenta Maeda pitched out of a jam in the 7th to keep the score tied.  The game would end up going to extra innings as both offenses froze up. Kenley Jansen got some work in and  pitched out of a jam to keep the game tied.

In the top of the 14th inning. Yasiel Puig hit a single.  Cody Bellinger then followed it up with a single. Yasiel Puig moved to third on the single. Logan Forsythe then hit a single and the Dodgers took the lead 5-4.

Wilmer Font came in for the bottom of the 14th to try to close it out.

Andrew McCutchen hits a three run shot to win it for the Giants in the 14th. The Giants win the game 7-5. The Dodgers fall to 2-6. The Bullpen blows it. The offense can’t get going. Extra innings seem to be a big problem for the Dodgers. The Dodgers were 2-17 with runners in scoring position. They left a bunch of people on base. Clayton Kershaw on the mound against Ty Blach er Cy Young tomorrow.


James Moya

Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

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James Moya
Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

60 thoughts on “Gut Check Time For The Dodgers

  1. Another game…another day of managerial blunders by Roberts. I think he pulled Hill way to soon, even with the deficit. This team does not bunt, cannot hit with 2 outs and definitely looks out of sync. At this point, words are useless……

    1. Good suggestion, Yueh. Font is an accident waiting to happen at this stage. He needs more time.

      Roberts doesn’t have a clue regarding the pitchers. He has his own system which doesn’t seem to tally with the actual game.

      Why all the blame goes to Forsythe and Joc is beyond me. They are not the players who should be carrying this team every day. We should be leveling the blame on the players who are not driving in runs that should be driving in runs. When you are a hitter and you come to the plate with runners on, this is when your value shows up. This is a puny offensive unit. What is to be done? Who knows? Roberts certainly doesn’t.

      1. Jeff

        Forsythe is hitting under a hundred.

        He finally went after the first pitch, and got a hit, but in his next at bat, he was lucky, the defense was playing in.

        And about Joc, he has committed at least three errors on defense, but the official scorer yesterday, didn’t give him an error, on his two errors yesterday, that cost us a run.

        And if an outfielder lets a ball go over there head, and their glove doesn’t touch the ball, they are not given an error usually, but Joc made a three base error, in Arizona, and he is hitting under 150.

        But yesterday I didn’t think Roberts should have taken Alexander out after one inning, especially to give Kershaw an at bat.

  2. 12 for 53 (.226), 10 singles, 2 for 17 WRISP, 39 LOB. This roster can’t hit yet. Roberts would look a lot better if they could. Maybe they’re a summer team.

    Last year the spark was Bellinger. Maybe this year it will be Turner.

    1. Well, another lousy managed game by Roberts. Why would he put Joc in for Kemp when last year Kemp hit .284 against right handers and Joc has never seen .284 in his life, then pinch hits Kemp for the pitcher and proceeds to put Kiki in for most of the rest of the game and last year he hit .159 against righthanders. Like I said earlier, Roberts is a dummy. He burns up the bullpen and then wonders why he lost.

      1. Enough of the extended spring training tryouts. Send Pederson, Wilmer Font and Baez down. Call up Toles and Venditte – you know, the guys that earned their spots during spring training.

        1. Toles is not doing all that great at OKC. I agree on Font, but without a solid bat to replace Joc, who is the only position player who has not struck out, I think that would be a waste of time. Baez did ok yesterday. I simply would not bring him in a game with runners on base. As long as he is starting an inning he seems to do better.

          1. Michael

            Joc is not even hitting 150, that is not solid bat!

            But that is about where Joc hit, throughout spring training

            Joc has also made three errors on the field, that has cost us two runs, in the last two games, he has started.

            Toles wasn’t starting all those last 11 or 12 games in spring training, and Joc was, so Toles was not getting any consistent at bats, the last two weeks of spring training.

            These are the first three starts that Toles has had, in three weeks, because he was still with the major league team to the end, while the other minor league players, were working out, with their team.

            Toles sample is so small, and who knows how he is feeling, after what happened in spring training.

            He did hit in a two out RBI last night, and he has had a hit in all three games, he has started, unlike Joc.

            Three games is not a good measure of any player, let alone, a player, that didn’t have any consistent at bats, in the last three weeks.

          2. Never not once in that statement did I say Joc was a solid bat. I said that without a solid bat to replace him it would not be in the best interests of the team. I said nothing bad about Toles. What I did say is that he needs a little more time playing everyday. Not in the thread above, but in one below. Now that being said, if he comes up, he will be in a platoon situation with Kemp, maybe…..Kemp hits RH pitching pretty good normally so Toles would play once again, sporadically. Read what I am saying first before you jump. I am not defending Joc at all. I suggested all during spring that he should be the one to go down.

  3. The Dodgers are 24th in batting, 27th in OPS, 24th in runs scored, 26th in home runs and 21st WRISP. That ain’t Roberts. Maybe it’s Ward, but Roberts has exactly 0 at bats this year. Maybe if he was in the lineup it wouldn’t look this bad.

    It will get better. It has to. These guys just aren’t this bad offensively.

    On the defensive side we are 6th in pitching.

    On the plus side offensively we are +1 run differential. The only other team in the West on the plus side is Arizona at +15.

    We are 4 games back. We can make that up in a week.

    1. Michael

      But I do agree with you, that I wouldn’t bring Toles up now, but I just don’t agree with your reasoning, because Joc has not struck out.

      Those numbers on Toles and Verdugo are really deceiving, because that is only numbers based, on three games.

      Verdugo has only had one more hit then Toles, but Toles has hit in a run, unlike Verdugo, and has more extra base hits, then Verdugo, in the same number of at bats.

      1. MJ, I am not a moron. I know that. It is way too early in the AAA season to make any judgements, but suggesting, not you but someone else, that bringing up a guy hitting .236 at AAA would be better than keeping Joc is way to premature. Joc has made contact. He has not been very good out in the field, that is true. But Puig is hitting way under .200 as are Forsythe, Hernandez. Taylor is barely over .200, so this is not a player thing. It is a team disease.

      2. My reasoning was not because Joc has not struck out, I was just making the statement that he was the only position player who has not yet K’d.

  4. Badger
    Maybe if Dummy had played better lineups, made correct substitutions, and didn’t gut the bullpen like its water maybe the Dodgers wouldn’t be 24th in batting, 27 in OPS, 24th in runs scored and 26th in HRS. No, he is not in the lineup but he puts the lineup out and you know it makes no sense most of the time. He is flat out terrible. Having the wrong guy up in key situations can kill an offense. Put the right people out there every day and maybe we aren’t 2-6. Also let’s don’t forget he doesn’t steal or bunt. Is that baseball?

    1. In looking at sortable RISP stats Barnes is the highest ranked Dodger at 32nd in the league. With runners on Kershaw actually makes the list tied with Grandal! You can’t choose who you put up there in clutch situations. With ducks on the pond you gotta come through! We don’t. Or more accurately, we haven’t.

      In 8 games we suck. 8 games. If we still suck after 50 we may have a problem.

      He doesn’t steal and he doesn’t bunt? Who does? Look, I don’t like that any better than you do, but it is what it is. I doubt they work much on bunting, and the hit and run is history because the three true outcome philosophy has caused all teams to become swing and miss operations. It’s a different game pack. Get on board or be left holding your bag at the station.

  5. Badger
    I respect your opinion but just because some do or do not do things should not make someone jump on board. Plenty of folks take drugs, molest children and other such stuff but that will never make me agree with it or worse, do it. Dave Roberts has not done his job this year so far. Last year even though he did many things wrong in my opinion, he won. He got all the credit. Well, right now it is not working and yes, he gets all the credit for making the lineups, gutting the pitching staff, not playing Matt Kemp when he should have. Kemp has 18 abs while other starters have over 30. He is a dummy for sure. I am not on board and can only hope he leaves sooner rather than later.

    1. We all take drugs. Won’t touch the other subject as I might get threatened.

      All I’m saying is how the game is played IS changing. Teams that are winning are the teams that have implemented these changes. Accept it or don’t, it’s happening. At this point I’m not prepared to blame Roberts. He’s just doing what he was hired to to do.

      Today. This team could use a complete game victory. Or, how about 8 innings then hand the ball to Jansen for a save.

    2. Package

      I wouldn’t have started Joc over Kemp, or took Kemp out of the game.

      And I wouldn’t have taken Alexander out, after only one inning, to have Kershaw hit either.

      I have never really watched the AAA pitcher pitch that much, but he couldn’t put McCutchen away, and that is after how many pitches?

      I realized Roberts wanted Kenley to leave the game with a good feeling, so he will have confidence in his next game, but he can’t do the same with Alexander here, this is the majors.

      1. MJ
        Just goes to show how many questionable moves Roberts has made. I am sure the players aren’t for all this changing either.

  6. A couple of things. First, OKC has played 3 games. Toles is hitting .236. Verdugo is hitting .306. As a team OKC has 1 homer. Venditte has been in 2 games and has a save. No pitcher down there has pitched more than 5 innings. Taijeron is the leading hitter at .400….2 for 5. So there are no quick fixes to this down there. Only 4 position players have an OBP over .300. Kemp, Barnes, Grandal and Utley. All the rest are down in the .200’s. Font has pitched in 2 games and has 2 losses. This game was on him. The other he pitched very well and ran out of gas and they lost. This time he was again the last man standing. Mismanagement of the bullpen, weak hitting, no continuity to the lineups. Outside of the first 4 hitters in the lineup, no one knows where they will be hitting next. Bellinger, continues to look totally lost up there. Honestly, I see no fire what so ever in this team. When the pitching has been good, the bats have been lousy, when they score runs, the pitching lets them down. In order to win yesterday’s game, Roberts would have needed 20 pitchers. He burns through them like he has an unlimited reserve. No bench players meant Ryu had to pinch hit for the pitcher in the 12th. 2 extras base hits to 5 for the Giants. 2 for 17 with runners in scoring position. The meat of the order went 6-25. with 1 RBI, and that belonged to Taylor. The bullpen did their job, but because Roberts pulled Hill in the top of the 5th, they had to pitch longer than they should have. Hill had made 76 pitches. He could have easily pitched one more inning. The bullpen gave up 12 hits and struck out 12 and for once did not walk a batter. Surprisingly, the only position player who has not struck out this year is still Joc Pederson. At this point, it is hard to figure out this team. They played a lot better in spring training than they are now. Roberts has learned nothing in his 2 plus years as manager, he is not as bad as Kapler has been in Philly, but he has shown huge cracks in his methods. Justin Turner cannot get back soon enough. He is their heart and soul.

    1. Michael

      Like I already said, three games are not enough at bats, to mean that much.

      Although Verdugo has one more hit then Toles, Toles has an RBI unlike Verdugo, and Tole’s RBI, was a two out RBI.

      And Toles has more extra base hits, then Verdugo too, in the same amount of at bats.

      1. Looks like Verdugo will be Joc’s replacement.

        You have picked the next player to bitch at, and yet he still has not even been promoted.
        We get it MJ. Stop beating the dead horse already.

        1. Rock

          You seem to be the only one here, beating dead horse!

          I was just saying the numbers from three games, are very deceiving.

          And if you don’t believe me, check out the write up, about the game at AAA, last night.

          1. And by the way Rock, I don’t complain anymore then anyone else here, and actually, I don’t complain as much as some here, do!

            But I guess you have a problem with me, because I am a woman, and that is probably the same reason, you called my comments, bitching!

            Because you have not said a word about others here, that complain, much more then me, so knock it off!

  7. Here is what I would do. First, I change the batting order to Taylor, Seager, Kemp, Grandal, Bellinger, Puig, Forsythe, and then instead of Kike, I start Barnes at 2nd. Farmer is my new back up catcher. Kike goes back to where he belongs, the bench as the super utility, and I have Joc, until Toles has some games under hit belt, and Utley as my pinch hitters. I would use this lineup until Turner comes back. It puts RBI guys in RBI slots. Takes pressure off of Bellinger, and for the most part is decent defensively. I use that same lineup everyday so those guys get comfortable in those spots. Kemp for much of his career has hit in the 3 hole, so he makes way more sense than Puig. Puig has shown he hits better down in the order. There is not much at OKC in the way of relievers, so I bring up Venditte, and Stewart. Reason? Length. They can both pitch multiple innings and Baez and Font would go down. I gain a 3rd lefty in the pen and some innings eaters. Plus I now have 3 guys who could make an emergency start. That’s my theory anyway and I am sticking to it. Grandal in the 4 hole because he is hot right now.

    1. Mr. Norris
      Looks like you put much thought into your team. I think it all sounds very reasonable and would definitely be much better than what we are getting.

    2. Agree about length. We knew we were going to need it this year. Font and Stripling are supposed to be the long men down there. If you are going to pull your starter before he has completed the minimum 5 innings, common sense says you go with your 2-3 inning guy right there. That said, every manager manages to win in 9. I’m sure Roberts wasn’t planning for 14 in the 5th inning.

      If we are making an outfield move, I think serious consideration should go to Verdugo. We didn’t plan on Bellinger coming up last year but look what happened when he did. Maybe youth is what this team needs.

      I’m wondering if maybe Pederson has no trade value at this point. He’s sucked for a while now . Actually he was good in ‘16, but last year and so far this year he hasn’t shown much. With Toles and Verdugo sitting there we really don’t need Joc. We sure as hell don’t need all 3.

      8 games. Take a breath …. and hold it until June.

      1. After 3 games Badger, I am not sure that is enough of a sample size to say Verdugo is all that. I bring up the guy with speed and a contact bat. Toles. I also put him in the leadoff role at OKC to get him more at bats. Also to see if he can be a alternative to Taylor who seems to have forgotten his on base skills.

        1. Michael

          Verdugo is a better contact hitter, then Toles, but Toles hits with more power, so he does strike out, more.

          I think it would be better for Toles to stay down, and play everyday, and get consistent at bats, so he will be sharp, if he is called up.

          I think it would be better for Toles to see more live pitching, because he missed, most of last year.

          I think it is to soon to make a move, because it isn’t any one player that is not hitting, it is the entire line up, except Grandal, but Grandal is not a good clutch hitter, as you already know.

    3. I like the tought you put into your previous post Michael and have to say I am in full agreement with it (you). That line up is what I want to see today.

    4. Rock

      Sorry I don’t believe that, because I am far from the only one here, that has a complaints, and I don’t complain that often, as some do, here.

      And why would you say anything different, because not only is it not cool, it is quite obvious.

      1. The obvious part is intentional.

        Look, your point of view is not only an accurate one, I agree with it.
        But your constant derision of Joc is not only tiresome, its’ mind numbing.

        AGAIN, it is NOT because you are a women. That’s a pretty weak angle of attack at me.

        1. Rock

          That is just not true!

          There are people here, that complain about Joc almost everyday yet, you don’t say one word, to them.

          And the first time I say a thing about Joc, that happens to be the truth, you attack me.

          So it is quite obvious, why you choose to make a personal attack on me, when you don’t say a thing, to people who complain about Joc, day after day.

          And today, you actually attacked me, because I said the numbers from three games, were deceiving.

          Sorry but that is just the truth, and if you looked further into those numbers like I did, you might realize that.

          Your the only here, making personal attacks, not me.

  8. One last thing. Kemp is on the team. Use the guy everyday. He is the kind of hitter who can carry a team when he gets hot, all this day on day off crap will not help him at all. If he really gets on a roll, then his trade value will increase if that is what they want to do. Joc would bring you a bag of rosin bags and a couple of broken bats.

    1. Michael

      I totally agree with you about Kemp!

      Kemp has the resume on this team, when it comes to hitting, so give him, consistent, at bats.

      Because although some players are hitting a little better then other players, the entire line up, is not hitting much.

  9. what we need to do is bring back Etiher he has always hit in the clutch ,even in the play off he hit clutch hits,, he is sitting at home

  10. I cannot believe that moron Roberts has Kike hitting 4th! Where in the hell does he come up with this crap?

    1. Hey MJ
      Kemp went 2 for 3 and an RBI. Roberts continues put Joc in Kemp’s spot late in the game. Who would want to put that jerk Joc in Kemp’s spot. Yeah, that’s right, I am complaining about Joc. They need to DFA him and move on. I think Dummy Roberts doesn’t like Kemp. I wish they would fire Roberts.

      1. He would probably not get DFA’d Package. He actually has options remaining so they can send him to AAA. To be honest, I do not think Kemp makes that diving catch to rob a hit that Joc made in the 7th. DJ Peters hit 2 dingers today for the Drillers….What Roberts really needs to do is NEVER bat Kike 4th again…………….

        1. Mr. Norris
          I really think Kemp would have had it also. He is not as poor defensively as some want to make him. As far as Joc goes, I just wish him gone. He is eating up playing time others need including some kids. Kike is another Dummy (Roberts) favorite. Who could ever figure out his reasoning for anything he does.

        2. Michael

          I don’t know for sure about that catch, but I don’t think I would take Kemp out of a one run game, until this offense, gets on track, especially with Joc’s mistakes on defense, lately.

          Because we don’t have a lot of players on this team right now, that are actually hitting.

          And it was Kemp that hit in the go ahead run, and only Kemp and Puig, had two hits, in this game, like Package said.

          And Kemp approaches his at bats better, then most of our players, when runners are in scoring position, because of his experience.

          We are just lucky that both Cody and Farmer, came through, in this game.

          1. We would not know if Matt gets it unless he was out there. He actually made a pretty good grab earlier and has been pretty steady out there. What I do know is that taking his power out of a game that is that close when the team has not been showing any pop is not really a smart decision. Farmers double was the hardest hit Dodger hit the entire game. A-Gone hit a slam for the Mets…

  11. Well lady luck finally smiled at the Dodgers. Kyle Farmer is officially a Giant killer. Thought Roberts would blow another one as he burned through the bench again, but this time he got lucky. Nice catch today by Joc.

  12. If anyone noticed. Both of Kemps hits went to the right side and so did Puig’s. The game winner went the other way too. Adjusting their approach and hitting the opposite way instead of pulling the ball was critical.

    1. Kemp is making contact, but for some reason he doesn’t appear to be driving the ball. Maybe that will come in warmer weather.

      AGon with an .805 OPS at this time. But that can’t last, right? Everyone knows he has no value. Maybe he fades in warmer weather.

      My wisteria is in full bloom. It does so in warmer weather.

      Started reading “The Boy Who Knew Too Much” last night. Interesting story. Anybody here believe in reincarnation?

      1. Badger
        Perhaps if Dummy would leave Kemp in the game and start him more often he would be hitting better. Yes, Agon’s value is suspect for sure. Also when it gets warm Kemp may heatup and that is about the time Agon’s back goes out.

        1. We are talking about aging players in a young man’s game,
          now specially without the benefits of roids.
          So their value is diminished for being more susceptible to injuries,
          but they are (were) stars who are now on the downside of their careers. What makes the biggest difference now is the 25 man roster and the salary cap, they have value but it’s
          harder to justify their bloated contracts by today’s standards.

          Loved Kemp before the attitude and I am happy he is back for now.
          I will miss Agon, but I am glad to move on from him. I don’t know what happened
          at the end of the year with him but something did not smell right.

          1. Interesting take Rock.

            The new thinking will likely move the game away from bloated contracts, and it’s my opinion that without PEDs more 30+ players will be adopting the Brady approach to body management. Take better care of yourself and there is no reason why you can’t play 135 games a year.

            Some players (Rich Hill) are proving you can be positive WAR players with fewer innings played than in previous times. Guys like Gonzalez and Kemp don’t need to be every day players to earn their salary. As has been noted, $ per WAR is up every year. It’s about $10mm now. AGon makes $22.3mm, $21mm paid by Atlanta. Kemp makes $21.75mm, $2.5mm paid by San Diego. I believe both those players, especially AGon, will earn what their teams pay them if the teams are careful with them through the course of the year.

            MLB owners appear to be throwing a rope around extended heavy back end contracts – as they should. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

      2. Nobody on this team is driving the ball. Farmer hit the hardest ball the entire game. I also have noticed they are not hitting many gappers. The fly balls are easy outs and not hit particularly hard at all. Taylor has lost a lot of exit velocity on his hits. They do not even look like the bunch that was playing in Arizona. It is also way too early to judge Kemp. 22 at bats and most of the other guys are up in the 30’s. Most RBI’s on the team, Kike with 4. Gonzo had 4 by himself yesterday. No player has more than 1 homer. They have less than 20 extra base hits. Offensively, they are totally out of sync. As a team they have struck out 75 times in 9 games. Taylor and Grandal lead the team with 10 apiece. The top 3 hitters in the lineup, none is hitting above .206. 2 players, Utley and Grandal hitting .300. Lots of room for improvement up and down the order…..

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