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He Hits, He Slides, He Curveballs. Kershaw Dominates and Wins 1-0

Tonight brought the first visit of the Zinzinatti Reds (as the venerable Vin Skully calls them) to Chavez Ravine. The Reds had only won three road games up to this point, and sat 16 games behind the Cubs. How would they fare running into the buzzsaw known as Clayton Kershaw?

Kershaw, for once was not trying to stop a losing streak. He was actually trying to build upon yesterday’s marathon over the Padres and get a humble two-game winning streak going.

Here’s how it went down.

1st inning
Zack Cozart, the Reds lead off man, hit a first pitch double. Was it an omen?
Not for this inning, it wasn’t.

3rd inning
Kershaw had been (mostly) Kershaw for the first three innings. However, only one K.
Kershaw with a lead off single – also the Dodgers’ first hit.
Justin Turner DP to kill the inning.

4th inning  No score
Nothing. Now three games in a row the Dodgers have not scored in at least the first four innings.

5th inning No score

Clayton Kershaw was on and running wild! I guess he figured if he don’t score, we don’t score.

6th inning  No score
3 up, 3 down. Kershaw has settled in and retired eight in a row.
Justin Turner walked.
Advanced to second on a bad pick-off throw.
Adrian Gonzalez check swing bop for a base hit.
First and third for Howie Kendrick.
DP but score Turner.  1-0

7th inning  Dodgers 1-0
Kershaw vs Reds – 11 in a row. 5 Ks

8th inning Dodgers 1-0
Kershaw vs Reds – 14 in a row

9th inning  Dodgers 1-0
Kershaw vs Reds-
To chants of “MVP” Clayton Kershaw struck out two more and got a fly ball to Puig for the final out.
17 Reds sat down in a row, 102 pitches.

Kershaw – errrrrrr – Dodgers Win! 1-0

Clayton started out a little roughly – at least by his standards – but settled into a groove soon enough. By the fourth he was mowing down Reds quickly and efficiently.

At one point he was running and sliding around the bases like Bugs Bunny. And just like we believed with Bugs, we believed Kershaw could do it all. He did enough tonight to continue his utterly unconscious 2016.

On the other hand, the rest of the Dodgers are apparently unconscious in the bad way. For the third game in a row, the offense did not score through the first five innings. After scoring one run on an “excuse me” swing by AGone, the bats went right back to sleep for the rest of the game.

This was due to the fact that:

  1. Roberts and Co. continue to bat the mostly unproductive Justin Turner (0 for 2 with a walk) at the top of the order.
  2. They continue to bat powerless Adrian Gonzalez at the top of the order.
  3. They continue to sit their home run leader (Joc Pederson) against left handed pitching.

I don’t see anything igniting offensively until these things change.

Clayton Kershaw went all 9 with 2 hits, 1 walk, 7 Ks.  ERA 1.48

Team with RISP: 1 for 7  See above.

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

110 thoughts on “He Hits, He Slides, He Curveballs. Kershaw Dominates and Wins 1-0

  1. At this point, in both the careers of Kike and Joc, Kike should be on the bench and Joc on the field. He can’t do worse than Kike who is looking to head back to the minors, if not traded.

    Utley needs to play. Seager doesn’t belong down south in the batting order. Who the heck is thinking of all this garbage? Too much thinking, IMO. Is Roberts following orders or giving them?

    1. Jeff
      I am probably one of Utley’s biggest advocate here, but he isn’t as good against lefties, and he needed a rest from the previous game, because he always plays all out.

      And Cory looked tired in Sunday’s game, from the begining, so maybe farther back in the line up, for just this game, he got easier pitches to hit.

      He might need a mental
      Day off, from being in the heart of the line up, like Bum said yesterday, about a young player’s first year. And Cory probably puts pressure on himself, to perform, even if we don’t see it on the outside.

      1. He has struggled against lefties this year, but he’s only had about 22 ABs, mostly vs. relievers. In his career there’s about a 40-point difference in BA but his OBP and ISO are almost identical. But he is 37 so he needs a day off now and then, so why not against LHP? Plus he played his ass off for 17 innings Sunday.

        Joc has struggled vs. LHP but he’s not going to learn to hit it on the bench and with Hernandez in a slump I’m not sure we wouldn’t be better off leaving him in center.

    2. Many have said the same things here about Roberts having lineups perhaps dictated to him.. Seager has earned it to be in lineup basically every day AND he should STAY in the # 2 spot in batting order no matter if it’s a LHP or RHP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 5 for 26, all singles, 1 for 7 WRISP, 4 GIDP, no RBI’s and we win. 2 inept offenses going at it. Obviously on any other night, we lose again.

    Roberts is a rookie. It’s going to take some time for him to figure this out. His team is just not that good right now. I don’t fault him for the play, though it is his job to motivate these slugs.

    I noticed Votto chokes up on the bat. I think a couple of Dodgers should follow his lead.

    Utley can’t play everyday. Not the way he hustles. He’s an old guy, brought here to platoon. I think everybody on this team is here to platoon.

  3. Found this posted on another board:

    “We’re going to be scary good in 2018. It’s between now and then that I’m worried about.”

    Yeah. I think I agree with that.

    Bryce Harper is arb eligible in ’17, free agent after ’18. Want to work a deal for him?

    Cueto won again, matching Kershaw pitching a 2 hit shutout and both now at 7-1. The difference of course is Cueto sucks – right? So does Samardzija at 6-2, 2.66 ERA. But Kazmir……….

    1. No way the FO even thinks about signing Harper or even anyone half that good. At that point they’ll even be letting guys like Pederson, Thompson, Seager go, they’ll be getting too expensive for the Dodgers. Kershaw? That goes without saying…

      1. rabbit hole definition?
        Used to refer to a bizarre, confusing, or nonsensical situation or environment, typically one from which it is difficult to extricate oneself.
        “he’ll continue fearmongering to promote his agenda no matter how far down the rabbit hole it takes him”

      2. There’s skepticism, which is healthy, cynicism, which is not…and then there’s just stupid.

    2. As Wondering stated……this FO isn’t signing any FA stars to big, long term deals. They are saying that Harper will be the first to fetch a $500M contract. IMO, I would pay Kershaw $40M/yr for 5 years before I signed Harper to anything. In fact, I think I would negotiate with Kershaw right now…..he’s making $35Mish. In good faith would throw away his current contract and offer $40M for the next 7 years with a op out for both sides after 5 years. That’s how you begin to find out where he stands…..cause if he is going to ‘test’ the market than you had better get a kings ransom a.s.a.p.

    3. No Harper.

      Those pitchers arms are going to fall off according to our resident experts who thought McCarthy and Anderson were good investments.

    4. Badger
      But the Padres pitchers matched Cueto. The Giants were lucky to win that game. The second base man should have caught that pop up.

      Everyone is saying how bad the Dodgers offense is, but look at the runs the Giants are scoring. They are not scoring a lot of runs. And they are suppose to be a good hitting team.

      They have won one nothing, in there last two games, they have played. And in every game they beat the Padres, when they last played them, they won by one run, in every game, except for one, when they by only beat them, by two runs. And the Padres had to be much more tired then the Giants last night.

  4. Badger said: “We’re going to be scary good in 2018. It’s between now and then that I’m worried about.”

    I wonder why FO would allow that considering they will do nothing to improve the team now. I think maybe they want to remain low profile mediocre and will jettison players as needed to maintain that level. Mustn’t encourage the fans to get greedy. Lower expectations are easier to handle.

  5. I still believe they have a plan and that plan is to do it like the Cubs did. The question I have? – is FAZ in the same league with Theo. I don’t know. From what I’ve seen so far I would say no, in fact I would say hell no. But I remain open to the idea they actually know what they are doing. Hanging on to the best players currently in the organization is a good start, but remember they had nothing to do with obtaining these guys. Their involvement has simply been not trading them. What they have obtained for the ML roster has been something of a bad joke so far. Dodger Therapy has a new piece talking about this very thing.

  6. If I heard right, Vin said that the emergency catcher is,……drum roll, ……. Puig.

    If that were true and Turner, who is a free agent after this year, does not re-sign with the Dodgers, might Puig become the Dodger 3rd baseman in 2017? He has such quick reflexes and a great ability to accurately throw the ball without any bunny hops that I think he could be as great of a 3rd baseman as he is a RFer.

    Utley most likely won’t be back in 2017 so 2nd base will probably go to either Kendrick or Hernandez. Both could also windup at 3rd. The 2017 outfield could be Pederson, Thompson, and Ethier backed up by SVS and Crawford.

    SVS looks like he has chronic back issues. He and Crawford would make a good platoon in LF for somebody. The Angels would be a better team with that platoon in LF. Street is on the DL but is due back by the end of May. Add a couple of other players from both sides to make the deal such as CJ Wilson.

    Artie Moreno wants to reduce payroll and CJ Wilson will make $20,500,000 in 2016, the last year of his contract. Street’s contract: Signed thru 2017, 2 yrs/$18M. Wilson was recently put on the 60 day DL back dated but otherwise was due to pitch for the first time in 2016 my mid June.

    The Angels are on the hook for about $38MM for Street and Wilson so if the Dodgers added enough cash to such a trade, and Moreno could wind up with a lower payroll, who knows what could happen. Wilson would not have to pitch for the Dodgers. They could leave him on the DL.

    1. Bum I think we should make a deal for Street alone. We don’t need another starting pitcher, that has injury problems, and Ryu will be coming back soon.

      But I do think that Scotty might be traded. Why would they need Scotty, when they have a young outfielder, that is doing ok, and is more athletic then Scotty. And Scotty has been out to much, in the last couple of years.

      And that is why I say that Scotty can’t really be Agone’s back up, because Scotty is out way more then Agone has ever been, except when Agone had his shoulder surgery.

      1. MJ, I don’t want Wilson and the Dodgers don’t want Wilson and the Angels don’t want Wilson. But FAZ has been willing to eat payroll that other teams needed to get out from underneath to make a deal.

        By taking Wilson off the Angels hands and payroll and eating whatever amount it takes of Crawford’s payroll, the Dodgers might be able to get a good reliever in Street and at the same time eliminate the outfield clutter.

    2. Wow…..what was that you were saying about the rabbit hole.

      ‘rabbit hole definition?
      Used to refer to a bizarre, confusing, or nonsensical situation or environment, typically one from which it is difficult to extricate oneself.’

      You continue to do just that with all of your nonsensical trade proposals. Please tell us when was the last time that teams traded players on the DL?

      And I thought the Dodgers were looking to reduce payroll?
      Why take the Angels dead weight/salaries and why keep trying to trade Crawford?

      The guy that won’t be around long is Pederson. If he hits anywhere below .240 this season I don’t see him being a Dodger next season.

      1. Pederson is a kid, does not even have 2 full seasons in the big leagues yet. He is the teams leading HR hitter, and is hitting a little over .250 to this point. You are delusional, they are not going to trade the guy. If he hits . 240 with 29 HR’s they will be happy as a clam. He is not the problem offensively anyway. Puig, Grandal, Turner, all are unproductive..If I trade anyone it is Grandal. He is a stiff.

          1. Alert the Media Bum! Actually I think you are one of the better informed and more knowledgeable fans on here. I as a fan of over 60’s years, have seen the good and the bad, but through it all I stay loyal to the team. I played the game, and I love the game. Have seen great players stumble and mediocre players step up and win the big one. I always thought Mickey Hatcher should have at least been a Co-MVP of the 88 World Series team. Hatch only hit .368 with 2 HR’s and 5 ribbies. For a team that went into that series seriously banged up, that was huge. I have zero faith in this FO to do anything to improve this present roster, but I also see some really god kids in the pipeline. We will see how it all plays out, but right now, the Giants are the superior team……have a great day there my friend…

      2. Chili, regarding payroll–I think it is long and big contracts that FAZ wants to avoid. They have shown a willingness to pay millions to add to the Farm and eat some payroll of other teams to make a deal.

        An example: The Pirates acquired Morse and cash considerations from the Dodgers last season in exchange for outfielder Jose Tabata and the remaining money on his contract, meaning they didn’t actually take on any additional salary in picking up Morse, who is owed $8MM in 2016 — the second season of a two-year, $16MM contract originally signed with the Marlins.

        The Angels wanted to win this year but injuries have killed most of that plan. Their Farm is empty and they have huge payroll obligations in Pujols, Trout, and Hamilton. They need payroll relief, both short term and long term and they need to, like the Dodgers, compete this year as well as down the road.

        You think my trade proposals are nonsensical but that is not the right word. Unrealistic might be a better word as most of the time, I make a trade proposal as a way of saying I no longer want certain players on the Dodgers any more. I could instead just keep harping on their short comings like others do.

        My trade proposal for Trout was not nonsensical because it recognized the value of money to Moreno instead of only looking at the value of players. The Angels would be in position to sign a key free agent if they were not burdened with Trout’s and Pujul’s contracts. That is a good place to start the Trout conversation and then move to the players.

          1. And then there are these assets: Puig signed for $42 million, Guerrero for $28 million and Arruebarrena for $25 million, Hector Olivera $62.5 million, Yaisel Sierra $30 million, Yadier Alvarez $16 million, Yusniel Diaz $15.5 million, Pablo Fernandez $8 million and Omar Estevez $6 million.

  7. Michael,

    If Pederson hits over .250 and hits 29 HR’s than he would have value. What are you willing to bet that he does not accomplish either of those numbers?

    My comments are speculative that Pederson does not hit above .240 and ends up with 20-25 HR’s. The problem is that with those ’20’ something HR’s, you only get 50-60 RBI’s. And after 2 years, a normal organization would have a good read on its young players. What’s that saying, ‘It is what it is.’

    His numbers were dismal last year and if he hasn’t improved significantly over those numbers this year I can’t see how he would be deemed as a player to build around.

    We’ll watch and see how the season plays out.

    1. I stand by the fact that the kid is showing improvement, and in spite of what you think, he has value now because he is one of the better defensive CF in the league. Give the kid a break and see how he plays out, he might surprise everyone and get seriously hot. He is making adjustments everyday, and if you cannot see that, well then you are wearing blinders. Thompson is improving too. and with Puig, Pederson and Thompson out there the Dodgers have one of the best defensive outfields in the major leagues…..

      1. I would say that they are athletic in the OF. Thompson needs to improve his defense (and I’m confident he will if he gets to play the position 5-6 times a week), Joc is a good defender but it looks ‘to me’ like he’s bulked up a bit and might be a tad slower this year. Puig is all-universe but is prone to throw to the wrong base, miss the cut or air mail his throws.

        Nobody is perfect but that’s my take on the defensive side. But with OF’s it’s primarily all about their offense. Hit, you play. Don’t hit, you won’t.

        1. Then why pray tell does Roberts even play Carl Crawford??? Those 3 guys in the OF improve the Dodgers defense drastically, or would you rather have Kike, Crawford and SVS????

  8. I see Bumsrap’s point although apparently Chilli doesn’t. It is basically trading bad contracts (Wilson for Crawford) and players surplus to needs(SVS and Street). Advantage to Angels: Crawford can DH and play left field (badly), and SVS is a lot cheaper than Street. Advantage to Dodgers: Street is better than most of our bullpen, Wilson goes from their DL to ours, and we really won’t miss Crawford and SVS, roster flexibility. I say go for it

    1. Does anyone have jobs? I mean real jobs where you have to get work done, meet with people, have meetings, etc.?

      I have no idea how some of you can post as often as you do throughout both days and nights……and weekends.

      Anyway… point is NO GM is trading or accepting DL players in a trade. And Bums had the Dodgers throwing $ into the trade…a variable as no amount was mentioned. The Angels are not playing for anything….that is important to know. Making deals for decrypted players does nothing for them. Without looking at their roster I’m sure they would keep the current players they have in their OF over SVS (whom Dodger faithful’s claim has chronic back problems) and Crawford. I do know they have 2 of their 3 OF positions filled….that’s actually more than the Dodgers do.

        1. If commenting while at work qualifies as such. But don’t let the ‘company time’ part throw you off.

  9. I think Maeda and Wood, would be ok just pitching seven innings, if we had a decent bullpen. But because this front office choose to not fix the bullpen, the bullpen is the team’s biggest problem again.

    Most pitchers in baseball today, don’t pitch much more then seven innings. And that is sometimes, because they run out of steam, and other times, if a team has a good bullpen, the manager, doesn’t like his starting pitchers, to face the line up, more then two times, in the order.

    Because most pitchers, are much more vulnerable the third time they face the order. This front office was just lucky that Greinke and Kershaw, were on this team. Because they were so consistently good, and consistently pitched close to eight innings, in almost every game.

    They had to pitch eight innings, because this bullpen, couldn’t be trusted, to give the ball to Kenley, with the lead. And this bullpen is still the main problem.

    Stripling did look decent when he filled in, and pitched three innings, in that long game. Maybe he should go into the pen, like Bum said, and that would help with his innings limit. He would be the long guy, or middle relief, when Ryu comes back.

    Stripling, as the long man, would help Maeda and Wood, when they pitch, and that would help the team. Kazmir has been the worse starting pitcher, and he is of course, the one, with the multi year contract. And he is also, the same pitcher, that the Angels had to let go, because he was ineffective.

    And because of that, he is the biggest problem, with the starting rotation. He loses his concentration consistently, and let’s his pitches get up, and he gives up way to many HRs. And Someone like Kazmir, can’t make those kind of mistakes, when his fastball is only 90. And in Kazmir’s recent history, he has pitched better, in the first half of the season, so what is he going to look like, when he pitches in the second half?

    And I still agree with Badger, that the pitching is the biggest problem. I don’t think the offense will continue to be that bad, because either Turner will start hitting, or Roberts will move him down in the order. The teams biggest offensive problem, is that there number three hitter, is not hitting like a number three hitter anymore!

    1. MJ, I’ve always liked the idea of pairing two pitchers that are good for 4 or 5 innings. A team has 12 to 13 pitchers on the 25 man roster. If a team had 3 starters that could average 6.1 or more innings and 4 starters that were limited to 4 innings or only good enough to average 4.2 innings, then pair those latter 4 and pitch them only every 5th day. They could take turns starting and be told they will only go 4 innings so pitch your heart out for 4 because come hell or high water, the other guy is going to start the 5th inning and pitch through the 8th.

      That would give a team 7 starters and 5 or 6 relievers.


      Jansen, Blanton, Coleman, Howell, Baez, Libatore, Stripling

      There just has to be a creative way to use the depth to off-set a weakness.

      1. Bum
        I do think that is a very good idea, but I would like a little more flexibility, so if a starting pitcher, is pitching well, I don’t have to take him out, at six innings.

        Just because the other pitcher, is suppose to pitch the last three innings of the game.

        But I think both of these things, can be used, and still be flexible, in a system, like you have presented.

        But because a team can only have 25 men, they would have to bring in pitchers just for the day, from AAA.

        1. Good point MJ. I still prefer the 4 inning thing though so that the co-starter knows when he is coming in and cam prepare more like he would if he were starting.

      2. That’s 14 pitchers! That leaves 3 players on the bench. One is the backup catcher. So I guess it’s one infielder and one outfielder. Well it does reduce the # of ways you can tinker with the lineup so maybe that’s a good thing.

    2. That’s great if they could make it that far. Maeda has done it once, and Wood once……

      1. 🙂
        Might have to pair up 4 spots in the rotation.

        Jansen, Blanton, Coleman, Howell

  10. Who in their f’n right mind decided to call up Avilan. He sucked in spring training and he sucked in AAA. Avilan and Tsao. That’s as good as we have. I hope the demotion doesn’t screw up Stripling, and he fights his way back into the bigs. What a team! Now the fun starts with our 2-5. Bolsinger has more lives than a cat. One of these times, he will have to deserve the spot he takes. He hasn’t so far. Someone is in love with this guy. From the get go a couple of years ago. These are the guys running this team. Totally head up their ass most of the time. San Jose 4 RC 2. Lost 3-4 to giants. Good going.

    1. Bobby17
      I think it was just a move, to be able to get Bolsinger up, to pitch the game tonight. Stripling will probably be right back. And I much rather have Avilan on the big team, then Tsao.

  11. Thompson, Pederson, Puig makes a decent outfield for the future. And by that I mean post Ethier and Crawford. Verdugo might fit in there somewhere by ’18. His splits at AA suggest he may too be a platoon player. If Micah Johnson and Kiké Hernandez are not in the plans, why are they here? Johnson is at the age he should be in the bigs and he isn’t exactly lighting it up in the minors. If he can’t hit .290 by now in AAA he will be worthless in trade. I’m on record saying Turner is my utility guy and I pay him well to do it. Why would he leave? He’s from So Cal and loves playing here. I have never seen him as an every day player.

    This platoon business has landed us a van full of utility guys and several outfielders who just won’t get opportunity to figure out how to hit same side pitching. I think it is the FAZ playbook and they will continue it into ’17 and beyond.

    I have no input on Bum’s Angel proposal other than I doubt it. My gut feeling still tells me to just ride this season out.

    Stupid patch? Could you elaborate?

      1. The statistical assumption was that Turner would regress to his Mets days last year. It obviously didn’t happen. So maybe it’s happening this year.

        Rick Monday mentioned being asked by scouts how Turner turned things around. Per Monday Turner credits his leg kick for improving his hitting. So maybe other teams have learned to disrupt the timing of that leg kick. Maybe. But he’s also had knee problems so maybe that is part of the problem.

        1. Artieboy it could be his knee, but he was hitting fine at the end of spring training, and hitting with power. I think the pitchers are pitching him inside, and he is getting less fastballs to hit.

  12. Over the last calendar year, Kershaw is 21-5 with a 1.42 ERA with 323 strikeouts and 31 walks in 253 1/3 innings.

  13. Yea but 2108 is at least before the VA will be fixed. Guess we have to be happy waiting in line as if we were are at Disneyland.

    Avilan is in the Bigs because Neddy Jr. has two stiffs at AAA who are OFs batting below .240 and this “great depth” is too important to their egos to DFA them.

    1. I saw that too BOB. That was stupid. Maybe that’s what patch was talking about? Doubt it.

      Yes rick, Kershaw is pretty good in the regular season. And he’s paid well for it. I wonder what he’s thinking these days. We sure are struggling through his prime years. But, the truth is he didn’t help himself with his sub pedestrian post season record. He could have brought it home a couple of times but he choked. Now, is he happy with what is going on around him? I don’t know how he could be.

      1. Badger: The “choke” story is old and lame where Kershaw is concerned.
        And shallow. And wrong. He was much more tired than troubled by the
        pressure. TIRED!!!! Your repeating of the “choke” theme reminds me
        of a poster here you disdain at every opportunity:-). If you say it enough,
        maybe someone will fall for it…..

        Where were his willies when he was dominating first two times thru?

        And I am not a Kershaw fanboy. I said start him second or third game
        in playoffs….especially against Cards, who have always done much
        better against him than the league.

        1. He was tired? Really? That’s what you’re going with?

          Ok. Maybe choked is too strong a word. How about – coughed up several hair balls? Does that work better for you – dud? 2-6. 4.59 ERA. Covering it with icing doesn’t change the facts. Shall we compare his numbers with the inferior MadBum? Maybe not. MadBum doesn’t need excuses.

  14. If Kershaw “choked” because he lost some post-season games, what does that say about guys like you and me who aren’t even dots in his rearview mirror? We should be so lucky.

  15. Johnson is at the age he should be in the bigs and he isn’t exactly lighting it up in the minors. If he can’t hit .290 by now in AAA he will be worthless in trade.

    Really? How about Brandon Crawford who hit .234 in AAA the year before he was called up? You never know what is going on with a player in the minors. Last year, he hit .314 at AAA. Maybe they are changing some stuff with his swing… that’s what we don’t know. Brandon Crawford turned out pretty good.

    Dodger’s team ERA is now 6th in MLB, but #2 in WHIP! The bullpen is 15th – that needs to improve and it will. There are too many arms at the ready. I predict that the pitching and relieving will both be TOP 5 by the end of the season.

    The hitting is the main problem. Kike has been hitting the ball very well… soon more will drop. Watch and see. It’s a new system.., maybe it will take half the season, but when they figure it out… look out!

    I have never been a big Joc fan, but he is showing me the ability to adjust with two strikes now. I am not so concerned with his numbers: 20 or 29 HR, .240 or .250 – I just want to see growth and I am starting to see that. These guys are working hard!

    How can you even compare FAZ and Epstien?

    Ricketts: Blow it up, tank it, build the farm.

    Guggs: Win now, put butts in seats, build the farm.

    Apples to Watermelons!

    1. MM
      The only way this bullpen is going to get better is by bringing some good arms up to the bullpen. And that is the only way the starting rotation will get better, and be more consistent, besides when Ryu comes back.

      That is because if the Dodgers, have a better bullpen, it won’t hurt the team when Wood and Maeda, only can pitch seven innings. And the Dodgers would get more wins, then only when Kershaw pitches. Because most of the starting pitchers, don’t pitch deep into games, so the bullpen is more important this year, then in the previous years.

      MM you say they have some good arms, but when is the front office going to bring some arms up, for the bullpen? I don’t understand why they wouldn’t do it, but it always seems, like they trying to find that one right arm, through wavers, instead of looking in there own minor league system.

      I think the Dodgers biggest offensive problem, is because Turner is no longer, hitting like a number three hitter. And he has been one of the Dodgers, best hitters. But the Dodgers are not the only team, having trouble scoring runs. A lot of teams, are not scoring a lot of runs.

      Like I said above, the Giants are suppose to be a good hitting team, but they are not scoring many more runs, then the Dodgers are.

    2. So Mark you think Micah Johnson is another Brandon Crawford. Yeah, right. I’d make you another 500 push-up bet on that but you’d lose, again, and not do them, again. There are exceptions to all rules. You yourself are an exception to all rules Mark.

      Win now? Sticking to that take huh.

      Micah Johnson has some tools, but by all accounts so far he isn’t ready to play defense or hit at the Major League level. Yes, of course he could turn it around. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

      1. Assuming facts not in evidence. I think you know how to read. I do like Johnson, but you said that if he didn’t hit to a certain level he had no value. The Comparison was to what happened with Crawford, not that Johnson is Crawford.

        1. He’s 25. He has hit ok in the minors, .298, but never great. He’s now hitting .260 with a .300 OBP and a .626 OPS. I said if he can’t .290 in this, his 5th year in the minors, after 3 years of Division I ball, he has no real value in trade. Just because FAZ values him, and because of that you value him too, does not mean other organizations will. I think that is sound reasoning.

          By the way, just so you know, Crawford, who is considerably better than Johnson defensively, has been with the Giants since he was 24. He spent 3 1/2 years in the minors, his last year there he OPS’d .757. Did you think I wouldn’t look it up?

          And while we are on the subject, can you tell us what the plan for second base is?

    3. Mark,
      O ye’ll tak’ the Johnson road, and I’ll tak’ the Turner road,
      And I’ll be in World Series land afore ye,

  16. I think it is safe to say that Joe Maddon made Friedman. Notice the winning percentages during the Maddon/Friedman years and notice Maddon’s winning % with Theo.

    Year Team W L PCT
    2006 Rays 61 101 0.377
    2007 Rays 66 96 0.407
    2008 Rays 97 65 0.599
    2009 Rays 84 78 0.519
    2010 Rays 96 66 0.593
    2011 Rays 91 71 0.562
    2012 Rays 90 72 0.556
    2013 Rays 92 71 0.564
    2014 Rays 77 85 0.475
    2015 Cubs 97 65 0.599
    2016 Cubs 29 14 0.674

    1. That is probably one on the dumbest statements I have ever read.

      In the years that Theo was with the Red Sox, here were where his teams ranked in TOTAL PAYROLL for all of baseball:

      5, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 4, 2.

      Here’s where Friedman’s teams ranked during the same span:

      30, 30, 30, 29, 30, 28, 25, 20.

      Comparing shit to shineola is what you do!

      1. Of course, totally taken out of context. Twisted and then regurgitated in the form of vomit.

        HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RED SOX. Please show me where Red Sox are mentioned. If I was making ANY comparisons to the Red Sox would have mentioned them!

        Will keep it simple. First and foremost, I think Maddon is the reason the Rays had any success. You and a few others may differ. But my point was that WITH Theo (IN CHICAGO) Maddon’s winning % has improved. Give him REAL ball players and he is showing what he can really do. (And I’m hoping that the Cubbies do not win it all but facts are facts.)

        Easy enough for ya?

        1. Did you just overdose on a lack of brains? The longer you go the dumber you get ! You ought to know I am not intimidated by verbose bullshitters.

        1. It just seems easier to say that Madden is a great manager and can make a GM look more better. Sometimes I borrow some grammar from Badger because it’s more better for making a point.

          1. Yes well, I do have an abundance of effrontery and cheek. You’re welcome to help yourself to as much as you like. I share the cat box with the entire cast.

  17. I shake my head when people start talking about how Kershaw has sucked in the playoffs. Without Kershaw we’re the Reds, Braves, or Padres. Kershaw and Greinke got the Dodgers to the playoffs the last three years. Trade him for prospects? That’s like the Lakers trading Jerry West because they lost to the Celtics year after year.

    1. I was just bringing up past post season failures as a part of asking “what is he thinking now “. If this schneid continues, he’s gonna walk, just like Greinke did and we are all gonna look back at wtf went wrong when we actually had all that talent here. Maybe talking about that now is too early. I can tell many have thin skin when it comes to Clayton Kershaw. I won’t mention it again.

      1. Badger, not looking for an argument, but I think if you look at his post-season record he only “choked” in two of those losses. Game 2 2013 vs. the Cards he lost 1-0, and the run was unearned. He did get lit up in game 6, 9-0. And no matter how hard we try, we’ll never forget the meltdown in the 7th inning of game 1 the next year. God knows why DM left him out there when he clearly didn’t have it. But in Game 4 on short rest, he lost 3-1. I don’t count that as a “choke” because he kept his team in the game. Same goes for Game 1 vs. the Mets.

        A lot of great pitchers, including Cy Young winners like Don Newcombe and Greg Maddux, have struggled in the postseason. I’m hoping Kershaw gets a chance at redemption in a Dodger uniform, but like you I can see these guys letting him walk.

        1. You’re right. And choked was the wrong word. I withdraw it. I wish he could have taken all those games to the 9th. Had he, we wouldn’t be talking about lost opportunities.

          And I know you only seek discussion here. I don’t recall you making it personal. We can disagree and keep talking about it.

          Maybe dud had a point about Kershaw being tired. Perhaps 200 innings is his limit. Not sure how to deal with that if its true. He’s gone over 230 three times. 6 man rotation could solve that.

  18. Thus far, the Dodgers’ offense has been – well…offensive. No one predicted that so many of the Dodgers would be unable to produce, especially given either career numbers or recent numbers.

    We have to ask whether:
    1 – This is just a team-wide slump or run of bad luck
    2 – We have some older players who are just through this year and the team didn’t know it based on last year’s performance
    3 – We have some players who just aren’t as good as we thought they were
    4 – The coaching hasn’t been very good

    Or some combination of the above.

    Like most Dodger fans, I was mostly concerned about the pitching coming into the season. I am still concerned about it. Like many, I have to believe that many of the underperforming Dodgers’ hitters will come around by the end of the year. They can’t possibly be this bad, can they?

    But- after Kershaw, there isn’t a single starter that I have confidence in – not one who has been half-way consistent. Maeda pitched well for 4 or 5 games but not lately; Wood has pitched the last 4 well but not before; Kazmir hasn’t been consistent at all. We have lots of injured guys who might come off of the DL but don’t know if any of them will be good when they return.

    Same with the ‘pen – there’s Jansen but no one else that I trust, notwithstanding the peripherals.

    Before the season ends, the offense will perform better than it is now but the pitching will be worse – unless some of the kids step in and rescue the staff.

    I don’t understand Mountain’s fascination with Johnson. He hit .234 last year with the Sox and lost the starting 2B job and isn’t hitting .260 at AAA with too many K’s. His defense leaves much to be desired per what I have read although I haven’t seen him myself.

    Unlike some, I am not that optimistic about the future. So in a few years we have some combination of prospects manning the barricade in the rotation. Great. And Verdugo and Bellinger are up with the team. That only leaves 3 or 4 giant wholes in the lineup and probably some holes in the rotation. It also assumes that Kershaw elects to stay or that if he opts out, that the Braintrust will pay him, which they probably won’t.


    1. I can certainly understand you coming to these conclusions and I think you are asking the right questions. I am looking to the future. My reasoning for ’18 as being the turning point is only because that is when our prized youth, team controlled youth, and the losing of some heavy contracts being paid to marginal producers, come together. I want to believe FAZ is actually capable of signing good to great veterans, they just haven’t done it because it isn’t part of the immediate plan. I could be very wrong about that. They may in fact be as bad at that as they’ve shown. If they are, we are screwed. I have to believe it will get better then just so I can get through the now.

    2. Dodger rick
      Turner is the one bat that would make the offense better. He is the number three hitter. That is the biggest bat, the Dodgers miss. And Ethier’s bat, was one of the best, in the second half of the season. I think the offense miss both of those bats the most.

      And of Turner could get going, that would help a lot. But I think Roberts needs to put him farther down in the order.

      Turner would get better pitches to hit, and he is not helping much in the heart of the order.

      1. I think that Turner may fall into category 3, players who aren’t as good as we thought that they were.

        I agree that Ethier was one of the Dodgers’ top hitters the second half last year, but really:
        Puig, Kendrick, Grandal, Turner, and Gonzalez are underperforming compared to historical performance or last year’s performance or expectations. Ethier would not make that big a difference by himself.

        1. Trayce has a .281/.552/.895 line, with with 7hr and 19rbi

          Can anyone tell me Ethier and his all star bat would really be better than that?? Ethier is a nice player, but Trayce has basicaly made up for him. We really don’t miss Ethier, and we frankly don’t need Ethier now. Or Crawford. Or Hatcher. Or Baez. Or Avilan. Or Kazmir.

        2. D rick Kendrick is coming around, but I really think that Agone hasn’t done as well, because Turner and Puig have been batting in front and back of him.

          And Agone is that one player, in the Dodger line up, that pitchers pitch very carefully against him, anyways.

          And compound that with Puig and Turner, not performing up to par.

          And that makes it even harder for Agone.

  19. Good lord, that’s a lot of comments from 8am thru 2pm!!

    And to the whomever it was that said Kersh was “tired”, please. Tired is what Madison Bumgarner should have been in 2014, and look what he did. The best pitcher in the league, and likely a top 5 pitcher in the history of this game, in his prime, should not be using that excuse. Nor would he.

    He choked. Granted he came thru in Game 4 at NY last year, but overall he’s not been Kershaw in October like he’s been April-September

    However, on a more insane note: Kersh has more shutouts in May (3), than he does walks (2). WTF??????

  20. Tuesday 5/24 lineup

    1. Chase Utley (L) 2B
    2. Corey Seager (L) SS
    3. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    4. Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B
    5. Trayce Thompson (R) LF
    6. Joc Pederson (L) CF
    7. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
    8. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    9. Mike Bolsinger (R) P

  21. Anybody watching the Cubs game? They just went through the timeline. There are only 2 players left on the team from before Epstein and Hoyer took over. They arrived in October of 2011. That’s 5 off seasons to get where they are today. The Dodgers aren’t as bad as the Cubs so it shouldn’t take quite as long. 4 off seasons should it.

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