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Jon Morosi Talks To Jim Rome About How Historically Great Dodgers Right Fielder Cody Bellinger Has Been

We already know how good Cody Bellinger is because we’ve been watching him play every day since he arrived. Now he’s finally gaining national attention. National writers and syndicated shows are starting to realize how insanely talented he is thanks to an unprecedented historically great season thus far. Here’s baseball beat writer Jon Morosi talking to Jim Rome about how great Bellinger is. Duh, we already know this. Also Rome discusses why it’s not smart to run on Bellinger either. We know, we know. Enjoy.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

14 thoughts on “Jon Morosi Talks To Jim Rome About How Historically Great Dodgers Right Fielder Cody Bellinger Has Been

  1. Bellinger did not get much chance to contribute today. Every time he was up there when he could do some real damage, the Giants walked him. That benefited Corey Seager as he collected 4 hits and drove in 4. Hill only went 5, but got the win when the offense broke through for a run in the top of the 6th. Congrats to Garlick for getting his first major league hit. Turner had 3 knocks today also and they got the win despite not hitting a homer. Went to see Dark Phoenix today…..great movie….

    1. Got that right Bluto….Rome has always been a pompous windbag, more concerned with his own views and not those of others…Still remember Jim Everett chasing his silly ass around the table when Rome kept calling him Chris.

      1. Michael, IDK if ya recall who Wally George was but IMHO Rome was the Sports Talk show host version of Wally George, who had that “HOT SEAT Show back in the 80’s and early 90’s in Orange County, Calif. where I used to live.

        1. Yep, remember Wally George well. Buehler was outstanding today. Jansen and Baez got the job done and Turner made a game saving grab. Muncy’s HR accounted for all of the offense. Bumgarner was his typical A-hole self while Max was rounding the bases. But Muncy motioned for him to come on down and lets rumble! LOL. Kemp hit his first HR at AAA the other day. Getting back into shape after his injury. The one that got away. Yordan Alvarez, the player traded to the Astros for Josh Field in 2016, hit a homer in his first MLB game today to help the Stros beat the O’s. Alvarez was hitting .343 with 23 HR’s and 71 RBI’s in 56 games at AAA Round Rock…..well done Friedman!

          1. Michael, also good to mention that Wally George was a HUGE Dodger fan. I have an autobiography he signed for me when I bought his book at the Laguna Hills mall back in the day. The book contains photos of Wally and his co host visiting Tommy Lasorda in the Dodger Dugout too.
            Bumgarner has behavioral problems big time and honestly I hope Giants end up dealing him to the AL. As far as Yordan Alvarez goes, it is an example of how Andy sometimes gives up too much for a rental, but in this case of Fields we certainly got the raw end of that deal.

    1. Forgot that part. But I have not listened or watched that jerk in years. I do remember Geraldo getting his butt kicked on a TV show. It might have been his show. But he got his rear handed to him.

  2. Sad news about Ortiz. According to witnesses, he was ambushed from behind. He does have some internal injuries, but is expected to make a full recovery. Viva Big Papi!

  3. Kike playing first base??? Sorry, I just cannot buy that. But at least he is not hitting him in the middle of the order……

  4. Michael
    You are right, Kike had no business at 1st base. Also, Kelly needs to go. He is awful. No excuses! None for Dummy either. He leaves Kelly in to butcher the game when he would have taken just about anyone else out after 1 batter. Dummy is just plain Dumb, period.

    1. In this case Pack, I am in total agreement. The offense and the defense were also awful tonight. was not Kike’s fault, but the swing for the fences mentality is still there and it is driving me nuts. Cody and Joc picked the wrong time to both be struggling. Freese was not available to play the field because of a knee issue.

  5. Have to concur guys. Not sure what they will do with Kelly now?
    He cannot pitch like that and stay in the Big League. That was an unbelievable 8th.
    He is frazzled now – maybe a trip to the injured list is in order, or maybe the physiologist.

    Agree with Package ad well, as thought Kelly should have been pulled much earlier, before the real damage was done.
    I might be wrong, but I think the 1st 5 Bstters in the fateful 8th reached without a ball leaving the infield.

    Poor old Russ Martin must’ve wondered what was going on. It was absolutely incredible.

    Unfortunately Cody and JT look like they are carrying injuries, while Verdugo and Joc are in big slumps.
    Luckily we have a healthy lead to play with.

    We never seem to do well in the Freeway Series.

    On a different note, sorry to hear that you may be closing the site Scott.

    1. Verdugo and Joc both are said to be having back issues. Beatty is on the IL, Freese is also banged up. Cody is swinging at pitches he was laying off of a couple of weeks ago, but he is also hitting in a little bad luck. He has hit some screamers right at people. But they all are playing into the defenses hand by not trying to beat the shift. They have hit into a lot of DP’s on this trip. The thing is, they still have a double digit lead, so there is no panic. Kelly is not going anywhere. They will nurse him. 2 more years after this one.

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