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Julio Urias Getting Better, Dodgers’ Offense Getting Worse. Dodgers Lose 2-1

The rubber match between the Dodgers and the hated ones featured Julio Urias‘ fourth start (third on the road). His stuff was impressive at Dodger Stadium, but the kid has to get his pitch count down. The Giants threw a mostly left-handed lineup against him. Here’s how that battle played out.

1st inning
1,2,3 inning for Urias.

2nd inning
First threat to Urias. Men on first and second, with one out. This was due to miscommunication between Justin Turner and Corey Seager, who let an easy infield pop fly drop between them.
Urias escaped.

3rd inning
Another good Urias inning! 5Ks

But the kid needs some run support if he’s going to get a win.

5th inning
Urias started the inning at 65 pitches. He finished with an easy inning.

6th inning

Whole lotta nothing.
After a lead off single to Joe Panik, he gave up a home run to Brandon Belt. Giants 2-, and that was it for Urias.

7th inning  Giants 2-0
Joc Pederson went SPLASH! A solo home run made it 2-1

9th inning  Giants 2-1
Dodgers down to their last three outs.
Adrian Gonzalez: Really a ridiculous choice here. Gonzalez tried a drag bunt for a single, but he delivered an easy bouncer to the pitcher for the first out.
Trayce Thompson: 6-3
Joc Pederson: 4-3

Dodgers lose 2-1

Julio Urias was definitely on his game tonight, and did very well against the first place Giants – in their park. He had the benefit of funky home plate shadows because of the awkward start time, but his mastery of his pitches remained long after the light evened out. His breaking ball was coming in at 74 mph, and the heater was in the mid-90’s.  The kid delivered a well-pitched game.

The big problem remained the missing Dodgers’ bats. They resorted (again) to the “no-rally-only-homers” style of offense. JT created a hole in the three spot, going 0 for 4.

This is the third time in the past ten games that the Dodgers squandered a quality start that their pitcher should have won. They leave the bay five games behind the first place Giants, deservedly so.

Julio Urias (0-2) went 5 1/3 innings with 4 hits, 2 runs, 1 walk, 7 Ks, 1 HR.   ERA 5.82

Home run: Joc Pederson

Team with RISP: 0 for 2

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

54 thoughts on “Julio Urias Getting Better, Dodgers’ Offense Getting Worse. Dodgers Lose 2-1

  1. I already commented on Urias in the last post, but I just saw this:

    1) Today at Rancho, Ryu: 3ip, 3 hits, 1er, 0bb, 3k. Hopefully he feels good the next few days!

    2) Today at OKC, Jose DeLeon: 3ip, 2 hits, 3 ER, 2bb, 6k

  2. I think Urias will be fine and he might even win a game this year! But, if he’s looking for help from the Dodger hitters and the front office, I think he’s shit out of luck.

    Posters here keep saying the Dodger’s hitting will get better. If my memory is still functioning, I recall the same problems last year with the same cast of characters. No, some things don’t change much no matter how much you hope for them. Sure, some of the batters will get better, but how much better? Is there anyone you would bet significant money on to bat at .300 or better? I doubt it. Sure, they’ll hit some home runs and win some games, but all those close games that they lose is our batting problem and they lose a lot of them.

    The pitching is nowhere as dismal as the hitting, and actually has been pretty damned good, even the bullpen! Provided no one gets hurt, I’m not too concerned with the pitching. I’m very concerned with the batting and the direction that the Dodgers seem to be headed in. If it’s a small market mentality that won’t draw and sign significant free agents, there is no chance to advance to the World Series for a long, long, while.

    1. Actually, in 2015, the team hit .250 which put them 19th. Not great!

      This year,the team is hitting .232 which puts them at number 28.

      So they are certainly hitting a whole lot worse. As a team, they only have 2 players hitting above .270 and everyone is hitting considerably below their seasonal average. In 50+ years of watching baseball, I have learned that it is a game of streaks for many players.

      Buster Posey is hitting .251, but I think the odds are he will be around or over .300 by the end of the year… because he always is.

      Chase Utley started out hot, but at age 37, I would not be surprised to see him hit .250. Howie Kendrick is hitting .219, but has never had a season where he has hit below .285. His career average is .290. He is really starting to get comfortable in LF and I believe that at age 32 he still has a couple of good years left. I think he finishes where he usually does.

      Kike is hitting 60 points below his career average.

      A-Gon is solid (although he was slumping), but I think he could be on the decline side. All of our catchers are below .200.

      Justin Turner is at .221 be has shown signs he’s breaking out of his slump.

      Andre will be back in a month and I am not even counting on Puig or Pedrson, but one or both could get it together – I’m just not holding my breath.

      This could be the lineup in July:

      1. Hernandez 2B
      2. Seager SS
      3. Turner 3B
      4. Gonzo 1B
      5. Thompson CF
      6. Ethier RF
      7. Kendrick 2B
      8. Grandal C

      I am confident most of the team will bounce back. It very well could be that Utley and Gonzo are on that downhill slide. I think Utley is good for the team, but Gonzo was inherited and his contract is only going to get worse from here out.

      Our only saving grace is that Joc and Yasiel become hitting madmen and that’s asking a lot!

      Patience, Grasshoppers!

      Boy, I wish they would hurry up though!

      1. You have 2 guys playing 2nd base there Mark. And I doubt seriously Kike would be playing CF over Thompson. Besides, Kike is not hitting a lick either. Look, this is not a championship team period. Nobody hitting over .280, the team leader in almost every category is a rookie. Outside of Gonzo and Utley, none of the veterans are hitting a lick and there is no quick fix. All the surmising and guessing who will be where come July is worthless. I see you still have Grandal catching, that’s really rich, the guy is so far below 200 he needs a spy glass to see it. What the hell, it won’t hurt anything, give Barnes a few starts back there.

        1. BRAVO! give Barnes a chance. A once in a while HR or even base hit for that matter shouldn’t keep the others in the game. Get someone hungry and excited to play. We need some spark. Grandal needs a break. Or maybe we need a break from him.

      2. Mark
        There is no way that Kike will be playing second over Utley. Utley was the one that got most of the hits yesterday.

        Kike is always trying to do to much, everytime he plays. Yesterday he didn’t try to get a hit and get on base, he tried to hit a HR and struck out. I have gave Kike a break all year, but he needs to stop trying to do way to much.

        He isn’t slowing the game down. He got caught off base, in the game before and didn’t help. Unlike some, I know it really is hard to be able to hit when your not getting consistent at bats. So we can’t judge Kike’s hitting on what he has done. But he usually is able to slow the game down, and make the right decisions.

        1. He has been a sub his entire 1 1/2 years with the Dodgers. He was playing part time last year, and the limited AB’s did not bother the guy. They are pros, not playing full time is no excuse for not performing. I heard the same crap last year about Guererro.

  3. Out of all the Cuban and other foreign signings over the past two years, and the draft over the last three seasons (including the present one) — I would hope and trust that there will come forth several players to be real major league impact players.

    With that belief — if I were the GM, I would look over rosters of the other teams, and see which hitters are approaching their walk season and I would go after a hitter, giving up a couple of young players. Just to keep ALL the youth here, and have that lineup Mark calls for above — is stupid. That is a train wreck.

    1. I totally concur there Roger. They need something and that is obvious. Yesterday the Dodger lineup featured 4 players hitting at .265 to .280. and 4 players hitting .200 to .220. There is no consistency in the line up. Gonzo has hit better on the road and that showed in SF. But, they are not getting people on, and even worse, when they do, they cannot get them across the plate. No clutch hitting, not a whole lot of crooked numbers on the score board. Utley had 3 hits yesterday and did not score once. Seager was, at least in this series, swinging at the first pitch and hitting it weakly way too much. Turner has looked better, but the team is still making dumb decisions. Like Pederson and Kike on the bases in Saturdays game. It is painful to watch.

      1. Michael
        I noticed that about Cory this week end. He did have two singles, but that was it. I thought after he had those two days off in a row, he would come back strong this week end.

        Later in the game, the ump started calling strikes way below the strike zone, when Turner and Agone were up to bat.

        I think Peavy was wining about the zone, and that didn’t help. And I am not talking about Turner’s last at bat. Turner got a curve right down the middle of the plate, and didn’t swing. And the next pitch was to close to take on the outside corner, when Turner had two strikes. That was on Turner. But he was still furstrated by his earier calls. I didn’t understand why AJ didn’t have Urias throw fastballs, when Belt came up the third time. His swing is long, and Belt wasn’t able to touch Urias fastball, all night. Belt hit a hanger for the HR.

        1. MJ. Corey is taking way too many called strikes, swinging at bad first pitches and putting himself in a hole constantly. But he is a rookie and learning so he gets a pass. Outside of Utley, none of the vets, had decent AB’s yesterday. The other day I was watching the game and could not believe how many right down the middle pitches they took that were strikes, then they swing at a ball a worm could not hit. Their approach sucks, and I mean all of them.

  4. A lot of us are calling for trades to get some hitting. I would remind ourselves to be careful what we wish for. FAZ has proven to be a very flawed judge of talent. Any acquisition he makes is likely to be along the lines of his previous deals, a jack of all trades with health issues that the previous owner is very glad to be rid of. Nothing less than a FAZ Dump will solve our problems.

    1. You have a valid point. But do you want to watch this train wreck for the rest of the year?

        1. There are 6 former GM’s in the FO right now and one on the coaching staff. If anything they are micromanaged and not pulling together, and as I have said more than once, Faidi is not the one orchestrating these deals. This is all Friedman… Faidi is pretty much not in the picture until they get close to closing a deal. Friedman is the power and the hammer……this is his team and his idea of what the Dodgers should be…and unfortunately for the fans and all who post on here, the ownership has bought into this shit

      1. I do Michael. I don’t trade any of our youth. Not now. This train wreck will right itself or it won’t, either way we aren’t beating any of the other playoff bound teams. Too much is needed. Ride it out and be ready next year and the following years. Patience. As in a lot of it.

        1. Well Badger, I understand, and I think most Dodger fans do not want to trade the top tier kids, but on the offensive side, there is very little down on the farm that is anywhere to being close. And pretty much nobody at AAA who can help offensively at all, and that is where the need is most visible. Me, well I might trade a prospect who is 3 or more years away. Bundle a package to get someone who can hit in the clutch and drive in runs, and most of all someone who can hit behind A-Gone. I think a lot of his troubles are because he has absolutely no protection behind him, and he is not getting good pitches to hit. The lineup changes every damn day, and you never know who is playing where. IF, and it is a big IF, Turner, and Kendrick were hitting like Turner and Kendrick have before, we might not be having this conversation, and we would be talking about a Dodger sweep. I have been patient for 27 years. We came close the last 3, and with a little luck could have been at least once, but Hanley got plunked, the offense was hurt, and that was that. I think the fans deserve better because we have funded this mess for way too long. This is more our team than ownerships, we have invested years of loyalty, and our hard earned money supporting them. It is time to win, and time to be a little radical. I do not trade the future, but I am not thinking in anyway that all those highly rated kids are going to pan out. I have seen far too many fall flat on their face, and sometimes a trade is just what is needed to kick start a team. They wait too long and the Giants will be out of reach.

          1. Michael, I agree with all of that. But I would appeal to your sense of logic here. We weren’t good enough WITH Greinke last year and this club was NOT improved over the winter. It’s basically the same group, a year older. I look at these lineups being thrown out there and what I see is a desperate attempt to “give us a better shot at winning” rather than putting starters out there night after night, confident that it is our starting lineup night after night that does indeed give us the best shot at winning. I don’t see our current plan of attack ultimately being successful. Not this year. It’s my opinion this team is a few years too old at most positions and a few years too young at others. Other than Kershaw, there is nobody in their prime. That is not going to happen until Puig, Pederson, Seager, Thompson, Bellinger, Verdugo, De Leon, Barnes, Johnson, Holmes, Hernandez, Urias, Montas, Buehler, and hopefully 3 or 4 of those Cubans all take the field as a team night after night. We will sign the right free agents and role players when the time comes. That time isn’t now. That’s how I see it. Feel free to disagree.

          2. Badger, I understand that argument totally, and they are all valid points. My sense of logic? Well what that tells me is why sign 2 aging second basemen last winter anyway>>>>???? They were loaded with middle infielders before they retained Utley and Kendrick. They traded 1, Peraza to get another, Johnson. They signed guys like Culberson, and traded a useless SS for Segedin, who is hitting pretty well at AAA so why not bring him up???? There is also an OF named Zack Walters down there doing fairly well. They could get a good #2. Hope that Ryu is ready, and there is your#3. Maeda the 4 and Urias and whoever is healthy at the 5. Stripling, Urias, and probably Montas will all be better suited to be in the rotation next year. The Giants right now are catchable, They have injuries that are keeping them from running away with this thing. You bring in 1 good hitter, and a #2 starter type guy for whatever flotsam you can jettison, and make a playoff run from July on. You might not get to the series, but just beating the Giants and keeping them out of the playoffs would make the fans a whole lot happier. Last night I was listening to the broadcast since the TV part was blacked out here, and Rick Monday said expecting Ethier back before August is dreaming. He is not doing any baseball activities yet. Monday laid out the process, and it is pretty time consuming. So I do not believe he is going to be of much help. We can hope a healthy Yasiel Puig remembers how to hit again, that in of itself would be great. I have no faith in Grandal, AJ is showing his age, and right now the only other MLB ready catcher is Barnes. But AJ still calls a great game. Maybe they trade for Lucroy if a deal can be made, as long as it does not include Braun, I am ok with that. But I doubt it will happen. But something needs to be done, the natives are restless, and the war drums are sounding

          3. Badger, I think Puig and Pederson will be gone by 2018 if Verdugo and Bellinger are ready. I still don’t see the leadoff man or the big right-handed bat emerging on the farm.

  5. I thought after hitting in the game before, that they would come out hitting, but they didn’t. Turner did hit a line drive to left in his first at bat, but he didn’t do anything later. I would have had both AJ and Urias bunt when the Dodgers had two people on base, to move the runners over.

    Because Utley would be coming up to bat, and that would have avoided a double play, But instead, AJ hit into a double play, and Urias hit a flyball to left, that would have scored a run, if AJ would have moved the runners over.

    I know that having the pitcher hitting behind AJ, made the situation a little different, but AJ has not been getting a lot at bats, and he is a really slow runner, so I think two bunts in a row, might have been a little different, but it would hopefully avoid a double play.

    And the Dodgers hadn’t had two runners on base, all day. But instead, Urias hit a flyball to left, and AJ hit into a double play. But sometimes the pitchers get easier pitches to hit, then the players do.

    The Giants only had that one HR and single, but that was enough to beat the Dodgers. Joc did hit a HR, but he needs to stop swinging from his heels, when he has two strikes. He wasn’t doing that, in the first month, but in the last two months, he is back to swinging from his heels, even with two strikes. It almost seems with Joc, that HRs mean more to him, then making consistent contact, and being able to hit consistently. Why else would Joc continue to swing from his heels?

    I would have thought that Joc would have learned from last year, when he wasn’t able to hit above 200, after the first month of the season. It gets old with Joc when he continues to swing from his heels everytime he is up. And those launch velocities, don’t mean a thing, if a hitter, is not having consistent contact.

    1. Turner, without a doubt, is one of the dumbest players in MLB. A multitude of base-running errors, not to mention looking at third strikes. AJ is a great guy but he is totally finished, we would be much better off playing Barnes. And I’m not a big Barnes fan.

    2. Joc had a good day at the plate yesterday………he drove in the only run and had 2 hits. He cannot do it alone. When your entire team tanks except two guys, you are not going to score many runs. Look at it this way, if Joc had been hitting behind Utley, they would have scored 3 runs and won. Utley would have scored on Joc’s double, and the HR would have been a 2 run shot. Give the kid a break, he is not the problem

      1. Michael
        Joc did have a HR, but it has been quite a while. And with the way a swings from his heels, at every pitch, he is bound to hit one out occasionally. The other hit was a little bloop fly, that landed Just over the infield, into the outfield. It wasn’t hit hard.

        He did have a nice double in the previous game, that should have been HR. But he continues to swing from his heels, even with two strikes. And he does this, with runners on base, and that gets old.

        I guess I am still not happy with his base stealing adventure in the previous game. I think he did that, because Trayce had tagged up from first, in that same game, and advanced to second, to get in scoring position.

        So Joc had to do something, to one up Trayce, who is now getting more attention, then Joc. Why else would Joc try to steal third, when he can’t even steal second? If Puig did something like that, everyone would be all over him.

        I did think that Joc was going to be different this year. Because he was shortening his swing with two strikes, and hitting the ball, the other way. But that only lasted a month. And he is back to swinging from his heels on every pitch he gets.

        Michael if Joc was hitting in Cory’s position, he probably wouldn’t have got a good enough pitch to hit, to hit a HR. But you are right about Joc having a better game yesterday, and you do make sense. I guess I an not high on Joc right now.

        I haven’t asked for his head, like some do here, so we will see.

        1. OLD HABITS DIE HARD. The kid is learning and he is not going to turn the whole thing around over night. And I disagree he is swinging from the heels all the time. I have watched most of the games this year, and he has cut down his swing noticeably. Especially with 2 strikes on him. You want to dis a hitter, pick on the worst hitter in the lineup, Yasmanure Grandal. That guy could not hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle. He is totally worthless at the plate, and the biggest rally killer on the team. Don’t let his 5 homers fool you. The guy is part of one of the WORST trades in Dodger history. Kemp may have been an asshole or cancer or whatever they thought, but the guy can still drive in runs.

    1. He’s 32. I would say that doesn’t fit the get younger model, but get younger hasn’t been the model, so, wtf. Looks like he can hit, at least as good as Guerrero did, so sign him and put him in there now.

      1. Badger
        He sounds like an older Guerrero. He plays third, and maybe leftfield. And I remember Olivera, who was older. And he should have never been signed with his illness history, and missing an entire season, because of his illness. And it he hadn’t played baseball, for most of two years.

    2. He and his younger brother defected and have been waiting on MLB. They have both been linked with the Yankees. Yuleski is not subject to the signing period, but his younger brother is–didn’t the new period already start? If Olivera and Guerrero are any indication I would be very reluctant to sign the guy unless I already had a sucker lined up…would the Braves give up Swanson?

  6. Let me address a couple of things and deal with a couple of misconceptions you and I have had. Before, I do that I would like to say that there is no way in hell, Friedman is going to get fired at least until year 4 and he is 1.5 years into this thing. I did get some information over the weekend that has caused me to re-evaluate a few things. I was always told by people who had somewhat of an insight to the Dodgers that Kasten and Guggs told Friedman that he had to keep Mattingly for at least a year. Now I find out from an “impeccable” source that Friedman wanted Maddon (after all, they are best friends), but that Maddon felt the Dodgers farm system was too far away and that he could be competitive immediately with the Cubs.

    The Dodgers had no change of getting Maddon! Like Friedman, Maddon knows that the path to success in MLB (especially in the post-steroid era) is to grow your own and then supplement the home-grown players with a few carefully picked free agents. The Cubs are currently the best team in baseball and have a payroll of $171 million. The Dodgers payroll is $249 million, which is $79 million more than the Cubs.

    The Dodgers are paying Crawfish, A-Gon and Ethier about $64 million while the Cubs are paying Lester, Heyward, Lackey, Montero, Zobrist and Fowler $94 million. Friedman would have rather “blown up” the team last year and re-built like Epstien and the Cubs did, but Kasten and Guggs wanted for him to tray and win now, while building the farm too.

    He did build the farm and you are starting to see the results NOW – Seager, Urias, Thompson with De Leon and Montas rapidly approaching. Then there are a ton of player right behind them. Yes, they all won’t make it which is why you hoard all the players you can get.

    Persaonally, I would have blown up the team, but your anger at Friedman is misplaced. Friedeman is not the problem – he’s the solution to 28 years of ineptitude!

    1. I am in agreement that the farm system is the long term solution. But almost all of his short term supplemental acquisitions have been busts, which makes me doubt his ability as a talent evaluator. Admittedly that’s a tough job and nobody bats 1.000.

    2. Well, I find that interesting. Some of it makes perfect sense to me.

      I’ve calmed down quite a bit since last July. As you know, I was pissed. It looked to me like FAZ didn’t really believe this team was only a Hamels and a reliever away. We were never led to believe that, but if that was the case, I could certainly accept it. And that is why I have been saying it’s not about this year. I’m looking at the players these guys are accumulating, most below the surface, and frankly I like what I see. Urias and Seager will be perennial All Stars. As you know, I believe in De Leon. Bellinger looks like the real deal, maybe Verdugo is too, who knows about the Cubans, but add Montas, Holmes, Buehler, and others, the Major League roster could be flooded with some incredible young talent in the coming years. If Kershaw stays, he will get an enormous raise and by ’18 there will be plenty of mid prime free agents looking at Los Angeles as a place to come win some rings. The questions being raised about FAZ are legitimate as most of the moves made at the ML level have been less than. But, if you can look at it with ’18 and beyond in mind, what you might see are eyes down the road and a solid foundation being built. Don’t expect much this year and the disappointment will be minimized. The Cubs are a dynamite team. The Mets and the Nats are quite good, and are looking to get better. SF went for it by signing pitchers. Then there are the rising teams in the AL. To compete, we need to grow. Out with the old, in with the young. In the mean time, no jerking of knees. That could change with a win streak between now and July 31st. I don’t expect it will, but I’m open to it.

      1. If this is true, why does Mark keep saying that they are going to make this current team better, at the trade deadline?

      2. Badger
        To night, is your dream pitching match up.
        Bolsinger verses Greinke. Only Magic, could make this match up, be true. But Badger, is it really black magic instead?

    3. Uh, point of order there Bosco……Seager and Urias and Deleon were all scouted and signed pre Fried Brains…..Thompson was acquired in trade and has never been in the Dodger farm system, and Montas pretty much would have made the team out of spring training had he not been injured. And most of the guys in the chain right now were also signed before Fried Brains got here. His #1 draft pick from last year has not even thrown a pitch yet for the organization. 28 years of ineptitude? Please. Go back and check over those 28 years, 3 different ownerships, a couple of really bad trades, multiple GM’s and no sense of organization. If there had been stability like when O’Malley ran the team, I am sure the results would have been different, but that is what we had. What we have now is a guy who picks up questionable player after questionable player. To me he is far from a frippen baseball genius. Maybe in 5 years he might change my mind, but what I see is organizational chaos and fan dissent. Jansen has no backup, there is nobody hitting behind A-Gone, it is a team of SCRUBS. Everybody plays more than 1 position, there is no set lineup, Your catchers can catch, but cannot hit. Your best hitter is a ROOKIE. There is a whole lot wrong here, and the FO is the biggest problem

      1. You know, I won’t say that we haven’t been mismanaged for 28 years but somehow Ned’s teams managed to get to the NLCS three times…the first two with our aces being Derek Lowe and Randy Wolfe, respectively.

        Theo was honest with Cubs fans, he told them things would get worse before they got better. I’m not sure how that would play in LA, because the Cubs have been bad most of the past century. But Magic told us they wanted to win now!

        1. Magic said it? What does he know about baseball?

          FAZ did not go for it at the deadline. That wouldn’t have guaranteed anything, but it would have confirmed Magic’s claim. I contend FAZ either thought they had enough, or knew going for it wouldn’t have been enough. So they were wrong, or they waived the white flag and intend to continue building. I don’t want them to do a deadline trade this year. I don’t want them doing anything. Sit on your hands for a few months FAZ. The less they do now the better I’m going to like it.

  7. Agreed FAZ is not likely to get the can, if for no other reason than rich guys have big egos and hate to admit mistakes. But there could be some improvement in breaking up The Terrible Twosome, put the blame on his little Arab buddy and casting him adrift. Replacement GMs right down the hall…

    1. He would be a good fit; at least the Giant fans wearing Bonds jerseys would stop taunting him for being a PED cheat.

  8. Tonight is going to be one of those nights. We face Greinke tonight for the first time.

    The best way to get over that bad Giant series, is by hitting Greinke. It won’t be easy, but if they could hit Greinke tonight, that just might help.

    I think this, is more wishful thinking, then anything. But it would be fun if they could hit Greinke tonight, at least they will be in a good park to hit.

    1. No matter what we do to Zack, and I don’t expect much, Goldsmith is going to dismantle Bolsinger, minimum 2 homers, maybe 4.

  9. The bright side of facing Greinke is that the Dodgers should hit him pretty much like they hit everybody else.

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