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Kazmir Pitched, So it was Home Run Derby. Surprise! The Dodgers Won 3-2

The Dodgers have won four in a row, but tonight’s pitcher is wild card, Scott Kazmir. That means anything can happen, and you won’t find me betting on five in a row.

That said, the other wild card is the Dodgers’ offense. Like LA’s temperatures, the bats have been flaming hot. Multiple Dodgers are scoring in multiple innings, but can they keep up the pace? Chances are, Kazmir is going to give up home runs tonight, so he’ll need all the help he can get.

1st inning
What did I just say? Home run, Bryce Harper. 1-0

5th inning  Nats 1-0
Another solo home run given up by the wild card. 2-0
Halfway through the game…nothing.

7th inning  Nats 2-0
Kazmir out. Adam Liberatore in. Job done, but it took a while.

8th inning Nats 2-0
Louis Coleman in. Job done. Again, barely. It took a great throw from Howie Kendrick in left to Yasmani Grandal at the plate. He put the tag on Ramos, the lumbering Nat’s catcher to end the inning.
Corey Seager, base hit.
Yasiel Puig, base hit (barely out of the glove of the leaping Nats SS)
Yasmani Grandal cracked a 3-run home run over the center field wall!  Dodgers 3-2

9th inning  Dodgers 3-2
Kenley Jansen vs Nats top of the lineup
Ben Revere: 6-3
Jason Werth: 6-3
Bryce Harper: 6-3

Scott Kazmir didn’t pitch an especially bad game. He chewed up six innings to help out the overworked bullpen, and escaped a bases loaded jam in his final inning. The trouble was, he gave up two solo home runs that stood like two huge hurdles to victory, because the hot Dodger bats had cooled off along with the drop in the temperature.

Until the eighth inning, that is. Yasmani Grandal came up with two men on, and he crushed a pitch that blasted all of the Yasmani haters – along with the ball –  over the center field wall to give the Dodgers the lead.

The Dodgers bullpen worked on further dropping its league -leading ERA, holding the Nats scoreless long enough for the boys to get a couple on, and catch some lightning with Grandal’s bat.

Scott Kazmir went 6 innings with 8 hits, 2 runs, 1 walk, 4 Ks, 2 HRs.   ERA 4.52

Home run: Yasmani Grandal

Double: Pederson

Team with RISP: A big 1 for 3





Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

36 thoughts on “Kazmir Pitched, So it was Home Run Derby. Surprise! The Dodgers Won 3-2

  1. How about that? Kazmir got cuffed around but kept his team in the game. Home run to Harper surprised no one but giving one up to the #8 hitter on an 0-2 count was not good. Fortunately, the three-run homer remains an outstanding strategic move.

  2. As I said yesterday, Grandal has looked totally lost. It has been affecting his whole game. Sometimes all it takes is a hit… a big hit to rebuild your confidence. A large part of hitting is confidence. If Yasmani can hit like he did last Pre-All Star game, is a huge game changer.

    Let’s see if that’s the beginning. We just saw JT bust out by homering.

    1. Mark
      I hope that HR can help Grandal break out of his slump.

      It isn’t fun watching a player struggle, like Grandal has.

      And you are right, it has effected every aspect of his game.

  3. Some of you are so negative. Even when the Dodgers win you find fault. Hell, Grandal won the game for us and Kasmir kept us in the game with a quality start.

  4. That inning that Grandal, double-pumped to make the throw to second to get the runner, and then bounced the ball to 2nd base — I was ready to send him to AA. He is mister double pump . . . but then he came out of the fog and won a game. Way to go!

    Mark, on your relatives past . . .

    “. . . I went on and found that I could trace my ancestors back to the Sheriff of Nottingham, William the Conquerer, King of England, King Enske of Denmark and Radbard Russia (638-690) so I am definitely royality. ?”

    First, they are all dead now. In the grave. Speak no more. The Sheriff of Nottingham was really a crook and tried to get Robin Hood, William the Conquerer was really a Frenchman who changed England forever, King Enske of Denmark lived to age 96 but could never make it above AA . . . and Radbard Russia was some kind of leader in Garderidge (Russia) and played in the 3-I league . . .

    But they are all dead now.

    1. William the Conquerer was also known as Wiiliam the Bastard. So, yeah, apple – tree.

      And it’s worth noting the Sherriff of Nottingham is a position, not a guy. They still have one.

      Grandal – today might be a good day to trade him.

  5. Flash: This just in!

    Scott Kazmir is not Zack Greinke!

    Just so we are clear.

    I notice a lot of the Negative B____________’s don’t show up when the Dodgers win. You are Freaking Trolls! You are not real fans. You just love to bitch – bunch of Grumpy Old Me! You used to bitch incessantly about the bullpen – well you were dumbasses on that, weren’t you? #1 Bullpen in the NL! TAKE THAT! You probably have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning without anything to bitch about. No purpose in life – it’s tough being a Troll!

    Of course, someone will say “the Dodgers are on track to only win 89 games”, SO IF THAT’S TRUE, WHY EVEN PLAY THE GAMES? Because they could win 85 or they could win 95. HELLO! Where you start or where you are doesn’t mean you will finish there. That’s why they play the game. HELLO!

    “But Kazmir gave up 2 HR.” YEAH, that’s it – against a very good team. He also ended up with a quality start with six innings. Grandal hit a 3-run HR to win the game, BUT HE’s A SLUG! You guys are Pathetic!

    I’ve listened to the incessant bitching for a long time. You had better be ready for me to dish it back out! I am a Dodger Fan – I am there win or lose, but I don’t have brown eyes (shit colored) like some of you. My eyes are BLUE!

    Here we go. That should give you something to bitch about – ME!

        1. Full of shit, definitely, full of light, not a chance.

          When I read Mark’s comments I can’t help but think “Hey A-hole, eat $#it and die!”

    1. Grumpy old men and an occasional millennial hater or two. The postings following a few wins dry up because, when your whole reason for posting is just to spew negativity, a string of wins gives you no material.

      The team is not terrible…even pretty good. Yes, Kershaw helps. Arrieta helps the Cubs and Bum helps the Giants. Without those guys those teams would fold, too.

      In spite of not being terrible, the Dodgers aren’t setting the world on fire, either….though things are trending up. The team still has some weaknesses that have been enumerated and described more times than I care to count by the naysayers who, in spite of their incessant naysaying, do occasionally make valid points.

      I want the team to compete in the postseason. I don’t think they can beat the Cubs regardless what they do, but you never know when you get to a short series. That means addressing some of weaknesses. What are some of the possibilities?

      I’d hope that Grandal starts to turn it around. He’s shown extended glimpses of being a productive hitter. His entire first half last year earned him a trip to the All Star Game, so it’s not like he’s never shown anything. Yet, he’s been a contributor to a league worst offense. That’s currently the team’s biggest weakness. Lucroy is the obvious trade candidate. He’s not a great framer, but would give an instant boost to the offense. I don’t know what kind of package it would take to land him, but I’d explore the possibilities. There aren’t any other impact bats that are going to be on the market from sellers. Jay Bruce is the only candidate, and that will create just more of a glut at left when Ethier comes back.

      I heard some rumors about the Dodgers going after Teheran and/or Sonny Gray. Meh. Teheran’s stock is at its highest point right at this moment after a mediocre couple of years. The Braves are going to ask for a Shelby Miller type of haul. Sonny Gray’s stock is lower right now, but when you hear the word “shoulder” it gives you pause. He’s still going to require a lot to get. Odorizzi is an intriguing possibility, but even he is going to require the Dodgers to give up something valuable for a pitcher who, although more durable, might not be that much more effective than an Alex Wood, so really why bother? Upgrading starting pitching could just involve waiting for Ryu, McCarthy, DeLeon or Montas.

      Another bullpen arm would be nice. Libertore has been a nice surprise, but another power lefty to replace Howell, such as Doolittle from the As, or Vizcaino from the Braves to replace Hatcher wouldn’t take a ton to get them. On the other hand, if Urias becomes a bullpen piece maybe that’s all the team needs.

      I think the Dodgers and the Mets are the front runners to land Gurriel. I don’t know that he could provide a big impact this year, but he would be a hedge if or when Turner and Utley leave and could replace Kike.

      People can complain, but those are really the options.

      1. You seem a bit grumpy too patch.

        I have no problem with most of what you say here. I completely understand and relate to the frustrations of all our posters. This team just isnt as good as a few others in the NL, but still has potential to compete. It sure as heck isn’t as good as the payroll says it should be, but, that’s Show Business.

        I’m frankly not enamored with any of the pitchers to whom the Dodgers are linked. I said it before and I’ll say it again, stick with the youth movement. Also, we own Anderson, Ryu and McCarthy. Saddle them up and ride them to the finish line.

      2. Dodger patch
        I believe that Lucroy had good framing numbers, in 2014.

        And he was hurt most of last year, so maybe that is why his framing numbers, don’t look that good now.

  6. Before the AZ series I went on record saying he dodgers would go on extended winning streak. Since then we have won 7 out of 9. Did I use my crystal ball? No. It was merely the fact the dodgers hadn’t gone on such a streak and were due for one. That’s it. It’s not the bullpen era, it’s not the quality start by a lousy lefty, it was merely the dodgers were due.

    If you want to elevate the team to celestial status for winning 7 out of 9 it is within your right. That is the cool thing about this blog. But praise and bitching are two sides of the same coin.

    Anyway in glad we won. If AGon, Turner, Puig, and Grandal ALL begin to hit then we have something, which makes the upcoming trade all the more palatable.

    PS an extended winning streak eventually gives way to an extended losing streak.

  7. When we hit, we are a decent team. I said early and often I thought it would be a 3 team scrum to the end. I still believe that. Arizona is 8-2. And as we were going 7-3, SF went 9-1.

    “Flash – this just in. Kazmir is not Greinke”

    No sh*t. Like everyone in the baseball universe didn’t know that. Kazmir is another #5. Every team needs a guy that will take the ball every 5th day, go 5.57 innings with an ERA in the mid 4’s. The stats regarding our staff minus Kershaw should be noted. After him, it’s smoke and mirrors. If we can win using smoke and mirrors, terrific.

  8. Monday morning, I doubt anybody here predicted we’d sweep the Nats.

    But now we have a shot. I really am looking forward to seeing how Urias has progressed, by seeing how he pitches against Harper. Urias looks like a veteran, not a 19 year old. Amazing how much he’s learned in just 4 starts. No way I’m trading him for Sonny Gray. Now, if it’s Jose Fernandez? I’d think about it!

    Team is playing well. Can’t control what SF does; let them ride out this hot streak and get cold. We just need to worry bout ourselves, and we’ll find ourselves in October.

    1. Sonny Gray? 5’10. Could be another Lincecum. He’s averaging just over 5 innings with an ERA over 5. (Perfect fit?) Look at his last month last year, and add it to his start this year. If that’s the guy FAZ is looking at I think it’s a mistake.

      Don’t trade any of our top 10. Cueto and Samardzija should be wore out in a couple of years. We need patience.

    2. Bobby
      I agree either of those two pitchers they have mentioned lately, is worth trading for.

      I don’t think Urias knows just how late these major league hitters are, on his fastball.

      He not only has a good fastball, he is sneaky fast.

  9. That umpire last night was terrible.

    He was calling pitches, at the players shoulders.

    And the National’s pitcher, was smart enough, to keep pitching to that area.

    The umpire took Turner’s bat out of the line up, and made Turner swing at pitches, he really didn’t want to swing at, just to protect the plate.

    There are not many players, that can hit a fastball that is 94, at there shoulders.

    And that was the reason that Joc was practically, the only Dodger, to get a couple hits, off that pitcher.

    That is because Joc holds his bat up, above his shoulders, when he is waiting for a pitch.

    I can’t stand when a umpire does that, and takes a players bat, out of the line up.

    The biggest reason that the Giants are ahead of the Dodgers, is because they have another ace, helping Bumgarner, in the rotation.

    Just like Greinke helped the Dodgers win, when he was pitching with Kershaw.

    I think the Dodger front office, really under estimated, what another ace, does for a team, even though they only pitch every five days.

    The big difference is that I don’t think that Cueto will be able to pitch well, for another five years, if the Giants re sign Cueto, after his opt out.

    Because I think that Cueto might have arm problems, or other injuries, with the way he pitches, and with his injury history.

    I know that probably won’t make a difference, this year, but we have to remember, that the Giants signed Cueto, for more then just one year.

    1. I noticed the wide strike zone too. It frustrated both teams.

      Baker left Roark in 1 too many batters, though it’s no mystery why he let him pitch to Grandal.

      You are right about SF. The Giants went for it by signing two studs. It’s working out for them so far. LONG season. If we can just hang around, who knows?

      1. Badger
        I think you pointed out the pitching to be the big difference too.

        But I do think that the Giants bullpen, is not as stable, as it has been, in prior years.

        I think Roberts, should try to give Agone a day off, every six or seven days, like he does with Turner.

        It might make a big difference in Agone’s at bats, and the extra rest, might bring Agone’s power back.

        At least at home, because he has much better numbers, in away games.

        Roberts just shouldn’t give them a day off, on the same day, so it won’t hurt the team.

        There was finally an article in Dodgers Digest, that I thought, had decent merit.

        It was about Agone, and his offensive numbers.

  10. The defensive metrics, that sabers use to evaluate how well a player plays defensively, is going to change.

    They are now going to evaluate a players defense, by taking in consideration, where the player is, when the ball is pitched.

    I guess they never measured a players defense before, by keeping in consideration, where the player is at on the field, when the ball is pitched.

    And that will make a big difference, I think.

    And I am suprised that they didn’t evaluate like this before, with all of the extreme shifts they have in baseball today.

    1. Will they factor in misjudgment? Some guys appear to have a better feel for routes. Will they factor in hustle? Some guys stand around with their thumb up their ass when the ball is in play. All 9 guys should be moving on every pitch, anticipating the overthrows. I insisted on it on every team I played and coached. I don’t see it at the ML level. Will they factor in 3 bounce throws off line? ML outfielders have weaker, less accurate arms than you will see at your local softball diamonds. I don’t trust the defensive metrics used.

  11. Grandal gave the Dodgers at least one homer in 12 consecutive games for the first time since May 23-June 4, 2002.

  12. I’ve said this before, but will repeat it because it doesn’t get enough attention. This Dodger team has the ability to win games late. Even though I don’t like Manager Happy, this might have something to do with him. Until there is a better explanation, I will give him that credit. Wasn’t it Grandal that said recently that the team is too relaxed? He relaxed one over the center field fence last night. There are 90 games left. If Kazmir hasn’t figured it out by now, the odds are against him to find consistency during the rest of the season. The Pirates and Cardinals are looking very vulnerable, so the wild card is very much in play, with the Mets as the biggest competition. Have you looked at the standings lately? Huge leads in many of the divisions. There will be lots of races for 2d this year.

  13. A new take from the Dodger Therapy guy. A little over the top, but some thoughtful stuff too:

    Here’s an excerpt:

    “I’d also add that prospects, especially by data loving morons, are hoarded like the crown jewels. The purpose of a good farm is developing players that can help the big league club, as well as providing currency to be used to acquire players of need for the big league club. It isn’t necessary – and actually foolish – to consider every kid pitcher, for example, untouchable. As I already said, many will never make it at all; others will be mediocre at best. To refuse to deal and wait for this windfall of cheap young talent to develop at the same time and magically fill your big league roster with superstars is a pipe dream. Also, it’s a dream of teams like Tampa and Oakland, not ironically where the Dodgers resident boy geniuses herald from.”


    ” The farm system has young arms in the pipeline but to assume they will become the 2-5 starters behind Clayton Kershaw and carry the team to their first World Series since 1988 is unrealistic. If Julio Urias becomes “Kershaw lite” that would be an amazing thing. To think the other arms will be anywhere near that level, and healthy, is optimism to the umpteenth degree. The lineup is aging, brittle and unimpressive save for any night’s heroics by Corey Seager and maybe one or two others. Are there kids down there ready to fill the lineup full of strong every day bats, speedsters, run producers, etc.? I don’t see it.”

    The poster’s point is that the big league club is underwhelming and that Dodger fans should expect more, but that the Braintrust is working on what some brag is the best farm system in baseball, instead of having the best big league team in baseball. Further, it is insanity to think that all of the prospects will be jewels and not paste. So instead of getting the players that the Dodgers have needed the past 2 years to put them over the hump, they have grabbed Mat Latos, Jim Johnson, Will Venable, et al. Dodger fans are told to be patient and that the farm will shower stars on the team and its fans in the near future.


    1. Yes. Really.

      And this is how it is going to go. That IS the Plan, capital p. That was made clear to us last July. Wait, let me rephrase that – that was made clear to ME last July.

      Don’t tell me you’re not on board with this rick.

      I’m anxious as hell to see Urias, De Leon and Holmes in the rotation and Seager, Bellinger and Johnson on the infield, Verdugo in the outfield and Montas as our closer. We will also have whatever Cuban that doesn’t self destruct. Let the dynasty begin.

      1. This isn’t a full roster. And no on Johnson please. And good luck having all of our pitching prospects be successful.

        I am reminded of a Sports Illustrated cover, I think it was in 1968, showing a new baseball crop of rookies. Johnny Bench was the main guy on the cover, but there was a can’t miss pitching prospect for the Dodgers, a guy named Alan Foster. Remember him? (By the way, none of the other rookies on the cover made it either).

        He missed.

        1. I remember George Foster. Guy couldn’t pitch a lick.

          I like our prospects. And if I didn’t I wouldn’t admit it here as it would elicit the wrath of Lord Timmons, Sherriff of Bastardham. I would be branded a moron and banned to the moors to live amongst the unwashed savages.

          I hope De Leon is healthy because I think he can pitch. Bellinger looks like the real deal as do Holmes and hopefully Buehler, though TJ surgery gives obvious pause. Montas should be fun, and along with Seager and Urias, Thompson, Pederson and Puig it looks to me like it’s at least going to be interesting. We will be creating some “cap space” soon and FAZ signing Free Agents should be an adventure. I’m just along for the ride and I’ve reached an age where outcomes don’t matter. Last year was the the last year for that.

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