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Kenta Maeda Horrendous, Bats Flaccid, Dodgers Drop Series Finale To Padres

Kenta Maeda

Horrendous pitching from Kenta Maeda and the Dodger bats left hundreds of men on base spelled defeat for the Dodgers in San Diego as they dropped the series finale to the Padres 5-3. Maeda regressed back to being horrible as he allowed five earned runs on eight hits across 3.2 pathetic innings. I have no idea why Maeda has been so unimpressive this season but I’m beginning to worry about him. But let me tell you when you’re unable to get out an entire lineup of the Padre’s backup players then that should signal some worry. The Dodgers lost a game in the standings but on the bright side they’re sending four players to the all-star game and possibly five.

Dodgers   3 9 0

Padres      5 11 0





The Padres scored four runs in the first two frames and the Dodgers were never really in the game. The typical Maeda stinker usually sees him giving up runs within the first or second inning, normally within the first two or three batters of the game. This was no different. The second batter of the game Manuel Margot homered to put the Padres up 1-0 before many had sat down with their pregame snacks and beer.

Ironically we all needed a beer to drown out Maeda’s pitiful pitching as he continued to suck as the game went along. The Padres loaded the bases in the second inning without anyone out. Opposing starter Jhoulys Chacin’s ground ball double play scored a run. Then Jose Pirela doubles in Carlos Asuaje and Margot who homered in the first inning followed Pirela’s double with one of his own to put the Padres ahead 4-0.

Maeda’s crappy pitching went into the fourth inning and fortunately it was his final frame. A Luis Torrens single, a sacrifice bunt and a Pirela RBI single scored the fifth run to put the Dodgers down by a 5-0 deficit.

As for the offense, there wasn’t much to write about. The Dodgers were unable to do much of anything against Chacin as they put hoards of runners on base yet were unable to score. The Dodgers left 12 men on base and were 1 for 12 with runners in scoring position. Chacin tossed five shutout frames allowing just 4 hits but walking 3 and striking out 6.

The Dodgers were able to climb within striking distance later in the game against the San Diego bullpen but it was too little too late. The boys in blue scored twice in the top of the sixth inning when Corey Seager (who had 3 hits in the game) doubled in Yasiel Puig and Logan Forsythe to cut the lead to 5-2. Then in the following frame Yasmani Grandal smashed a solo home run (his eleventh of the year) off of Ryan Buchter to make the score 5-3. That was as close as the Dodgers would get. The Dodgers now drop to 55-29 and have a 2.5 game lead over the dbacks in the NL West.

In case you missed it, the Dodgers will send four players to the all-star game. Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen, Corey Seager, and Cody Bellinger were all named as National League reserves. Justin Turner was named as one of the finalists for the final vote, so it’s possible the Dodgers could have five players on the all-star squad. Unfortunately none of them will be starting.

The Dodgers have a much needed off-day on Monday before they return home to battle the Snakes in a big three-game series. Clayton Kershaw will take the mound in the series opener.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

28 thoughts on “Kenta Maeda Horrendous, Bats Flaccid, Dodgers Drop Series Finale To Padres

  1. Kenley Jansen blamed the fans.

    Silly Dodger fans tried to shift the blame on DirecTV.

    I’m with Kenley, and fully guilty. I never voted.

    1. Kenley’s right. Those rabid KC fans voted the entire Royals squad on the AS team a few years ago by going on a ballot stuffing initiative that would make Chicago Democrats envious. No reason why Dodger fans can’t get Turner in there. he deserves it.

      1. Dodgerpatch

        I don’t see that happening in an election, because a lot of young people don’t get out and vote.

        But if everyone can do this in their homes, who knows what would happen.

        And would everyone believe the finally vote anyways.

        I hope you are still enjoying people’s comments on the politic topics of the day!

    2. Bluto

      He is probably right!

      The Dodgers have the top attendance in baseball almost every year.

      I didn’t vote, but I think I am going to stuff my votes for Turner.

      Because he probably won’t be getting to go that much, with Arrenado and Bryant, playing third base.

      Turner is a better defensive third base men, then Bryant and I think his batting average is at an elite level for this far along in the season.

      But I know you don’t value batting average.

      But if you had a choice of two players with one player hitting 300 and had about the same numbers power numbers as another player, that was hitting 240, I am sure you would prefer the 300 hitter.

      1. I have no idea what you are asking MJ. BA has some resonance, but why single it out. Just look at it in context with other more descriptive stats.

        1. Well maybe MJ, like many who have been around a while, know of the respect given over the years to each League’s Batting Champion, which yearly is given to the player with the highest batting average. They give out trophies. Maybe you’ve heard of them? Maybe not. In the AL the award is called the Rod Carew Award, in the NL it’s called the Tony Gwynn Award. Dee Gordon won it in ’15, but you probably didn’t know that because his scouting report said he wasn’t much of a hitter.

          I wonder who will win the wRC+ Award this year?

          1. Those meaningless awards and that stat are anachronisms. It’s akin to choosing the Cy Young Award winner based on the pitcher with the most wins, as if wins mean anything.

            I think a much more relevant award would be one given to the league’s best pitch framer. ….sponsored by Aaron Brothers

  2. I don’t recall the last time I watched and All Star game, those exhibition type games hold no interest to me. Good for the 4 who made the team, I wish you well, just don’t get hurt and i will see you when the real games start up again.

  3. I don’t recall the last time I watched an All Star game. those exhibition type games hold no interest to me. Good for the 4 who made the team, I wish you well, just don’t get hurt and i will see you when the real games start up again.

    1. I feel the same way True. It’s an exhibition. Giving home field to the winner is dumb. Best record. Always. Best record.

      I would rather our players had the time off. But, it’s a big deal to them, so, whatever. I might watch a couple innings. I might find something else to do.

        1. You’re right. It was a bad idea from the beginning. Best record. Always in every sport.

          Now they play for money. Which by every measure is more American.

  4. I think Wood should have made the team over Kershaw.

    Because Wood has been a much more dominate pitcher, when he has pitched this year, then Kershaw.

    Kershaw has looked good in his last two starts, but he hasn’t been as dominate as Wood has, this year.

    I know Kershaw has pitched more innings, but other then the ten days they had Wood go out, it wasn’t Wood’s fault he didn’t pitch further into games.

    Because he had pitched well from the begining, but Roberts was taking him out after five and six innings, even when he was pitching really well, early in the season.

    And we know that Kershaw almost controls the innings he wants to pitch, because of his great history.

    1. Kershaw is on pace to lead the league in GS and IP. I would prefer he doesn’t lead the league in either of those stats. I’m fine with 30 starts and 180 innings out of him. I want him well rested for the season that starts in October. The rest of those guys? Meh, 20-26 starts 125-140 innings. Not counting Kershaw, how many Dodger starters will reach 140 innings?

      1. Badger

        You know I feel the same about Kershaw, but Wood has pitched really well, and he could have pitched further into games, if Roberts allowed him to, earlier in the season:

        Him and Kershaw have the same whip, but Woods has a better era then Kershaw, and it’s that close.

        I do worry a little about Wood staying healthy, but other then that, Wood has out pitched Kershaw at this point, in the season!

        I am not big about our players, and especially are pitchers, pitching in the Allstar game, but this would only be Woods first time, and Kershaw doesn’t need to pitch anymore then he should, with his back problem last year, and with him always wanting to pitch further into any game he can.

        1. Wood probably cares. I do not.

          With our history of owies I prefer more time off whenever they can get it.

          If it’s me I load up the All Star roster with pitchers and everyone gets in for a minimum of 15 pitches and a maximum of 25. Nobody goes more than an inning. Also, free substitution. It’s an exhibition. Play it the way the NBA plays their game.

          Tie? Easy peasy. 10th inning is a home run contest. Each team picks a guy. Each guy gets 3 outs. Bottom of the 10th there is an opportunity for a walk off.

          It’s an exhibition. Play it like one.

          1. Who pitches in 10th inning? I mean, is it like the Home Run Derby where the batters favorite pitcher serves them up, or is it an opposing pitcher?

          2. Hitters choice. It’s a Home Run Derby. Kind of like the shootouts in hockey. You get 3 outs. Might be 3 pitches, might be several more. Maybe you pick 3 guys per inning. A different 3 each inning. I don’t know. How would you do it?

          3. Badger

            Kershaw doesn’t need to be on another Allstar team.

            We are lucky that he can’t pitch in it.

            He needs to pitch well in the post season.

  5. A good question for the great legal minds here:
    Let’s say the Dodgers DFA Maeda, some other team signs him and is responsible for only a MLB Minimum Salary, a bit over $500K. Now if Maeda pitches well and earns incentives, who is responsible, New Team or Dodgers? For the full term of his contract? Without incentives Maeda’s contract is low enough that I could see the Dodgers letting him go and eating the money at some point if he continues to do poorly.

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