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Kershaw Out, Bud Norris In. Dodgers Don’t Pout, Dodgers Win! (5-0)

When the door on Clayton Kershaw closed, the window for Bud Norris opened. Let’s see what the newest Dodger brought to the table.

2nd inning
Bud Norris gave up a single and hit a batter, but he struck out the side.

3rd inning
Norris with two more K’s, making it five strikeouts over three innings.
Crickets- nothin’ but crickets.

4th inning
7 K’s across 4 innings for Norris. Vin Scully: “Wow!”
The Dodgers put together their first real rally of the game. Adrian Gonzalez  came up with men on the corners and one out. Base hit! 1-0

5th inning  Dodgers 1-0
1,2,3 inning (but don’t look, Brandon Barnes just missed hitting one out)

6th inning  Dodgers 1-0
Norris out. Adam Liberatore in. I didn’t like it, but job done.

7th inning
Rockies pitcher DeLaRosa balked in Kendrick from third. 2-0

8th inning  Dodgers 2-0
Joe Blanton in. Job done.
Corey Seager singled. Justin Turner doubled. Adrian Gonzalez came up with his second hit of the night, a single to right field. It was also his second RBI of the night. Dodgers 3-0

Howie Kendrick with a big time double to make it 4-0.

Scott Van Slyke came up with a monster blast that died just short of the wall. The fly out was deep enough to advance the runners and pick up another run. 5-0

9th inning 5-0
Pedro Baez in. Job done.

Dodgers win! 5-0

Newest Dodger Bud Norris surprised almost everyone by marching to the mound in Chavez Ravine and delivering an absolutely Kershaw-esque outing. My partner Scott mentioned in the pre-game that “We should close our eyes and imagine Norris is Clayton Kershaw.” Who knew just how prophetic that was going to be? Norris surrendered just two hits and didn’t give up a single run. The man was ON!

Which brings me to my lone gripe on a night that should be all about jumping for joy with a Dodger Blue Win.

What could I possible have a problem with on a night like this? It was that questionable call by manager Dave Roberts to pull Norris after just six innings.

What? Norris is on a pitch count too? Why pull your pitcher on less than 90 pitches – when he’s cruising, his pitch count was under 90, and the bullpen was heavily taxed the entire month of June?

Doesn’t Roberts know Scott Kazmir is going tomorrow night? That means one of two possibilities is going to occur: Kazmir will flame out early, causing Roberts to burn through the entire bullpen on just the second game of the homestand, or Kazmir will have a good outing, which means he’ll be pulled after six, and the Dodgers get to use three or four pitchers (again) just to finish a probable nail-biter. If I’m the manager, I stick with Norris until he shows he’s not getting the job done. It’s called riding the horse that’s winning.

The bullpen did well, and preserved the shutout – but that’s beside the point.

Besides Norris, the other bright spot of the night was Adrian Gonzalez. The Dodgers were 3 for 8 with RISP tonight, and the Butter and Eggs Man came up big with two of those three hits.

Scott Van Slyke also came up big with a deep fly ball for another RBI. What stood out for me was how close he came to almost hitting that ball out, and just missing a three-run bomb. Here’s wishing better luck next time for the bearded one.

All in all, a great game that was a pleasure to watch – and a real team win to boot.

Bud Norris went 6 innings with 2 hits, 0 runs, 1 walk, 8 K’s.   ERA 3.89

Doubles: Turner, Kendrick

Team with RISP: 3 for 8 Not bad


Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

55 thoughts on “Kershaw Out, Bud Norris In. Dodgers Don’t Pout, Dodgers Win! (5-0)

  1. I was going to say the same thing. Bud Norris has re-invented himself. Let’s hope it lasts about another half season!

    Scott told us to close our eyes and imagine Bud Norris was Clayton Kershaw. So we did and IT WORKED!

    This could be the story of the year for LA!

  2. We hit we compete.

    Norris 88 pitches to get through 6. That’s good. Is he another 6 inning pitcher? At this point, I hope so. I don’t see him throwing 2 hit shutouts for 6 again, but, thanks for that debut. The team needed that one.

    Cueto wins again. He’s 12-1, but, you know, he’s not that good. Mark says the gints will one day rue that contract. Maybe. But today is not that day.

    I get Suarez v Ray tomorrow. Sounds like a UFC fight.

    Washington starting to look as good as they are. I expect St Louis to improve, only because they are always good. Same with the Pirates. They are too good a team to remain under .500. And what’s with Miami?

    Cubs, Giants, Rangers, Indians, Nationals, Orioles.

    It’s raining hard in Sedona this morning. The monsoon season has begun. Says it will be 105 in Phx tomorrow. The roof will be closed.

    1. What’s with Miami? Last time I looked( a few days ago), they had FIVE hitters in the lineup at .300 plus.

  3. Even Grandal got a hit and Norris praised his game calling. Of course, fans know better. Bud is delusional.

  4. In comparison, the Rockies catcher made Grandal look like an all-star blocking balls in the dirt. Just when I thought there couldn’t be a worse defensive catcher than Grandal, the Rockies came to town.

    Kershaw who? Norris didn’t look too shabby. And yes pulling him after six innings was really stupid and short-sighted by Roberts. Baez really has to learn to change speeds, every pitch is 97 or 98 mph.

    Seager is all that and more. So much for “he’s too tall to play SS, at this age he is just fine right there.

    Wow, nice to have Dodgers discussions again. CAn it last? What’s the over/under on that?

  5. Can what last? 6-4 in last 10? No. This isn’t a .600 team.

    Even Grandal got a hit. That’s funny. Your guy, .275, 25 home runs, even he got a hit. .167 the last 28 days, 2 for last 17, so, yeah, a hit is a big deal. Fans know better? Fans that can read know enough. Here’s a good one – 0 for 5 with 2 ribbies. He did that the other night. I’m prepared to accept the fact he’s not much good, at catching or hitting. I would imagine FAZ is just about ready to move on from him. Maybe not this year.

    1. How long can Dodgers discussion last? As you are aware, there are some (one) in here that can’t stand it to stay on focus and must make it about them self.

  6. If Norris can continue to pitch like this, and Kershaw is only out three weeks or a month.

    The Dodgers will have a great chance to not only keep up with the Giants, they may be able to catch the Giants.

    I just hope that Bud can keep on pitching well, and keep us in games.

    I wish the Dodgers could pick up another arm for the pen, because they have been over worked, and it would be nice, not to have to depend on Baez to much.

    Also if the front office can add another bat, that makes sense for this team, that doesn’t cost to much, when it comes to top prospects, that would be nice too.

    I have noticed once the Dodgers face the pitcher, right before the third time around in the order, they have responded really well, and have started hitting much better.

    That is why I don’t get to upset, if the team hasn’t scored, in the first three innings, like some people tend to do.

    Dodger rick, Agone may not be hitting with a lot of power, but he is still one of the best rbi man, in baseball.

    Because he always shortens his swing, with runners in scoring position, unlike Joc.

    Joc doesn’t even shorten his swing, with two strikes, with runners in scoring position.

    And Agone came up last night twice, and hit runners in with just a single.

    And that is why a player’s batting average, means more then Sabers want to believe.

    Sometimes just a couple of hits mean more then one HR, especially with runners on base.

    And most HR hitters, don’t hit HRs at the same pace, as a good hitter, with a good batting average, picks up hits.

    Oscar I also wondered why Roberts toke Bud out of the game, so soon too.

    But I think he did that, because Norris had just flew out to LA yesterday, a few hours before the game, and he wanted him to end his night, on a high note.

    I hope he doesn’t make a habit of doing that, because the bullpen does need some rest.

    I think Roberts should make a point to rest Turner, on days, that the Dodgers are facing a leftie.

    Because Turner still has reverse stats, against lefties this year.

    And did everyone notice, that Roberts didn’t go with his all rightie line up, against the Rockies leftie pitcher last night?

    I thought that was a good idea!

  7. I did want to mention, did everyone think that Puig’s ego was more hurt, then his shoulder last night?

    After he was tagged out at home, after he tagged up.

  8. Wouldn’t it be nice if the team rallied around the Kershaw injury? Dig in its heels? Right now giants’ losing is as important as Dodgers’winninng. Go D’backs. Seager is the first recent Dodger call up to take MLB by storm. Impressive. I’m not counting Puig. I’ve watched games of other contending teams, however, and each one has call ups that are producing. Some Mets’ guy hit one out yesterday; the crowd went nuts. The giants’ call ups also won for them yesterday. If you look around MLB you will see that the Dodgers call ups are probably not as good as the other contending teams. Player development remains a problem. Forget the ratings. Unless these guys produce in the big leagues, ratings make no difference. For the Dodgers, the move from AAA to the majors seems steeper than for many of the other teams. This has to be because of lack of mental preparation/confidence down below. I’m still suspect of the coaches at the minor league level. Even after all the changes. Anyway, a surprising, solid win yesterday. Good for Norris. Can Kazmir duplicate?

  9. There was a good article on DodgersNation about improving our staff, and what it could possibly cost to attain an impact #2 type. Good, fair article:

    I also really like the idea of acquiring a big time, righthanded #2 (someone like Zack Greinke?) to slot between lefties Kersh and Urias for the next few years. Add Maeda as the 4, and we’d have a fantastic rotation with our 18 options for the #5 job.

    We’re very much in this thing. We lead the wild card, and despite SF having had a FANTASTIC last 6 weeks, we’re only 6 games out. We’re there. A move for a #2 would be great. Not sure how we help the offense though. I do NOT want Jay Bruce.

    1. “To LA: P Gray, P Sean Doolittle

      To Athletics: P Jose De Leon, OF Alex Verdugo, P Walter Buehler, IF Willie Calhoun, OF Johan Mieses”

      Is that enough to win it all?

      1. Badger
        I think Gray had some kind of injury earier in the season.

        And I don’t want to see these guys making a deal with Billy Beane.

    2. I agree.

      The most important sentence: “Los Angeles has depth, no question. But a handful of fourth or fifth starters isn’t going to fill the void Greinke left behind Kershaw. With Kershaw now on the disabled list, the rotation could fall into shambles.”

      I know that Mark will keep harkening back to the Dodgers’ team ERA and other numbers, but without Kershaw, the rotation is nothing special. Maeda is not a #2 and Kazmir certainly isn’t.

      I know that the offense has been the big problem this year, but I believe, like many, that some of the hitters will return to their historical norms and hit better; but I expect the pitching to regress as well. You can’t have a rotation of 5 inning pitchers.

    3. Bobby
      I agree a good rightie pitcher would compliment both Kershaw and Urias in the rotation.

      And I don’t think Bruce would be the right guy either.

      We need a rightie power bat much more, and Bruce doesn’t have good stats at Dodger stadium, like Badger shows us, the other day.

      I do think we need another good arm in the pen too.

  10. Scott – Congrats. I see above that you and Oscar are partners.

    I would put every SP on a smaller pitch count the night after a cross country flight no matter how old they are.

    CK who?

    McCarthy? Too soon. Should have waited another week. Need to keep at least 2 long relievers now but Neddy Jr. will never be able to understand what long means.

    With Ryu going 7 now the LAD have lots of average players to be included in their definition of SP depth and some of these SP maybe have to be on the MLB 25 man roster as either part of a 6 man rotation or the new group of 2 long relievers.

    How are the LAD going to trade for any new SP without trading away 1 or more of the oft injured overpaid SPs that everyone complains about?

    1. BOB
      Does it make any difference that all of the starters, always go home a day earier then the team does, when they are the next to start.

  11. Bob I think this would be when one or two of Anderson, Ryu, McCarthy or wood get shut down for the year/60 day DL.

  12. I was pleased to see Norris’ start last night and it was a good team win – the offense came around in the late innings and the ‘pen did its job. But I wouldn’t bank on Norris being the second coming of Jake Arrieta (Really?!?).IT’S JUST ONE GAME.

  13. I will take a horse like verlander at 70-75% of what he was to some of the scrubs that are pitching for LA right now. Also the change to the NL would help too. He’s proven, and a good #2 at this stage of his career.

  14. The Dodgers top hitting prospects are a year away – Verdugo, Calhoun, Bellinger, et al. Others are two years away. The pitchers are closer. I think Brock Stewart is a #3. I think Meada is a worthy #2, especially if you have a deep rotation. I do not plan on Ryu, McCarthy or Anderson returning to form this year, although I think at least one (maybe two) will. Ryu is next after going 6 last night!

    I still say Urias will pitch around 130 innings this year – I don’t care what the Dodgers say. De Leon is almost ready. I would not trade for another pitcher now. It’s a dope-fiend move. I think there is merit to a 6 man rotation to limit innings.

    1. Kershaw
    2. Maeda
    3. Kazmir
    4. Urias
    5. Stewart
    6. McCarthy
    7. Ryu
    8. Norris
    9. De Leon
    10. Cotton

    That’s a hell of a contingent of arms. Surely you can field a 6 man rotation. There’s merit to that to help Kershaw’s back. Anderson ain’t far behind in his rehab…

    Think about this too: Kazmir has consistently been inconsistent isn one part of a season or another. He may start good and end bad or start bad and end good. Of course, in the interest of full disclosure he has started bad and stayed bad and has started good and stayed good (although the later has been infrequent). It is possible he pitches well the second half… or not. Sit him or DL him if he doesn’t!

    I think you will see the offense keep stepping up.

    When Kershaw got injured, I said it could be a good thing. Bud Norris has been pitching lights out the past 6 weeks with his new cutter. Sometimes you catch lightening in a bottle. Is this one of those times?

    The Dodgers have the 7th best record in all of baseball and have had a horrid first half hitting and have lost more player days to the DL than any other team.

    I’m also betting that San Fran’s starters wilt in the second half. Last year, Cueto had a 2.76 ERA the first half and a 4.76 ERA the second half. I believe he will wear down and be less effective. Jeff Smardzija started out very well, but his ERA is now up to 3.91 – It will keep soaring.

    The Giants won’t keep it up.

    The Dodgers best days are ahead. They are built for the long haul. You will see!

    We can go the distance

    We’ll find out in the long run
    — The Eagles

    1. actually agree with most of what you say.. However, 1 thing about DeLeon; he’s already 24. So even if his ceiling is like a #2 starter, he’s still 24. If we get a guy right now who IS a #2 starter, and maybe 26 years old, I’m all for that deal. We’re not losing much in age, but we are getting that #2 arm now, as opposed to in 2019 when DeLeon reaches his ceiling.

      By the way, Ryu went 7 last night, not 6! That’s great. I haven’t heard yet how hard he was throwing though; anyone know?

      1. Bobby
        I read an article that said Ryu was throwing in the 89, 90 range, but I saw a tweet that said he touched 91 at times.

      2. I read it somewhere but don’t remember where that he hit 91mph. However the article didn’t mention how many times nor if it had any life to it. Still a good sign though.

      3. I saw that too, even though Steiner said last night that he went seven and threw 100 pitches…oh wait, it was Steiner.

    2. The Giants former third base coach said, that he expected the Giants to come down from where they have been.

      He said he expected everything to even out, because they have played way above there heads, with all of the injuries that they have had.

  15. No to Justin Verlander – he has lost almost 10 MPH on his fastball. His arm is ready to go…

  16. Finally,

    I think it was brilliant to pull Norris after 6 when he had been great.

    The bullpen was fresh – AND IT WORKED – HELLO – IT WORKED.

    The odds are pretty good, Norris might not have finished strong. Let him build up, if necessary.


    Why bitch about it?

    Did I mention that IT WORKED?

      1. Yea Mark you closed it down with no advance notice to the posters. There one day then poof gone the next. Or did I miss the advance notice.

  17. Yes, Verlander has a big contract it ends in ’19 hence the 20 mil DET would have to include. True he has lost velocity he just throws 93-95 now. He is the short term answer the team needs and he has post season experience. I truly believe that a change to the NL would stretch out his career a few more years while helping mentor the young power arms along with CK.

    1. IF he’s healthy and we think he can be that #2/3 for 3 more years, I’d be all for it. He makes $28mil thru 2019, and $22 in 2020 if his contract vests (I’m too lazy to see how it’d vest)

      He’s definitely playoff tested too. Hopefully he’d be cheap, prospect wise, if we took on all that cash. Or they better pay a chunk.

  18. I commented about 8 posts prior but here it is again.

    Puig, Holmes, C. Anderson to tigers for verlander, 3rd base prospect Zach Shepard and 20 million

    1. I think the Tigers need pitching, more then position players.

      And I don’t think that the Tigers owner, would want that.

      He wants to win soon, because he is getting older.

    2. That is a LOUSY trade idea. Verlander is 2 years removed from being a half way decent pitcher, Holmes is one of the Dodgers top prospects, and Verlander is not worth any of them


    His last good year was 2012 when he was 29. He is now 33. Here are his numbers:

    2013 – 13-12, 3.46, 218ip, 217K
    2014 – 15-12, 4.54, 206ip, 158K
    2015 – 5-8, 3.38, 133ip, 113k (only 20 starts, on DL)
    2016 – 7-6, 4.30, 104ip, 107K

    His velocity, once in the upper 90s, is around 90 now. He is 33 and has an expensive long term contract. He has had a sore arm. His last really great year was 5 years ago. HE IS DONE!

  20. Good stats. I don’t know anything about his health. I don’t know if he’s lost it, or if he’s found it again.

    I don’t know if he’s gone from a #1 to a #4.

  21. Stay the course.

    Don’t panic.

    This team can win if Clayton can finish!

    No dope-fiend moves.

    See, you never know what you will get.

    The D-Bags traded for Shelby Miller who is WORSE than Scott Kazmir. The Dodgers traded for Bud “Freaking” Norris and he has been amazing (yes – one game).

    I like what we’ve got!

    1. Of course you do. You’re a FAZophant.

      I’m not as crazy about this roster. The one consistency this team had is now on the DL. The rest of those guys are capable, but haven’t got it done night after night. One of the major factors that helps us is the fact SF has 3 of their best players on the DL. Will we take advantage? So far? Well, a month ago we were 5.5 out. Now we are 6 out. And now Kershaw is out. I said early and often this was going to be an interesting year. It’s about to get even more so.

  22. If they trade for a starter, I would rather it be someone like Terhan, Gray or Odorizzi, not a used up mid 30’s guy like Verlander, but someone who could contribute for years. Unfortunately this team is run by the Fazter, who has not a clue what is good for this team now…..go ahead Friedman, prove me wrong, make a trade that makes this team better now and for the long run, and oh yeah, find a catcher that can HIT while you are at it.

    1. It’s going to cost a couple top prospects, including De Leon, to get anybody good. If done, do you think it will be enough?

      1. No, I think they need Kershaw back and at least 1 more good starter, a catcher who can hit, and someone with some POWER to hit behind Gonzo. Getting all that would take more than just one of the prime prospects. I really believe they missed their best shots at titles the last 3 years. Of course, if Hanley had not gotten hurt, that 2013 NLCS might have turned out different. But they did not pull the trigger on big deals in 14 or last year when they really should have.

      2. Another thing Badger. I know all about how good these kids are supposed to be. But pitching is where the depth really is in the system. So to me, trading Deleon, or Cotton, or someone like that would cause less of an impact than trading Bellinger, Verdugo, or Calhoun. 3 of the top position players in the system. And that is where they are weak. Look at OKC. Almost every position player on that team came from another organization. Most of the Dodger draftee’s are at AA or lower. So most of the help at a position other than pitcher is 2 or more years away at least. The 2 guys developing fastest are Bellinger and Verdugo, but again, both are in AA ball. So they could in reality give up a couple of pitchers to strengthen the team and not be hurt to bad for the future. Their best catching prospect is at AA. The 2 second base prospects, Johnson, and Calhoun, are decent hitters, but lack great defensive skills. So it is a quandary. But guys who yell trade Puig, and trade this guy and that do not understand that the Dodgers have no real replacements in the minors.

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