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Kershaw’s Mysterious Sixth Inning Meltdown Dooms Dodgers

Clayton Kershaw

The Dodgers had one job coming into Tuesday night’s game against the Miami Marlins. They were supposed to forget about Monday night’s 3-2 loss and defeat the lowly Marlins to even the series. With Clayton Kershaw on the mound against mediocre Tom Koehler it certainly seemed like there was a good chance of that happening. The Dodgers were up 3-0 in the sixth inning and Kershaw and the Dodgers were cruising. Then Kershaw mysteriously imploded in that fateful sixth inning, allowing five consecutive hits, and five runs which doomed the Dodgers to a 6-3 loss. The Dodgers were supposed to make Don Mattingly sad. Now Mattingly is going back to the team hotel happy. He’s laughing in the clubhouse giddy, nay he’s ecstatic and smiling from ear to ear. This is definitely not what any of us wanted.

Of course it wasn’t all Kershaw’s fault. This was a team wide failure. The offense was again lackluster. The club could only muster up three runs on six hits. The Dodgers were 0 for 7 with runners in scoring position. Two of the runs scored in the first inning thanks to an early walkapalooza from Koehler. There were three walks, two wild pitches, and a throwing error from Miami catcher J.T. Realmuto which helped the Dodgers jump out to an early 2-0 lead.

Marlins  6 11 1

Dodgers 3 6 0





In the meantime Kershaw seemed to be cruising to an easy victory. He had allowed just one hit up to that point and even added an RBI double in the fourth inning to extend the Dodger’s lead to 3-0. The only hit was a triple from Marcell Ozuna off of Carl Crawford’s glove in the top of the second. Kershaw ended up finishing with ten strikeouts and no walks, but gave up five earned runs over seven frames.

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Koehler easily plowed through the Dodger lineup after that shaky first inning. He allowed two earned runs on three hits and struck out three over five frames. He had four walks and two wild pitches. He picked up his second win of the season.

The sixth inning was painful. It started with an Adeiny Hechavarria line out. Then former Dodger Miguel Rojas flared a double over third base. Dee Gordon singled off of Kershaw’s knee which put runners at first and second. The flood gates opened after that. Martin Prado’s ground ball single to center scored the first run of the inning. Christian Yelich singled, and then the big hit was Giancarlo Stanton’s three-run home run off the hitter’s backdrop in center right field. Kershaw was left cursing to himself and we were left disgusted by the thought of Don Mattingly smiling. That’s five runs scored to put the Fish ahead 5-3.

Nobody knows what happened. It’s mystifying. Maybe it was those damn infield shifts or something. I don’t know, but this was the first time in Kershaw’s career that he has allowed five consecutive hits in an inning. He had entered the game with a 1.93 ERA against the Marlins and an ERA under 1.4 for the season. Who knows man.

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The Dodger bullpen gave up one more run in the eighth inning because why not? The extent of the Dodger offense the rest of the game was a Corey Seager single in the seventh, a Joc Pederson double, and Chase Utley walk in the bottom of the ninth. Miami closer A.J. Ramos who is pretty damned good, closed out the game to record his second save of the season.

The Dodgers are now 12-9 on the season and 4-4 at home. They remain 1.5 games ahead in first place since the Giants won tonight. It seems like the Dodgers are well on their way to an embarrassing sweep to the Marlins isn’t it?

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On a bright note, Carl Crawford didn’t look 100% lost in left field during his first start back from the disabled list. Crawford misplayed a ball in left field, but was 1 for 3 with a single and run scored. He also walked. Little victories guys, little victories.

The series continues on Wednesday evening. The Marlins are sending rookie left hander Justin Nicolino to the mound against Scott Kazmir at 7:10 PM. The Dodgers will probably shuffle the entire B-squad into the lineup and Nicolino will pitch a one-hitter. Until tomorrow guys.

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Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

43 thoughts on “Kershaw’s Mysterious Sixth Inning Meltdown Dooms Dodgers

  1. Didn’t see that coming.

    I read a Tim Brown piece this morning that was really interesting. Said Donnie left because he wanted to go someplace and have fun again, that in LA he somehow wasn’t allowed to do it “his” way.

    Here, read for yourself.


    “He gets to make his own decisions”. Says a lot, doesn’t it.

    And the first two games of this series? – in your face LA.

    1. Thanks Badger, good read. I hope FAZ gets a chance to read it as well. Maybe experience some introspection.

    2. Well, good for Donnie. Now he gets to make his own decisions for a team that will occupy the cellar in perpetuity.

      1. I’m pretty sure perpetuity is a long time. I’m thinking maybe they don’t finish in the cellar as soon as this year.

      2. Dodger patch Firstly, Mat tingly isn’t the one, that said this. These words, came from Gordon, not Mattingly. And what is Mattingly’s excuse, before this front office, came to the Dodgers?

        They have not been here, every year, that Mattingly, was the manager. They were only here, for one year, that he managed. And Mattingly said that he liked working with Faz, and these words, were from Mattingly, not Gordon.

        Also, Mattingly only wanted to leave the Dodgers, when Faz, wouldn’t sign him, beyond that one year, that he had left on his contract. So Mattingly, actually wanted, to work even longer for the Dodgers. And if he would have been extended, Mattingly would be still working for the Dodgers, so all of this talk, from Gordon, isn’t true.

        And Gordon, didn’t play for the Dodgers, when Mattingly, managed, and this current front office, was in charge, so what does he know? And Gordon said that he hoped Mattingly would be different, then when he was with the Dodgers, after Gordon, found out, that Mattingly was coming to manage, the Marlins.

        And like I said, Gordon was talking about, Mattingly, when Colletti,was in charge, not Faz! Because Gordon, was traded, and didn’t play under Mattingly, when this front office, was in charge, so what does Gordon know?

        And I am not defending our current front office, I am writing the true facts. Mattingly managed this team, for five years, and this front office, was only in charge, for one year! What is Mattingly’s excuse, for the other four years?

    3. Well there seems to be some evidence there that the manager position for the Dodgers holds being a ‘yes man’ as a requirement. Roberts is doing some things that mirror some things Mattingly did – the sort of things that tend to piss off many of us because time and time again we keep seeing those sort of things fail only to appear again to very soon fail. I’m way outside the border of ‘in the know’ so me getting a wrong read is always a strong possibility. But give me some facts and then I believe I can read pretty good. I’m not ready to accept saber-geek formulas for the team I’ve always cheered. Personally, I don’t see fun in those formulas. Obviously I’m not very tech savvy. The Dodger way isn’t very tech savvy either. I know how it is to get detailed instructions to do something wrongly that I know how to do the right way. It’s made me quit better paying jobs with better benefits because it’s no fun and it’s unrewarding being part of something that won’t ever be fixed. I don’t know if this F/O is insisting on these stupid splits and lineups but there is some evidence that this could be the case. If it is the case, cut off the head! Let em run fantasy games elsewhere and get the phuck outa LA! Lets hope this is a wrong read but there is something between the lines and I’d be disappointed if there isn’t room for hate from those who may have been fooled.

  2. This game served to get one of Kershaw’s playoff ventures out of the way early in the regular season. It reminded me of a few games in the playoffs where Kershaw was almost perfect for 5 or 6 innings and then have the wheels fall off. Good to get it out of the way.

    1. Bums exactly! This is not the first time that we have seen Kershaw suddenly because hittable, after a couple of little hits. The first hit, was just a little flare over third, and the second one, would normally, be an out, with an average runner.

      All the hits after that, we’re on Kershaw, because most of the hits, including Stanton’s HR, we’re waist high, to middle, fastballs, that were right down the middle, of the plate. And Kershaw had two strikes on a couple of batters, and still allowed them, to get a hits. And we know that is a cardinal sin, as Vinny, always reminds us.

      The problem I see with Kershaw, when something like this happens, the catchers, don’t go out to Kershaw, and slow the game down. And this is because Kershaw, doesn’t like the catchers, coming out. I know that Grandal was behind the plate last night, but Grandal, normally will go out to a pitcher, if things look, like they are getting out of hand.

      If you think about it, Grandal was out to the pitchers this last weekend, many times, but last night with Kershaw, Grandal, didn’t go out there much, or at all. And in the post season, when Kershaw melted down, against the Cardinals, this is how his seventh innings, have got out of hand.

      Everybody has to remember, that the Marlins, are in a tough division, especially when it comes to pitching. Look at the starting pitching, that both the Nationals, and the Mets have. These teams, have really tough starting pitching. So the Marlins, are use to facing quality starting pitching. I was worried that this was going to happen, after they didn’t capitalize, on the Marlin’s starting pitcher, when he was practically, giving the game, to the Dodgers.

      The Dodgers had many times early, that they could have knocked the Marlin’s starting pitcher out, and didn’t do anything. I don’t know what is going on, with Turner, but he hasn’t hit like he can. We need our number three hitter, to hit consistently, and Turner is not hitting at all.

      Agon can’t hit in every game, someone else, needs to hit. Maybe this is what this team needed, so they will start having good at bats, and playing hard, in every game. I don’t know if the batting order, needs to be changed, or adjusted, what does everyone else think?

    1. Artieboy Stanton wasn’t really hitting, until, he started, batting against the Dodgers. We throw him pitches, right down the middle of the plate, and gave him extra at bats, and swings.

  3. I predict Stanton will be on the DL as often as Crawford. He’s a DH in waiting. In the mean time, yeah, he can hit them a long way. Especially those pitches right in his wheelhouse. He looked like he knew that one was coming.

    A lefty going today so we can look forward to another RH bologna sandwich lineup tonight. 3 runs? Yeah, maybe.

    1. Exactly Badger, right down the middle, and waist high. Anyone big league hitter, should drive a pitch like that. The Dodgers don’t pitch inside enough, to get hitters off the plate, and Kershaw, doesn’t do that, at all. I blame you Badger, for losing this game. You jinxed us, when you wrote, in so many words, that this, was a sure win for Kershaw. Darn you!

    2. Badger that’s why I think Mattingly brought this lefty up! He is thinking he will be facing that same rightie line up, that the Dodgers, had out there, on Monday. I don’t think that it will be that same rightie line up, because Agon, and Cory, will be playing tonight.

  4. OK so CK had a “melt down”. He’s entitled to one or two per year. The real problem is 0-10 RISP so far. We need a power bat from the right side like we had in Manny and the Mets have in Cespedes. Someone who hits 30+HR per year.
    Turner so far doesn’t seem to be the hitter of the past two years and the most he has hit is 16. Puig hit 19 the first year and not many per year since. Don’t forget Turner is a FA this year. Do we have anyone in the system close to taking his place? Will Puig EVER get his head in the game for the ENTIRE game?
    I was amazed and disappointed that the FO didn’t go after Donaldson when he was made available? Did the FO even know he was available? If so why didn’t they “pull the trigger”? Were the players Toronto gave up better than what we may have refused to give up? If you say Seager/Urias/Deleon, that’s only conjecture. I guess we’ll never know.
    That being said, I still stand by projection of 92 wins.

    1. Richie F I am worried about Turner too. He hasn’t adjusted, to what the pitchers, are pitching him yet. Maybe we are rushing to judgement, to early.

  5. You are going to lose when your first 5 hitters have 1 hit between them the entire game, unless the bottom four hit everything thrown at them….pretty bad when your starting pitcher has more hits than your starting 8……

  6. I hate these dam line ups. Figure out who your best 8 ball planyers, and let them play.

    Kendrick should of never been signed after they signed Utley. CC is a has been. Right now they are blocking the paths of some pretty good players. Thompson, Pederson, and Puig should be the starters in the outfield. Turner, Seager, Utley, and Agon should be in the infield. Grandal should be the catcher. End of story.

    If Kasmir and Wood cannot cut it by the end of May! Bring up Urias and Deleon. Maybe Ryu will be back soon. End of story. The trouble with all of this is you have Kasmir and CC with big contracts and FAZ has to justify them.

    Even if you have to give Kendrick, CC and Kasmir away, do it.

    That article tells me who is making out the line ups. It wasn’t Mattingly and it is not Roberts. I was Superintendent of schools for 18 years. I believed in hiring good people and then get the hell out of the way, and let them do their job. I have always supported FAZ, but this article does not make me happy.

  7. Guess who is in a tailspin not spoken much about? Good ol’ 66. He+Kendrick+no production from Turner=a loss to an inferior team. We had a chance to get some space from the giants, but that is now gone. I want Maeda every day.

    1. I’m still hoping Maeda for 30 starts.

      The good news is every good team in the West is stumbling. There will be days and weeks like this.

      I too am concerned about timely hitting. It’s been an issue for a while now. It seems our lineup, or lineups if you will, can be pitched to in high pressure situations.

      Kazmir vs a 24 year old with 74 innings of big league experience. Toss up? We’re favored because of course we are. 8 runs O/U. I don’t know about this one. I don’t have full confidence in – whatever RH lineup FAZ suggests, but I will pick the Dodgers and the over – just so I don’t get called any names.

      You know, it’s been a few hours since the last FAZ move. I sense the signing of a risk project. Someone needs to check the waiver wire and injury reports.

      1. Lincecum would be high risk high reward. He is the embodiment of a FAZ signing. One year contract and since he has had surgeries, maybe $25M.

        1. More? It’s a throw up between them.

          I am concerned about both, but I’m more less confident in pitching. I think we have some decent sticks in this lineup, though who is going to hit three run homers is a real question mark.

  8. MJ – very good point about the Catcher slowing the game down for CK. I noticed the same thing.
    He seems to get a little bit flustered if he gives up a couple of hits & seems to speed up rather than slow down.

    Have needed a RH power hitter since the demise of Hanram & Kemp. Roger’s been saying it for a while.
    Some suggested a trade involving Stanton & Puig (plus prospects) 3 years ago, when Puig had real value. Would be nice to have him in the heart of the lineup every night. Would at least stir the blood each AB.
    I take Badger’s DL point though.

    1. In 6 years, Stanton has played 150 once. He’s 26. He doesn’t start making ridonkulous money until he’s 28. It’s not going out on a limb to predict he won’t play more as he ages, nor will he stay in Miami. He can opt in ’20, but why would he? The next year, at age 31, he starts making close to, then over $30 million. If he can stay on the field for the next 4 years, someone like the Yankees might want him just to hit 450′ home runs. I don’t see him in the NL for much of that contract, unless he goes to first base. Who knows. Other than the injury part of his game, he doesn’t fit the FAZ model.

  9. Right handed power has been an issue since the Braintrust traded Kemp and didn’t resign Hanley. I don’t think that anyone here wants Hanley at this point – a good non-move. While I was initially dubious about the Kemp for Grandal trade, I think that it has worked out OK. The problem is that the Puig/Turner combo hasn’t made up the power that the team has lost.

    Turner has been productive when healthy but doesn’t have a great record of health. (I know, a broken record.) The Dodgers could have had Frazier instead of the 3 prospects that they got from the Sox, but decided to ride the Turner train instead. I’m not sure that they made the right move there, although the Braintrust always seems to prefer prospects instead of real major leaguers.

    Puig has never lived up to his early potential and sometimes it doesn’t seem that he ever will. No one wants to be the one who traded away the next superstar, so they keep giving him more chances.

    In the meantime, the only sure thing in the lineup seems to be Adrian Gonzalez. He will undoubtedly have a slump or 2 during the course of the season, but the Dodgers need to find other consistent hitters to put out there with him – and guys who can hit with RISP.

    1. Dodger rick although Frazier has hit some HRs this year, he is batting under 200. Puig was suppose to be the answer, to the right hand power, when Kemp was traded. And Mattingly was the one, that wanted Kemp traded. That is funny now, because Mattingly wasn’t talking to Puig, at the end of last year.

      Puig is just not a RBI guy! I don’t think he was playing in Cuba’s top league, or he only played there, for a short while. And Puig was not fully developed by the Dodgers, as everybody knows, so he is still learning how to hit, major league pitching. And it looks like Puig, is really trying to learn, right now.

      But Puig is no power guy, at this point of his career, even though he is built. Puig often, let’s his emotions, allow him to have, bad at bats, at times, or he gets implosive, and swings at the first pitch, even if it is not a good pitch.

      But Puig has hit better then Turner, at this point of the season. It looks at times, that pitchers are pitching Turner inside a lot, and he is just not adjusting, to the way, he is being pitched. If Turner was hitting, like he has in the past, right now, we probably wouldn’t be talking about this. Maybe some of the Dodger hitters, are trying to hard, to hit the ball the other way, to advance runners, and not just hitting, especially Turner.

      Many teams, are not hitting consistently in baseball, right now. One week, the Giants are hitting, and the next week, they are not hitting. The Dbacks had that happen, and the Dodgers too. The Dodgers need to go up to the plate, and have good at bats, and look for there pitch, and if the first pitch, is right over the plate, then they need to swing at that pitch.

      The Marlins were not hitting much, until the last game, they won against the Giants. And now the Marlins, are hitting against the Dodgers, at times. Because remember, the Dodgers should have won that first game. Maybe the pitchers, are ahead of the hitters, right now. But tonight, the Dodgers need to come out, and play good baseball, and have good at bats.

      And by the way, Mattingly is now blaming Bonds, for his team, not hitting. And this was before the Marlins, had won these last three games.

  10. Wow!!!! The Dodgers lose a couple of games and it sure is quiet in here. Sound familiar? Not sure where our resident muckracker went. Seems he only comes in these days to scold “some of you” when the blind squirrels find a nut.
    The shift sucks and Kershaw hates it. Does he not have that much pull with FAZ?
    The BP did their usual. Kendrick isn’t helping. 1 hit, a walk and a run. Big deal, he is still blocking some good prospects. Oh wait, he was about the only one who hit better than our pitcher. Why can’t this team hit WRISP?????
    I swear Puig was counting daisies out there.
    Mattingly has got to be beside himself with glee. Even more when he sees Kazmir on the bump and another RH FAZ lineup. Deja Vu all over again there Donnie???
    At this point the month of May REALLY SCARES ME!!!!!!

      1. Don’t know either, just the reversed similarities in names. No offense intended since I don’t know either to judge…

  11. Actually, people post more when the Dodgers lose. Always have…

    20 games – Yawn! We see some patterns, but by 40 games we will have a better idea.

    I don’t post much because I don’t have time, but I think you will find I post as much – win or lose.

    It was said that I’m a whiner because I whine about the whiners. If pointing out their whining is whining, then I am guilty. Me, I’m happy with where the team is. There’s lots of good things happening – we need to improve in some areas and we have resources to do so.

    On Donaldson: We do know what Beane wanted for him. They got the following:

    Brett Lawrie – A 26-year-old solid infielder.
    Franklin Barreto – A Top 100 Prospect at SS.
    Kendall Graveman – A 25 year-old RH Pitcher who as a rookie started 21 games with a 4.05 ERA
    Sean Nolin – A 25-year-old LH starter who was a rookie last year.

    It was 4 pretty solid players. Beane would have insisted that Seager or Urias be in the deal along with Holmes and someone like Verdugo and Baez. I guess it depends what Beane was looking for, but it would have cost a little. I would have done it if I didn’t have to give up Seager, Urias or De Leon, but you know Beane was asking for as much as he could get.

    1. I don’t know those mid 20 year old players. We’re any of them top 10 prospects when the trade was made? Barreto is in his third year of A ball I believe, but he grades out well. He cracked the top 20, right there with De Leon.

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