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Let’s Talk About Bud Norris For a Minute

Bud Norris

The day of reckoning has arrived for the Dodgers. The day that I predicted and everyone has feared is finally here. Today the Dodgers announced that Clayton Kershaw was placed on the 15-day disabled list. The official diagnosis for his back problems was a herniated disc. That’s very similar to what I predicted which was a bulging disc. The Dodgers did not give a timeline for his return, but they are “hoping” that he returns sometime after the al-star break. Apparently Kersh had an epidural. Brett Anderson had a bulging disc and he’s been out for months. Don’t expect Kershaw to be back anytime soon. Back injuries are serious and very painful. Honestly it’s not surprising that Kershaw finally got hurt considering all of the innings he’s logged.

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With Kershaw out, the Dodgers were forced to make a move since there was nobody left in the entire organization that could take his place. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reported that the Dodgers have acquired right hander Bud Norris from the Atlanta Braves. Going to the Braves in the deal will be double-A right hander Caleb Dirks, and fellow minor league southpaw Philip Pfeifer. The Dodgers will also acquire minor league outfielder Dian Toscano, and some cash will go back to the Braves.

As far as the players going back to the Braves, that’s not worth crying over. Pfeifer is a non-prospect. So that leaves Dirks as the lone actual prospect going to the Braves in the 5-player deal. Dirks is a 23-year old prospect that was originally drafted by the Braves but traded to the Dodgers last season for international slot money. Dirks was putting up pretty good numbers in double-A Tulsa. The youngster had posted a 1.44 ERA and a 35-7 strikeout to walk line. Dirks posted a 3-2 record and limited batters to a .214 batting average against.

According to the scouting reports Dirks has a lively fastball and is considered to be a top 30 rated prospect. While Dirks is certainly a somewhat noteworthy prospect, it’s nothing to get upset over. Losing Dirks isn’t going to break the Dodger’s farm system. You have to give up guys to get guys.

So let’s talk about Bud Norris for a few minutes. The 31-year old right hander out of Cal Poly State University was originally drafted by the Astros in the sixth round of the 2006 amateur draft. He made his MLB debut with the Astros in 2009 and pitched about 4 seasons in Houston. Arguably his best year came in 2014 for the Orioles when he posted a 15-8 record and a 3.65 ERA. During his career he’s never been a big swing and miss guy. He’s posted an 8.2 strikeout per nine rate and a 3.5 walk per nine rate.

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The Braves signed the veteran as a free agent and he got off to a terrible start. He posted a 9.00 ERA in the month of April and the Braves nearly gave up on him. He made some adjustments while working out of the bullpen. He stopped using his changeup and began using a cutter. This led to him putting up a 2.08 ERA since late April, and a 59.2 % ground ball rate. Overall Norris is 3-7 with a 4.22 ERA in 10 starts and 22 appearances this season.

He’s tossed 70.1 innings pitched and whiffed 60 while walking 28. Norris has made 5 career starts at Dodger Stadium and is 0-2 with a 3.10 ERA. Norris has an easy delivery and a fiery temper when on the mound. He is a free agent after this season and is owed about 1.3 million dollars remaining from his 2.5 million dollar contract with Atlanta.

I’ve been very critical of the front office and I will criticize them when the situation arises. However this is not one of those times. With the entire rotation on the disabled list, the Dodgers needed a starter and the dredges of Mike Bolsinger, Carlos Frias, and Nick Tepesch were not going to cut it. Norris has been pitching well and gives the Dodgers at least some kind of viable option. Plus the Dodgers literally gave up nothing to get him. I think this is a move that can work out for the Dodgers. Unless Norris becomes this year’s version of Mat Latos.

Either way there is no way the Dodgers can survive without Clayton Kershaw. This at least gives the Dodgers somebody that can get some outs and possibly gives them some innings. At the least Norris is a somewhat competent starter. Look for him to make his debut for the Dodgers tomorrow night against Colorado.

In order to clear room on the 40-man roster the Dodgers have designated left hander Ian Thomas (I had totally forgotten he was still with the organization) for assignment.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

71 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Bud Norris For a Minute

  1. This malady I know, multiple times. If it’s a herniation versus a bulge, that’s not good. I hoping for the best for my hero.
    Micro surgery is a miracle, he’ll be back no matter what the situation is. Question is when? Time for FAZ to be creative! I’m pulling for this team.

    1. According to the reports, it is a mild herniation, and is only protruding about 10%. They say the condition does not require surgery, and that it is easily fixed with treatment. On the other hand, my daughter had degenerative discs, and those are extremely painful. His ailment is not nearly as bad as Anderson’s

  2. Bud Norris – great. Here’s Dodger’s Digest:

    “Prior to this year, Norris had a 4.44 ERA and 4.21 FIP over 988.2 innings, which just screams mediocrity. Heck, even in 2016, he has a 4.22 ERA and 3.84 FIP in 70.1 innings through 22 appearances and 10 starts, which is average and fine, but still nothing to get excited about.”

  3. He played for California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo. Exactly where I sit. Scott get your facts straight. You are a dumb ass fazofant butt licker. OK you know I am just kidding. Hugs and kisses.
    It’s a rare time I get to tout my home University team. Although Ross Stripling did play for our local collegiate summer league team the Slo Blues. Oh and I was the stadium announcer. Me with a microphone, flipping scary.

  4. Let’s hope he can give us some innings, as our bullpen needs a week off.

    DeLeon went 5 himself tonight. Wonder when he’ll be ready for 6 or 7?

  5. Bud Norris. Add him to the list. He’s gone 7 twice this month. Gone 5 3 times. He’s already pitched in 22 games , 12 as a reliever. I don’t know. Maybe. Whatever. Good thing I’m detached.

    Herniated disc in lower back? This could be bad. It would be bad for anyone who works for a living. A Major League pitcher? The torque they put on their back? He could be out months. Good thing I’m detached.

    What the hell is next for this team? Shall we fire the trainers again?

    1. Relax Badger, it is a mild herniation. The disc is not bulging which is a lot more painful and his condition can be treated without surgery, unlike what Anderson has. Norris is 59-75 in his career. He has started 176 games with NO complete games. He had 1 season where he won more than 10 games. He was 15-8 with Baltimore in 20 with an ERA of 3.65. His only other season with a winning record was 2009 with Houston when he went 6-3. Very average pitcher with so so stuff. Not a strikeout guy that s for sure.

      1. A herniation and a bulge may be the same thing.

        “There are many terms used to describe spinal disc pathology and associated pain, such as “herniated disc,” “pinched nerve,” and “bulging disc,” and all are used differently and, at times, interchangeably….Unfortunately, healthcare professionals do not agree on a precise definition of any of these terms, and patients may be frustrated when they hear their diagnosis referred to in different terms. The unusually wide range of terms used to describe spinal disc problems (such as ruptured disc, torn disc, slipped disc, collapsed disc, disc protrusion, disc disease, and black disc) can add to the confusion.” (courtesy of Spine

        Unless you have read the radiologist’s report, you do not know what is wrong with Clayton, what his prognosis is, what his recovery time will be, and what treatment he will need. The fact that he has had an epidural isn’t even that helpful, because doctors use them in the spine for many reasons and in many ways and places.

        I have taken the depositions of many spine surgeons – some use the terms interchangeably and some don’t.

        The other thing is that backs are very unpredictable. Some recover quickly and some have problems that hang around. Given Kershaw’s desire to recover and his great physical condition before his injury, he has a better than average chance to recover quickly and completely but we just don’t have enough information to go on now.

        1. Dodgerrick
          Not everyone who had a herniated disc has there disc putting pressure on a nerve, and when they do, most people have the pain and numbness go down the sciatic nerve, which goes down your leg.

          I had most of my pain at the begining, in the back, and then it went down my leg.

          But like said before, the doctors said I had the largest herinated disc they had ever saw.

          Kershaw’s problem, sounds like they caught it really early, plus he is young, and that helps a lot.

          If his disc was that bad, he wouldn’t have been pitching against the Pirates.

          Because Kershaw does have this problem, Roberts needs to not let Kershaw pitch as many innings, as Kershaw wants to pitch every time out.

          Because Kershaw will do that, so Roberts needs to think take charge, and don’t let Kershaw pitch a complete game, every time he pitches.

    2. Oh, and the trainer would have no effect in causing a herniated disc. Look at it this way, CK does not have a smooth delivery, and the way he twists his body when he throws, well something had to break down sometime. It is like Wood, who’s delivery is so totally awkward, he puts a tone of stress on the back and arm.

    1. Do you even check the minor league stats????? Deleon has pitched in 6 games at AAA, only 23 innings, and he has allowed 3 home runs in those 23 innings. Cotton is 6-4 with an ERA close to 5, and has pitched 69 innings. He has also given up 12 home runs in that time…and that is AAA ball, he obviously is NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME.

      1. And you think Bolsinger, Kaz and Norris are better? I think give the kids in AAA a taste of the big leagues. We’ve had Tepesch with a spot start.

      2. In related news, De Leon had s good outing yesterday. I’d give him a start once he’s stretched out.

        1. You would maybe, but I doubt the FO will. Maybe he will be a September call up…and Kaz and Norris are better options at this point because they have something Deleon and Cotton do not….experience at the big league level and some success up there. Bolsinger is nothing more than a AAAA pitcher, he will never excel at the big league level, and Tepesch? He was a cheap pickup, which this moronic FO excels at.

  6. Yasmani hits a HR, and Mark rejoices…….but the slug is hitting .179……He couldn’t hit my grandmother…….and she is dead…

  7. Relax? Im not going to relax until I see him back on the mound. Like rick said, there is a lot more that needs to be known here, and the Dodgers have said very little. It’s possible he could complete the year by using injections but, is that what the team will want to do? Since this season is an enormous question mark anyway, I would not be surprised to see the team exercise extreme caution in this case. Obviously more information is needed.

    1. Well there is not a damn thing we as fans can do about it, but all the reports I read last night said it was a mild herniation, and he will not need surgery. That’s the good news, the bad news is that the FO acquires another 2nd line type guy instead of a quality pitcher. If they were going to trade with Atlanta, why not target Terhan? There are other guys available. That OF they got is in AA, and hitting a robust .228. Best part of the deal may turn out to be the player to be named later and the cash. Oh, Heaney is to have TJ surgery. I guess we got rid of him right on time……

  8. Whatever the case, the integrity of the disc has been compromised and it will never be restored to its original condition. The future will involve protecting the disc and the management of symptoms. Eventually, it will probably shorten Kershaw’s career from what it would be with a healthy disc.

    1. Agreed. Once you have a back problem, it’s with you for life. The pain may not be constant but it will come and go.

      1. My daughter has deteriorating disc’s. Multiple ones in the middle of her back. She can do very little and even sitting for a prolonged period is painful. Sandy had an arthritic elbow that he iced after every game. Little hard to ice the whole back. They said the disc was exposed about 10%. Which they also said is treatable. So we will see, but he obviously will have to be worked back into the rotation slowly when he comes off the DL, and his workload reduced some.

    2. Hp Wolfe
      From what I read, a mild herniation can realign, so that is not true.
      Believe me, I had never heard of a mild herniation, and that is because probably most people don’t seek a doctor out, with this type of mild pain, so they caught it early enough, that it can realign like I said.

      1. Alignment is not the only issue. A disc cannot regain its original condition. It’s the same for tendons and ligaments. Once that kind of soft tissue is damaged, it’s original integrity cannot be restored. Going forward it is a matter of management of the condition. It is more susceptible to re-injury than a completely healthy disc.

  9. The point is it’s a back injury on the best player in the organization. You can bet there is panic in the front office. It might be “mild” panic, but the uncertainty about this is enormous.

    There is one thing that is certain. This team is going nowhere for a while.

  10. The lack of pitchers that can pitch deep into games, and a bullpen, that can’t be trusted to get the ball to Kenley, has caused Kershaw, to put even more pressure on himself, to try to pitch a complete game, or go eight innings, every time a pitches.

    And that is why I blame this front office, for his problem.

    Only two pitchers that this front office brought to the Dodgers, is still pitching in the starting rotation.
    And they are Maeda, that didn’t have a clean scan, and Kazmir, who just can’t pitch a decent game, most of the time, he goes out to pitch.

    What I don’t understand, is why are there no pitcher in AAA, or the minor league system, that is ready to pitch enough innings, to fill in the pitching rotation for the major league team?

    Isn’t that what the minor league system is for?

    1. What they should have done was sign a type A pitcher in the free agency period….There were plenty available. But no, they went on the frippen cheap again to protect their draft picks. Which according to reports, impressed no body. Depth means bupkis when all your DEPTH is on the DL, and your entire preseason starting rotation save 2 is unable to go. Even a brilliant mind like your own should be able to see that

    2. Mark
      I would have reinforced the bullpen this year, and got a decent set up pitcher.

      Because the front office brought starters pitchers to the Dodgers, that don’t pitch deep into games, unlike Greinke.

      And because of this, the bullpen is being over used, and it is even more exposed then last year.

      The Dodgers also depend on Kershaw to pitch and get a win, every time he pitches.

      And they also depend on Kershaw, to pitch deep into games, to give the bullpen a rest.

      And because of this, Kershaw has much more pressure on himself this year, then last year.

      This is because Kershaw doesn’t have Greinke here, to help him.

      And because the rest of the starting pitchers, in the starting rotation, can’t be counted on, to pitch deep into games, and help Kershaw out.

      All of the above, is putting more pressure on Kershaw, to carry the team.

      He is pitching deep into games, not only to get the ball to Kenley, and get the win.So

      He is also pitching deep into games, to make up for the other starting pitchers, that don’t pitch deep into games, to give the bullpen a rest!

      You don’t think that this puts a lot more pressure on Kershaw?

  11. Which Disc is it???

    C4 – C5 (C5 nerve root) – Can cause weakness in the deltoid muscle in the upper arm. Does not usually cause numbness or tingling. Can cause shoulder pain.
    C5 – C6 (C6 nerve root) – Can cause weakness in the biceps (muscles in the front of the upper arms) and wrist extensor muscles. Numbness and tingling along with pain can radiate to the thumb side of the hand. This is one of the most common levels for a cervical disc herniation to occur.
    C6 – C7 (C7 nerve root) – Can cause weakness in the triceps (muscles in the back of the upper arm and extending to the forearm) and the finger extensor muscles. Numbness and tingling along with pain can radiate down the triceps and into the middle finger. This is also one of the most common levels for a cervical disc herniation (see Figure 1).
    C7 – T1 (C8 nerve root) – Can cause weakness with handgrip. Numbness and tingling and pain can radiate down the arm to the little finger side of hand.

    For a long time I have thought that all MLB trainers are idiots. Now I wonder if the LAD Player development department, especially the head guy, with their heavy weight lifting program are idiots too, I believe in developing core strength and significant total body flexibility, i.e., Ichiro’s workout. When will we find out why the LAD players have so many injuries?

    I hope that Norris is not another Latos. I want to see him shake off Grandal all night long because I ave no respect for the LAD pitch calling. So many times, while watching a game, I say do not call this pitch or this location , but rather call this pitch and this location, and they do what I say to not do and the bonfire starts once again. Norris has just recently reinvented himself, so there is not enough data for Neddy Jr’s Artificial Intelligence of a three year old software to arrive at an accurate conclusion regarding pitch selection, so please let Norris call his own game tonight.

    1. Bob, you list the vertebrae of the neck (cervical). You want to check out the Lumbars in the low back. In reality, it probably doesn’t make much difference because any of them would be debilitating.

    2. I’ve been as critical as anyone of the front office and its decision making process and outcomes, but really, you can’t blame a disc bulge on Andrew Friedman.

      Kershaw’s workouts are legendary. I’m sure he’s in great shape. It’s just that soft tissue doesn’t always maintain its integrity no matter how hard you try.

      By the way, it’s his back and not his neck so it isn’t a cervical disc but a lumbar or lumbo-sacral disc.

      1. It was the front office that let Greinke go, and signed a bunch of starters, that can’t pitch deep into games.

        And the front office didn’t reinforce the bullpen, and didn’t get a set up pitcher, for the bullpen.

        And because of all of this, Kershaw feels the need, to pitch deep into games.

        In order to give the bullpen a rest, every game he pitches.

        And this is because the other starters, can’t pitch deep into games.

        And because of that, they don’t help Kershaw, give the pen a rest.

    3. Ellis calls a much better game than Grandal, and he can also block the plate and actually throw runners out.

  12. I think Norris is the missing link to our success and now we can all rest knowing that a WS title is highly likely, lol. Damn we got some real and season long issues.

  13. I like the lawyer talk of Dodgerrick. Heard some of that testimony myself. One thing we can all say is that it is not good for Kershaw or the team. It can probably be healed to a functional point, but function for whom? His is not an everyday job. My guess is that he comes back after the AllStar game and then probably receiving treatment and protection when he pitches. Rest and treatment are the best medicine, but it takes a long time. These guys are terrific athletes and he is still young, so those are big variables that don’t apply to most of us. No offense.
    Bring on the young guys. What do they say about necessity?

  14. Not sure if we can completely excuse the FO given that they base decisions on probability models. But even if they determined there was a greater than 50% chance of Clayton getting hurt not much they can really do to replace him. Maybe, to their credit, this injury was discovered while still mild before it became severe.

    So for now Norris, Maeda , Kasmir, and the two kiddies.

  15. On another subject, here is Houston Mitchell of the LA Times on the Dodgers’ offense in June:

    “Trayce Thompson hit just .207 with five homers and 10 RBIs in June.

    Seven Dodgers hit below .225 for the month: Adrian Gonzalez (.223), Scott Van Slyke (.206), Chase Utley (.209), Thompson, A.J. Ellis (.188), Yasmani Grandal (.169) and Kiké Hernandez (.158).”


    1. Dodger rick
      Also Agone had eight hits in the last week of June.

      And Trayce had three hits including a HR in the last week of June.

      And I believe AJ had four hits in the last week of June.

  16. De Leon needs another start or two before he is called up. I want to see him pitch 6 or 7 first. If that is the end of July, so be it

  17. Doable. Who are you willing to give up and I assume Lucroy has to sign an extension before we pull the trigger.

    1. Kendrick, Hernandez, SVS, Baez, Hatcher, Taylor from the 25 man roster, and some prospects. It can be worked out…

  18. What they should have done was sign a type A pitcher in the free agency period….There were plenty available. But no, they went on the frippen cheap again to protect their draft picks. Which according to reports, impressed no body. Depth means bupkis when all your DEPTH is on the DL, and your entire preseason starting rotation save 2 is unable to go. Even a brilliant mind like your own should be able to see that.

    So, they could have signed Greinke (who is about to go on the DL) for 6 years/$210 million and had another like A-gone is two or three years or they could have signed Cueto (who is pitching very well) to a long term deal. Cueto is another pitcher I have no confidence in as he ages.

    Then, there was David Price whom the Red Sox fans are already complaining about. Give them another couple of years and they will be wailing!

    The could have traded for one, but everyone was asking for Seager, Urias and De Leon. No, I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I think it is felony stupid to hand out those kinds of deals. It’s not sustainable. It’s stupid to end up with dead wood like Gonzo, Crawfish and Ethier for a chance to win it now.

    Toronto was all in last year – didn’t make it and now the farm is pretty base, players are aging and they likely have to blow it up.

    When you don’t sign the dope-fiend instant gratification, give-it-to me now deals, it leaves you with players like Utley, Kendrick, Kazmir, Anderson and McCarthy.

    Who knew so many players would be injured, but it happened? Who knew the entire team would forget how to hit the first half? You may think it’s felony stupid to sign injury-prone players. I think it’s felony stupid to sign any aging players to long term deals.

    Who is right? That will not be apparent after one or two seasons. History will be the judge. There won’t be any argument! The facts will be clear. A meth addict feels pretty good in the midst of a high – what happens later. That’s what I focus on – not sight – VISION!

    1. They could have gotten Zimmerman, who was not a 100 million dollar guy, but he is pretty reliable, they could have traded youth for youth to get someone like Terhan, who would not have cost Seager, Urias et-al, no they did not need to keep Greinke at such a huge price, but there were other options and FAZOMATIC went on the cheap. You can be a FAZOPHILE ALL YOU WANT, But me, I want to see guys who can make it past the effen 5th inning out there, not a bunch of slugs who in reality would have a tough time getting YOU out.

    2. Vision?? Please. They stockpile mediocrity like no front office I have ever seen. They get fringe injury prone guys and give them ridiculous contracts. And unless you are producing at the major league level, potential means crap. Maeda was signed to an 8 year deal that is team friendly, why? Because they have huge concerns about his arm health. Have they succeeded in reloading the farm? Sure, but most of the top prospects are at AA and lower and at least 2 or 3 years away. I think any contract for any pitcher that is over 3 years is dumb. I believed that when they signed Kevin Brown way back when, and that is because pitchers break down a lot easier than position players. Who knew? No one, and nobody could have predicted that, but last year 2/3 rd’s of the rotation went down before May. The #3 guy, Anderson, managed to stay healthy most of the year, Bolsinger was at least serviceable and the 5 slot was a mess. But they had Greinke and Kersh…..Kind of like the 48 Braves when it was Spahn and Sain and pray for rain. But signing injury prone mediocre pitchers and trying to convince the fans you are still trying to win, that’s stupid. If you are going to blow it up, well blow it up, and get it over with. Do not make hard working people who support this mess pay their hard earned money to watch what is basically a dog and pony show. It is as stupid as signing junk. And that my friend is what the Dodger FO is, a junk dealer…..send us your maimed, your weak of body, and those with little talent and we shall reward them with ridiculous money……48 million, wasted on McCarthy, 15.8 on Anderson, 64 million on Olivera, 48 for Kazmir?… please… over 60 years watching this team, I have never seen such waste.

      1. Actually, only $28 million on Olivera since they found a sucker, er, partner, to take him off our hands. Got a HAUL in return. I don’t blame you for not wanting to sign pitchers to long-term contracts, but it’s either that or trade for them or wait for some of your prospects to prove themselves.

        Our braintrust has scarcely shown any penetrating insight into either the quality or durability of the pitchers they have signed. The main qualification seems to have been–cheap.

  19. I want nobody for nobody until July 30th. I’ll let you know then what I want and how I want it done.

    For now we take a deep breath and circle the wagons.

    I’m reminded of some advice a fellow Marine gave me several years ago – when faced with life changing decision – “Stop. Look both ways. Proceed with caution”. We don’t need to do anything before the All Star break and I say DON’T do anything for two weeks after that. Yeah, as Mark said, the team could start hitting, and keep hitting, for months. That could happen. Or……. what’s been happening will continue.

    I’m just gonna watch. We got Bud Norris. Yeah Bud! Good luck kid. Go get ’em.

    Just read Mark’s post. He sounds angry again. Was it me?

    1. Angry? You have no clue. Why would I be angry?

      It’s a game. Norris will be bad or good or mediocre.

      Who knows?

      I am pretty sure the team will hit better, because they can’t hit worse… or can they?

      There’s a reason the Dodgers have never won 4 Division Championships in a row – IT’S DAMN HARD! But you never know. Who knew what the Indians would do?

  20. Miwaukee wants only prospects – TOP PROSPECTS – for Braun and Lucroy. 3 top 15 for either one. They might take Kike, but they would want two of these: De Leon, Bellinger, Verdugo, Calhoun.

    I would say no to that. The Dodgers might be able to trade Kendrick, Utley, Grandal, SVS, et al for more prospects, but that is problematic.

    Since the Dodgers are rich and loaded with prospects every GM asks for more.

  21. The thing about going for it by signing star players – if you win it’s worth it. The Dodgers haven’t been to the Series since 1988. If you don’t go for it at some point you never get back to the Series.

    If not now, when? (Actually, now it may be too late. The window has been open the past couple of years, but they don’t have the pitching now that they did and the offense is gone. The time to have gone for it was last year.)

    If the window is closed on this particular iteration of the Dodgers, then it is a matter of gearing up for 2018 or 2019 or whenever. I tend to agree with Badger that 2016 is not going to be the Dodgers’ year. The latest catastrophe (Kershaw to the DL) is just the icing on the cake.

    1. Thank you Rick. The Dodgers fans want a winner now, not next year. We have waited a long time, and watched the Giants win 3. It is great to have kids there for the future, but not all of them will contribute. Even top prospects flop. I can name plenty of them who never did crap in the majors.

  22. .. or ended up like Toronto. We will never know.

    The O’Malleys simply had no idea what they could have done and neglected the team. Then came FOX who were dumber than a bag of hammers. Frank McCourt was a disaster but just because the Dodgers have sucked for nearly thirty years, does not mean I want to win just one time. I want to win EVERY TIME! They may or may not win this year, but they are loading up the farm and Michael is right, many prospects flop. So, the more you have, the more flops you will have… but also more successes.

    Right about now the Dodgers are loaded on the farm – a year ago Brock Stewart was an afterthought. Now, he’s a TOP 100 MLB PROSPECT… and there are a lot more. I like the odds of a number of them making it.

    You can disagree all you want about their plan, but they are resolute in carrying it out. You can’t have instant success and sustained success at the same time… usually. I think history will show that they were on the right track!

    I don’t know who is on their no trade list, but I have an idea. The Giants have been successful because of home-grown talent. The Zito signing was a debacle and they may have made another with Cueto. Their entire infield is home grown which allows them to cherry-pick a few free agents.

    I have learned the lesson taught by the errors of the last 28 years. Some of you want to smoke that same dope. I don’t inhale.

    1. And tell me oh wise one, How many world series has Fried brains won?”??? The answer is zip, none nada. His team went once and lost. All the prospects he gathered up for the Rays leave. Why? Because the team will not pay them. How well is the team he built doing this year????? Bingo, they are a last place team. Why did Maddon leave if they were so frippen great? But I look at it this way. They said when they bought the team that they were committed to winning NOW. So far, I have not seen that. Neither have most Dodger fans. And excuse me, Peter O’Malley did not neglect the team, it is no coincidence that the Dodgers have not had a rookie of the year since he left. He sold the team because his kids did not want to take it over and run it when he decided to retire, it was also a monetary decision because of the estate taxes in California. They paid over 2 billion dollars for the privilege of owning the team. They made a promise to the fans that so far is unfulfilled. Opinions are like rear ends, everybody has one and they usually stink. Your opinion is your view, which you are entitled to, but sometimes you get self righteous like everything you say should be gospel. You believe what you like….I will think what I like…..and I doubt we will ever agree, and only time will tell who is closer to the truth. But I prefer to bank on proven stock, not a bunch of untried kids.

    2. Since you CAN’T win every time, when do you pull the trigger and take the chance of winning now? You assess your talent, look at the competition, and make the call.

      My beef (and it is just an impression) is that the Braintrust will NEVER make that call. They would rather die than spending the money on a big time player (it would keep them from buying another dozen Cubans) or cost them a prospect (heaven forbid! Everybody knows that all prospects will be stars).

      Obviously, there are untouchable prospects – but they can’t all be untouchable. From the current batch, Seager, Urias, maybe a couple of more.

      1. You make that call when the pipeline is full and you need a player or two. Last year, the pipeline was not full. This year it’s getting close.

        What if (and maybe they did – we don’t know) Philly said OK, we will take De Leon, Calhoun and Holmes, if you throw in Brock Stewart for Hamels?

        Stewart was a nobody last year and now everyone wants him.

        I think that they are about 9 or 10 untouchables: Urias, De Leon, Stewart, Bellinger, Calhoun, De Jong, Barlow, Buehler, Oakes and Montas. Then, there are about the same number who are intriguing but could be dealt in the right deal, namely Cotton, Stripling, Dayton, Toles, Barnes, Diaz, Holmes, Alvarez and Sierra.

        Dodgers just put JOC on the DL and officially called up Norris and Venable.

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