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Limp Dodger Bats Fall Flat Again. What Else is New?

The Cardinals certainly made a statement on Wednesday night at Dodger Stadium as they defeated the weak ass Dodgers 3-1 in front of an angry sellout crowd at Dodger Stadium. The Cardinals a good young exciting club rallied from a 1-0 deficit to score three runs in the final two innings to sweep the sad sack Dodgers. The Dodgers on the other hand also made a statement. They made a statement that they have no desire or business making the postseason this year. As I have said before, the writing has been on the wall for most of the year. The Dodgers need to make many changes between now and the start of the 2019 season.

As usual the flaccid bats did absolutely nothing, wasting an outstanding starting pitching performance from Walker Buehler. Cardinal’s right hander Jack Flaherty was excellent too. The two young pitchers battled for six innings with the Dodgers finally getting an advantage when Joc Pederson slugged a solo home run breaking up Flaherty’s no-hitter in the bottom of the sixth to give the Dodgers a 1-0 lead.

Buehler would pitch one more frame, and was able to escape the inning unscathed despite the Cardinals threatening. In the top of the seventh Jedd Gyorko had doubled past the third base bag and after Paul Dejong struck out, Kolten Wong’s grounder moved Gyorko over to third. Manny Machado made a leaping grab on Harrison Bader’s liner to end the inning preserving the Dodger’s 1-0 lead. Buehler would allow just three hits, two walks and struck out nine over seven dominant innings. Flaherty tossed six innings giving up only one hit (the Joc homer in the sixth) walking two and striking out ten. The limp Dodger bats had only two base runners (two walks) until the bottom of the sixth. The lackluster bats managed just two measly hits the entire night.

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Cardinals 3 7 1

Dodgers   1 2 1





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Once Buehler was out of the game, the Dodgers again turned to one of the most unreliable relievers on the planet, Scott Alexander. I knew the game was lost as soon as he entered. Sure enough with one out in the top of the eighth, Alexander served up a pinch-hit solo home run to Tyler O’Neill that tied the game. How long will it take for the Dodger management to wake up about Alexander? He’s truly awful and I simply can’t believe he’s still on the roster let alone pitching in important games.

Even with the game predictably slipping away, the Dodgers still had a chance to score some runs and retake the lead in the bottom of the eighth against struggling reliever Brett Cecil. With one out, Yasiel Puig singled to center. Matt Kemp reached on a throwing error as Gyorko’s throw was high pulling Matt Carpenter off the bag. The Dodgers got a break but couldn’t capitalize. After Joc grounded out, moving the runners over to second and third, the Cardinals predictably pitched around Justin Turner loading the bases. With the bases loaded, the Dodgers unsurprisingly came up empty. Machado weakly grounded out and the Dodgers came away with nothing. The Dodgers are so passive and unaggressive they are unable to make plays or come up with big hits.

With the game still tied, in came Kenley Jansen in the top of the ninth to preserve the tie and try to give the Dodgers a chance to walk it off in the bottom of the ninth. But Kenley is obviously not right this year and once again he blew it. With one out Gyorko singled and Dejong smashed a two-run home run over the left center field wall to put the Cards ahead for good 3-1. And what did the Dodgers do in the bottom of the ninth? They struck out in all three at-bats.

Thank god there’s a day off on Thursday as the Dodgers wait for the San Diego Padres to come into town for a weekend series. The Dodgers are now 4.5 games behind in the NL West race and soon to be buried. Remember this is still the same team that began the season ten games under .500. Can the Dodgers even beat the lowly Padres? I wouldn’t count on it.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

45 thoughts on “Limp Dodger Bats Fall Flat Again. What Else is New?

  1. Well, I predicted 85-90 wins and it looks like I will miss it on the high side. Coach Dummy has not a clue. Oh well, he will get what he earned. Another wasted year. FAZ apparently does not think the pitching needs or needed work but it doesn’t matter cause Dummy doesn’t know how to use them. His lineups anyone could draw out of a hat. Multi billion dollar huge market team is coached like a little league team. Check that, little league is better. Wait till next year?

  2. Predictably, the soft Dodgers played as we fans know them to be, lacking. The bats wasted another excellent pitching performance from Buehler, one of the few bright spots we’ve had this year. They just can’t muster any juice these days which makes me start to think that it may be time to blow this team up. The problem, though, is FAZ has them where they want them, just competitive enough to keep the low salaries in place and whatever agenda they have prepared for the team? Maybe the play for Machado is just smoke and mirrors. Maybe they knew that they wouldn’t pay market value for him at the end of the season and did it to appease the fans, looking like geniuses if it worked, and hiding behind the excuse that Machado will be too expensive, probably upwards of $26M, that’s $10M more than he gets now, if it doesn’t work. We did get rid of Forshyte, but we may not have solved the problem of 2B, yet, as Dozier has fallen into the team black hole that is currently infecting most of the lineup.

    Am I dreaming that Joc is our leadoff hitter? I can’t imagine a worse choice except for Barnes or Kike. Except for the odd HR, Joc doesn’t hit and slumps more than he catches fire. Taylor was perfect last year, but that was last year. Consistency is what we are looking for in the #1 spot and some speed if possible. Other than Puig who gets on base but can’t hit lefties ( a big problem), there is only Muncy and Kemp that I can think of batting #1, but Kemp is not here for long so why not try out Muncy. He’s got more HR’s than Joc, although we’re not necessarily looking for HR’s from the leadoff hitter, he’s a better hitter, can hit both LH and RH pitchers, hustles, and can actually steal a base or two on occassion. He draws plenty of walks and should be confined to playing 1B and letting Cody take over CF. If he were a good defensive player, he could move around the infield, but that is not the case. We need to try something different. It’s not working with Joc.

    In a perfect world, the Dodgers would look to sign a couple of high powered outfielders this off season. This is against the FAZ MO, so I’m just sayin’. This way, Cody could go back to 1B and CF and LF could be solid. With Kemp on the ropes, there is no future there, and we all know Joc is not our future CFielder.

    Because Grandal’s contract will be up, it will be a good time to go in a different direction securing someone who doesn’t have Grandal’s defensive weaknesses and slumps. Time to get rid of the slumpers. I don’t expect FAZ to do this because several of our marginal players are so cheap! We may have to wait for their contracts to run out or they find someone in the minors who breaks out.

    Grandal, Joc, Kike, Barnes, should go. Taylor would be replaced by a solid outfielder, and remain a utility player not used like Roberts uses everyone, all the time. This is getting very old. Of course, Roberts should be replace, too. The idea that the manager doesn’t make a difference is ludicrous. Look at every other sport and see what a difference the right manager makes. My Warrior team missed the playoffs in umpteen years. They hired Mark Jackson and boom, within 2 years, they were in. They they turnaround and let him go because they said they needed someone to take them to the next level. We all know what happened, Steve Kerr and 3 rings later. Bill Walsh in football. 49ers were pathetic. He turned them around. The Rams current coach, unknown, no experience, wins division. I could go on but why bother, eh?

    Pitching is a separate problem completely unrelated to the batting except for the amount of money that is willing to be spent. I see a mixed bag in our starters. FAZ has really screwed us in this department. Injuries have killed us. Infirm and older players should not be given big money. FAZ can’t seem to figure out this department. This is the major weak link.

    I looked at Kenley while he was warming up before he entered the game in the 9th and said to myself, this guy is not ready to pitch. He had loser written on his forehead as well as his body language. The guy is not right, I tell ya. Alexander? No clue. Chargois, Hudson, Ferguson, Baez, etc? I really don’t know what to think at this point. Can a FO make so many blunders with all the letdowns these pitchers have given us? The bright lights, the ever-new Kershaw, Buehler, Stripling, all look like more than mediocre players. Maeda is now in the bullpen along with Stripling. Hill and Wood, unable to either stay healthy and pitch a full season. All have mediocre records. And now, who will be our closer till Kenley figures it out? What a mess we have here. Blow it up, I say.

  3. Same sh*t different day.

    2 for 30, 0 for 2 WRISP, and another bullpen loss.

    This is NOT a managerial issue. This is a team of highly paid professionals not doing what they are paid to do. It’s quite possible this team peaked last October. I’m sure Roberts is doing everything he can to motivate these guys, and maybe a team meeting is in order, but griping about lineups when no matter who is in there yields the same damn result sounds lame as hell to me. Roberts won’t be fired this late in the season. That would be the dumbest move Friedman would have made to date.

    Seems to me we did something like this last August/September. Yes, we did. 16 losses in 17 games, almost exactly a year ago. Of course, we had an enormous lead then.

    Maybe we pull out of it, maybe we don’t, but whatever happens will be squarely on the shoulders of the men who play the games. After the season ends, there will be time to discuss the management team that pieced this together. I have a feeling no matter the result FAZ and Roberts jobs are safe because, well, their hands were tied being a reset year and all.

    A lot of very important games ahead. Squirrels don’t hibernate. Squirrels are very busy in September and October. I look for some inspired play starting soon. In the mean time, I suggest some of you guys recreate. Me? I do push-ups to let off some steam………

  4. You guys that still buy tickets for this crap, I hope you think you’re getting your money’s worth. Money issues aside, FAZ, both parts, have proven themselves to have zero ability in judging player talent. Don’t expect Guggenheim to bail us out, their only move will be to sell the franchise, they have no interest in fixing it.

    1. Jonah, I have season tickets. And no, I do NOT think I’m getting my money’s worth haha. This is boring and embarrassing. Unless we have a crazy September, I most likely won’t renew and I’ll put that money towards something a tad more interesting (like a grass growing contest)

      1. Bobby

        It will get better, just think about how Muncy fall over the seats last night, and we will be playing the Padres soon.

        Enjoy your day off!

    1. Great health tip. Cocaine use can be bad for you. I’ll make a note of that.

      But a little bit can’t hurt, right?

      The 80s called. They want their big hair and Walkman back.

      Smurfs. Cabbage Patch Kids. Madonna. Fine Young Cannibals. Whitesnake. Eurythmics. Men at Work. Bon Jovi. The Police. Van Halen. Journey.

      The 80s were fun. Costly for me, but fun. Hey, didn’t we win a Championship that decade?

      1. Badger

        I had a lot of fun in the 80s!

        And I did go see Madonna in concert at the LA Sports area in the 80s, but my favorite Dodger teams were in the 70s, and they never had problems getting hits, or scoring runs.

        The 81 Championship should have came sooner, for most of the Dodgers on that team.

        1. If our longest Dodger squirrel didn’t get a hanging slider last night, we would have never scored a single run.

          That same squirrel left two more runners on base again last night, but Manny did even worse, in that department.

          And I have read that Manny’s strike out rate has gotten worse, since he has been a Dodger.

          I can’t believe that Kenley let that happen so fast again, I was moving to my TV in my bedroom, and as soon as I changed the channel to the game, it was already 3, one, like in the previous appearance, Kenley made.

          1. It’s not all that surprising Machado’s numbers would not match what he hit in Baltimore. This is LA. Nobody comes here and hits better. Yeah, that based loaded at bat was disappointing, but he’s not our offensive problem. What we are witnessing is a team slump. I don’t see anybody doing what they did last year.

            But, it could happen any day. We won’t lose any ground today, and we play 5 against two horrible clubs while Arizona plays Seattle and SF. Hopefully when we play them next week we will be in position to catch them.

    2. Jonah

      I didn’t know there were people still doing coke much anymore, but that article you listed, was from 2018.

      I thought for most, the drug of choice right now, was speed.

  5. And a dark cloud settles over the patrons of Mudville, er, Dodger Stadium, as the boys in blue once again flail aimlessly at the white sphere as it passes their bludgeons! Weak, and pathetic. Overpaid and under performing. Boring and listless. All these apply to the 2018 Los Angeles Dodgers. Not even close to being a pimple on the ass of the 2017 squad, which was resilient, and confident in the fact they were going to win. Anyone who believed this is basically the same team, is loco. The leader of this vaunted group, one Dave Roberts, is a believer of the same mind as his bosses in the front office. Farhan and Andrew. The odd couple of baseball who’s only link is a small market mind and a love of the inconsequential stats of a saber geek. They don’t look for ball players. They look for guys who can meet the expectations of the stats they love. He is 37? So what, he has a high spin rate, give him 48 million! He has been injured? So what! Sign him for 3 years at 48 million and he will get better….trust us! Never trust the old school scouts who have been signing real ballplayers for years. Even some real stars came from those guys. We will go on an international spending spree, sign every Cuban we can and instantly have a farm system with the best players available. BULLSHIT! Then we will trade for players we know we are not going to resign at the end of the year and make a run to a world series title. Close, no cigar. We will have our catchers be the best framers in the big leagues, but not the greatest pitch blockers or hitters. We will constantly dumpster dive for raw sewage!, er, talent. This is the way of the Fazonian. Destroyer of worlds and watchable baseball. Some hits, more misses, and an increasingly disgruntled fan base. Who like the lemmings they are, continue to pour their hard earned money into the Dodger honeypot with nothing to show for it. I am not drinking the cool-aid my friends. Like Scott said, changes need to be made. Roberts is at this moment a lame duck manager. Grandal, Machado, Dozier, Ryu, all free agents. Kemp in the last year of his deal, and Kershaw can opt out. Kids on the horizon with some talent. Some of the old will be gone, in my case, I hope Roberts is gone. If Kersh opts out, try to keep Machado. If he does not want to stay, I think Harper is going to be outrageously expensive and I doubt FAZ will spend that much, let alone the owners who are looking for minority owners as we speak and in trouble for syphoning funds I expect some, but no drastic moves. It is going to be a very interesting off season.

  6. Actually we can lose more ground today. The Rox play the Padres so I expect us to lose a half game to them.
    I now have absolutely zero confidence in this team right now. The players are not players. They are posers. I really want to think they can turn it around but I just don’t think there is enough time left in the season. Maybe if we sweep all the series against the D’backs and the Rox, but I ain’t too optimistic.

    1. Understand your point, but I only look at first place Tim. We are 4.5 back and that won’t change.

      I still have confidence that this team is capable of hitting. I’ve said that from Day 1. It’s always been the pitching that concerned me. Friedman said not long ago he felt relief pitching would be our strength down the stretch. The way it was worded was not a strength, but the strength. He must believe something that most of us don’t see yet. He’s the resident genius. I’m just a fan with internet connection. Go Andrew.

      1. Badger

        I wasn’t blaming the game on Manny, but I do expect more from him, then most of these players.

        You did forget something from the 80s that makes you think of Coke right away, remember Len Bias.

        1. MJ
          Lenny had a heart problem and then a heart attack. I don’t think he knew he had the problem but I am not sure. It was a long time ago. He was really good though.

        1. I could live with that pack, but I would see it as a fall guy move. Maybe a new manager would motivate Taylor and Barnes to hit like they did last year, maybe a new manager could fix Koehler and Jansen and help Bellinger to hit 39 home runs again. Maybe with a new manager we wouldn’t strike out so much. So, sure change managers. Couldn’t hurt…. right?

        2. Package

          I have always liked college basketball better, but I will be watching the Lakers this year.

          Because I haven’t watched much pro basketball, in recent years.

          I would love to see LeBron, take the young Lakers, to a world championship.

          My favorite college basketball tournament play, was when Magic, and Michigan met Larry Bird, and Indiana state.

          And I liked the last time UCLA won the tournament too.

          1. MJ
            I follow college basketball the most and especially Duke. Coach K is a great coach. I don’t follow the NBA as I feel the game is fixed. I used to follow the Charlotte Hornets and was a season ticket holder but I quit when they moved to New Orleans. I followed them from their inception till they moved.

  7. Why was Jansen even in the damn game? His wife gave birth at 8 in the morning. I can pretty much guarantee you that he never slept Tuesday night. Where was the rest of the bullpen? Why not Maeda? Or Ferguson?
    The Dodgers drew over 3 million lemmings again as of last night. When McMoron was running the team into the ground the fans spoke by not showing up and spending money, can they do it again? God I hope so.

    1. Remember the first two losses in the series? Maeda pitched 2 innings in the first one and Ferguson threw 1 in the second one. Alexander pitched in Game 2, but only threw 2 pitches. There is no getting around who is next up in the bullpen. It’s a rotational matchup strategy and it will continue.

    2. Package

      I like College basketball better, because I think it is more a team sport.

      Because they allow the teams to use zone defenses, and everything is not one on one, all the time.

      And because of all of that, teams tend to pass more to other players, and play as a team more.

      Just fire him already, you don’t need Badger’s permission.

        1. Thank you Jonah. It’s diet and exercise. In my case, Yoga. You think that pose is easy?

          Bear, looking at the Dodgers starting lineup for Game 1 of the World Series I see Taylor, Turner, Bellinger, Puig, Hernandez, Seager, Forsythe, Barnes and Kershaw. Substitute Machado for Seager and Dozier for Forsythe and you got the lineup that might start tomorrow. The difference is the balloons of those position players that performed out of their minds last year have landed – and Morrow is gone. Jansen’s body is still in the building but I think there is a walk-in Pleiadian occupying it. Pleiadians are known for some amazing abilities but throwing a baseball ain’t one of them.

          I’m a believer until we are mathematically eliminated. I think we are in it until the last week of the season. I’m not making any silly bets, but I will be watching. It’s baseball season. My favorite time of year. I always miss baseball when the season ends.

          1. The names on the back of the uni are the same, their performances are not. Taylor, 40 points lower BA, less power, more strikeouts. Bellinger, lower BA less power. Puig, better BA, not as much power right now. Turner, injuries have taken their toll on the spiritual leader of the team. Hernandez, well Kike has more homers, but his numbers are still pretty lame. Barnes has sucked all year, and Grandal is way too streaky and always seems to tank when they can least afford it. Jansen was pretty much nails until the heart problem reared it’s nasty head again. But all of Roberts tinkering, which worked last year, has just laid a huge egg. The BP was not addressed. Such is baseball. I just do not see a miraculous turn around in the cards. Now, they win the next 5, and they really need to do that, then take 3 of 4 from AZ next weekend, maybe they have a shot. They play close to .500 ball in those 9 games and they are pretty much screwed.

          2. Badger

            If we have a good weekend against the Padres, and as you know, that is no given, with any team.

            I say we own the Cards a sweep at their place, and Muncy wins one game, off their hard throwing, closer.

            I haven’t forgot that we play the Dbacks at the end of next week.

            But either way, we sweep the Cards to stay in a division race, or to be spoilers, for those karmically challenged, Birds.

            Because they are not much closer in the hunt, in the central league.

          3. Badger

            I am really impressed with your pose!

            You must be really into Yoga.

            I wish I was that flexible, of course, I am just joking.

            But I really do wish I was that flexible.

          4. It won’t take a miracle. We need to finish strong. I absolutely believe we are capable of it. Do I believe they’ll get it done? I think its about 40%. No, make that 37%.

            Jansen will be better. Urias and Fields will help. We will see an inspired young arm in the bullpen soon. The bats have at least one more run in them. It’s not over til it’s over.

            Thanks MJ. That’s probably my best profile. Sums up a good portion of my life, that’s for sure.

  8. Ummm Badger, the Rox won on a walkoff home run today, I guess we did lose ground. Give me and pack a little time and we will figure out how to put some of the blame on Roberts.

    1. Dbacks don’t play today. Doesn’t matter what the Rockies do. We aren’t playing for second place. We are 4.5 out until tomorrow.

      1. Badger

        You know I was only joking with you!

        I don’t like when the season ends either, so this series against the Padres should be a good confidence better, and everyone on the team will probably hit a bunch of solo HRs too.

        And we will also call this, a way to forget about the dirty birds, until next week.

        And just like they stopped hitting, they can start hitting again, just like you said!

        And Kenley hopefully will get some stress free saves against the Padres this weekend.

  9. The Bosox hit three bases loaded doubles IN ONE INNING today. Geez I wonder what that feels like. Do we even have one bases loaded double? I’m sure we lead the majors in bases loaded strike outs though. Who needs stupid doubles when we just jack the ball out on command. Um NOT!!!!

    1. Tim

      I would like our team to be more like the Astros and the Red Sox too.

      I wish we had Mookie Betts on our team.

      He and JD are killing it, this year!

    1. They are seeking relief from Rolaids right now!

      I just saw that Toles was invited to the Cape Cod baseball summer League after his freshman year at Tennessee, which is in the SSC, which is the best baseball League, in College baseball.

      And he had good numbers in this prestigious summer baseball League, too.

  10. All any of us here are doing is throwing our opinions out there. Nobody here, nor it looks like in the Front office or on the field has any clue how to turn this thing around. Better clutch hitting would be nice. A bullpen that actually saves a game would be nice too. The starters are doing their job and limiting the opponents offense so that the team at least has a chance to win. Other than a couple of hitters, the rest are in a full fledged nose dive. A little life needs to be injected into this bunch. maybe some youthful exuberance. The deadline for revocable waiver trades is next week. DC has 3 guys that were put on waivers and not claimed. The Giants will most likely trade McCutcheon before the deadline with the most likely destination being Cleveland. If the Dodgers do anything you would have to believe it would be in the back end of the bullpen. The bench will get crowded enough when the September call ups arrive, and Utley comes off of the DL. The pitching staff will be loading up to with Stripling, Fields, Cingrani, Goeddel, Chargois, and Urias coming off soon. The plan is for Urias to be a multiple innings guy out of the pen. I would also think that Locastro, Toles, Verdugo and Farmer will probably get a call, and Garcia and Rosscup can come off of the DL too. I doubt Rob Segedin will get called, he is still on the AAA DL.

  11. Team that have the best roids win. Sports fans , esp baseball fand are so clueless. Look at what’s going on….

    1. I did read that in a few articles last year, so I wouldn’t doubt it. Seems that most fans don’t really care what players do, so as long as the fans keep buying nothing will change. I personally believe the smaller parks, maple bats and the acceptance of strikeouts has something to do with it. Guys like Chris Taylor used to make it with small ball tactics, which include protecting the plate and putting the ball in play with two strikes. Now these guys are all on the knob and swinging out of their shoes no matter the count. That is very different than the game most of us grew up with. PEDs? I don’t know but I wouldn’t be be surprised.

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