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New Food Specials For The Dodger’s New Homestand

The Dodgers are back home and preparing to open a five game home stand beginning on Tuesday night with a two-game interleague set against the Oakland A’s. Not only do we have some great baseball at Dodger Stadium this week, but we also have some great food making a debut on the new home stand. The Dodgers Levy Restaurant team is unveiling some awesome new plates on the new home stand. You can check them out below. Just be sure to not eat too much. I’m just kidding of course, pig out until you can’t walk. Just make sure to have a designated driver.

Desert Chili Cheese Dog at Dodger Stadium
Desert Chili Cheese Dog



Athletics Series (4/10-11):

Oaktown Poke Nachos

  • Ahi tuna on top of cream cheese wontons, drizzled with eel sauce, spicy mayo, green onion, black sesame seeds and bonito flakes

Belli Bomb Bao

  • Steamed lotus buns with smoked “Char Siu” pork belly, broccoli slaw with sesame dressing & Thai peanut sauce


D-backs Series (4/13-15):

Desert Chili Cheese Dog

  • Bacon wrapped hot dog, house made chili con carne, grated sharp cheddar cheese, diced tomato & onion, yellow mustard

Chorizo Torta

  • Chorizo sausage split in half, ranchero bean spread, shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, queso fresco, smoked jalapeno aioli

The first pitch on Tuesday night is scheduled for 7:10 PM PST. Hyun-jin Ryu will take the mound for the Dodgers against Oakland southpaw Sean Manaea.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

17 thoughts on “New Food Specials For The Dodger’s New Homestand

  1. Hey Badger
    I was thinking between looking at this food. Didn’t you predict a couple of years ago or more that the Dodgers big year would be 2018? As I recall, a number of folks thought this would be the year of the Dodgers. I realize that the team did better in 2017 but still, do you think the team looks much different or kinda the same as you predicted.

    1. Good morning pack….

      Yeah, I said ‘18, primarily because it is Kershaw’s contract year, I thought they would secure a legit Grienke replacement and Urias and Buehler would be imbedded at #4 & #5. That and the expiring of some contracts, giving opportunity for acquisitions encouraged me to believe ‘18 was the year.

      But I did not see the re-set of the cap this year. To do that now, not after ‘18, has given me pause. Well, that and the fact they really haven’t, in my opinion, truly addressed the front of the rotation starting pitching strength. This is a good team. Is this a great team? Could be. If Taylor and Bellinger repeat last year’s numbers, if Seager puts together an entire pain free year, if Kershaw, if Buehler, if Kemp, if Forsythe, if Puig, if the bullpen……….

      The oddsmakers still like us. I’m not convinced. I see some other teams that look like they are going for it, and I don’t think we scare anybody. Division Championship, but not by 11 games.

      1. Badger
        You know that FAZ has been considered to be very unpredictable but having watched them over the past 3+ years it appears to me that they are very predictable. They have a definite routine and they do not vary from it. I think that is fine if the outcome is positive but in their case they still have not won. I agree with I think YP who said that other teams FOs have passed the Dodgers and they have done a much better job. What say you?

        1. They went to the World Series. Those games can be autopsied, and we have done that, but for the failures of a few key players at a few key moments, the outcome could have been different. If this year’s financial situation ends as it started, the tax cap has been reset and that should free up management to patch the holes with proven, healthy players.

          I’m not fond of FAZ, and yes there are other organizations that appear to be better, but only one of them won it all last year by beating us. I’m willing to wait.

          1. Badger
            I admire your positive approach, however, I live by a simple rule of succeeding. If you have a problem and you do not repair it. You become the problem. Thus is the case with FAZ and Roberts.

          2. The team went 7 games against the best team in the American League, and frankly I believe the best team in baseball. Jansen does his job we win that series. But, we didn’t, gagging big time in Game 7 on our field. So……

            what single move helps us to get over the hump? If it’s more than one move, what are they?

            I think we will need SP help by September if not sooner. We might have it internally, we might not. If Taylor and Bellinger fall off, how do we compensate? If Alexander isn’t Morrow, and Cingrani isn’t Watson, what do we do? If Forsythe is Forsythe, do we put Barnes out there? What if Seager’s elbow becomes an issue again. What if Puig expuigiates?

            A lot of ifs with this squad. Here’s another one – if it comes down to Hill or Wood against Verlander, I think we may be in for a regurgitation of last year.

            I don’t know. Wish I felt more confident. Maybe by summer I will.

          3. Pedro Moura had a bit on the Athletic, where he tried to spin the Forsythe trade by pointing out how star-crossed De Leon’s career has been.

            When you have to spin a trade by using bad luck and injuries, you are spinning hard.

  2. All those choices and I still would just settle for some peanuts, a soda, and a Dodger dog. I am one of those people who is there to actually watch the game, not gorge myself on exotic foods. I will admit that I do like the garlic fries, but at 9 bucks, they are tooo pricey for me. The thing about baseball and bad starts to the season is that it takes a while to get the rotten taste out of your mouth. Dodgers are 3-6. To get to .500 they have to win 3 more games in a row, which would put them on a 4 game streak and make fans feel a little better. Obviously the loss of Turner has adversely affected the offense. Likewise the sputtering starts of the first 4 hitters in the lineup has not helped at all. Of concern to me is the lack of pop up and down the lineup. When after 9 games your team leader in HR’s has 1, it is a little disconcerting, plus the lack of extra base hits. This team hit a ton of doubles last year. I see no quick fixes coming either. But maybe a little home cooking will help. They are 2-2 at home and 1-4 on the road. Getting a jump on the A’s tonight will be key.

  3. When they start hitting, the HRs will come, but right now, we just need to have good at bats, and stay in the strike zone, with our swings.

    There were some hard hit balls, in SF, they were just hit right at someone, and that is baseball.

    Those hard hit balls, will even up, if we continue to have good at bats, and swing at strikes, instead of balls, out side of the strike zone.

    And they especially have to have good at bats, when runners are in scoring position.

    Almost every player in this line up, can hit the ball out, so HRs will come.

    Our hitters just have to catch up with our pitchers, and the pitchers, on the opposing team.

    It would be good to see both Puig and Kemp, drive some balls, into the opposite field, and use their power in those fields, that they have.

    They both could open a game up, by going oppo.

    But Puig is having a hard time hitting third, maybe Roberts should move Puig up to second, and have Corey hit third.

    You know if Puig gets on base, he will make something happen, and maybe Corey and Bellinger will get better pitches to hit, with Puig on base, or either move Puig a little father down, in the line up.

    I think we are facing a leftie tonight, and although Kike doesn’t bother me that much, he is not a fourth hitter, even though he does hit lefties well.

    He like Puig, tries to do to much, when he is hitting fourth, and his average has pummeled, from hitting in the fourth position, to much.

  4. Roberts has Kike hitting 4th again tonight with Kemp behind him. First 3 remain the same…Kike is playing 2nd base…….What a dim wit……..

  5. Brim on Dodger Digest has an article out on Dodgers pitchers throwing less four seam fastballs. I like it and I think they’re learning from the other teams (like the Astros) on this.

  6. I looked up to see what Puig and Kike were hitting against lefties, this year.

    Puig hitting 125 against lefties, and five of his seven strike outs, are against lefties.

    But Puig does have a decent average against righties.

    I also noticed Puig was doing better leading off, but of course he hasn’t lead off, to start a game.

    I still think they should move Puig to second position in the order, because he would be a good distraction to the pitcher, until Turner comes back.

    I know you want your best hitter, to hit second to get more at bats, but I think it would be easier for Puig to hit second, then third, or move him farther back in the order.

    Kike is hitting 077 against lefties, and most of his strike outs, are also against lefties.

    And Kike now has the worse batting average on the team, just behind Joc, by a few points.

    I know these are small samples, but Puig and Kike, have had only six more at bats, against righties, then lefties.

  7. I have 4 killer seats for tomorrow, field level aisle 27 row t. 300 for the whole thing. Includes parking I can’t post from my email because the website won’t let me. Scott please fix this.
    Email me [email protected] or call me 805 440 3501

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